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Freelancer Vs. Employee – Why Should I Study Graphic Design?

Freelancing represents an intriguing perspective for the professionals who desire to be their own bosses. That is because many people want to work but at the same time feel free. In graphic design it is very important to know what to choose in order to get well paid. So the freelancer versus employee question has to be answered from the very first start. You may  consider the following advantages as well as downsides of these working methods.


Freelancers create their own schedule while as an employee you have a program you need to respect. This fact can influence more your graphic design career. For instance if you are a beginner or you are still studying, you can search for a freelance option where you can work when you have time for it. After you have graduated with some graphic design courses in Melbourne, you can turn into an employee and work in a business at a fixed schedule that can also be flexible at times if you have luck.


It is a statement that as an employee a person always works with fixed notions and schedules. That is why even the salary is an established one. As a freelancer you will get paid on how much you work. As a graphic designer you can choose the way is more convenient to yourself. In time if you are a good employee you can advance and earn more so freelancing is not such a great option when it comes about salary. Unless you work hard, you can choose to work as an employee and understand why it is so important to study more the graphic designer theory.


There are people who like to have something new and to learn more about the work they are doing. Freelancing includes this plus too, as you can work constantly with new people and meet new ways of working. In graphic design this is a very important aspect in developing your knowledge and become more and more experienced. As an employee you will have to work with the same people and create the designs for a certain company that will not bring as much variety as freelancing.


When it comes to insurances like the medical ones, an employer can guarantee them too in the contract you are signing. But the freelancing does not include any of the insurances that an employer can give. Therefore if you are a person who wants to stay safe, you can choose to work as an employee. But if you want to earn money and work in a more flexible environment you can forget about insurances and search for freelancing work.

So studying graphic design is very important if you want to become an employee in time. Companies always search for competent people who have some experience. So get prepared and start working from now if you want to earn money and work on the field you like most. As an employer you will also look professional and you will be able to work in the same circle as people around you.

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Suzanne Middleton is guidance counselor who blogs about education and it’s importance in society. On top of her Diploma in Psychology, she has a Diploma of Management and has worked in the HR department of various institutions.

Redesigning Your Blog, How To Go About It?

Blogs, who doesn’t have one? It is a certainty that most people have tried their hand at blogging at one point in their lives. Blogging in itself has become such a progressive form of communication that there are actual seminars on how to make a very productive blog and make money from one’s blog. And there have been people who have earned quite a lot from their blogs. There is now a new wave of bloggers who are not merely content with just sharing their ideas and get instant recognition for it. They are a marketing vehicle for whatever cause or ideal they believe in. And they use their blogs as their number one weapon.

Redesigning Your Blog, How To Go About It

But, what if your blog is not really getting the results you want? What if, you are the few who have tried blogging, didn’t get the recognition that you were seeking and have stopped blogging? Maybe it’s time to rethink your blog’s web design,  enrol yourself to a diploma of graphic design so you could understand what kind of graphics you need for your blog, or read more about content marketing and content strategy to post fresh and unique articles on your blog, discover and never stop trying. Maybe you just need to adjust your blogging to get the results that others have been enjoying.

Here are some Tips on how to Redesign your Blog:

1. Develop a Voice

It is really important that a writer, blogger or not, develop one’s voice. Why else does he or she write if not to put out one’s opinion and perspective? It is true that there is nothing new under the sun. But what makes writing exciting is how the writer, with his or her unique perspective, will tackle that topic and make it new again. Take for example Love. Everyone has heard and experienced Love. But a writer, a really good one, will put a whole new spin or angle to Love based on that writer’s experience and point of view. So write, and discover your unique voice.

2. Think of your Audience

Part of developing one’s voice is thinking of a specific audience that one writes for. What is your audience’s age, gender, social-economic status, religion, educational attainment; what is their profile? Basically answer the question, “who are you writing for?” This will allow you to focus your topics, language usage, and the entire look and feel of your blog.

3. Write on a Schedule

A lot of bloggers really write on the fly. They write whenever they feel like writing and whenever something interesting has come up. One should really be purposeful and write on  a schedule. This develops discipline and the necessary writing skills that is needed for serious blogging. Also, if one writes according to a schedule, it is definite that a new article will be up to generate reader interest.

4. Think of a Design

The design of one’s blog is really important as can make or break a blog and it can be the reason why your blog is read or not. So don’t just put whatever design you like. Research on what particular designs are garnering so much attention. And incorporate this into the image that you want.

5. Make it Promotable

It is really important that a blog will have the appropriate buttons for sharing. Nowadays, copy pasting is a thing of the past, and people, if they like what they see, will share a song, an image, a tweet, a quote, and a blog. They will even make an announcement of it, and this spells success for whatever gets posted. So make sure that you have the most popular social media plugins. This will encourage people to re-post your work, which more people will see, and will increase the possibility that it will be reposted again.

Redesigning one’s blog is not as hard and as painful as one would think. With the proper time and thought put into the actual design of the blog, you can have thousands of followers through these simple steps.

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+Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, a holder of a Marketing Diploma and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.

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