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Social Media For The Marketers

Social media can be considered as a powerful resource for the marketer.  Generally, most social media platforms are free, but they also offer paid marketing option for those who want to promote their business online particularly those brands that are hoping to capture a new set of audience.  However, just because you need to be present on social media, it doesn’t mean that you need to be on all social media platforms.  It is essential to choose the best network and nurture it to advance your digital marketing agency.

List of Social Media for the Marketers

In order to find the right platform for your marketing tactics, you need to have a certain level of familiarisation with the platform.


Facebook is known as the biggest social media network online.  It has about 1.8 billion users that are active, which makes it a very powerful tool to interact and connect with the audience.  Additionally, Facebook is also flexible and versatile.  In the past few years since its inception, Facebook has dramatically changed, from a medium for the interaction of college students to a mobile and multifaceted platform that allows you to connect with families, friends, celebrities, business, and organisation.  Considering its versatility, Facebook would be the best option to start your marketing efforts.


Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows you to share image, video, and thoughts in a 140-character post.  Lately, they have implemented a lot of changes by adding polls, gif and more which can be beneficial for any marketers.  It has about 320 million users and one of the top 10 social media platforms in the United States.  Most companies are using it as a part of their customer service.  A hashtag can be used to boost your marketing strategy and help your content to easily go viral.  However, with Twitter, it is important to achieve balance.  Make sure to share relevant and interesting information from time to time.


Pinterest is a social media network that allows you to display and save the content through ‘pinning’.  These elements can be easily organised depending on the category of the content.  Compared to the other types of platform, this is a visually-oriented system.  With its definitive category, it is a niche network that may not work for every marketer’s goal.  Higher concentrations of their users are women who love food, photography, travel, fashion, beauty and exercise.


Just like Pinterest, Instagram is also visually-oriented.  It is an entirely mobile social media network that is owned by Facebook and has 600 million users.  There is a web version of the application that allows you to view profile, but you may not post or share a photo without installing the mobile app.  Instagram is excellent for marketers assigned on the artistic niches.   Basic skills on photography and great eyes for details are essential to finding a success on this platform.  Post an intriguing photo and incorporate the right hashtag habitually to increase your presence on Instagram.

These are just some of the social media platforms that the marketers can use.  Depending on their industry and their targeted audience, there are different platforms ideal for them

Best Phone Monitoring Software

The business owners provide a degree of autonomy to employees for successful operations. But sometimes, it is required to keep the check on workers especially working on computers.

Every business possesses a set of confidential data and information. An owner cannot afford leakage of sensitive data out of the organization. And that’s why phone monitoring software and employee management software step in.

You are investing in your employees by providing them computers, laptops, and tablets. Of course, you must not want them to waste such properties on surfing internet or scrolling through Facebook status.

Leakage of confidential business data is the worst that can happen. Due to rapid technological advancements, the tracking of employee’s activities seems impossible. Fortunately, we have solutions that can collect the data without getting noticed.

Diverse types of monitoring tools are available in a market. Based on the selected package or software, you can enjoy the variety of monitoring services. For instance, the businesses mainly seek an app with efficient data collection capability. So that you can know which applications have been used on the computers. You must want to check if there is an adjustment which was restricted. Or All you want is information about emails sent, device location or chat logs.

By now, you must be convinced of monitoring tool’s importance. Let’s see which are top monitoring software in the market. We two for you!

HoverWatch – Ultimate Spying App

HoverWatch is the latest addition to the spying pool. Since the inception, it has become favorite of parents and business owners.

Cut to the chase: HoverWatch is an efficient monitoring tool with intuitive user interface. It is packed with a bang of spying services which were never offered before.

Unlike other applications, it is compatible with most popular operating systems. That includes Windows, Android, and Mac OS X. This way, one can have control over computer or tablet from the smartphone using this app.

Key Features

  • Geolocation – You may have asked your employee to deliver a package. Obviously, you don’t want him/her to waste the fuel on something else. With this app, you can have accurate geolocation insights of a target device. It does the tracking using nearby Wi-Fi or GPS signals.
  • SMS & Call Recording –HoverWatch traces and records all incoming and outgoing calls on a target device. Phone user may have deleted the SMS or MMS. But this secret weapon will keep you updated.
  • Stealth Mode –HoverWatch does the magic in the stealth mode. This spying app collects the desired information without making the noise.
  • WhatsApp & Facebook – Not only you can have access to incoming and outgoing Facebook messages but also can save media files (audio, images, and videos).

