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Successful Partnership is Often the Magic Potion for Affiliate Marketing – Know How

Keeping in mind the drastic rise of expenditure on affiliate marketing, as per a study done by Forrester Consulting, there is an estimated annual growth of 10% throughout 2020. There is no surprise about the fact that people have noticed this staggering growth in its popularity. Affiliate marketing is presently responsible for 18% of e-commerce sales thereby putting it at par with email marketing. Affiliate marketing is ahead of display advertising and social commerce as the main driver of e-commerce transactions. Read on to know how partnerships are vital for affiliate marketing and why they are considered as a magic ingredient.

Affiliate marketing – What is it?

Affiliate marketing is a famous model for marketing using third party websites to generate traffic to your website in lieu of a commission on the sales that is generated. This is probably a low risk investment since you just have to pay for sales (and not for clicks) apart from admin and set-up costs. You can set levels of commission which work with your margin to control the return on investment.

If you take into account a conventional view of the affiliate marketing industry, you can predict a pull-push exchange with the owners of the brand which create content and the affiliates work for promoting their assets through an affiliate network. However, it is being seen that smart money is partnering and affiliate is being seen as a strategic business partner with whom a long term relation can be built.

Why is it important to have partnerships?

Majority of the affiliates with a noteworthy number of visitors are running websites in the form of a full-time business. For them, whom they are working with and how seriously their partners consider them are of utmost importance. Suppose Brand A has not spoken to you since the time you joined the program and you just keep receiving their generic banners. On the other hand, the eCommerce Manager from Brand B mails you every week with special offers and trade updates. They call you at least once in a month to know what you’re up to and you’re doing your business.

Whom would you give more affiliate love to? Since this is not rocket science, you need to put in lot of care and effort to nurture the relationship. Hence, as we see, the power of affiliate marketing lies in working together for producing creative and compelling offers for your customers.

How to build partnerships

Any human relationship will depend on the ability to respond to the issues and opportunities when they arise and structuring your communication in such a manner will help you in managing the affiliate base. Here are few techniques.

  • Send a monthly newsletter to the affiliate to keep them updated
  • Send personal mails to the top affiliates
  • Call each of them every month to know how they’re doing
  • Produce campaign assets every month
  • Run promotions

Hence, if you’re thinking of embracing partnership for your affiliate business, you can take into account the above mentioned points. Check out Nappsiesta to know more on partner relationship management.

Frustrated That Your Website is Offline? Move to a New Server

If you are sick and tired of your website constantly being offline because the server it’s on keeps crashing, it is time to think about moving to a new one. Despite what some people think, moving a website to a new server really isn’t all that difficult or complicated. It is important that you get the necessary information before starting this process though, as you want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

When it’s Time to Switch Servers

There are a lot of different signs that you should move your website to a new server, and it’s important that you know what they are. If you find that your website is offline a lot, it could be because it’s on an unreliable server. Those who have noticed that their website has gotten a lot slower should also look into making this sort of change. The more your website is offline, the more likely it is that you will lose visitors.

Selecting a Reputable Host

Anyone who wants to move to a new server will first need to make a point of looking for the right web host. It’s always a good idea to look for a WordPress host so you can count on it to keep your website up and running at least 99% of the time. The more time you spend looking for a good web host, the happier you will be with the serve you receive. Get all of the information you need on each host before deciding which one you want to go with. By selecting a host with an impeccable reputation, you will prevent your website from going offline all the time.

Back Up Your Website

The next step in moving your website to a new host is backing everything up. If you don’t want to lose your entire website during the moving process, you will need to create a complete backup on the new host that you have selected. This will ensure that your site stays completely intact.

Setup with the New Server

If the new host that you have selected did not set up your email accounts and web space on your behalf, you will need to do so yourself. You will be able to use the control panel to do this fairly quickly and easily. A vast majority of web hosts offer some type of control panel that you can use to perform a variety of actions, including setting up your web space and email accounts.

