SEO Content Rules —CHECKLIST to Boost Performance

(The web is overloaded with information and only the search results on page one attract user engagement. SEO content is the most effective tool to boost the performance of your webpage.)

With prominent advertising technologies coming in use in the digital spectrum, SEO has become an important factor in the field of marketing and promotions. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is an excellent tool for the best positioning and creating brand recognition amongst the target audience.

It is common these days to search on Google for all our necessities. Research says that almost 80% of internet users immediately turn to Google to look for any product or service. This poses a significant opportunity for new companies to establish themselves through search engines. But at the same time, millions of search results come up while looking for a particular subject. In the age of enormous competition, you will require Search Engine Optimization or SEO to keep your site on the first page of Google search results.

When the SEO content rules are correctly followed, the chance of your web visibility automatically increases, and that too organically.

SEO is intimately related to 1 factor: keywords!!!!. Keywords are the fundamental technology on which Google operates entirely. It is like a directory that opens up a few pages by relating the most relatable search results based on the keywords searched for. Thus, it is the target of the SEO services to include as many keywords as possible in their article or website content.

Here is a checklist to boost the performance of your website with the help of SEO and get the best of internet traffic.

1)   Content highly relatable. Increase ‘Dwell Time

For every website, high-quality content rules over quantity. But if you are successful in providing quantity along with quality, be sure of getting higher ranks in Google search results. The amount of time that a normal user spends on your website is called ‘Dwell Time.’ Higher the dwell time, the greater the chances of moving up in the Google performance charts of search results.

When you provide relatable content, users tend to spend more time reading your website articles, and this adds on to the dwell time. Surveys conclude that a blog of approximately 2500 words is best capable of holding attention and performs well in the SEO. Although length plays no role in generating readership, and as long as your content is relatable, you are good to go.

2)   Keywords for better performance. Google suggest

Search Engine Optimization works in close relation with keywords. It is suggested to use one keyword in every 150-200 words for maintaining proper density. The easiest way of generating trending keywords is by typing your subject in Google and checking the suggestions provided by Google. This is called ‘Google Suggest’ keyword, and articles containing them are most likely to appear on top.

Keywords for better performance. Google suggest

Keywords for better performance. Google suggest

Google also has a dedicated software called ‘Google Keyword Planner,’ which sorts and presents the most searched for keywords. As the data is coming directly from Google, it is highly reliable and useful in lead generation. There are various websites that also provide you with low competition keywords based on market research, thus improving the quality of your content. It is also recommended to use your keywords in the website link, for maximum impact.

3)   SEO content plan

It is no secret that a well-planned article will perform well in the SEO charts than a randomly phrased content. For creating the most effective content, you should keep certain points in mind.

SEO content plan

SEO content plan

  1. Use a meta-text to let the search engine understand what your article is about. Keep it as low as 30 words to give a basic summary of the SEO content.
  2. Maintaining a balance in keyword usage is important, and so is knowing where to use the keywords. For this, you should keep a keyword centric title tag that will attract most readers and then use the keywords again, a few times in the text.
  3. As the search engine views your URL, metatext, and the H1, H2, H3 tags only, most emphasis should be put on creating better performing titles. The headings should contain your keywords. Your content should be divided into H1, H2, H3 categories for better user experience, and SEO.
  4. You should use external and internal links, adequately distributed across the website content. These outbound links increase the trustworthy referencing of your website and send a message to Google that your content is reliable. A minimum of one outbound link should be used in the content to add to its credibility.

4)   Optimizing the page load speed with variety in media

The major search engines of the world, Google and Bing, both take into consideration the page loading speed of your website. If the users get the wait time of a few seconds while visiting your site, they will immediately exit, affecting your dwell time. The bounce rate will increase, and the total number of page views will also go down. This overall phenomenon will impact your SEO ratings significantly. Therefore, it is essential to increase the page load speed by keeping the cache memory clean, writing a streamlined code, and minimizing the number of redirects.

Optimizing images can also contribute greatly to reduce the total file size and improve the loading speed. Using high-quality photos enhances the rate of conversion, and properly optimizing them can fasten your page load speed. You can also add to the signal relevancy by including keywords in the image file name and captions.

The same indexing can be applied to videos to increase your probability of SEO. Research claims that websites with video content have a 4.8% higher rate of conversion in comparison to sites with only text. Videos also increase the dwell time as an average user spends more time watching videos over reading.