Refog Personal Monitor

Refog personal monitor provides nonintrusive tracking services. Today, kids are smarter than parents. Blocking the sites won’t be a great idea. Instead, you must know what they are doing on the device without getting caught. Same applies to employees!

Key Features

  • Social Media Network Tracking – You must not want your employees to waste time on social media trolling. Refog lets your peek inside Facebook, Twitter or Google + profiles of your employees. Not to mention, without getting noticed!
  • Chat and Call Recording – You will get notified when your employee’s shares resources via messages of voice calls.
  • Web Surfing – Your employee cannot make lame excuses anymore. Because Refog will save web address of each site which is previously visited, even though the user has deleted the history.

When it comes to syping apps, HoverWatch and Refog are the ultimate choices!

5 SEO and Marketing Must-Do’s For Launching A Site In 2017

Although trends most certainly come and go in the world of marketing, the fact remains that SEO is here to day. From capturing new leads to ensuring that you can attract an audience via Google, growing your online presence should be a matter of “how soon” versus “if” for those launching a site in 2017.

That being said, you can’t rely on the SEO and marketing tactics of decades past if you hope to succeed today. Times and users have changed; meanwhile, businesses who fail to play by modern rules will find themselves facing a race to the bottom in terms of their on-site performance.

Whether you’re launching a new site or simply feel that your business is currently under-performing from a marketing perspective, keep the following must-do’s in mind to effectively grow your online presence.

Define Roles and Goals

Your marketing efforts mean little more than nothing without a plan; likewise, the first step to writing your marketing plan should be figuring out your internal roles and long-term goals. For example, consider how the following elements of your business contribute to your online performance as a whole, such as…

  • Blogging, content creation and ideation
  • Social media outreach and content promotion
  • Technical optimization and keyword research

If you don’t know how you’re getting from Point A to Point B, chances are your plan is weak or nonexistent. By stepping up your project management to understand how you’ll reach your goals, you’ll have a much easier time getting there. For example, employing strategies such as a three-pillar organizational planning framework can help organize your good ideas internally and make them more actionable on-site.

Carve Out Your Keyword Plan

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to coming up with a keyword strategy, you’re better poised for success when you target low-competition, long-tail and local keywords. Likewise, don’t simply write content for the sake of it: every piece you should produce should have some stake in your site’s SEO performance.

If nothing else, make sure that you’ve spent some quality time Google’s Keyword Planner to understand what you can realistically rank for and start there.

Don’t Neglect Design

Your site’s design and SEO performance go hand-in-hand. For example, consider the following elements of your site that ultimately determine whether or not your visitors will stick around the page or click your links:

  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design that doesn’t leave mobile visitors out in the cold
  • A lack of clunky visuals or pop-ups which could potentially slow down your site
  • Effective UX design to ensure that your calls-to-action and color schemes are accessible to visitors

Invest in Analytics and Monitoring

If you’re not monitoring your site’s performance by the numbers, you’re ultimately gambling with your business online. Beyond Google Analytics, brand mention alerts and social monitoring tools are likewise important to understand what pieces of content are getting the most buzz. Over time, you can alter your content strategy based on data, using metrics to influence your content instead of the other way around.

Keen Attention to the “Small Stuff”

Some of the most significant aspects of SEO are right under our noses but are incredibly easy to ignore. On-page pieces such as H1 tags, title tags and meta descriptions, for example, can be potential SEO goldmines for those who take the time to optimize them for keywords and crucial terms. If you’re using WordPress, plug-ins such as Yoast can aid you with the optimization process without lifting a finger.

Remember: each of the aforementioned tips will ultimately ensure that your site is up to code with modern visitors. By following these steps and treating your site’s performance and marketing like a well-oiled machine, you only set yourself up for more traction and traffic.


Helpful Tips To Prevent Malware Attacks

Malware attacks are one of the biggest threats to computer systems all across the world today, and this situation is only getting worse. “Malware” which is an abbreviation for malicious software, are basically unauthorized programs that steal, delete or modify the private data from your computer system.Malware can be of various types including Trojans, Spyware, Adware and others.

