What is a Blog?

A blog, also known as a weblog, is a term that is used to refer to websites that are used to keep records of ongoing events. It works almost in the same way as a diary does, only that it is found online.

Usually, the events that are recorded in a blog are done so in a reverse order. This means that the commentaries and the blog posts are arranged in a form of order in which the most recent event is on top, while the earliest of them are placed at the bottom of the page.

Various blogs have various topics of focus, often depending on the interests of the writer. They can be used to keep updates of daily events or memorable ones that the writer or the blog has been involved in. Blogs can also be focused on political issues, personal issues, a single topic, or a wide range of them.

Some topics that blogs could deal with include web design, art and music, sports, Information Technology, cookery, relationships, media and news, life biographies and auto biographies as well as many others that could interest the readers.

The design of individual blogs will often vary, depending on the decision of the owner or administrator of the web page. Despite this, there are a number of factors that are general to all the blogs.

One of them is the reverse chronological arrangement of the articles, beginning with the newest articles at the top and the oldest ones at the bottom of the page or in successive pages. To make it much easier for some of the blog visitors to use the blog, most of the articles have been organized under categories.

All blog pages also have archives where articles that are much older can be stored. They also have an allowance for readers of the blog to leave their comments after reading the articles posted. Another thing that is shared by blogs also is that they provide links to other pages that the reader could be interested in checking out.

The content of the blog is its most important aspect. The writer must at all times strive to ensure that the articles that are posted on the site meet certain criteria. One of them is ensuring that the information posted auger well with the intended readers. For instance, if the website has been designed to target students, it should be able to provide the information that would suit students, such as the best courses to take, faculties in the universities and the available curriculums.

News sites for instance, have to be at the forefront in breaking the latest news to its readers if it is to stay way ahead of their competition, while a blog that carries personal information should be able to give proper details of the author’s life, review, opinions or observations about certain events. The articles pasted on the site must be timely. There would be absolutely no reason for people to visit a blog is it is not going to provide them with any new information. Blogs can be manned by a single author or a number of them. When there is more than one author on a blog, each of them will usually have a specific segment to be in charge of, especially if the site deals with a variety of topics.

A good blogging page must have an allowance for the readers to leave comments. Blogging is all about being interactive and having a space for comments will allow the readers and the posters of the articles to discuss issues and share information.

Blogging is an activity that will most likely go on growing for as long as internet is there, with millions of new blogs being created each year.

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