Thus, you can keep experimenting with a variety of media types to maintain your performance and boost SEO rankings.

Why You Need SEO

In the past few years, much has changed in the world of technology. But one thing has remained constant: the need for search engine optimization (SEO), as it is a proven and effective way of marketing both your website and your company.

There are lots of reasons why you need SEO, but some are more important than others.

One of the biggest reasons why you need SEO is that it will significantly increase traffic to your website. It does this by increasing your rankings in web searches, which leads to more people both seeing your site and visiting it. This increase comes from optimizing various tags in your website’s HTML code, such as the title and description tags, so that search engines can better understand and rank your website.

Whether you sell products and/or services on your site or not, you will find that SEO will bring you a definitive and significant return on investment. Companies that provide SEO services can easily show you how well their strategies are working, in terms of not only web traffic and search engine rankings but also when it comes to conversions. For those who have an E-commerce website, SEO companies can track everything from a person performing a keyword search all the way to the sale. For other types of websites, they can track other types of conversions, such as when someone contacts you for more information about what you offer.

One of the best things about SEO is that it is a cost-effective strategy. Instead of wasting your marketing dollars by casting a wide net, you are focusing only on those people who are interested in what your website offers. Studies have shown that leads generated from means other than SEO cost in excess of 60% more than leads generated from SEO. What’s more, SEO not only focuses on people who are interested in what your company offers but focuses in particular on people who want to get what you have to offer right now.

With SEO, also comes some significant side benefits. Chief among these is that it makes your website more usable. This is because when SEO experts improve your site so that it is better understood by the search engines they will also have to improve its overall usability as well. They will do this by making your website’s collection of pages more accessible, which will make it easier for people to find what they are looking for on your website.

Finally, using SEO will improve your company’s brand awareness. Large companies often spend millions of dollars trying to improve the awareness of their brands, but with SEO you can do this for much less. This is because when people continually see your site ranked nearly the top of the search listings on sites such as Google and Bing they will begin to recognize your site and company as an industry leader and they will trust them more. People will further begin to associate the keywords that they had been searching for with your brand.

A Simple Guide to Help You Roll Out Your SEO Plans

There is no doubt that SEO is vital for any business that wants to be competitive in today’s online market, but there are many strategies out there. The proper implementation of SEO helps businesses stand out online and drives visitors, decreasing the amount spent on advertisement.

Still, the amount of strategies out there can be overwhelming, making it difficult to figure out how to use SEO to boost your business. The following guide is meant to simplify everything and give you ideas to implement effective SEO for your company.

Learning Doesn’t Stop

Figuring out how to use SEO helps your page rank within the first page, which is important since close to 75 percent of online users do not click beyond the first page.

The first thing you have to come to terms with is that top SEO is not something you can learn once and forget about. SEO is something you need to stay on top of because search engines constantly change algorithms.

Perhaps the most biting truth you need to accept is that you’ll need to spend hours learning about each search engine’s algorithm to optimize your site, or pay someone else do this task.

Get Real With Keywords

Another thing you have to pay attention to when working on your SEO is the keywords you are going to be using. It is important that you gather a list of keywords that are linked to your product or service as well as your brand. This list needs to be large and should include long tail phrases.

A mistake some people make is thinking that keywords should only be one or two words. Most online users type in full statements when searching for something in an online search engine. It is imperative that you find long tail keywords that perfectly match your site, or hire someone who can do that for you.

One way to start your keyword list is to list all your products. Once you have that list, separate each product or service, and create keywords that describe the category that each product or service relates to. You can also simply use a keyword planner, which are online tools for businesses like yours.

Those who create a large list may want to use tools that help optimize your keyword list, like Moz or Ahrefs just to name a few. Once you have your keywords, then you can start creating long tailed phrases using those keywords.

The Technical Side

Keyword optimization is pretty important, but there is a technical aspect that needs to be paid attention to ensure site optimization. For example, online users expect speed from a site, and they also expect that speed to keep up with other sites they visit. In essence, your site should never fall behind compared to other sites because online users will notice and may judge your site negatively because of it.

You also need to ensure that your site has its HTTPS certificate because this will help online users trust you. This certificate is especially important for businesses that require that visitors enter private information, such as a name or a credit card number. These types of details are precious to online users, and they will protect these details from sites that are not certified.

