Reviews Platform Review – Banner Advertising Simplified

I’ve been working as a full-time freelancer for a company for the past 2 years, and unfortunately, my contract suddenly got terminated. Because of that, I have been checking on the internet ways on how to make extra income online, and then I bumped into The website’s name itself is catchy so it caught my attention right away. I thought it might be as an interesting example of a new way to make money online through affiliate marketing. I was really curious about the platform, so I decided to check it out.

Click2sell Marketplace Introduction is an online banner advertising platform. It is a combination of marketing digital products and affiliate networking in one website. There are two main ways to earn money using the platform. First of all, new members are able to earn money by creating ad campaigns. Every time someone clicks on an ad (banner ad, to be exact), the user who created the ad campaign will earn a specific amount per click rate that will be set by Click2sell.

Secondly, when a product is sold as a result of the campaign created by the user, that user also gets a commission percentage (up to 85%). So overall the user receives payment for every click generated by the ad and commissions from sales.

As soon as I created my account, I tried creating a campaign. After making the initial deposit (note that the minimum deposit amount is $250, but there are several packages available), it seemed like the most sensible thing to do. Simply click on “Create Campaign” that can be found on the top-left side of the platform’s dashboard. Once you clicked on it, it will prompt you to come up with a “Campaign Name” and then you will have to choose the campaign period, which could last from 2 weeks and up to 5 months. Once you’re done filling up the basic info, you will have to fill out the info on the content of the campaign. Choose a category from the drop-down menu (among the categories available – fashion, business, games, sports and more). After that, you can now set your campaign budget which includes the number of impressions. There is also a drop-down menu for the campaign budget. Afterward, choose your banner from the variety of options given on the platform, and select the ad placement. Check out the campaign preview as you choose the campaign headline from the dropdown menu. You can now save and launch your campaign if you are satisfied with the outcome.

My Final Thoughts about Click2Sell

Overall Click2sell seems like a legit way for those searching a way to make extra income online, even as online marketing newbies.

The layout of the platform is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Creating a campaign is easy and you don’t need to be an expert to be able to figure out the platform. It’s actually quite fun, like playing with your creativity, but yet you have to come up with a campaign that will catch the attention of visitors and potential buyers. If you succeed in doing that, the earning potential using the platform can be quite high.

Business Creativity in Italy: TOP 3 Popular Business Trends to Start

Italy is one of the leading European countries that are characterized with the stable criteria of economic development. The comfortable geographic position in the South part of Europe helps Italy to be effective and reliable partner for other countries. The most popular business to start in Italy is small and medium business. About 98% from more than 4 million of countries has a state of 20 members, or 4-5 members. So, if you want to start from the very beginning, the best optimal variant is small business, especially for foreign entrepreneurs.

The most popular business activities are food brunch, clothes and fashion, cosmetics, automobiles, pharmacology, building sphere. You have to get special license for the most of them. If you have enough money, you can buy ready-made business in Italy. There are mass of variants. The price depends on the concrete city and business activity. Thus, you can buy the beauty salon for 30 000 EUR, pizzeria for 500 000 EUR and the chain of popular shops for 5 million EUR.


Winemaking Business in Italy

One of the most popular and profitable businesses in Italy is winemaking. There is no sense to speak about the popularity of Italian wines. Do not think that your winemaking business is going to be successful from the moment you bought your business. Winemaking is serious business. You have to be well prepared to start making wines. What is more, you probably are offered to buy winery that is not profitable at the moment. You should know that good wineries are usually sold behind the scenes.

If you want to buy winemaking as a new hobby, you should go to the realty websites. The price for good winery is from 1 million EUR to 7-8 million of EUR. It can be higher just if you are offered to buy also property as a part of winery, like the middle aged castle or something.

Hotel Business in Italy

There is one more business in Italy that can be profitable. It is all about hotel business. There are many hotels in Italy. You have to choose. If you are going to make good business of it, you should not start with mini hotels for 100 rooms. You face many difficulties. For example, the most part of clients for mini hotels is locals. They used to visit your hotel in the season of holidays or in summer time. That is why you have to learn Italian and local preferences.

If you want to give your mini hotel for rent to a management company, it must be more than 100 rooms to be interesting proposal. So, you can find the investor or financial backer to gain profit from your hotel the year around.