Use Strong Passwords – The only wall between you and others while accessing your data isa password. Using a good password combination which is alphanumeric is a good defense against malware attacks. You must avoid using birth dates, anniversary dates, or other similar permutations that can be guessed easily by anyone.

Be a smart online shopper – You have to become a smart online shopper. Besides, you always buy through secured or reputed online e commerce sites. Only “https” URLs must be accessed and anything popping up unnecessarily and prompting you to click should be avoided at all costs as there are high chances it may contain Trojans that may steal your private information.

Updating Antivirus frequently – Online hackers or cyber criminals are always more technological advanced than computer users. They are aware of the latest tricks and tips that may compromise your online information security. Thus, it becomes very important for an online user to update their firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware regularly to beat malware threats. Updating them is also quite easy and takes less time.

Use Good Security Software – This is the most basic tool to safeguard your computer. To counter advanced multi-faced malware attacks you need to have a strong and robust security software installed in your system that can scan emails, disks, downloaded files and take appropriate actions against malware attacks.

Create Backups – No matter how much preventive measures you adopt against malware, there is still a risk of your information getting compromised. Thus, a backup is considered as a good option. You need not necessarily backup all your files but the sensitive or critical information must be part of your backup.

Automatic Windows Updates – It’s important to update your Windows or OS regularly. The patches that are released with the updates make your system and data more secure against known vulnerabilities. A good combination of updated browsers and Windows OSis a strong wall of defense against malware attacks.

Installing Software Carefully – Whenever you are installing a third party app or software you should pay attention to the process. It’s always a better idea to custom install the app. The optional features or software that comes along with the intended software sometimes does more harm than good. Thus, install only the files that you trust.

Say no to unknown links – “You have won a smartphone”, “Your computer is infected” and “Upgrade your mailbox” are some of the most common phishing messages. Once a user falls into this trap his online information is compromised. Links embedded in the mail are another major threat. The best way to safeguard against these attacks is to avoid opening any unknown link.

Top SEO Trends That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

With Google constantly rolling out regular updates that affect SEO practices, planning for an SEO campaign can seem like an effort in futility. As a business owner, you need to be vigilant and adaptive in the wake of these changes. This will help you to avoid the penalties from Google and secure your site’s ranking. Below is a breakdown of trending SEO practices to help boost your brand visibility.

Accelerated Mobile Pages from Google

Today, the majority of the urban populace own a mobile phone. Correspondingly, more searches are being performed on mobile devices than on computers. A report from Google in 2015 indicated that mobile phone searches were now more popular than computer searches.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP in short) is an initiative by Google to force companies to speed up the loading speeds of their websites especially on mobile devices. AMP sites appear at the top of organic results when Google detects that a user is on a mobile device. Sites that are not AMP compliant get penalized and get pushed down further on serps.

Our Dallas SEO company has a game changing approach to creating mobile-friendly responsive designs. We’ll help you to come up with a quick-loading site that looks great on any screen size.

Prioritizing User Search Intent

This isn’t a new concept in the SEO world but one that can boost your local SEO efforts considerably. Many businesses have not yet taken up user search intent as an important factor in their SEO campaign. A very costly mistake in the form of lost revenue. Start with the end in sight. How will your target audience be consuming the content you make available on your site? Users on mobile phones are likely to skim through blog posts so try to make the content short and engaging.

good user experience should cover the following basics:

•Provide the user with an immediate answer or clarification to a problem.
•Motivate the user to visit your physical location.
•Assist users to complete a task in the most convenient way.

By using a conversion centered design methodology coupled with an advanced user experience, we create an avenue for driving leads and attracting traffic. We keep up with the analytics to know what’s working and what’s not so we can help you adjust accordingly.

Social Media Presence

SEO and social media are both inbound organic strategies that focus on attracting visitors. It’s common practice to see big brands on social media engaging with consumers on a daily basis. Social media is a good source of targeted traffic referral to your site and a great way to boost your search rankings. What you need is a solid social media brand management team to handle your social media presence.

Social media is now the preferred mode of communication by customers seeking support from companies. We understand that a strong social media presence relies heavily on quality content and a visible brand and we are delighted to guide you on every step of the process.

Users are increasingly becoming aware of the kind of content they want to consume. This will keep SEO experts abreast of all changes. With the bigger picture in mind, they can factor in these changes and prepare accordingly for any challenge that might arise in future.