Once you have all this in place, you can start rearranging your site to reflect this information, like by adding blog posts that match your keywords. Taking some of these steps should help improve your chances of ranking well in search engines.

Tips for Optimizing your Article for Search Engines

In most cases, traffic to your site will come from search engines. To increase your visibility on search engines, you need to ensure that your website stays at the top and in the first page of results. One of the ways of getting a good ranking is by optimizing the content that you include in your site. The same applies if you are a content writer. If you want people to find and quote your work, you have to ensure that your content is search engine optimized.

Use these tips to ensure that your content performs better on search engines.

Making the Title Search Engine Friendly

You do this by ensuring the keyword is in the title. Incorporating the keyword just once in the title is enough especially if the keyword is long. Where possible, the keyword should be among the first 65 characters in the title.

Short titles are also more search engine friendly. You should keep your title as short as possible. The title should always be related to the content in the article.

Abstract Optimization

When writing your abstract, you should ensure that the keyword appears in the first two sentences. This is because only two sentences will appear on a search engine result. In the entire abstract, you also need to ensure that you include the keyword at least three times. You can add the keyword up to six times in the abstract as long as this is done naturally.

Distribution of Keywords throughout the Article

Aside from the title and the abstract, the rest of your content should have keywords in it. Anything between five and seven times is ideal. The number of times you include the keyword will depend on the length of the keywords.

The length of the keyword matters, as longer keywords tend to be harder to use. Whether the keyword is short or long, it should only be used naturally. This way, the content will flow, and the article will make sense to the intended audience.

Ensure Consistency

It is particularly important when you need to include an author in your publication. The names and initials of the authors you include in the article should be consistent from the beginning to the end. The names and initials also need to be consistent with those used in earlier publications.

Link Building

Link building is all about creating networks. It can be done in many ways. You can link the article to your social media and other networking sites. This will make it easy for friends on these sites to find and read your article. The more inbound links you get, the more Google will pick your content. This will consequently result in a higher ranking on search engines.

You should also work to get links from trusted sites. Ask your friends to link their websites or even their networking sites to your article. It will help broaden your audience and increase your chances of ranking highly on search engines.

How To Find The Perfect SEO Consultant

In the ever-changing landscape of the internet creating a website has gotten progressively easier. As the marketplace has become more crowded, having your voice heard amongst the throng is increasingly more difficult. So how do you ensure that you stand out in a highly competitive digital marketplace? For many business owners the answer is SEO. What is SEO? SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is the practice in which someone increases the visibility of online content through modifying the information presented with various tactics. While there is a wealth of information available about SEO, finding an SEO consultant is the best way to ensure that search engine optimisation is done correctly. A great SEO consultant can be the difference between a dismal fiscal year and a profitable one. An SEO consultant will explore with a client their options and advise them on how to implement key SEO strategies. How do you separate a great SEO consultant from those that are not top notch? The answer is more straightforward than you may think.

What Do You Want?

Before looking into what a consultant can provide you should make sure that you are able to express your aims with a great deal of clarity. Are you looking for someone with expertise in the local market? Are you looking to bounce ideas off of someone? In order to find the perfect SEO consultant, it is important to know what perfect looks like for you. Once you have determined that and can clearly articulate it, you can move forward with the process of seeing if you and the candidate are a good match.

Track Record

There are a few elements that need to be considered when you are searching for a SEO consultant.Of course as with any hiring process, you want to make sure that this business relationship is financially sound and that the type of work that the consultant does is compatible with your operating system, but there are a few things that you want to make sure of outside of those fundamentals. First and foremost you want to take a look at their professional track record. Who have they worked for previously and what specific measurable progress have they made for their previous clients? How do they determine what a successful project is? If they mention using certain tools to measure success make sure that you are aware of what those tools are.

Communication is the key

They say that communication is key and this situation is no exception. While searching for a consultant make sure that you are clear on their communication style and measure that against what is ideal for your needs more moving forward. Be sure that you are absolutely clear on how often the potential consultant speaks with their clients and what tools they use to communicate. Also pay special attention to how the consultant likes to communicate. Do they like to have an even exchange of ideas? Do they prefer a more hands-off approach? Making sure that you are on the same page in terms of communication is integral to the success of this business relationship.

Who Owns the Work?

