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Top 5 Preparations For The Launch Of Your Website

Launching a website is indeed one of the best ways to earn extra income. If you will do this right, it can even serve as your main source of income. Thus, the right preparations are in order. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important preparations to launch your website successfully.

  1. Think of a specific niche

First thing to prepare when starting a website is your niche or the topic that you wish for your website to address. Are you planning to start a website about movies, celebrities or TV shows? Do you want to start a website about travel or do you prefer becoming a foodie blogger and feature different foods from different parts of the world in your site? Another type of website that has great potential is e-commerce website. This is perfect for people who want to start a shop but do not have enough budget for a physical shop. Online shopping is very much in-demand so you can use the Internet to sell stuff. Having a specific niche will make it easier for you to prepare other things. This gives you direction on your journey.

  1. Choose a domain name

Once you have decided what your website will be, it is time to choose a domain name or the name of your website. Branding is very important so you should make sure to choose a domain name with easy recall from your audience. It is advisable to keep it short and direct to the point. You can mix words if you’re having a hard time finding available domain name. However, you should stay away from special characters including hyphen or numbers in your domain name. It is easy to get confused when there are numbers and hyphens in the name. The main goal is to have a name that can be easily remembered by visitors especially your target audience.

  1. Find a reliable web hosting site

Another important consideration is to find a reliable website hosting to run your site. It is advisable to look for web hosting with easy control panel setting for easy file management, simple email set-ups, cPanel hosting manager and easy file upload to upload your content.

  1. Research for keywords to use

It is also advisable that you research for keywords including long-tail keywords to target. These keywords categorise your site so your potential customers can easily find you. It is best to find long tail keywords that are not too competitive so you can penetrate the market. Going for competitive keywords will put you against established and big sites which can be difficult for you so try to include less competitive keywords especially when starting.

  1. Plan the overall content and design

Lastly, you should design your website and prepare content and creative materials like photos, videos and others that you will use. It is best to have multiple content materials before you launch the site. 

When launching a website, it is very important that you make the necessary preparations. The success of the website depends highly on how well you prepared for it. And once you launched your website, it is advisable that you continue your efforts to increase traffic and customers.

Hopefully with the tips that we discussed here, you will be able to start your website soon.

What Is The Importance Of Application Performance Monitoring

Most companies use hybrid environments to run apps. This kind of environment is becoming standard for many reasons: it allows Chief Information Officers to regulate IT services, provision applications quicker, and cut costs. The downside of running apps in the cloud is that you have to give up control over how they run.

You will often be at the mercy of cloud providers for your apps security, speed, and availability. However, relying on other people for the performance of your apps does not cut it. In case you do not know, poor user experience is not good for business. IT organizations that use planned approaches for monitoring require fewer tools.

Why is APM important? Apps are quickly becoming essential IT services because end-users rely on them for daily activities. Here are some reasons why you need APM in your organization:

Gain visibility into your apps

When designed and implemented properly, APM provides you with SPM transparency. You will be able to see how your apps are performing across your whole technology stack, whether they are located in clouds or legacy systems. You will be in a good position to monitor app performance for all users no matter what device they are using.

The visibility also lets you experience an app the same way the end users experience them. If a problem appears, you will be able to see where it originates. With such great diagnostic insight, you should be able to address the root cause of your problem before the user sees it.

Proactively identifying problems can help you to figure out whether any changes to your IT environment are causing service degradation. This helps your organization to stop problems before they happen.

Make your IT department valuable

The deep insights provided by APM allow organizations to become service-centric. The more visibility you have into apps, the better you will meet your business goals. For instance, you can use APM to report service-level compliance, which will demonstrate your commitment to service delivery.

The analytics that you get from APM let you measure the impact of apps on your business. This allows you to link your business’s financial results to service performance. Doing so makes your IT department more valuable and reinforces your role in customer engagement and employee productivity whilst driving revenue.

Manage IT costs

APM makes it easier to manage your costs as you utilize the insights it provides to predict your app consumption’s peaks and valleys. Moreover, you can start managing the capacity of capital-intensive resources. Using APM tools and having a strategic approach to performance management will help you to combine your technology-domain-centric tools.

