An Overview Of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

The Internet is open to a world of advertising methods that allow businesses to be competitive in their respective industries. If you are trying to find a way to boost your website’s visibility, a great way to do this is through pay-per-click advertising. Pay-per-click (PPC) was first introduced around 2002 and has become an effective way for companies to broaden their customer-base. Companies all over the world are investing money into PPC advertising; it helps them to gain valid advertising space with their target customers. Here is a brief overview of the PPC world and how it works.


There are two basic ad forms with PPC. First, there are the ads that you pay for to appear in the organic search engine results. So when a customer types in a specific keyword, your ad will appear if you are paying for that keyword. Most people are familiar with the PPC ads that appear in the search engine results. These often have a limited number of characters that promote a product or a brand. Second, the other PPC ad appears on blogs and other websites where you are paying to have the ad appear. The content on the website will normally match your niche market, making it easier to show your ad to new customers. There are also larger banner ads that appear on websites, and are used for keyword-targeted campaigns. People often respond to the image content ads because a picture can easily communicate a larger message to the customers than a few words can offer.


Keywords make PPC thrive. Keywords help to target the right audience and allow your company to increase the conversion rate with the proper use of the keywords. You need to use the right keyword research tools to gather the keywords that will help improve the rankings for your ads and website. You can use broad search term keywords, or you can narrow them down to a niche market. The more you narrow down your list of keywords, the easier it will be for you to reach your target audience.

Paying for PPC

Some companies spend thousands of dollars bidding for keywords and gaining higher rankings. Other companies find that it doesn’t need to be this complex and instead, they focus on using the keywords they know they can afford. There are many differences with keywords, which can make it interesting for smaller companies hoping to compete with larger companies.

Set limits on your PPC advertising budget so you don’t end up spending too much. You can set up a budget to pay per click or you can set a daily limit. The popularity of the keyword plays a large role in how much you will pay for keywords. You can also set up a time-frame for how long you would like the ad to appear in the search engine results. The more you can afford to pay, the more visibility your ad will achieve. The other advantage of PPC advertising is that you can always pause or cancel the campaign at any time.


Milton Pratt writes on SEO, internet advertising, mobile phones, computer software, gadget accessories such as the kensington ipad keyboard case and other related topics as well.

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Attraction Marketing – What Is It?

Hey there! Before I get to Attraction marketing, welcome to my little part of the World Wide Web!

I have been working on-line and doing a few things involving the internet for about the last 24 months.

Originally coming from a cattle station in North Queensland, Australia, I didn’t really grow up as a nerd or anything.

It really is good when you get the right products and know have the right mentors around you.  It’s the same with any business right? You need people who have been there and done t before around you to just get your goals sorted!

So let’s get to Attraction Marketing. I’m not actually a massive fan of Attraction Marketing itself (let’s call it AM for short). I mean I think it works but you don’t have to actively pursue it.

Don’t you know those successful guys that kind of have an aura about them? They attract you to them. Some sports stars and actors etc get literally swarms of people around them. During that time the star themselves stay kind of calm and aloof.

SO what is it that attracts us to them?

That is why there is so much talk and bother made about AM. Some people think (well a lot of people think) that they can copy what rich people do and attract people and customers to them!

It has become a real science.

The main knockers of Attraction Marketing say that it is all kind of theory. And that’s true. A lot of people kind of sit around and think about being rich you know but never actually ever DO ANYTHING!

The guys I hang around now are big on taking action. Yes, you will make a few mistakes on the way but that is part of the process in becoming an expert in your field. That is how people get successful.

And the other thing is that there is no limit to success…

How many times have you seen someone reach their short term goals then just kind of taper off. That is the sign of a truly successful person, just finding new interests in goals in life. They reach those goals then just keep going!

So Attraction marketing can help you with the right mindset, that’s for sure but you need to mix that up with other stuff! You need to actually take action.

AM is a science that some people talk about too much!

It is true though that successful people with heaps of knowledge attract people to them. They become like a tribal elder!