Drink EVIAN Water

There is one more thing. It can be related not only with the mini hotels but the most of brunches of mini business. Traditionally, mini business in Europe is family business. It means that the hotel owner and the most of operating personnel are family members. As practice shows, it is better to buy hotels for more than 100 rooms. According to statistics, the hotel for 200 rooms gives profit of 5 million EUR per year. The most profitable are 3-4 stars hotels. They are the most popular for tourists. By the way, you can get profit from not only rooms rent. It usually gets about 60 % of profit.

Never forget about additional services like banquet hall, seminars, conferences, parking and SPA services. It takes about 40 % of your profit. Of course, if your do not want to be the hotel owner, there is another way out. You can buy not the whole hotel but 10-15 rooms in it. You can rent them to managing company. The start price for hotel is 2 million EUR. This is a hotel for 45-50 rooms. It has a swimming pool, bar, solarium and fitness hall. Anyway, the maximum price depends on the hotel size and location.

De Luxe

Touristic Agency in Italy

Speaking about touristic agencies, it is better to start from Sicily, the region of undiscovered platforms and big opportunities. Sicilians say that their touristic efforts are lessen. This is true. What do you know about Sicily? – Oranges, mafia, Etna…is that all? Of course, you can find a couple of attractive proposals for high price to visit museums, interesting cities and the hotel in the center of Catania. Never forget that Sicily means the most beautiful seaside. Of course, you can hire a car in Catania and get to the sea in 40 minutes. Nevertheless, there is nothing more attractive than hotel beach.

Sicily is a beautiful beaches, mountain parks and natural monuments that are met at every step. The culture you see is unique. The food is fresh and healthy. The people are friendly and communicative. Who knows about it? Start with the website to tell people about the beauty of Sicily and wide opportunities that you are going to give them. You have to make the dozens of interesting excursion programs. Oh, it is not about boring historical monuments and museums, but mountain cross, degustation, cooking, visiting castles and Middle Aged villas.

So, finally, you have to find worthy apartments to rent and touristic programs for different sorts of tourists. Do not be afraid to start something new if it is interesting. Touristic business begins with the creative idea and hard work.

Castello di Falconara

One of the best positive characteristics in Italy is stable politic-economic conditions. It helps to plan your business for further extention. You can give your business to your kids and grandkids to use and develop. Of course, all kinds of business are competitive platform. It does not matter whether you are designer, photographer or event agency, you should make your business special, different unlike the rest of others. Your service must be unique. So, the main task for all entrepreneurs (local and foreign) is good judgment and budget your real time and efforts. Never assume more responsibilities that you can do. However, think big!

3 Online Review Strategies You Need To Know About

Today’s consumers don’t follow the same paths to purchasing decisions as their counterparts of the past. Instead of looking through newspaper hard copies for sales, doing comparison shopping, and asking friends, neighbors, and acquaintances for advice, most people cut right to the chase and access online review sites for applicable information.  Although many consumers go on to utilize other methods to research goods and services prior to making a financial commitment, they’ll usually cross a specific items off their list if poor online reviews are a part of the picture. Unfortunately, bad reviews can and do happen to good companies who provide excellent products and services. Competitors, for instance, may plant negative reviews for the purpose of making your business look bad in comparison. Those with a personal ax to grind, such as a bitter ex-spouse, may decide to take out their anger on your business by accessing review sites and leaving fake testimonials. Even the occasional actual customer who’s having a bad day may leave a not-so-positive review. Fortunately, strategies exist to help ensure that your business has an online presence that’s conducive to customer attraction and retention. Here’s how to keep the good reviews coming:

Look at Existing Reviews With an Open Mind 

Taking the time to sit down and thoroughly read your existing reviews in a distraction-free environment provides you with the opportunity to identify areas in which your company could do better. Common denominators in the reviews will tell you where you need to focus.

Respond to Negative Reviews in a Timely Fashion 

Although it is definitely tempting to pass by bad reviews as quickly as possible and try to forget you ever saw them, ignoring them may make you look unprofessional in the eyes of consumers. Respond politely to the review even if the one who left it used an angry and/or unreasonable tone — what you want to do here is show potential customers another side to the situation. Stick to the facts, keep a clear hate, and resist getting into a debate with the person who left the review.

Keep in Mind That Every Business Gets a Bad Online Review From Time to Time

Businesses that have nothing but glowing online reviews are viewed with suspicion by today’s savvy consumers. When the whole online review concept was new, many business owners seeded review sites with false reviews designed to show their business in a positive light. A series of news articles exposed this practice, and it rarely has the desired acheives the desired results anymore. After responding factually and positively to negative reviews, move on and consider them just a normal part of doing business.

Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience for more tips and tricks designed to keep your business flowing with positive reviews.