Furthermore, make sure that you have a conversation with your potential consultant about their policy regarding ownership after the contract has ended to ensure that you maintain the rights to any changes that are made to your website. Having a conversation about ownership will save you the hassle and heartache of losing valuable progress in marketing your business due to a lack of clarity. Now that the pertinent questions are clear another question may be arising: where do I begin my search?

Job Boards

There are a multitude of individuals that refer to themselves as SEO consultants, specialists and companies and they can be found in a variety of ways. Job board websites are an option but they often you are unable to take a look at a portfolio or past client feedback with this option so although job board websites maybe helpful in beginning your search you may want to move beyond them to find a candidate that meets all of your needs.

Freelance Websites

Freelance websites also showcase SEO consultants and many of them also show client feedback, so you can have a clearer understanding of what the candidate has done in the past and how well they have met the expectations of clients long before you even speak to the candidate. A good example of a freelance website is Upwork.  The added layer of vetting that freelance websites provide saves you time and energy in the interview process, which allows you to find the ideal candidate quickly and began moving toward increasing your business’ visibility online instead of wading through applicants.


Your personal and professional networks are also a wonderful place to find clients. More than likely you know a few other business owners personally and more than likely they are familiar with not only search engine optimisation  but also SEO consultants. Reach out to those people in your personal and professional networks and see who they have worked with and if they have any recommendations. When you are able to find potential candidates through people in your personal and professional networks it affords you the opportunity of hearing straight from a previous, or current, client of the candidate. You can learn more intimate details about the consultant’s style and level of effectiveness and factor that into your decision before even meeting with the candidate.

Building a business is no easy feat. Online and off, the competition is steep and it can be easy to get lost in the noise and never reach your true potential. There are many obstacles and challenges from the birth of your company throughout its life and having the proper amount of visibility in an age with SEO consultants does not have to be one of those challenges. If you are able to clarify your goals for the visibility of your business, ask the right questions of potential candidates and use the right tools to access those candidates you will be well on your way to success with search engine optimisation and finding the perfect SEO consultant.

Benefits Of Hiring An SEO Agency, Providing Professional SEO Services?

This is an era of the internet. Life is nowadays impossible without internet. The consumers are turning to the internet for buying everything, from groceries to party dress, they prefer internet over everything. This increases the importance of the internet as a platform. According to many types of research, potential buyers do their preliminary study of price, quality, types, etc. on either social media or popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Through regular and customized communication you would be able to build a relationship with your potential buyers in a very short time. Here are the reasons you need to hire professional internet marketing and SEO agency for your online advertising.

1. The internet marketing is inexpensive: The most attractive part of hiring an internet marketing firm is they provide inexpensive service compared to other ways of marketing. The conventional marketing methods like leaflets, posters, advertisements, etc. can attract buyers but not as much as internet marketing techniques. If applied in the right way it is possible to attract a bulk of traffic in a very short time.

2. Internet marketing allows convenient hours for stores: If you have appointed a good internet marketing firm, they will design your online shop in such a way that you would be able to conduct business without even worrying about opening or closing hours, employee overtime, national holidays, etc. Hence, you would be able to keep your shop open 24/7/365. Clients also find it helpful to shop with your company as they can place the order anytime they want. A reputable search engine optimization company will only use white hat SEO services that will help your business get to the top of search engines and benefit from the best free traffic available.

3. Through internet marketing, it is possible to provide customized advertising approach: By observing the buying history and wishlist, it would be possible for you to make personalized offers for them. So, you can email those targeted offers to your customers by tracking the web pages and product information. This will increase the sales, and your clients will be willing to get such offers.

4. Use social media to get more traffic: If you have hired an internet marketing firm, they will customize your social media pages as well. The social media pages help to reach a great number of customers in a very short time. Almost everyone these days are available on Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram and if you use these media in the right way, you will not just get potential customers but also be able to know what they are thinking about your service or product.

5. Internet marketing builds a relationship: When you are providing customized orders and offers to your clients, they would come back again. In this way, you are building a relationship with your buyers. Again, when you are observing the approach of your clients in social media will also give you the opportunity to develop your business.

These are the benefits of doing internet marketing in comparison to the traditional marketing methods. In this way, you would be able to take your business ahead with a good internet marketing firm.