I use AM to help me build my business online, that’s for sure. I have built my knowledge and my business by a massive amount over the last months!

I have also reached one of my short term goals of making money online!

That is my take on Attraction Marketing, if you have any more questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

I really do want to hear from you.



Colin Burnett is an expert when it comes to Internet Marketing and blogging. To find out everything about Colin Burnett, visit his website at Colin Burnett’s Blog.

The Best Strategy To Maximize Your Twitter Fanbase

One of the top social internet marketing companies nowadays is Twitter, and it is facing problems relating to its integrity because most of their users are buying fake followers online. This leads several businesses and some individuals who practice this form of marketing to be a lot more cautious in getting their account being suspended and fake followers deleted.

Hence, is it truly wise to purchase Twitter followers? If yes, how can we know the difference between reliable followers and the fake ones that end up damaging your reputation as a firm or person? This article will look at the ways available nowadays to purchase reputable Twitter followers and to actually be capable to distinguish between the legitimate fanbase from the bogus. Try to visit followers boosts for you to learn more about how to buy followers.

In order to know if the company is worthy of your time, effort and money for a Twitter fanbase, let’s try to discuss all the services they have as follows:

• Customer service

• Money-back guarantee

• Stability of the fanbase

• Activity of the followers

Customer Service

A credible service provider has a customer service that is efficient in providing the demands of the general public. In line with that, if a service provider falls flat in responding efficiently to your inquiries, it will probably intend to sell fake followers that will be deleted in a short time which further ruins a company or one’s good reputation. If you intend to purchase a trustworthy Twitter fanbase you have to find the ideal providers that have an excellent customer service.

Money-back Guarantee

This is the next consideration one must look for in a serious service provider. Undeniably, firms who are offering suspicious services won’t provide any money-back guarantees. Thus any service provider showing willingness to give back your money 100% in case you are unsatisfied is one you can start to think about more.

Stability of the Fan Base

If the service provider is offering the sort of followers who end up disappearing after a number of days in the same magnitude they followed you, then you cannot rely on such a provider to have a reputable service. You can only figure out that if the Twitter fanbase is definitely legitimate if they will be able to engage in any discussion in your page. Because of this sort of consistent presence you have nothing to fret about because this provider or individual will keep on making a relevant image or good reputation.

Activity of Followers

One should also remember that followers who recently signed up with Twitter and are non-active for a period of time will make the site’s technical team become questioning and may lead these accounts to be deleted. When your following went up by 10,000 overnight and instantly the rate of following goes down to less than 50 followers daily, this will also raise an eyebrow with not only the Twitter administrators but also with some of your legitimate followers.

Buying reliable Twitter followers is useful for your company or individual image especially when you’re getting started. But it is really important to take caution when approaching this method of internet marketing. Consider losing your business when it just began only because you’re trying to boost your image overnight. If you liked to purchase 10,000 followers for instance, you would be in a better place adding them in small numbers not beyond double the current rate of your following. This increase basically must be logically possible and appropriate even by your current followers.

It doesn’t mean that buying reliable Twitter followers are good for those who are newbies in the site since the content is regarded as the pillar of selling methods which even offers a broader interpretation to different brands in the social networking. With that in mind, introducing your business around the globe and efficiently gathering a number of people enable you to employ greatest marketing method that is famous to man, and that is by word of mouth.

Word of mouth is a marketing technique that involves various people discussing the latest trends in the market. When you’re a musician releasing your first video, you will need greater than your handful of trusted friends to view and like your video in that difficult process of developing a household name among a large number of competitors.

The Tweeter followers and re-tweets are accessible with an unequalled price in order to achieve the marketing ability with current relevant content that you want, only to entice your followers to becoming your potential customers.

Testing the credibility of all your Targeted Twitter Followers either manually or by the usage of any available online applications is the other possible means of buying credible Tweeter fanbase. In order for you to authenticate the Tweeter followers manually, you must do the following:

• Know how informative the profile is with regard to the details of the person’s profession.