Social Trading – The Next Big Thing

It is almost unthinkable to imagine the world without social networks and the ever-flowing stream of ideas, knowledge and various data.

It would probably be true to say that most of us have a mild addiction to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Pinterest. At any rate, social media networks have become powerful tools where people actually make staggering sums of money.

So, what happens when you marry social networks together with online trading?

Social trading, which is becoming the next big thing in the financial world.

Why is Social Trading Making so Many Waves?

But, what is it exactly that makes social trading so ground-breaking?

It functions like a giant brain, actually. Yet, the twist is that it is shared by millions of people. Social trading uses the collective wisdom of many as opposed to one, or just a select few.

It provides a powerful insight into the world of online trading like binary options, Forex or CFDs.

In fact, many claim it has shortened the learning process, taking novice traders to professional ones in a much shorter time period. It also took a usually solitary activity and turned into a social one.

Just like social media, on social trading platforms people share their knowledge, swap tips and ideas.

The only difference is that it is all focused on financial trading.

Benefits of Social Trading

Knowledge always meant power.

This much has not changed since the early days of human existence and social trading platforms became places where knowledge and information are shared rapidly. This also ties in neatly with another old adage – time is money.

For numerous keen investors around the world that means they can make money quickly by following what those with more knowledge and trading skill are doing.

By observing, sharing and copying trades beginner traders are no longer left to figure things out on their own in the trial and error fashion. Of course, not every trade is going to be successful but by observing and interacting with others this somewhat intimidating process becomes easier.

And more fun.

Social trading platforms have become places where traders come together to support each other instead of engaging in the mindless competition so intrinsic to the financial world thus making it more humane.

How Does it All Work?

Every social platform is slightly different from another, but hopeful traders can join in for a fraction of the price traditional investment usually required.

In a way, what social trading did is it took down the centuries old fortress which was only accessible to a select few.

In the shared knowledge approach, new traders are spared the often difficult, complex and confusing technical and fundamental analysis which could take a long time to master.

People want results quickly. They want to earn profits as soon as possible and with social trading that is a real possibility.

Social trading is not just a handy profit-making tool for new traders, but those with far more experience as well. Professional traders can get fresh ideas and brainstorm various trading strategies with fellow traders from around the world.

Traders have access to other investors’ portfolio which means they can assess their success rate, get constant news feed and monitor what trading activities they are taking.

Social trading functions much like social networks so you can simply elect to follow traders you find interesting and learn rapidly from what they are doing.

The principle is simple – select to follow popular and successful traders, observe their trading activity and learn from it, interact with those who have more experience and finally, copy their trades.

With social trading, financial investment moved away from the often intimidating world of grey suits and injected more colour and energy into it.

Rules For SEO That Every Marketer Should Know

If you want to be easily found online by your consumers you must use SEO by yourself or outsource it to an SEO company. Without SEO strategies in place it will mean that consumers won’t even know that you exist!

There are a significant amount of signals for search results that can either increase or decrease your ranking. When you follow the proven, white hat SEO strategies, you are likely to be rewarded. If you don’t, your ranking is likely to take a hit, or even worse, you may receive a penalty from Google.

One of the most important things in SEO is content. Google is now taking more time to weed out the poor quality content on websites. So this means that if your content is not up to scratch then your ranking probably not going to be as good as you want.

When developing an SEO strategy, it is important to follow a certain set of rules if you want to get the most out of it. Some of the below rules are probably common knowledge, however others tend to be overlooked which can actually be detrimental to your website.

Below are the top 4 rules for SEO that every marketer should be aware of:

1. Unique content

You cannot have a great SEO strategy if you don’t develop unique content. As said above, content is probably one of the biggest parts of SEO. It is so important that all your content on your website is unique. You can also find an SEO company that can create an unique content for your website.

Unique content means that the information on your website is useful, therefore more people will be interested in reading it.

Having well written content is crucial because it gives people a reason to stay on your website for longer. Unique content isn’t just about quality! You will need to give users something they haven’t read before, make it interesting. This gives users more reason to explore your website.

2. Keep your website up to date

For users it is very clear to see whether a website has been updated recently or not. Old websites that haven’t been updated for years are likely to not have users staying for very long.