Top DIY Crafts Youtube Channels

If you’re looking for a drop of inspiration for those dreary and boring rainy days inside, sunny sunday afternoons or just those times when you feel like being super creative, you’re going to want to take advantage of social media and tap into some of these fantastic Youtube channels!

Here are the top DIY crafts Youtube channels:

MAKE Magazine

This Youtube channel has a ton of exciting and fun projects for you to enjoy. From simple upcycling of items you think are completely useless once used, like the coffee cup spycam project, to super useful and intricate videos like the emergency lighting system project. There’s a whole host of videos for you to choose from and new ones are put on the channel all the time. Plus the channel isn’t completely female orientated which some of them can be, so it’s a great all rounder for craft lovers.

Dazzle DIY

Dazzle DIY is a super fun, super young channel ideal for anyone looking to get super creative with their art and crafts supplies. The videos are so enthusiastic and exciting you’re bound to want to get started before each video has ended! The subjects are completely up to date, from DIY phone cases to holiday art. This is an ideal channel to use when you have an afternoon to fill, or kids to entertain, or when you’re looking for tips on doing your own DIY personalisations or decorations.


Threadbanger is the up to date channel for arts and crafts enthusiasts, containing an amazing selection of well presented videos showcasing fun and useful craft projects. Some of the videos are extremely practical, like how to make an antiques mirror look distressed and how to make a DIY easter bunny. But many of them are extremely innovative, so much so you’ll be looking at a lot of items in your cupboards in a completely different way. From the DIY watermelon phone charger to the cocoa powder sunless tan – you’ll be thinking outside the box from the moment you tune into this fun and out there channel!


This channel appears to be aimed at teenagers, but many of the skills demonstrated in the videos can be applied to people of all ages. For example; the DIY bleach t shirt video can easily be used to help you bleach home furnishings to make them look unique. And a lot of the ideas can be applied to everyday occasions, like the food videos (great for kids parties) or the various clothing and jewelry making videos which are ideal as afternoon party activities.


Handmade4all is a great channel for lovers of more grown up, intricate DIY projects. Some are so impressive you may well not want to let them go as gifts once you have created them. There are plenty of upcycling videos, as well as embroidery projects and lots of videos relating to home design. This is a perfect channel for lovers of complete DIY at home, because the results are extremely professional looking and beat many store bought alternatives.


Here you can find a lot of things to do with tissue paper, as well as various detailed craft projects suitable for all ages. If you like to get creative with your hands, and you don’t like to work with lots of materials at a time, this is the channel for you. Expect to know how to make every type of paper flower going after a couple of hours viewing. There are also some pretty impressive painting tutorials on there as well, so artists take note!

Recycled Bottle Crafts

If you’re looking to be blown away by some extremely innovative ways of recycling plastic bottles, take a look at Recycled Bottle Crafts. You will find you’ll never, ever throw a plastic bottle away after viewing this ECO friendly channel! From ladybird painted bottles for kids, to really cool instrument idea and home decoration ideas. A great channel to look at and use when your child is studying the environment at school, or when you’ve no time to get extra craft supplies and need some innovative ‘use what I have in the cupboard right now’ ideas.

Attraction Marketing – What Is It?

Hey there! Before I get to Attraction marketing, welcome to my little part of the World Wide Web!

I have been working on-line and doing a few things involving the internet for about the last 24 months.

Originally coming from a cattle station in North Queensland, Australia, I didn’t really grow up as a nerd or anything.

It really is good when you get the right products and know have the right mentors around you.  It’s the same with any business right? You need people who have been there and done t before around you to just get your goals sorted!

So let’s get to Attraction Marketing. I’m not actually a massive fan of Attraction Marketing itself (let’s call it AM for short). I mean I think it works but you don’t have to actively pursue it.

Don’t you know those successful guys that kind of have an aura about them? They attract you to them. Some sports stars and actors etc get literally swarms of people around them. During that time the star themselves stay kind of calm and aloof.

SO what is it that attracts us to them?

That is why there is so much talk and bother made about AM. Some people think (well a lot of people think) that they can copy what rich people do and attract people and customers to them!

It has become a real science.

The main knockers of Attraction Marketing say that it is all kind of theory. And that’s true. A lot of people kind of sit around and think about being rich you know but never actually ever DO ANYTHING!

The guys I hang around now are big on taking action. Yes, you will make a few mistakes on the way but that is part of the process in becoming an expert in your field. That is how people get successful.