• Verify the follower’s pictures and avatars to determine if they reflect realness. Among the types of bogus profiles is those beautiful girls who are dressed in bikinis.

• Also check the number of the follower and following and if they are not balanced then this is an indication of either a fake profile or an inactive account that isn’t helpful in social internet marketing.

There are web applications designed to examine and determine fake Tweeter followers. Listed below are the testers that will help you before deciding to buy Twitter followers.

  •  TweetBlock, is a free application utilized to scan your Tweeter account for spam fanbase providing a record with a list of the fake profiles to enable you to block or un-follow.
  • A different sort of device produced by StatusPeople is an application used to detect fake Tweeter followers. To utilize the application, you connect using your Twitter account and permit the app to scan your followers list. You will then see the percentage that is generated to reveal the fake and real followers.
  • SocialBakers, is one other reliable fake follower checker with an easy to apply interface. This offers you a search module in which you will be able to type your Twitter address and press on the check button for the application to scan your followers providing a survey of the results.

It is rather evident by now that neither the social networks nor people are pleased with the use of fake followers to create an image. That is why is giving these vital details to distinguish the good part of social internet marketing from the liars who are in business just to make money and by all means ignoring the significance of business ethics especially on such a major market as the globally accepted social media.

Why Ad Agencies Are So Important To Expanding Your Business

Interested in expanding your business in today’s busy digital world market? You should strongly consider hiring an online ad agency to help you meet all of your advertising needs, which will boost your sales and give you an edge up on your competitors.

Traditional ad agencies use campaigns that are increasingly out-dated and obsolete, their tactics do not reach the same range of audience that an online ad agency may help you reach. Traditional marketing firms deploy advertisements in television, radio, billboards and other similar real world mediums. In the digital age, your business needs an online presence to be successful. However, you should not dive into the vast sea of online advertising without the help of an expert. An expert online ad agency can help you create web content that properly illustrates your business to a wider demographic.

The benefits of using a digital agency over a traditional marketing firm are numerous and can be very important decision-makers for you. Online ad agencies are typically inexpensive, which allows for any size of business to expand using their services. Online advertising also uses targeted options, which helps you find the proper clients who are looking for the type of business that you run. These targeting options allow the client to view the regions and demographic that their customers are coming from and allow further advertising to be placed in those groups for exponential growth of the customer base. Digital ads are placed all over the web on multiple platforms that provide the widest accessibility for your targeted market. In recent years digital advertisers are beginning to see numbers that surpass those of the traditional marketing industry and this trend is likely to continue.

A large part of what online ad agencies can offer you is something called SEO services. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important in the digital world as you compete with other websites for search engine page ranks. Properly executing SEO servers on your website will ensure that whenever someone searches for the type of products or services that you provide, they will find you with ease.

Don’t wait any longer; find yourself a great digital advertisement agency that will work with you to provide your business with the growth it needs. Online ad agencies want your business to do well and will work with you and provide you with videos, websites, SEO services and or anything else you might need to help your business grow.

Author Bio:

Marketing industry blogger Ricky Bullford shares his advertising expertise, emphasizing the importance of using an ad agency to help expand your business. If you are looking for a marketing consultant with experience in Toronto, Ricky highly recommends you check out to learn more about what the team at Ad Army Group can offer you.

Where Can You Use An E-Wallet?

E-wallet is an electronic wallet that helps people keep safe their personal information like credit cards, calling cards, passwords, PINs or even account numbers. This system has gained popularity already in different countries like Japan where people call it wallet mobile because of its practical usage. For having a wallet like this, there is required a software that has to be installed in the computer or on the Smartphone.

1. E- Commerce Transactions

Once a person has an electronic wallet, it can start to make any electronic transaction available online. For instance if a person needs to purchase clothes, food or different items, anything can be bought with this wallet. That is how basically, the electronic wallet works more like a normal wallet but for online uses.  What is more is that this wallet can be quite useful when it comes about searching confidential information. For example if a person purchases alcohol from the online field, by the help of this wallet the seller can find out the age of that certain person that purchases the alcohol. This will not permit minors to buy items that are not allowed for them.