5 Next Big Things In SEO In 2018

SEO is an ever evolving landscape. Every year we see new algorithms and search engine updates that decide the future of SEO for that year. 2018 too has dawned in with the possibility of a bunch of new trends. Mobile-first indexing, increasing voice search are fast gaining grounds and so are newbies like featured snippets. Here is a brief on the top search engine optimization trends to watch out for this year.

Mobile-first indexing

It’s no secret that mobile searches have already surpassed traditional desktop searches big time. Google has fast reciprocated to the new shift with its mobile-first indexing proposition. So, what does that mean? Mobile-first indexing refers to the process where Google ranks search listings on the basis of mobile adaptation of a web content. And that includes listings which are displayed for desktop users as well. Put simply, from this year onwards, signals which used to influence searches from smartphones only will become signals which will impact all searches.

Voice-enabled search is on rise

As per reports from Google, 1 in 5 searches online comes through voice queries of late. Thus, voice search is fast on its way to be one of the hottest SEO trends in 2018. The increasing use of voice search is largely influenced by rising use of digital assistants such as Siri or Google Now. Alongside, we have observed growing sales of smart speakers in American households in recent times. Rise in voice-enabled technology has redefined the very way our search questions are performed today. It’s true that people are more comfortable speaking out their wants than typing.  No wonder, the best SEO company in Houston today advises website owners to focus on long-tail keywords that can duly emulate voice queries.

Increasing range of SERP features

The search result pages are no longer limited to blue website links and Google Ads. A number of other SERP features too have popped up in recent times. From Knowledge panels to local packs to featured snippets- a lot of new features sit on top of SERPs these days. As they sit on top, they are fast to distract searcher’s attention from the organic listings on latter half of the pages. Thus, one of the biggest SEO trends of 2018 is to optimize content for these new SERP features as well.

Rise in linkless backlinks

Linking has always been a crucial SEO strategy for years. But Google pins on high quality and relevant backlinks while deciding the ranking of a content. However, in recent times, it’s not only about the quality of links. In fact, it’s also about the content around your hyperlinked text. Search engines are now able to associate the mention of companies, brands, people or organizations without the necessity of links to their webpages. Thus, from this year onwards, relevant content will be equally important along with the backlinks.

More number of search engines

While Google & Bing are still the topmost search engines- we are soon to see rise of many other search engines on the online space. One of the most crucial SEO trends of 2018 will be to optimize your content for these search engines as well.

Manual vs Automated SEO: The Pros and Cons Of Each

You may have created a great website, but if you’re not managing to get any traffic to it, what’s the point in paying for it to be online?  As you probably already know, SEO is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to a site, and it’s also cheaper in the long term than PPC and other forms of advertising.  There are two different approaches to SEO, manual and automated, and we are going to explore the pros and cons of each in this article.

Manual SEO

Manual SEO basically involves a team of experts, or an individual, implanting various on-page and off-page strategies to boost a site’s visibility in the search engines.  The main negatives of manual SEO are that it is incredibly time consuming, and it requires a lot of effort to do.  This is why most businesses outsource this task to dedicated SEO companies.  Manual SEO also isn’t cheap as you’re not only paying for the time that it takes to complete the process, but you’re also paying for the expertise of those who do it, and their large databases.

That said, manual SEO has some important advantages.  For a start, you have full control over your SEO practices, so you can ensure everything you are doing is above board.  You can hand pick the sites you build links on, you can ensure the content you publish is high quality and relevant to your business, and you generally get a higher level of service than you do with automated SEO.

Automated SEO

Automated SEO uses software to build links.  You can check out this marketing automation buyers guide to find out more.  Automated SEO requires very little effort and so it is much cheaper to complete.  It makes it easier to handle tedious tasks like website audits, keyword density checks, building tags, and checking for broken links.  It also makes analyzing your competitors’ SEO strategies easy and gives you up to date analysis on your own campaigns.  Finally, automated SEO lets you schedule tasks, enabling you to complete jobs in advance.

The main disadvantage of automated SEO is that if it’s not monitored correctly, you may end up building low quality, spammy backlinks which can lead to problems with the search engines.  The majority of SEO software focuses on building as many links as possible without considering the quality of these links.  And, most links built this way are not incorporated in articles of quality, so you’ll receive very little traffic through the links themselves

Which is Best?