This will allow you to get rid of redundancies as well as the need for expert skills. An APM can also boost your efficiencies.

Take a proactive approach to IT management

Extending performance strategies into app design and development could improve your IT organization’s ability to manage proactively. For instance, APM will show a developer how his code is performing – whether he uses waterfall or agile design. This allows developers to meet the desired levels of performance that a business expects.

What Is The Importance Of Application Performance Monitoring

APM can also help your IT team. For instance, when a team receives notifications about production slowdowns, it will look at diagnostics and use them during the process of troubleshooting. Those diagnostics can help in the collaborative resolution of problems, which eliminates the assignment of blame and finger pointing.

Are you looking for the right APM for your business? You need to conduct some research. For instance, when comparing retrace vs new relic, you should look at the pros and cons of each.

Best Phone Monitoring Software

The business owners provide a degree of autonomy to employees for successful operations. But sometimes, it is required to keep the check on workers especially working on computers.

Every business possesses a set of confidential data and information. An owner cannot afford leakage of sensitive data out of the organization. And that’s why phone monitoring software and employee management software step in.

You are investing in your employees by providing them computers, laptops, and tablets. Of course, you must not want them to waste such properties on surfing internet or scrolling through Facebook status.

Leakage of confidential business data is the worst that can happen. Due to rapid technological advancements, the tracking of employee’s activities seems impossible. Fortunately, we have solutions that can collect the data without getting noticed.

Diverse types of monitoring tools are available in a market. Based on the selected package or software, you can enjoy the variety of monitoring services. For instance, the businesses mainly seek an app with efficient data collection capability. So that you can know which applications have been used on the computers. You must want to check if there is an adjustment which was restricted. Or All you want is information about emails sent, device location or chat logs.

By now, you must be convinced of monitoring tool’s importance. Let’s see which are top monitoring software in the market. We two for you!

HoverWatch – Ultimate Spying App

HoverWatch is the latest addition to the spying pool. Since the inception, it has become favorite of parents and business owners.

Cut to the chase: HoverWatch is an efficient monitoring tool with intuitive user interface. It is packed with a bang of spying services which were never offered before.

Unlike other applications, it is compatible with most popular operating systems. That includes Windows, Android, and Mac OS X. This way, one can have control over computer or tablet from the smartphone using this app.

Key Features

  • Geolocation – You may have asked your employee to deliver a package. Obviously, you don’t want him/her to waste the fuel on something else. With this app, you can have accurate geolocation insights of a target device. It does the tracking using nearby Wi-Fi or GPS signals.
  • SMS & Call Recording –HoverWatch traces and records all incoming and outgoing calls on a target device. Phone user may have deleted the SMS or MMS. But this secret weapon will keep you updated.
  • Stealth Mode –HoverWatch does the magic in the stealth mode. This spying app collects the desired information without making the noise.
  • WhatsApp & Facebook – Not only you can have access to incoming and outgoing Facebook messages but also can save media files (audio, images, and videos).

Refog Personal Monitor

Refog personal monitor provides nonintrusive tracking services. Today, kids are smarter than parents. Blocking the sites won’t be a great idea. Instead, you must know what they are doing on the device without getting caught. Same applies to employees!

Key Features

  • Social Media Network Tracking – You must not want your employees to waste time on social media trolling. Refog lets your peek inside Facebook, Twitter or Google + profiles of your employees. Not to mention, without getting noticed!
  • Chat and Call Recording – You will get notified when your employee’s shares resources via messages of voice calls.
  • Web Surfing – Your employee cannot make lame excuses anymore. Because Refog will save web address of each site which is previously visited, even though the user has deleted the history.

When it comes to syping apps, HoverWatch and Refog are the ultimate choices!

Focus On Start-ups: Building Your Own Website

Start-up businesses face a lot of difficulties in the first few years of their lives. Unless you are able to secure the right amount of funding for your business, scrounging up the resources to keep your company afloat is going to be incredibly difficult. In this day and age, every start-up business needs to have its own website. This is no longer a just valuable addition to your business; it’s an essential requirement that you must fulfil (and properly so) if you want to attract customers and market your business properly.