2. Storing Documents

But, online transactions are not the only ones that can be made by the help of this wallet. Also an individual`s bank account can be linked to this wallet in order to use it properly. People can even store their important documents like driver`s license, health card or loyalty card that will be stored on the phone and used from there. That is how a person can keep confidential information safe without having to worry about them and without having to carry a full wallet in their pockets with all the documents required daily. Instead, they can keep them in a digital format and use them on their phones or computers whenever they want to.

3. Websites Usage

For this wallet there is a need of a password that will secure all the time the content. Even though there are accounts which do not have to include a password, anyway, there is strongly recommended to use one. Creating an account for an e-wallet is absolutely free. Anyway, even though it is free, there are different vendors that can include a fee for the usage of it. What is more is that a person will not have to complete all the information required as before. But by the help of this wallet, all the information will be already there. The information is encrypted for a plus of security and to prevent the wallet against the online fraud which is a cause for which often people deny to purchase from the online field.

With all these being said, an e-wallet is quite beneficial for people who want to feel safer when it comes about the online field. This type of wallet had been included worldwide, therefore anyone can take it in their advantage and forget about filling a lot of information when purchasing from on online store or agent.

Author Bio

Laura is a avid online shopper who loves to shop online. She has recently tried to shop with bitcoins and found it a interesting and unique concept where there is no physical transactino is involved and it is very safe.

Time For A Change? How To Approach A Logo Redesign

Some logos are so perfect, they remain unchanged for decades. Coca-Cola, for example, has made only minor tweaks to its logo in 127 years of existence. That may be because the logo is so instantly recognizable that the company doesn’t want to tamper with it.

Changing your logo is not a decision to make lightly, because consumers seem to care a great deal about their favorite brands’ logos. That’s a lesson clothing retailer Gap learned in 2010, when it rolled out a new logo that the public roundly rejected. Gap had changed its store design, product offerings and merchandising in an attempt to boost sales, but a spokesman for Gap said, “ … we recognize that changing the logo in this way was one change too many and executed too fast.” Gap returned to its old logo as a result of the backlash.

So how do you know when to change your logo – or why, and in what way? That answer will vary from business to business. Read on to find out what other companies have done and what you should consider as you revamp your logo.

Changes Spur Redesign

Companies often redesign logos when they’ve undergone a major change. In January 2013, American Airlines revealed its new logo – the first update since 1968 – that coincided with the company emerging from bankruptcy. And New York’s Whitney Museum changed its logo this year, when it moved to a new location in the city.

Tech companies often update their logos to appear current, or when they unveil new products or services. Microsoft, for example, updated its logo in 2012, to coincide with the release of Windows 8. But a good, timeless design – like IBM’s basic logo – will require very little, if any, modification over time.

Rethinking Your Marketing Strategy

Time For A Change? How To Approach A Logo RedesignIf your current logo was designed before Twitter and Facebook existed, it may be time for a redesign. Consumers spend a lot of time on social media these days, accessing business websites and social feeds from their mobile phones, so your logo should make an impact, even when viewed as a thumbnail.

Sports franchises are keenly aware of the power of logos in their overall marketing strategy. If you look at the evolution of the Miami Dolphins logo, you’ll see how it became simpler over time, with less detail. The move was part of an overall effort to increase fan attendance, and it’s easy to see how the new logo would work better on Twitter than the one the Dolphins used in the 1960s.

Your goal in redesigning a logo may be simply to increase awareness of your brand, or to modernize your image. Whatever your goals may be, you’ll be more successful in achieving them when you enlist the help of a logo design professional.

Sometimes, small business owners make the mistake of letting their own preferences guide their logo design, without regard to the right colors, fonts and images to best appeal to their target audience. If you don’t understand or don’t like some aspect of your logo design, you can usually suggest a change – but it’s wise to defer to the expertise of people who make a living designing logos.

