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How To Make A Logo Grab Your Audiences Attention?

Creating eye-catching logos can be a challenge. There is a reason why big companies pay millions for an outstanding logo design! Eye-catching logos are extremely important in today’s overwhelming world. It is said that the average person sees an advertisement every 5 seconds, and to stand out among that many competitors, your design really has to shine. If you are charged with creating a great logo, try implementing these useful tips into your design process.

 Don’t Neglect the Pencil

There are a lot of fancy tools out there for creating logos, but sometimes the best tools are the simplest. If you are creating a logo, try sketching out your ideas onto a piece of paper. Try doodling with the core belief and goal of the company in mind. You will create a lot of bad ideas, but you might come up with a few good ones you can then use on the computer.

 Consider Everything

A good logo will work in any situation without any tweaking necessary. Does McDonald’s ever change their design if they are on a billboard or a piece of paper? Of course not! That would make their brand weaker. Consider all uses for the logo from postage stamps to billboards, to outdoor banners for events. If you can’t see it in all places, then the design is still not right!

The First Second is the Most Important

Since people are inundated with so many different advertising messages and brands, your design has to stand out in the first second. You can either use a bold, easy-to-see style, or an iconic symbol that comes to represent the brand. Depending on the audience, either design can work well. Just make sure you stick to that idea from start to finish. Whichever design you choose, it needs to be memorable.

Use your Eyes

Don’t rush the design process for a logo. Let a few others look at it and assess it over a period of several days, or even weeks. It doesn’t hurt to ask for people’s opinions. You will come up with a better design and you will have better success in the end. Don’t just consult with other designers. Sometimes someone who knows nothing about design could come up with a better solution or find the one thing wrong with your current design.

Don’t throw Anything Out

You will create dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of versions of a design before you come up with the final design. Along the way, keep your old ideas. There may be something you can find that will enhance your current design along the way. It can also help you learn what works and doesn’t work for future projects.

Creating a logo is a long process that takes patience and dedication. In the end, however, if you follow the above steps, you will end up with a design that you are much happier with than if you had simply gone with the first design you came up with. In the end, patience and trial and error are the ideal methods to use to create an outstanding and eye catching design.

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