Most businesses find that using a mixture of automated and manual SEO is the best solution for them.  Automated SEO can be a great help in analyzing your SEO as well as your competitor’s, and it can also help you to build SEO strategies and schedule jobs in advance.  However, while these are all advantages, it’s always a good idea to work with an SEO company too in order to ensure you are building quality links that won’t get you in trouble in the future.

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, What Are They All About

If you run a small business then you may have heard the terms digital marketing and search engine optimization being mentioned when it comes to the marketing of your business. The first thing to understand is that your company should have an online profile regardless of what kind of business you run. Even if you don’t operate directly online, in today’s world you simply can not afford to miss out on the amount of exposure and the amount of leads which having an online profile can bring you. Once you have an online profile, you can start looking into these ways of pushing your company even further with a smart online plan.

Digital Marketing

To put it in its most basic terms, digital marketing is a huge collection of methods of marketing online. Under the umbrella you will find a huge amount of strategies and tactics by which digital marketing companies push in all aspects of the internet, to build brands, and give exposure to your business with the idea of pushing for more sales. Here are just a few of the strategies employed within digital marketing.

– Social Media Marketing

This area of digital marketing of course focusses on driving your business and your products through smart and creative social media campaigns. With the millions of people around the world using social media, this is one of the best ways to reach a large group of people in a short space of time.

– Email Marketing

Very simple, email marketing collects the email addresses of people who have shown interest in your site or your products, as well as people who have shown an interest in similar businesses to yours. With this large collection of email addresses, email marketing campaigns involve emailing offers or products to the contacts on the list, in the hope that they’ll click through and buy.

– Promotional Marketing

Through the use of websites like Groupon you can offer new customers greta deals on your products in the hope that they will love them, and come back next time with a friend, paying full price. This will cost a small amount of money but could solicit a huge amount of new customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing and the idea of this is to manipulate search engine results so that you score highly for a certain set of keywords that relate to your business. For example if you have a roofing contractor firm in Arkansas, you can enlist the support of a digital marketing company to ensure that you hit the top page of the search results when people search for ‘roof contractor Arkansas’. The reason why this is important is because nobody looks beyond the first page of the search engine results so getting as high as possible can help to bring more customers your way.

Common SEO Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Part of your content marketing strategy is to optimize your website and blog. While it is true that SEO is changing, it still retains the topmost position as a powerful way through which businesses can bring visitors to their outlets and redirect them through their sales funnel. The changing perspective of users and the evolution around search engines make SEO methods to be some of the most dynamic.

Lots of businesses are falling into the trap of not employing SEO as it should. The result of this is that your traffic and conversion rates will start taking a nosedive. The following mistakes are avoidable and can form your springboard to professional SEO management.

Picking the Wrong Keywords

Optimizing is majorly concerned with keywords for which the business wants to rank for. The question is, are you choosing the right ones? One of the mistakes commonly committed in the selection of keywords is neglecting the presence of users and search engines for longtail keywords. It is important to first understand the words your potential customers use to refer to your products. Don’t go for generic keywords, instead go for the targeted keywords that have a huge following.

Keyword Stuffing

You may be having the right set of keywords, but the way you place them in your content can either dwarf or boost your rankings. When you go overboard with your keyword usage, search engines will register your site as spammy. This will hurt your SEO performance.

Keyword stuffing is simply overusing the intended keywords. Apart from attracting penalties from search engines, keyword stuffing makes the content unnatural and pretty much useless. Google is employing a semantic search known as latent semantic indexing. Through this program, Google quickly recognizes the topic of your content even without the need to stuff keywords.

Creating Content Unrelated to Keywords

This is a pitfall most businesses find themselves in. When you create content, and insert certain words that are unrelated, your content is likely to be punished by Google through lower rankings. Most people forcefully fit keywords and this creates low quality work. Your focus and primary goal should be the production of corresponding content to your target audience needs. The result of this is that search engines will not manage to trace your content and thus a lower ranking.

Publishing Unoriginal Content

The quality of your content matters not just to search engines, but also to your readers. When you duplicate text, search engines will penalize you. This is because copying and plagiarizing content is not just punishable by search engines, but also unattractive to readers. Instead of ripping off content from other places through software, create your own original and meaningful text. Alternatively, get a professional SEO company that offers various packages which include content creation and management.

Missing Quality Links

External links you include in your content matters so much in terms of quality than quantity. If you link irrelevant sites, your website can also take a beating because of the associated quality. Only link back to sites that you consider authoritative and potential for bringing traffic in the future. The anchor text you use should be effective and beneficial to your readers if they want to find out more on the subject.