Uploading Your Site

After you have taken care of your web space and email account setup, you will need to upload your website to the new server. This is a fairly quick and usually simple process, so you shouldn’t encounter any major problems. If it is a static website, all you have to do is upload the relevant files and folders to the document root folder of the new server. If you are using scripts, you will have to upload everything to a separate folder.

Test Your Site

Before you officially launch your website, you will have to test it. The last thing you want to do is let your website go live before making sure that everything is optimized. You will need to tell your computer to look at the new server instead of the previous one when you visit your site in your web browser. Take the time to make sure that everything works properly before launching your site.

Disable Interactive Aspects of Your Website

It is important that you completely disable all of the interactive parts of your website, as it will take people at least two or three days to begin using the new server. If you have any forums, shopping carts or other interactive aspects to your site, there is always a chance that content could get posted on the old site by mistake.

Turn to Your Host for Help

These days you will find that a lot of web hosts are offering comprehensive migration services for those who don’t want to go to all of the trouble of doing it themselves. Not all hosts offer this service, but it’s definitely something that you should at least look into.

There are a lot of considerations that need to be made when you are moving your website to a new server. If you want to put a stop to all of the annoying downtime that your website is experiencing with your current host, it is time to begin looking for a new one.

The Biggest ASO Mistakes Every Marketer Should Avoid

Practicing app store optimization the right way is very much important to rank your app in the first position. This also means, you need to have a proper understanding of these practices for not falling victim to the inappropriate ASO ways. The count of applications in the app store has already crossed a billion and is enriching day by day with a huge percentage. That implies for a never-ending competition in the app store. And, to bring the required visibility to your application, it is more than important to practice the best ASO strategies. The write-up will give you an insight into the ASO practices that you need to avoid.

Here Come The Practices to Avoid

Improper Keyword Usages

Keywords are the soul of your content. They can bring your content the right kind of visibility. While compromising on the same may have some adverse effect. Thus, it is important to know where and how to use the keywords. It is also important to find the right keyword for your app that defines your app’s functionality the best way. Additionally, you also need to glance at the keywords that users will type while searching your app.

Not Considering the Value of Visual Assets

Thinking ASO practices are all about bringing traffic to your website is a common myth among marketers. However, the fact is, increased traffic for your app is one of the benefits that ASO practices cater to your website. With the right ASO tools, app conversion rates can also be improved. Do consider working on the app icon, the app graphics, and other visual elements. The visual elements can too bring the right kind of exposure in the terms of increased conversion rates for the application.

Implementing Similar Strategy on App Store & Google Play

App Store and Google Play have their own particulars when it comes to implementing the ASO strategy. So, it’s crucial to understand how each store works in order to implement the strategy that suits the health of the app. The basic difference between both the platforms lies in the fact that Google indexes all the content while Apple doesn’t believe in a similar practice. Apple, on the other hand, only takes the app name into the account (with 50 characters’ limit). There is a number of such practices that you need to understand while implementing the right strategy for each App Store.

Thinking ASO A One Time Practice Not A Life-Long Procedure

A number of marketers consider ASO as a one time practice. However, the reality is way different. ASO is not just a one-time practice but a life-long procedure. So, it is important to understand that there is always some scope for including new things while practicing ASO. it can be optimizing the keywords, or running the A/B testing or working on user reviews. Keep checking the overall health of your app for incorporating new practices.

Not Considering To Track Competitors

Every app has a competitor. Forgetting to track the competitors is one of the biggest mistakes that marketers unknowingly make. As your app is not alone in the similar category, try to keep an eye on the competitors in order to ensure your the growth changes of your app among others that providing similar features and the functionalities. Monitoring the practices your competitors follow will offer you additional knowledge of your domain.

In The Closing

ASO is an umbrella term that includes a number of practices, which every marketer should follow while optimizing the app for App Store or Google Play. The practices that have been mentioned above are sure to help you gain insights on the ways that could bring additional conversion to your application. 

4 Surefire Ways To Increase Web Traffic For Your Startup

Startups are becoming a lot more popular these days as people begin to realize the ease of establishing a business. For the tech industry, this means leveraging various methods that will provide the best results.