Email Marketing 2.0

As a small business owner, you do everything you can to get great marketing results with a small budget and individual attention. Email marketing is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to communicate to your customers, giving them information about upcoming sales, specials and other items you want to share. A creatively designed and properly executed email campaign is what separates the dregs of email marketing from the all-stars.

The List

The most important thing you can do before launching an email marketing campaign is to create a client list. Tag members of the list so you can segment your marketing emails, reducing the chances of sending someone an email that doesn’t interest them. Moreover, if you blindly send out emails you run the risk of being marked as Spam and eventually deleted.

Don’t treat every email on your list the same way. Different emails need to go to different types of customers. For example, create a “Welcome back” email for those who haven’t made a purchase from you in a while but have recently returned to your business. Write a “We miss you” email for those who haven’t purchased from you in a few months. Both of these remind the customer of your business and encourage them to return and make a purchase.


Before writing the email, sit down and determine what your email marketing goals

image credit:

are. Determine whether you plan to educate consumers, promote a product or drive a specific action from the reader. These goals will help you plan the content for your email. Determine if your emails are for seasonal events or just generic email greetings that encourage consumers to buy from you. With all of these goals and your list, write your emails geared toward your desired clientele.


In your email, encourage recipients to engage with your email marketing campaign. Ask them for feedback and encourage them to share the email by forwarding it to others. Also, encourage recipients to share your information via social media networking. This, along with the call to action, will help spread the word about your business, grow your client base and increase your sales.


Create a format that will draw the email recipient in and encourage them to continue reading. Don’t clutter your email with too many graphics. Yes, you can add a cute picture or use a bright font, but make sure they’re easy to read and don’t distract from the message you want to send. Keep your call to action and any important details above the fold, because many people don’t scroll down unless they have to.

Call to Action

The call to action in an email is what you ask your readers to do. For example, if you’re having a great sale this weekend, write something like, “Come to our location and shop before noon to receive the best deals of this sale,” or ask your readers to promote your business for you and share the email with friends and family. The call to action will encourage your consumers to do what you want, as long as you clearly state it. Place the call to action above the fold and then reiterate it toward the end of the email. This increases their exposure and makes it more difficult to miss.

If you haven’t already started an email marketing campaign for your small business, it’s not too late. Make the decisions to start one, then sit down, and plan it out. The better the plan, the better the results.

Create a Buzz With Teaser Ad Campaigns

Whether you’re launching the latest addition to an existing product line or you plan on providing an entirely new service to your customer base, companies looking to bring out a new offering will, quite obviously, want to get people talking about it. A good way to create a buzz is by using teaser adverts.

As you may have guessed from the name, teaser ad campaigns come out several weeks or months in anticipation of a full-blown marketing drive. These are focused on building hype around a forthcoming product or service and getting a target audience to talk about it, even if they don’t know what it actually is or the name of the company that is behind it.

With this in mind, it’s important that your teaser campaigns provide enough information to get a target audience interested in what you are about to release, but don’t contain so much that they have no incentive to learn more about it when you decide to ramp up your promotional efforts at a later date.

The best teaser ad initiatives tend to be those that constantly give an audience new information and provide an incentive to find out when the next element of your campaign – whether it’s a new TV ad or the location of a free product giveaway – will be launched.

Alternatively, you might want to try using a flash mob event to create interest in your brand. Getting a group of people to perform a seemingly random act in a public place (previous flash mobs have seen companies get hundreds of participants to perform dance routines and break out into synchronised applause in shops) is a great way to catch the interest of passersby.

With any luck, a flash mob will result in dozens of people stopping what they are doing and watching your performance. Once it is over, you have a wonderful chance to provide potential customers with more information about your company, something that could be achieved by giving out promotional merchandise.

Doing so is a great way to encourage people to interact with your brand long after the event has finished, so it’s vital to make sure the products you distribute have a link to your website and contain details of when the new service/product that you are promoting will be fully launched. There are certainly plenty of products suitable for giving away at flash mob events, but it’s best to select items that are fairly small so they can be easily popped into pockets and purses.