Other SEO mistakes include going astray with your internal linking, failure to invest in a fast and mobile-friendly user experience, and forgetting about the analytics.

4 SEO Tips To Shoot Up Your Law Firm Website Online

The digital business world poses a tough competition to the law firms where just having a website is not enough. You have to arm it up with search engine optimization strategies to leverage its ranks online. Internet is our go-to platform for every service we want to know about before we procure it. The same goes with the legal services. Your potential clients today are more likely to look for an attorney online when they need a legal representative. You are soon to lose out on your competitors is your website is not visible on top of search engines.

The good thing is that the post below shares some vital SEO tips to boost up the rank of your law firm over the search engine.

Equip your website and content with right keywords

According to SEO gurus, service-intent keywords are the heart and soul of the SEO strategy of your website. Focus on keywords that people usually type to look for legal services online. If you are focused on a specific city or State, mention the area in the keyword. Your keywords must also include your niche area of practice. A good example would be “Arizona criminal lawyer” or “CA PI attorney”. Don’t forget to get a comparative study between your chosen keywords and those used by your competitors. Stress on low-competition but highly competitive keywords.

One tip- It has been observed that “attorney” pulls more searches online compared to “lawyer”.

CTA buttons are important

Online rankings are largely determined by the popularity level of a website. A law firm website which boasts high conversion rates would automatically garner a top rank over Google search engine. The CTA (Call-To-Action) button is vital to convert a visitor into a client. Thus, the button must be placed strategically on the website to ensure an easy visibility to the visitors. If they can’t find the button at one glance, they will soon move to your competitor. The best place to place the CTA button on a website is on the banner on top. You can also place it at the right side in a different color, just over your contact form.

Source quality and relevant links

According to leading law firm SEO company Gladiator Law Marketing , link building is a vital part of the SEO campaign of a website. Gather links from authority and popular websites which are directly contextual to the legal industry. Some of the best sites here are Justia, NOLO, AVVO etc.

Tips on content

It’s better to have the content for your website written by a legal pro. Each web page must focus on a specific legal area. Focus on crisp, informative and well articulated content.

Common Factors That Affect Your SEO Marketing ROI

Online marketing and SEO in general is no longer a matter of If but is now an absolute necessity if you want to remain in business. A well thought out and perfectly executed SEO marketing Melbourne guarantees a top spot in the list of the competition. Many business owners contract the first person who promises to manage their SEO only to find that it is money down the drain.

Understanding some of the factors that affect the ROI of SEO is a great way to expose the blind spots and contributes to creating and executing a successful campaign. These are also issues to take up with your marketing team or company. Below are some of the factors that affect the returns you finally see in your SEO campaign.


One of the major determining factors of a successful SEO marketing campaign is the execution. It is prudent to keep track of all the new data and trends but it eventually it all boils down to the execution. Once you identify the marketing strategies that bring the best ROI, you need to get a competent individual or team to do the actual work. How the plan is executed is just as important (if not more important) as what the average ROI is for the chosen strategy.

Long-Term Vs Short-Term ROI

It is also necessary to make a clear distinction between long-term and short-term ROI any time SEO marketing strategies are rolled out. Figure out whether you need to see results immediately (such as a new business trying to break even) or whether a long-term approach would make more sense (such as an established business fighting to remain relevant). It is difficult to say objectively which one is the better approach without looking at the specific business and marketing needs.

Defined Outcomes

ROI is notoriously difficult to measure where SEO marketing is concerned. Quantifying credibility, reputation and visibility for example can be extremely difficult and vague. It is therefore necessary to first agree on very specific outcomes. Even detailed data may not translate well when attempting to quantify ROI. A well defined outcome is the best benchmark when measuring the success or failure of a campaign.

Additional Investment

Finally, money isn’t the only way to quantify an investment where SEO marketing is concerned. Some approaches only require minimal finances but are heavy in time and manpower investment. The time spent on the project is also a significant investment and should also be taken into account. This case is especially true when opting to run the marketing campaign yourself or using an in-house team to do it.

These factors make it very clear that you need professional help with your marketing strategy. The right firm routinely uses these considerations when formulating and implementing SEO marketing strategies. It is still worth taking these issues up with the SEO company just to make sure that you are on the same page.

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