Building a new business website is not as simple as most people think; you can’t just lift a template off the Web, buy a hosting package, and take your site live. It doesn’t matter whether you plan on selling stuff online or not: you need to think of your website as a digital storefront. Even if you are inviting interested people inside just to give them an idea about the products and services that you offer, you need to make sure that the place is well-designed. There are numerous local companies that offer website design and development perfect for start-ups. They understand that start-ups generally have limited budgets and it’s difficult for them to spare a lot of money to spend on the development of their sites.

As a result, these companies also offer budget packages to start-up businesses, providing great value for money. In order to grow your brand, you will need to have a website that’s got a professional design. Here are just some of the key things that you need to know about setting up your own website.

It Should Reflect Your Business

One of the first things that you need to know about building a new website is that it should accurately represent what you do. If a visitor spends a good amount of time wandering around on different pages of your site without getting a clear idea of what you actually offer, he or she is never going to come back to your website again. Remember, the most important thing is that design of your site should accurately represent the nature of your company’s business. Make sure that you curate the content accordingly based on the services that you offer.


Responsiveness is of tremendous importance for any website nowadays. Google and the IAB have laid out a number of guidelines that websites need to follow if they want to put up ads. Responsiveness basically refers to how quickly your website adapts and adjusts based on the device that it’s accessed from. A vast majority of the population now accesses websites through their mobile phones. Your website needs to be responsive enough so that it quickly adapts and adjusts to the appropriate screen size. You can also talk to the website developer about adding unique features to your site. Remember, it’s all about maintaining a minimalistic approach when constructing a new website. These are just some of the key things that start-up businesses should know about constructing their own websites.

Create A Website In A Minutes – SITE123 Is Your Ultimate Solution

The virtual world of internet is indeed a great platform to put forward your ideas and share them with a global audience. But the only impediment for a layman is the complex scripting, coding and other vital technicalities which are associated with the traditional computer language. All this often deters people from building their own websites as they get confused with the tough technicalities. This is when the role of website builders comes in as they save you from the hassles of hiring professional web designers.

SITE 123 is one such web builder tool which is extremely handy and it allows you to create a website directly on mobile. Perhaps the easiest and simplest web builders out there in the market, they offer you a systematic step-by-step guide to design your own website. This is a revolutionary tool which has simplified web designing so much so that anyone with no knowledge on web designing can create a website. Its SEO features and plethora of well-planned design layouts make it an indeed reliable option. In short SITE 123 is all web enthusiasts’ utopia!

Why should you opt for SITE 123.com?

If you’re someone who’s heard about SITE 123 for the first time, you must be wondering about the reasons behind such a rage that it has created throughout the globe. Here are few worthy reasons behind its importance.

  • Easy and quick website construction
  • 10 GB storage and 5GB bandwidth
  • High tech tools and responsive web layouts
  • Library of free images, content management and search engine optimization tools
  • Template designs and personalized layouts
  • Cheap domain connectivity and free hosting
  • Huge list of interesting Google fonts from which you can choose any
  • Add audio, images and video content
  • Extremely popular single page interface
  • Easy blogging solutions and smart e-commerce options
  • Effortless linking to social networking sites
  • Best utilization of web traffic which is also flexible
  • Instant communication with audience through mails
  • Lucrative newsletter package for email marketing
  • Competent team of helpful and responsible technicians for customer support
  • Easy interaction and inSite widgets for engaging more audience

Recent updates to SITE 123.com

SITE 123 has provided its users with a few major updates to create a website even more easily than they could do previously. Here are few updates.

  • Brand new addition of 56 languages while creating a website
  • Drop down menu or category
  • Set page on Footer through which you can locate pages which are on the lower section of the website
  • App market where 14 new apps are added like Stores, Booking, Forms, Events, Calendars to embed them directly into a website. More and more apps will be added every week
  • A form builder tool which can be used to add forms on your website
  • Address on Menu option
  • An auto-reply option on Contact Us page
  • New free image gallery
  • New mobile design
  • Other design improvements

As we see, the biggest issue which people face in the web builder industry is that they struggle to create a website due to the wide array of options which confuse them. They don’t where to start from and how to go about the process. This leads to many of them designing a website which looks unprofessional and is mediocre. SITE 123 offers the best possible solution to this target audience and helps them create a website instantly on a mobile.