This could include everyday items such as pens that can be used repeatedly and, in the process, encourage long-term brand interaction. However, handing out unusual items – such as stress shapes that feature quirky designs – may create a more immediate short-term impact in terms of getting recipients to remember your teaser ad campaign and generate interest in the launch of your forthcoming product.

Whatever you choose, make sure that your design is consistent with the identity of your overall campaign and your company as a whole. Otherwise, your target audience may struggle to make the connection between the teaser ads and your organisation, as well as the products/services they are meant to promote.

How has your company used teaser ad campaigns? Post a comment below and let us know!

The Best of POS

If you are looking for a software that can meet the demands of your wholesale or retail business, then Counterpoint software may be the answer. This is more than just basic POS software. It allows you to fully manage your business with efficiency and ease. If your business is looking for a new way to streamline things then this might be a good choice for you.


Customer Loyalty

This software allows you to keep detailed information on your customers. You will also be able to keep a detailed sales history so that you know which of your products they like best. This can aid you when you are trying to put together special promotions.


Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a tedious task and counting by hand can result in accidental human errors. This software can help you with controlling inventory costs, maintaining optimum inventory levels and tracking merchandise movement. All of the tools needed to do these things are all part of the software, as well as tools to minimize out-of-stock situations and inventory levels and to maximize profitability and valuable management information.


Gifts Cards

Gift cards are a great way to generate predictable and consistent revenue. It is also a good way to meet consumer expectations. This software has a feature that is easy to use dedicated to gift cards. Think about it, if someone buys a gift card for your business, the recipient has to spend it there. Plus, once a gift card is bought, you have the money whether the gift card is redeemed or not, so it really is a win-win situation.


Order Management

If you have mail order, website order or customer specials, this software can help you handle and organize all of this. You will be able to enjoy recorded shipping information for shipping manifest integration, order entry, batch order processing and order fulfillment of individual orders. You really cannot go wrong with this. Orders are some of the hardest things to keep track of, especially when you are doing it by hand. This software can do all of this for you removing the risk for accidental human error.

Importance of SEO and Local Online Searches for Automotive Industry

The Internet is expanding each day and its just for the good. Previously people used to find local shops from adverts placed on hoardings at the traffic signals, grocery stores or digital signage boards. However these days with the advent of mobile internet, people are turning towards online local searches (eg: Google Places/ Google local search). The following infographic shows how important it is not to ignore this new source for getting new customers for you local businesses, especially automotive maintenance workshops.

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How to Make a Website Popular

A website is a very important asset for anyone, more so for those people who would like to use it to make money. It is also very true that the websites that earn the biggest amount of money are those that get the largest number of visitors. This is precisely why they must be made as popular as possible.

There are a number of things, which if done well by website owners can help them a lot by bringing in more people to their pages and thereby increasing the money that can be possible made.

One of the ways to attract people to your site is by breaking up the information that is there into smaller pieces that are more palatable. There is no need to have too much information on one page to an extent that that it becomes very difficult for visitors to find the small piece of information that they could be in need of. The information will still be the same, but the navigation will be much easier than before. This is because they will be divided into categories and under headings that are specific hence making finding information much faster. If the users of the internet find a website where they have to struggle too much to find information, they will leave and try to find better ones.

Secondly, it is important to help web page users quickly find what they want to read instead of having to read through masses of information that have no need for. This is to mean that the author of the blog or the website must offer choices, giving the visitors to the site the guidance that they will need to go directly to their points of focus. The choices should however not be too much. Narrowing the search topics for browsers of the internet will help them save a lot of time. Moreover, when they feel that they have received great assistance, visitors to the website will come again over and over. To do this right, articles must be saved under specified categories, summaries made and under a major headline.