This is why it is important for you to also keep your website up to date. You will need to stay active and look for new improvements or something that your competitor is doing.

It is unlikely that you will see an increase in ranking if your domain is inactive. It’s not just the components of your website that you should be changing, but also your content.

As times change, new and interesting stories develop which means there is always something to write about.

3. No keyword stuffing

Keywords are important because it is how a search engine finds out what is on your webpage. When a user types a keyword into the search bar, if your website is deemed relevant enough on those keywords, your website will come up in results.

Other important factors in SEO will then determine your ranking. Because keywords are so important many believe that the more keywords you put into your webpage, the better the ranking.

However, this is certainly not the case and if you are found to be keyword stuffing, you are likely to be penalised by Google.

You will know if you are reading content on a website that has been stuffed with keywords. Content that has keyword stuffing doesn’t make sense and it is difficult to follow, this frustrates users.

4. Only use high quality links

Link building is a very important part of SEO because it sends a signal to Google that your website has a certain level of authority. By gaining high quality links by reputable websites, it shows that your website is of a high quality.

Also, the links between different pages on your website need to be correct. There shouldn’t be any broken links as this leads to frustrated consumers. You will need to take your time and consistently check your website to ensure that all links are operational.

Final Thoughts

Rules are important in SEO and you will need to play by them so you can get the most out of your SEO strategy. By following these rules you are using proven and white hat tactics to reach your SEO goals. These rules will mean an improvement in your ranking as well as limiting the possibility of receiving a penalty from Google.

Top Reasons You Need To Hire A Local SEO Firm

If you haven’t noticed, Google is the dominating factor in the online world. If people in your hometown are looking for a service, they don’t go to the phone book. Rather, they do a Google search and see what results come up. You have to be at the top of those search results if you want to get those customers. Let’s take a look at some other reasons you need to be hiring an SEO firm for your business.

Expert Knowledge You Can’t Learn Overnight 

SEO, search engine optimization, changes often with updates to the Google algorithm. Skilled SEOs are those who have been in the business for many years and have kept their clients along the way. We’re not saying that you can’t become skilled at the trade of search engine marketing, but it will take you a while.

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Hire a skilled SEO that knows their industry to get the job done for you. People hire others for a reason.

More Relevant Customers 

SEO is an industry unlike many others. You can specifically target people based off of what their needs are. If you are a lawyer, targeting customers searching for a lawyer in your town will field you the best candidates around.

You can be ubertargetted with your marketing efforts. This means your return on investment will be very high for your online marketing efforts. This will bring in more money that you can, in turn, spend on getting new customers.

Increase Your Brand Awareness 

Getting in front of more customers is a must for all businesses to survive. SEO company services typically include social media packages. This will allow you to connect with people on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social media is the fastest way to get your business name out there. Don’t believe us? The last major news story that you heard, was it on the news channel or was it on a social media network? As you can see, these networks allow messages to spread like wildfire. All it takes is a click of a button and your message can be shared with a whole new list of people instantly.

SEO Providers Will Analyze Your Competition 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see what has gotten your competitor so many more customers this month? When you hire an SEO provider, they will do a thorough analysis of your top competitors.

This will uncover not just what is one their website, but what online advertising methods they are using, how many people they are bringing in through social media networks, and so much more. You can discover where your competitors are succeeding with their online marketing efforts and then just simply copy what they are doing.

Provide You With New Marketing Strategies 

SEO firms are skilled in capturing leads for their customers. This has allowed them to discover many online methods of getting new customers that you may not even know about. Let them show you how to get more customers.

Hiring a search engine optimization firm can open you up to a whole new list of places to get new clients from. Just as you have essential knowledge in your business field, an SEO firm knows the ins and outs of their field. Let them handle the customer getting while you handle what you do best.

Hopefully by now, you’ve come to discover why hiring a search engine optimization firm is important to your business’s success. Don’t wait any longer, get to hiring a SEO firm for your business today.

What Every Professional Should Know About The FCPA

If you are like many business professionals, you prefer to believe that companies and their employees are ethical. Unfortunately, often that is not the case. Since many foreign governments and business entities are full of corruption, congress passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Essentially, the FCPA affects every American company that does business outside the U.S. Broadly, the FCPA controls two areas of business: bribery and accounting. The accounting part, of course, requires adequate FCPA software. The bribery side, on the other hand, requires adheres to strict ethical policies. Here are some things every professional should know about the FCPA.