Things That You Need To Do After You Have Installed WordPress

WordPress is an open source content management system that is currently ruling the technical world with its tempting features and usability. Being the largest content management platform it has managed to garner a maximum number of fan following over the years. User-friendly and free to use are two of the highlighting features that hs contributed towards its popularity.

Now you have installed WordPress all geared up to make the best use of this software.A WordPress website development company has a set of instructions that it follows to get the maximum from Let me take you through some of the steps that you need to follow once you have installed WordPress so as to get the best of both worlds.

Things that you need to do after you have installed WordPress:

Adopting a theme:

Once you have installed your WordPress you need to think about a theme that will create a personality of your website. There are thousands of themes that WordPress has on its platter. You could either go for a free or a paid themes as per your choice. It is one of the important features that decides how attractive your website will be. The choice entirely vests upon you and hence make the right ones.

Essential plugins:

There are a list of essential plugins that help you in protecting as well as improving the functions of a website. WPForms, Yoast SEO, OptinMonster, Constant Contact, Sucuri, W3 Total Cache, and many such WordPress plugins that you think will add to the functionalities of your website should be downloaded.

Building URL:

URL is the address that takes invites a visitor to your website. Make sure that your address is clear to understand and manages to garner the visitor’s attention.

Install Google Analytics:

Until and unless you do not compare your progress you won’t be able to judge how far you have come. Google Analytics is one such tool that helps in calculating the performance of your website. Install Google Analytics that will measure your WordPress powered performance.

Clear away all the sample contents:

When you install WordPress you will find that there are a lot of sample contents that are fed into your newly installed WordPress. Before you make your WordPress website live, make sure that all the dummy contents are erased properly.

Reset admin users:

Security is of the utmost concern when it comes to creating a well established WordPress website. One needs to ace up the immunity of the WordPress powered website. Giving a strong admin

Illuminate it with the right ‘About me’ and ‘Contact Page’ :

An ‘About Me’ and ‘Contact Page’ are the two important anchors that hold on the integrity of the company whose website is being designed using WordPress. An ‘About me’ is the perfect introduction that will help the audiences to create an image about the company and hence make it as attractive as possible. The contact page is the bridge that will help the visitors find their way towards your company hence keep it simple and clear. A WordPress website development company should keep its identity as well as the path to being accessed easy and understandable so as to gain the audience’s attention.

Final Note:

These were some of the basic steps that an individual or a company follows when it comes creating a mind blowing website. Visitors are the lifeline of a business’s growth and development. Make sure that they are always warmly welcomed and properly guided through your website. 

Advantages of Responsive Websites for Your Business

One reality that you must know is that being online with your business is not just good enough to develop these days. Every website is designed keeping this thing in mind that it should bring a good name and visibility to your website. Be it any kind of website, it should be so good that people love to view and visit it frequently. It increases the visibility of the website. Website design services India is getting popular day by day and it’s gaining its importance.

The internet is far more saturated with several kinds of pages; the thing which gets the major attention is only the good looking feature of the website which is far more functional and useful. A same kind of design for longer period of time will definitely bore the viewer. Having a unique design will get you page noticed and will help your business reach to a new level. There is numerous web development services company in India. Each one of it comes up with unique ideas. Designing of the website is very important for the well functioning of the business. One should be very careful while making the choice when it comes to the designing.

There are many people who think that that designing of the web page may turn out to be very expensive but this is for sure just a onetime expense. Once you have invested good amount of money in this it will turn out to be really fruitful for the business. There are many people who spend unnecessarily on some other form of advertising. Website design services India comes up with lots of scope. The advantages of responsive websites for your business are many but you should be wise enough when you are opting for services providers.