The function of a website of any kind is to help browsers answer some form of questions. It is imperative therefore that the administrator of the web page answers the questions that are given to him or her by the people who visit the page. This is especially important if the web page belongs to a certain business unit. A proper website is where as many questions as possible that are asked by visitors are answered as accurately as possible. At times, text links can also be used to guide the readers in the site to other pages where their questions can be answered better. The needs of the customer must always be put ahead of anything else and their concerns dealt with adequately.

Another very important factor in websites that could make them popular is consistency. The main aim of this is to ensure that the website visitors and users do not get confused about the aim of the website. Consistencies must be maintained in terms of the keywords used, presentation of the work and even spelling. If users notice that there are too many changes every now and then, they will begin to wonder about the direction of the website. Consistency includes the fact that the site should also focus on a few major subjects, instead of combining too many of them to a level that readers lose taste with it.

Another way to improve the popularity of a web page is communicating with the web visitors. The administrator(s) of a website should at all times try to reach out to their readers and viewer. For instance, the website could be receiving plenty of emails from these people. It is important that the operators of this site at least set aside some fem moments every day to try and respond to some of the emails. This will go a long way to give the web users some confidence.

It’s a Hot and Humid Day. Which Would You Buy?

Let’s say it’s a very hot day today, the temperature is 40°C/104°F. You see two stalls – both are of the same size, but one looks more elegant than the other. The first one (let’s call it “stall A”) has a very simple “setting”. No flowery curtains, splendid table covers, no fancy stuff. All you can see there is a person (the seller), and his refreshing and cool lemonade. The second one (“stall B”) has all the elegance in the world — high-class decors, tablecloths, a unique logo for the stall, and all that. The owner of stall B looks very presentable, and he’s selling cups of coffee.

Now, the question is… which product would you buy? The lemonade, or the coffee? I’m sure all of you would answer lemonade, unless your brain has been configured to be topsy-turvy!

This teaches us one important lesson. If you do not market the right product to the right people (in this case, people who need a refreshing thirst quencher), you would NOT make any sales at all… No matter how presentable your product is!

Learn to Adapt to Your Environment

The internet is transforming more and more nowadays, and we can not simply deny that fact. We, internet marketers, should learn to adapt to our environment. If the people today need article spinning software, then let us have something to market to them — get a programmer to produce a unique and saleable software, and then do what every marketer should do. Use your skills to make some serious sales. Do not try to sell them an article copier software that literally copies and pastes articles from the net to a word processor. I’m telling you, you would not make even a single cent.

What measures/actions should we take in order to adapt to our environment quicker?

Research, research, research. This one is very powerful especially when you know how to do it properly. Research on the most lucrative niches. Know what the people’s needs today are. Learn which things are hot and which are not. Be updated on all the trends on the internet today.

Don’t try things that you think won’t work. There was this saying by Henry Ford, let me share it with you. “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Most of the time his quote proves to be true! Trust me, I can attest to that. If you think selling boxing gloves to fashion-inclined girls won’t work, then don’t even think of doing it. Once this becomes your habit, you won’t be making mistakes of choosing the wrong product for a certain group of people during a certain period of time.

Ask for suggestions/comments. This method has never failed me. If you ask for suggestions, it would be like asking the question “What would you want me to sell to you?” to your target market! I have tried this a lot of times already and it always worked.

People Buy Something Because They Like It…

… Not because you’ve got a decent sales pitch. If you had a very, very enticing sales pitch, then maybe they would buy without thinking, but we’re only talking about a decent sales pitch here. 😛 No more arguments about the adjectives. Let’s continue on…

Face it — even if you don’t write a great sales pitch, people would be flocking over your online store if they think your product is that good. In my opinion, it would be enough to have a detailed advertisement on forums and other websites in order to get a good number of sales. Overly exaggerated and extravagant pitches might actually do more harm than good. Why? People would be raising their eyebrows on your product!


Learn to adapt to your environment and make sure your product is liked by people. Research on the hottest trends these days and try to squeeze some information from prospects by asking for suggestions/doing surveys. If you market what’s marketable (or saleable), then you would be sure to get a lot, and I mean a lot of sales.

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