The challenge, however, has become a lot more daunting. Considering the fact that the technology for marketing a product or service has become easier to handle, we can expect the playing fields in all markets to become a lot more complex. In particular, competition in such sectors as software and healthcare will rise, giving startups tougher boundaries to hurdle.

With this in mind, how can a nascent business idea survive its first baby steps? The key now is for startups to leverage their online platforms, starting with their websites. MOre than just carriers of a brand’s identity, websites also function to convert visitors into clients.

While it has become easier for enterprises to set up and manage their own websites, it certainly takes a lot more to bring out their best in terms of generating opportunities.

It has therefore become crucial for startups to focus on increasing web traffic as a way to impact their bottom lines. Here are six of the most effective ways to do just that. 

Integrate using social

Almost everyone has a social media account. And for sure, they spend an ample amount of time using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Social media penetration will no doubt increase in the coming years. For this reason, entrepreneurs will have to expand their adoption of social media as a means to increase brand awareness and generate potential customers. Once you already have your website up and running, it’s only a matter of sharing relevant content through your social media handles. 

Create a compelling design

To better increase your chances of getting repeat visitors, you will have to consider creating a responsive and aesthetically pleasing web design. For that, you will need to get the most creative people on your team to help you out in giving your site a much needed makeover. Fortunately, there is no dearth of eager professionals. If you happen to have established your startup in New York, you can bet on getting a Long Island web design company to handle your digital presence. 

Post as a guest blogger

Have important ideas to share? You can always consider writing for a reputable website. As a guest blogger, you can publish your take on important industry issues and, in effect, get people to notice your brand. 

Gather market intelligence

Imitation is a form of flattery. But in the world of business where authenticity has defined many a successful brand, imitation is hardly a concept worth taking seriously. Instead of going down that road, you should gather important market data. Increasing your web traffic and search engine rankings is, after all, a numbers game. So, it should compel you to look into the right figures and stats to determine the direction you will be taking your brand. It sounds complicated, but it works so well.

A Really Short Story About How Simple Plaques Make My Old Job Memorable

My previous job was an environment plagued with a lot of stress and hectic atmosphere—and this happened every day for about the three years I worked for the company. Really, throughout the entire period of time, I could not catch a break; going to work very early in the morning to avoid traffic jam and going back home very late thanks those piles of report I had to complete. Sure, you could tell me to work on the remaining assignments past my allocated hours at home; it would be easier that way—or so it should be. It was just impossible to bring the rest home because the next day will be peppered with new reports to complete alongside assortments of other assignments. Postponing a day’s tasks and assignments would be akin to embarking on a mission impossible. So, really, I had no choice but to go along with a routine that did not really help make me capable of enjoying a healthy lifestyle—I more often than not skipped lunch. Yes, my office paid me somewhat appropriately for all the overtime I took during my time working there. But what good money could be if you could not enjoy it the way you please?

Don’t get me wrong, I love that job. It really was what I love to do so you can bet I gave my best to my craft. My passion for the job was also the reason why I managed to stay for about three years with the company. I moved on to my new job not because I hated working for the previous company but more because I needed to relocate abroad. So it was a compulsory decision, a necessity if you may, rather than emotional one. But what was more important than all is that all the hard work I did for the office did not go unnoticed. My fellow workers pitched in to give me a parting gift that I still keep up to this point. It was a sweet gesture on their behalf because I knew back then that my busy life somewhat interfered with my social interactions yet my co-workers did not fail to realize my presence and the work I did. I am still in contact with some of them at the moment, occasionally hanging out with them every now and again to share some aspects of each other’s lives.

But what was more memorable to me was the plaques I received from my boss—not just ones given to me when I resigned from the job but also those I got when I was still there. As a toke of gratitude for my dedication and diligence, my boss awarded me with plaques for the “Employee of the Month” title five times in a row. When I was about to move out of the office, he summoned me to his room and awarded my with a final award plaque with an inscription that showed how grateful he is to have worked with me all those years.

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