Some advantages of responsive websites for your business:

  • It will help your business grow
  • You will learn a lot from it
  • It will give a better future to your business
  • It will come up with many new features and ideas that will enlighten your knowledge

The online business provides an opportunity to present your startup business globally. If your ideas get a chance to develop successfully then there is no factor which could stop you from succeeding in business. It completely helps establishing your presence in the web. Website design services India is an important tool for promoting your business online. It is the main foundation of your online marketing campaign as it drives people to their business and it plays an important role in advertising and marketing your business. Only possible way of getting your own identity is by having your own website. A good quality of website attracts more visitors to your website. The ultimate aim of the website is to attract unique visitors.

The basic thing you need to have so as to start your business is a good website. Web development services company come up with many varieties of website presentations. You need to be wise enough when it comes to choosing the best out of it.

What Is Magento?

If you’re looking at launching an e-commerce website, you have probably heard of Magento. This program is one option for those looking to create a website from which to sell their products. It provides many different built-in features, including inventory management databases, shopping carts, and other methods of customising your online store. There are a number of different features built-in to Magento that make it very user-friendly and very flexible.

Extreme Customisation

Magento makes use of Object-Oriented Programming to allow you to design your own websites that fit your specific needs. You can take various Magento extensions and applications and modify them to provide the solutions to your needs. All of the coding of the Community Edition of the e-commerce platform is open source, so experts can modify any part of the source code. If the feature you want doesn’t exist, a professional web design company can create it for you.

A Community of Help

Because Magento is open source, you don’t have to go to one company for support. Instead, you have an entire community standing by to help with issues or to provide solutions. This helps to ensure that the Magento platform is always protected from viruses and other security issues.

It Scales

Unlike some e-commerce options, Magento is ready to grow with your business. You can begin using it as a platform for your small business, but as you grow, it can expand to handle all of your needs. If you’re working with a good business that specialises in Magento web design in Melbourne, you’ll never have to worry about migrating to a new system. Your partner web design team can continue to expand your e-commerce site in Magento as needed.

It Was Designed Especially for e-Commerce

Some businesses try to use other content management systems for their e-commerce sites, because they are already using those systems for their websites and blogs. However, these other systems weren’t necessarily built from the ground up for e-commerce. Many had e-commerce functionality added to them later. That’s not the case with Magento. It was designed as an e-commerce platform, so it includes everything needed to function as one. There’s no need for any additional features or extensions.

Part of this design includes integration with various payment gateways, banks, and other third-party services that you may need to use to operate your e-commerce business smoothly. Magento is designed to seamlessly integrate with a number of these other platforms with no issues.


No e-commerce site is complete without being optimised for search engines. Your web design team will be able to implement a strong SEO marketing campaign using Magento, because it’s already prepared for SEO. The platform include a number of SEO features designed to make it easy to make your e-commerce site visible to search engines. Meta tags, friendly URLS, layered navigation, sitemaps, and more are all included in the basic Magento package. If you don’t find an SEO feature you need, your web design partners can simply create it thanks to the open source code.

The New WordPress Version 4.6 “Pepper” Has Just Been Unveiled

New WordPress Version 4.6 referred as “Pepper” after the famous jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III has just been launched is already available for the users to update from their WordPress dashboard. As per the company, the new update is enriched with features to focus on the important things while always offering an easy feeling.

How to Update to WordPress 4.6?

Updating the new WordPress version is as easy as updating to other WordPress versions. A notification would appear just under the update showing that this latest version of WordPress is available. All you need to do is to navigate to Updates and then click on Update Now allowing the update process to start. As soon as the update process is complete a welcome screen would appear.

What is New in WordPress 4.6?

Let us begin with the major WordPress features first followed by the background improvements. The new cute gray avatar in place of the boring gray box is a good way to welcome users with new look and feel. The second and most obvious eye catcher is obviously the new WordPress font. Well, let us explain the features now one by one.

New Native Fonts

The Open Sans font has been the commonest thing one can call to mind when thinking of WordPress admin area, right? Well, WordPress 4.6 is all set to make a difference to this. In the new version, you have native system fonts. Naturally, as per the system in use WordPress dashboard experience, at least look-wise may vary now.

