Month: November 2018

The Top Social Media Tools To Boost Your Following

As a business, boosting your social following can be an uphill battle. After all, with how competitive the social media landscape can be, getting to the forefront of someone’s feed and having them engage is something that can take quite a bit of legwork. However, that’s why we’ve compiled a few of the best social media tools to give you an edge. Check them out below:

Social Steeze

A significant part of developing your social media presence will be utilizing engagement. If you’re not familiar, engagement is how often your followers like or comment on your posts, which is a pretty significant aspect for how new people discover your posts, especially in looking at what their friends or other people they’re following like. However, getting your brand engagement up can be a pretty difficult task to do organically, which is why utilizing a service like Social Steeze can be such a great idea.

Social Steeze is a platform that helps you gain instant Instagram followers by having real accounts come and like or comment on your posts. This type of organic traffic is incredibly helpful in validating your page, and thus, giving you a better perception to outsiders, which is crucial. As noted by Brandwatch, engagement with brands is ten times higher on Instagram than it is with Facebook, as well as 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter, respectively. Yes, when it comes to engagement, Instagram is the platform to be on, with Social Steeze coming at the forefront to help you rank near the top in regards to behavior and interactions between consumers and your brand.

Meet Edgar

Another important strategy to consider on social media is the concept of reposting. While we often consider this a tacky practice, fearing that you’ll be called out for posting old content, that’s generally not the case. Instead, what consumers find important is that your content is original; as noted by Pixlee, millennials trust user-generated content 50 percent more than any other type of media, proving that reposting can be permissible. Now, before you start going through your old posts and copying and pasting them, there’s a certain science to the art of reposting, which is what Meet Edgar helps you find.

With Meet Edgar, the platform goes through your old content and helps you decide what you should repost, including things that are relevant to now or posted at a poor time. Furthermore, they can help maximize things that didn’t perform as well, giving an intuitive analytical dashboard. As reposting often relies on a sense of knowing what wasn’t popular that will be now or what is still relevant, Meet Edgar can be a great catalyst for finding that.


As much as it’s important to repost your own content, it’s also important to source from others. Not only will this help fill in the gaps in terms of materials to keep your feed filled but also to shed light on what your brand stands for in regards to what’s happening in the world. Plus, as noted by CoSchedule, with 67 percent of people now receiving their news from social media, pulling up news from around your industry can be a smart move for your brand. Which, a great tool for pulling what you should post is Feedly.

Feedly is a news aggregator for your web browser and mobile device that helps you pull the articles that are important to your brand. This can work for a number of different parameters you set, for example, if I was a FinTech startup, then keeping an eye out for SEC regulations, financial or stock news, and even political work as well would be advantageous. Although you might not be a media company or even a blog, keeping up on the latest-and-greatest can be pretty advantageous in boosting your following, especially if you’re looking to showcase a sense of perspective to your audience on current events, which is why implementing something like Feedly can be a wise choice.


Finally, for the content you do create organically on your blog, keeping track of its success will be vital to understanding what’s working and what’s not in regards to your content marketing. This can be tough because as noted by Yahoo Business, approximately 96 percent of people talking about your brand online don’t always follow it. Yes, believe it or not, there could potentially be an entire audience out there looking at your work without you ever really knowing, which is why using a tool like Bitly can be such a great addition to your social media arsenal.

If you’re not familiar, Bitly is a link shortener that also keeps track of your link. Not only does it help you save space on your word count but also gives you the ability to see where exactly your content is going. Incredibly useful if you find yourself blogging quite a bit, Bitly is a must have for your social media mix, giving you the tool to see how your content is performing, as well as how you can improve it to gain more of a following. The best part? It’s one of the cheapest tools there is.

What are some tools you’ve utilized to boost your social media following? Comment with your answers below!

Launching a New Product Successfully

Launching a new product is a big day for your business. It doesn’t matter what the product is: a financial tool, software, an online service or a physical product, it’s taken a lot of investment and market research for you to get your new product development right, and now you have to launch it on a waiting world, and hope that you recoup your investment.

If you don’t launch it successfully you risk losing the resources you invested, as well as the reputation you’ve already accrued by creating great products that meet your customers’ needs. The perception of success is as important as solid products, and the perception of failure is as damaging as the real thing. A great product with a poor launch that doesn’t enjoy its hour in the sun is as much a millstone round your neck as a poorly designed non-functional product.

The first step is to make sure you have a clear launch window. If you and a rival try and launch similar new products at the same time you’ll reduce the opportunity both of you have to make a profit off the early buzz around your products. Just look at the summer movie release schedule, as different blockbusters jostle for a position that gives each one a free shot at the box office.

Market research companies, as well as helping you understand your market, can also help you understand and predict your rivals, and working with one to help set a schedule is a vital step. This helps you ensure your product gets a chance to generate the maximum buzz, and doesn’t force your customers to choose between you and a rival, or get confused between two overlapping marketing campaigns.

With a date set, you need to plan your marketing push. A new product can be the best in the world, but unless the right people actually find out about it, it won’t do you any good. You need to prepare a marketing campaign that doesn’t just say you have a new product launching but emphasises the unique things about it that will appeal to your specific customers. Once again, you need data here: your own instincts, or mere anecdotal evidence don’t go far enough. Learning what they’re looking for and ensuring those qualities are front and centre in your marketing will ensure your product has the best chance to launch successfully and acquire the following it deserves.

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