And the other thing is that there is no limit to success…

How many times have you seen someone reach their short term goals then just kind of taper off. That is the sign of a truly successful person, just finding new interests in goals in life. They reach those goals then just keep going!

So Attraction marketing can help you with the right mindset, that’s for sure but you need to mix that up with other stuff! You need to actually take action.

AM is a science that some people talk about too much!

It is true though that successful people with heaps of knowledge attract people to them. They become like a tribal elder!

I use AM to help me build my business online, that’s for sure. I have built my knowledge and my business by a massive amount over the last months!

I have also reached one of my short term goals of making money online!

That is my take on Attraction Marketing, if you have any more questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

I really do want to hear from you.



Colin Burnett is an expert when it comes to Internet Marketing and blogging. To find out everything about Colin Burnett, visit his website at Colin Burnett’s Blog.

Common Solutions to a Common Android Problem

One of the most frustrating things that Android owners experience is a lack of battery life. As is for all smart phones, it seems the advertised battery life doesn’t seem to be anywhere near what battery life you actually get. This could be for a number of reasons, and some might be avoidable while others aren’t.

If you feel like you’ve had serious problems with your Android’s battery lately, you might be searching the web for a solution. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these solutions to one of the most obnoxious problems that Android owners face: insufficient battery life.

The Snapdragon BatteryGuru App

One solution to many common battery issues lies in the form of an app available to download for your Android. This new Android battery app actually works in the background of your phone to increase your battery life. After you download the app, all you need to do is use your phone, and after a few days the app will let you know it’s learned your phone habits and will kick into use.

The app has a great rating on the Google Play store, mainly because it requires no interaction to help increase your battery life. It’s a great app to just download and forget about, and get better battery life for as long as you have your phone.

Keep Your Phone on the Windowsill

Something as simple as where you keep your phone when you’re at home or work can severely affect your battery life, and if you make adjustments it should improve. By keeping your phone on a windowsill, it will be able to connect to the cell towers much more easily, meaning it won’t waste extra battery life trying to get a signal.

Obviously you shouldn’t go out of your way to keep your phone at a windowsill (if you have a desk in the middle of an office, it’ll be awkward to run to the window every time your phone rings), but if you’re able to then you should. When you’re at your desk, keep your phone on your desk and not in your pocket, so it has an easier path to pick up the signal. Something so simple could solve some of your battery issues.

Deactivate Automatic Wi-Fi Connect

Every time you leave your work office and head home, your phone disconnects from your office Wi-Fi and then connects to your home Wi-Fi when you get home. Every time you connect or disconnect from a network, your battery is drained. What makes things worse is that your phone will try to connect to Wi-Fi networks on your way from work to home.

Your phone will attempt to connect to the Starbucks Wi-Fi network, the network on the subway, and any other network in between. Obviously finding wireless networks is helpful, but if you’re simply commuting between two places it’s not necessary. Disconnecting the automatic connect will mean your device only connects to wireless networks that it’s been authorized to connect to. It won’t waste battery searching for Wi-Fi networks, which means a better battery life in the long run.

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The Best of POS

If you are looking for a software that can meet the demands of your wholesale or retail business, then Counterpoint software may be the answer. This is more than just basic POS software. It allows you to fully manage your business with efficiency and ease. If your business is looking for a new way to streamline things then this might be a good choice for you.


Customer Loyalty

This software allows you to keep detailed information on your customers. You will also be able to keep a detailed sales history so that you know which of your products they like best. This can aid you when you are trying to put together special promotions.


Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a tedious task and counting by hand can result in accidental human errors. This software can help you with controlling inventory costs, maintaining optimum inventory levels and tracking merchandise movement. All of the tools needed to do these things are all part of the software, as well as tools to minimize out-of-stock situations and inventory levels and to maximize profitability and valuable management information.


Gifts Cards

Gift cards are a great way to generate predictable and consistent revenue. It is also a good way to meet consumer expectations. This software has a feature that is easy to use dedicated to gift cards. Think about it, if someone buys a gift card for your business, the recipient has to spend it there. Plus, once a gift card is bought, you have the money whether the gift card is redeemed or not, so it really is a win-win situation.


Order Management

If you have mail order, website order or customer specials, this software can help you handle and organize all of this. You will be able to enjoy recorded shipping information for shipping manifest integration, order entry, batch order processing and order fulfillment of individual orders. You really cannot go wrong with this. Orders are some of the hardest things to keep track of, especially when you are doing it by hand. This software can do all of this for you removing the risk for accidental human error.

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