Do you have any clue, why WordPress decided to switch to native fonts? Obviously, performance is a big reason since through system-specific the dependence on third party font like Open Sans can be avoided completely. Secondly, using System-UI fonts became now a convention across the platforms and WordPress with this update was looking to deliver a new feel, at least font-wise.

Two Major Improvements in WordPress Editor

Except introducing the system font UI WordPress 4.6 has come up with two major improvements in the WordPress editor, namely, auto-save enhancement and detector of broken links. Let us have a look at these improvements.

Enhanced auto-save: WordPress editor offers an autosave feature that automatically saves unsaved elements approximately in every 15 seconds. WordPress 4.6 took this feature one step forward by refurbishing the recovery feature as more user-friendly. Even when you refresh a page without saving, the notice that would appear offering you to restore the page will be more user-friendly. Moreover, this feature will work even in times when revisions are disabled. So, the end result is even accidentally you cannot lose any unsaved data, even after the revision of a document.

A broken link detector feature: The new WordPress version has come loaded with a new broken link detector. If while using WordPress if you are editing or writing a document through Visual Editor, WordPress will let you know if the document includes a broken link. By detecting broken links WordPress will mark them in red. For detecting the link quality, WordPress will send HTTP request and if the response from the link come as 403/404, it will be flagged by WordPress as a bad link and consequently will be highlighted in red.

Updating and Installing Plugins and Themes Became Better

In the new version, the experience of updating and installing plugins and themes became better. Instead of loading and refreshing the page, the new version allows updating and installing without needing to leave the page. Moreover, a new animation is added to show that the theme installation from WordPress.org directory is in progress. Referred as Shiny Updates v2, this new update methodology will make updating faster and intuitive.

An Enhanced Look in Import Screen

We all know about the exceptional ease WordPress provides in importing contents from other platforms just by using the importer plugins at Tools » Import section. Well, the new version makes this importing further easier. Moreover, while installing importer plugins the Shiny Update feature will facilitate it in the background without needing any install pop-up.

Improved Localization and Translation

The new update will have useful aspects in regard to translating a page. WordPress.org community hosted translations will be more preferred than the common translations of the plugin. This will eliminate the chances of bad user experience because of faulty translations in the plugin page.

Other upgrades

WordPress 4.6 is not only about offering an improved look and feel but is equally about enhanced performance. To ensure optimum performance and speed for the millions of websites and blogs running on this platform, the new update has come up with a host of upgraded elements. Let us have a look at them.

  • WordPress 4.6version allowed standardizing metadata registration with the introduction of a function called register_meta() function.
  • New WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query classes have also been added. This will help WordPress developers to offer lazy loading feature when building query sites and networks. As lazy loading helps faster page loading speed, this would be a significant improvement for such sites.
  • The new version will be better equipped to handle parallel HTTP requests with a new library for this.

Other Improvements Behind the Scene

WordPress 4.6 besides the so-called visible features has come loaded with a lot of refurbished and enhanced elements for the developers. Let us have a look at the various developer-friendly enhancements offered by this new version.

  • Resource Hints: Resource hints refer to a new W3C specification that helps web browser connecting and fetching resources in advance leading to enhanced performance and speed.
  • Improved Meta Registration: WordPress 4.6 offersregister_meta() function which helps to work with metadata in a standardized way through the registration of meta keys.
  • Persistent Comment Cache: WordPress 4.6 is all equipped to cache comments as the persistent types of objects. This allows simultaneous and almost concurrent changes in comments as and when validated, updated or changed.
  • WP_Post_Type Class: WordPress 4.6 offering newWP_Post_Type class allows handling a variety of post types with different methods, rewrite rules, meta boxes, etc.
  • WP_Term_Query Class: The new version comes loaded with WP_Term_Query class allowing an enhanced structure to produce term queries.

The new update in spite of having too many handy enhancements seems to have nothing as mind blowing. But it has been a long time since we had any major WordPress update with so many enhancements.

Author Bio

Darshan Patel is a lead Search Engine Analyst & Storyteller at Nimblechapps – The coolest web app development company. He believe in using a variety of strategy to create business’s online presence that delight and deliver.

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