 Prosecutions Happen

The FCPA is not merely a forgotten law. On the contrary, U.S. authorities prosecute business professionals frequently for violations of the law. Similarly, companies pay millions of dollars in fines every year for both bribery and accounting violations. Because of the seriousness of the law, many diligent business professionals choose to contract for FCPA compliance services to limit their legal exposure.

 Businesses Must Have a Policy

The FCPA requires that affected companies create and implement a stand-alone compliance policy. Instead of burying the policy in a stack of other company documents, businesses should make sure it is visible and accessible to employees. The policy also should name a senior member of the management team as a responsible party under the Act. Similarly, it should state what accounting procedures the company will undertake to comply. A brief explanation of the FCPA compliance software is probably appropriate in the policy as well.

 Everyone Must Receive Training

Companies often get into trouble with the FCPA because they utilize third-party distributors to move their products abroad. As you might expect, U.S. companies are generally responsible for the actions of their contractors when it comes to the FCPA. As such, if your distributor pays a bribe, your company could be subject to civil and criminal liability in the U.S. By designing and conducting a comprehensive training program, businesses show they take the FCPA seriously. Simply put, promoting a corporate culture of compliance is an effective way to demonstrate a good faith effort to follow the law.

 Audit Foreign Personnel

While making a good faith effort to comply is important, government authorities want to know that U.S. companies exercise due diligence when it comes to the FCPA. Because of this, your company should know every foreign person, entity, business, and group with which it does business. Then, your firm should conduct periodic due diligence reviews to ensure every person and organization is complying with the law. Of course, because some geographic areas are more prone to corruption than others, you might have to focus your due diligence reviews on places where a FCPA violation might be more likely.

 Establish Controls

While controls over finances are always important, they are especially critical when it comes to paying foreign sums. Before any expenditure is made outside the U.S. smart business leaders will guarantee that they follow financial controls and comply with the FCPA.

Violations of the FCPA are more common that one would generally like to believe. As such, prosecutions are frequent. For U.S. companies that do business abroad, complying is essential. By implement a policy and developing FCPA compliance software, businesses can begin the process of complying with the FCPA.

Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2016

Google update rollouts often take webmasters by surprise. Google never offers explanation on how the algorithm changes work, but webmasters do make sense of the updates and their effect on rankings.

2016 saw much action as far as updates were concerned, as compared to 2015. The year opened with an unconfirmed update, which saw volatility in SERPs. There was speculation that the update was linked to Penguin or Panda integration, but Google denied this outright.

The AdWords Placement update made advertising space on Google even more precious. With the right column ads gone, bidding for AdWords for the top block has become very competitive. The top block now accommodates 4 ads, which pushed down organic results even further. SEOs haven’t found this amusing, but Google is focusing on delivering better value to advertisers.

Accelerated Mobile Page Listing (AMP) update keeps up with Google’s commitment to improving mobile experience of users. The update places the AMP pages in special places or with the special AMP designation. AMP is a Google-backed open source project that helps publishers create stripped-down versions of web pages that load faster.

An unconfirmed update was rolled out in May which showed major fluctuations on all ranking tools. The mobile-friendly update was rolled out on May 12th that increased the effectiveness of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Since almost all websites are already mobile-optimized, this did not create much fluctuation in SERPs.

Possum update ensured the diversification of local search or Google Maps results. The update widened physical city limits, as a result of which more businesses featured in search results and improved their rankings. Duplicate listings with similar addresses or other details were filtered out and the searcher’s location influenced results to a greater extent.

Universal results shakeup update removed image results from about 50% searches and pushed image results to the second page in many cases. The update opened up a new organic position on the first page of search results.

Penguin 4 update and unconfirmed updates rounded off a very exciting year, which saw several important changes in Google algorithm.

Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2016 – a visual representation by E2M

Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2016

6 Reasons Why Companies Are Not Looking Forward To Using AngularJS

AngularJS – as the name suggests, is a framework based on Javascript. It made its debut in the year 2010 managing to gain attention and praise for all its unique and convenient features. It was accepted with much anticipation and expectation. It has managed to gain the attention of the developers with its great features, but there are certain limitations where a company thinks twice before it implements angularJS. An expert angularJS developer though familiar with the features and advantages of AngularJS sometimes finds it difficult to dodge the limitations and move ahead with zest. This makes it difficult to gain the trust of all those development companies who are thinking to hire an angularJS developer to make extensive use of the angularJS services.

