9 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site – And Keep It Coming Back

The best site in the world is worthless if no one visits it. Getting traffic and keeping it coming is therefore the top priority for any business that depends on site visitors to make sales and get leads. Fortunately, there are many things businesses can do to accomplish this goal.

9 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site - And Keep It Coming Back

  1. Use SEO to bring in visitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the first key, no matter what current “conventional wisdom” says. Great content and a great UX only matter when people can find it. In the absence of a multi-million dollar TV advertising budget, you’re going to need to show up high in the search engines for people to do that finding.
  2. Have useful content. Once the visitors arrive, there needs to be something for them to see. When your site exists to sell things, though, you don’t want to distract vistors with reams’ worth of articles and remotely related talk. Instead, make your content directly relevant to the product on the page. Add demonstration videos, reviews, usage instructions and other material. Content should be a part of your sales process—not in the way of it.
  3. Keep it fresh. In most cases, it’s not a good idea to put in a totally new web design just for the sake of freshness. Instead, make changes that are also improvements. The exception is if your site looks like it was coded in 1999. In that case, throwing out the old design just to look fresher is a great idea. If you don’t have anyone in your organization who’s proficient, look to outsource your web design.
  4. Add new content regularly. A common conundrum for retailers is the fact that information about stable products simply doesn’t change. If this problem affects your site, try adding a blog. Keep putting new posts on the blog to keep the search engines’ interests. Make sure to add plenty of links to the business end of your site so the blog visitors can find what’s important to you: the products.
  5. Don’t mess with what works! If you have a site design or sales pitch that highly converts, leave it alone. Change minor things instead.
  6. Never use your personal tastes to dictate your web design. You’re trying to sell things or get leads, not win Web design awards. Test several designs and use what accomplishes your real objectives.
  7. Make sure your site is easy to navigate. Visitors won’t return to a site that takes effort to figure out. A popular suggestion for this is to sit your grandmother in front of the computer and see if she can use your site. If she can’t, simplify it.
  8. Add “trust” seals to your site. People are more prone to return to sites that look legitimate. Your payment processor, your secure certificate provider and the trade organizations you belong to are great sources for the types of seals you need.
  9. Use social media to inform people of updates. Whenever you run a sale on your site, add an article to your blog and then update social media sites. Facebook posts and tweets are great for giving a little snippet about the sale and the URL you want people to see. The bonus is that your customers will appreciate knowing about your discounted products.

These are just a few ways to get traffic to your site and keep it coming back. Be creative and you’re sure to think of several more. Start today, and you may be amazed at how many return visitors you get!

Using Pinterest To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Pinterest is a service that allows you to pin images, video, and other media to your page and then share it with other people. It’s essential a visual social networking site. Since the Internet has been known to love its pictures, this site can be incredibly effective for generating traffic for your blog. Here are a few suggestions for you how you can do this.


Ride the Peak Wave

Currently the studies show that the best times for posting to Pinterest are between 2 and 4 PM EST in the afternoon, and then between 8 and 1 in the morning at night. This means that you can maximize exposure to your list by posting during these times. The key is to post a good number of pins, but not too many. Post between 5-10 at a time so that people can really digest them and so that it will draw them to your brand.

Pay Attention to Demographics

It’s been suggested that the core group of people that visit Pinterest are women between 25 and 44. This may be as high as 85 percent of those who view the site. So if you can market products that appeal to this demographic you’ll be way ahead of the crowd. For example, you can put “pin it” buttons for your products on your site so that people can share it on Pinterest more easily.

Don’t Neglect Descriptions

While there’s some technology out there that can search pictures, it’s  not nearly as advanced as the searches that have descriptions. This means that this is still how people are going to find you online so it pays to make sure that you add good descriptions that have keywords people will likely use to find your stuff. Don’t spam the keyword though. Just make the description as interesting as possible and keep it to a tight 300 characters if possible.

Add Prices

While there’s some debate about whether adding prices to your pins will put people off, it’s often found that customers are far less annoyed if your upfront about it. The Internet moves fast after all, especially in this day of high speed Internet where people can do several searches a minute. If they don’t find the products they want with the prices clearly listed, they are likely to move on to a page that does have the info they want. After all, the ability to do so is right at their fingertips. Good Pinterest marketing, just like any Internet marketing, is all about eliminating trivial inconveniences.

Get That Profile Up

People actually do click on them, believe it or not. And you can put some great info in there about who you are and what you do. The profile can turn up in search engines as well and it can serve as a good hook that will draw people into your offered content and products.

Those who use Pinterest the most effectively will be those who profit the most off of it, it’s as simple as that.

How To Write Tweets That Bring Lots Of Traffic To Your Website

Twitter is simple. It will allow you to tweet in 140 words. Can you come with a tweet that interests people to check your website? Yes, you can. And most people do. So, why not learn to craft a good tweet that will bring lots of traffic to your website? It’s simple to do, and you don’t need to learn a lot of complicated formulas. Here are 5 tips to write tweets that bring lots of traffic to your website:

1. Tweet When You Like

You don’t need to set up a schedule just to tweet. You know, tweeting is as easy as sending SMS message to your friend. You have your smartphone in your hand. You don’t need to spend one hour just to open your Twitter account and start tweeting. You just need approximately 2-3 minutes just to open your Twitter app and start tweeting. So, you should tweet often and tweet when you feel like tweeting. Don’t force your tweeting ideas.

2. Give Short Comment About Anything

You can tweet about anything. You can tweet about current events. You can tweet about related information in your niche. You just need to give a short comment about anything that seems interesting to you. Share your comment in your tweet. In this way, your tweet will flow directly from your mind. And guess what? It will become interesting to read and follow. You don’t restrict your tweet to your website niche only. You can tweet about anything that you like. It’s your Twitter account, by the way. The exception would be if your Twitter account is a corporate account. In this case, you can just restrict your tweet related to your business.

3. In Twitter, Mix Your Business With Your Personal Preference

It is a good idea for you to mix your business with your personal preference. In this way, your business will have a kind of personal touch that people can relate to. This becomes more preferable if you are the only one who maintains your website. You don’t need to make your website sounds corporate if you are the only want to maintain it. Tell people that it’s a personal business. In fact, it can add more uniqueness to your tweets. People won’t know exactly what you’ll tweet later since you tweet about anything that fascinates you. In this way, you’ll stir their curiosity toward you.

4. Tweet Your Website Update Personally

Don’t use any Twitter-related software just to tell your Twitter followers about your latest website update. Don’t update your content automatically on Twitter. Make your content more valuable by telling your followers about it personally. Write the tweet manually and tell your followers that there is a new content update in your website. In this way, you will be able to make your tweet more interesting. Your audience will have more interest to check your website.

5. Interact With Your Followers

Don’t forget to create a discussion with your followers. Don’t be selfish. You should build good communication with your followers in order to increase your website image and reputation. Why is it important for you to interact with your followers? That’s because it will help you to gain more attention in Twitter. When people know that you’re constantly interacting with your followers, people will become more curious about you, and they will want to follow you. Of course, it will give you more chance to bring lots of traffic to your website.

Those are 5 tips you can use to write tweets that bring lots of traffic to your website. Follow the tips above and you’ll be able to make your tweets more appealing for your audience.

Jake is a technology blogger passionate about SEO and IM Technologies. He occassionally contributes informative resource to Assisted Reputation, a SEO Services Company in London

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