Reasons why companies do not encourage the use of AngularJS framework

Today let me take you through some of the reasons as to why some companies are not fascinated by angularJS.

1. AngularJS has different methods when it comes to arriving at a single solution. This proves to be quite difficult for all those who are new to the field to select the best method. This sometimes confuses the person who is not familiar with each and every method making it complicated.

2. User Interface is one of the important criteria that holds on the user’s attention. AngularJS sometimes limits the complexity of the Angular forms once the number of watchers crosses 2000. This negates the use of angularJS.

3. With time and expansion, one would find the need to jump to newer and more advanced versions in creating web solutions. When you have a bigger and more time-consuming project you cannot blindly rely on this javascript framework.

4. AngularJs generously helps with the structuring of your app. An app that demands a heavy DOM customization, canvas or WebGL stuff, then you need to put in extra efforts to arrive at the desired results.

5. Have you tried debugging in Angular? It is quite a complicated process. You need to put in your blood and sweat when it comes to debugging the angularJs codes. Moreover, the errors that are derived from the digest cycle do not some with the place where the error is.

6. Due to its complexity, there are only a handful of developers who the know the in and out of this Javascript framework. The server developer finds it difficult to understand the front-end codes making him the sole person who handles the server codes who cannot be replaced. It would create a problem if the server developer leaves in the mid-way, making it difficult to restore the server side codes.

Final Note:

We have often heard the saying that no human being is absolutely perfect, so are the things. It all depends on the things that we wish to consider on a large scale. If we ponder over all the bad things we tend to avoid the person irrespective of the good qualities that he might be carrying and vice versa. The world of technology too follows the same theory. AngularJs has its own set of good and bad, it entirely depends on the company what part it would like to emphasize. When we talk about disadvantages, we should also remember that it has some advantages also. Accordingly, a decision should be taken whether to make use of AngularJS or not.

Is It Possible To Get Your Key Pages Ranking Just At The Right Time?

In today’s society online presence and search engine rankings can make or break a business. So many transactions are now carried out online that it’s critical to make sure people find your business when they’re looking for a product or service you provide. Even if your customers don’t purchase from you online, you can bet that they’ll have taken a look at your website just to qualify your business as reputable.

If people are unable to find you when trying to do this, they’re very unlikely to visit you in person as you seem to have no authority; especially if you’re not even ranking in the SERP’s for your own brand name.

Baring this in mind it’s that you need to make sure your site (especially key pages) ranks well, but can you save resources by timing these rankings correctly?

When does timing matter?

There are certain situations and industries where getting your pages to the top of the rankings at a particular time can make all the difference. For example, the Grand National is a key time in any bookmaker’s calendar.

Due to the magnitude of the event there will be a large amount of impressions on related terms in the build up to the event from people looking to bet on the Grand National.  Because of this, it’s critical that companies operating online who are looking to generate revenue from any event rank well for related keywords and phrases in the period leading up to it.

The same principal applies to retail companies around Christmas time. As people are looking to buy others presents there is a huge increase in demand for superfluous products.

How to rank at the right times

When looking into how to rank for a keyword there is an inordinate amount of information out there. But what are the main things that you need to focus on?

Firstly, paid ads can be a great way to just insert you into the upper echelons of the SERP’s. However this strategy can prove costly, especially if you’re a beginner when it comes to paid ads. The other way is of course with the production and promotion of great content.

Although producing great content isn’t easy, it can be extremely rewarding. It’s important for businesses whose calendar includes some major events to have a well-structured, thought out content strategy in place way before the key times of year. This strategy should involve the creation of content, as well as the promotion of it.

By promoting great content and generating a number of authoritative links to it, your pages should soon begin to rise up the rankings. This method may seem ‘free’, however it can take a lot of time, and we all know that time is money.

Of course, it would be great to completely dominate Google for all of your key phrases all of the time, but this often isn’t plausible. You may not have the resources to run dedicated SEO campaigns all year round, or the budget to implement ongoing paid campaigns; however by timing your efforts you can still ensure that your business has an online presence at the critical points throughout the year.

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