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WordPress SEO: 7 Tips For Beginners

If there is one thing WordPress beginners suffer from, it’s information overload. There is so much information about WordPress SEO but most of that information isn’t clear on what should be done first and, in what order to proceed. In this article, I hope to settle it once and for all.

The following are the logical steps that you should follow to get your WordPress SEO right.

1.     Choose an SEO ready theme

Everything starts here. The theme you choose must SEO friendly otherwise anything else you do after that may not matter or may only have minimal impact. But, and this is the biggie for newbies, how do you know a theme is SEO friendly? Well, it’s simple. Before you install a theme, read the description and look out for the following words:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Built-in support for schemas
  • Developer friendly
  • Loads fast

I’m sure you understand why the theme must be mobile friendly. Everyone is accessing the Internet on mobile devices these days so the theme must be up to the task. Built-in support for schemas simply means that a search engine like Google should be able to extract information snippets and display them directly in search engine result pages. This is going to be very important for SEO in future. A developer friendly theme means that a developer can quickly customize the underlying code. This is important because, more often than not, you may need to hire a developer to tweak your site in future. Finally, page speed is a ranking factor. Thus, your theme must be nimble and load super fast. If you aren’t sure about any of these or the theme description isn’t clear enough, you can always write to the developer and ask. Better still, get a premium theme from professional WordPress developers to be sure the theme is SEO friendly.

2.     SEO Hosting

Few people ever think hosting has anything to with SEO. Well, it actually does. Shared hosting is a bad idea but unfortunately that’s what most beginners can afford. With shared hosting, several sites share the same server and IP address. The risk with this is that system resources are limited. Too many requests can crash a hosting server or cause it to slow down to a crawl. Some hosting companies also limit the number of times search engines can crawl a site. Others block bots and add crawling delays, all of which can have a devastating impact on a site’s SEO. The best type of hosting is dedicated hosting. The next best thing is Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. If you must use shared hosting due to limited financial resources, conduct some due diligence to ensure you aren’t getting a raw deal.

3.     Secure your WordPress site

This is another thing that beginners have no idea can affect their WordPress SEO. Once your site is hacked and attackers install malware, your site quickly drops in the rankings. Keeping your site secure is easy. First and foremost, don’t use a silly password like 123456 or your birthday to log into your admin area. Simple things that hackers can find out about you through a bit of online research or social engineering should never be used as passwords. After a good strong password, implement two-step verification for your site. Thus, each time you log into the admin area, you have to enter a PIN that’s sent to your phone.

4.     Technical SEO

Now, that we are done with the basics, let’s move on to the more technical aspects of WordPress SEO. This has to do with various configurations that allow search engines to crawl your site more easily. I have a checklist for you below.

  • Is the site live?
  • Do you have a sitemap and have you submitted it to Google?
  • Do you have a 404 page?
  • Have you used any redirects correctly?
  • Have you set a preferred domain, that is, com or in Google’s search console and in WordPress?
  • Do you have broken links?
  • Is Google Search Console reporting any errors on your site?
  • Have you set your canonical URLs correctly?
  • Is your site using a secure sockets layer (SSL)?

5.     On-Page SEO

This is about getting your titles, headings, descriptions and, internal and outgoing linking right. The best way to do this right is to install and SEO plugin that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

6.     Create good content

Creating good content is actually part of on-page SEO but it needs specific mention due to its importance for SEO. Your content must match the intent of the user. Conduct research to find out and publish content that fulfills your audience’s information needs. Don’t stuff keywords or write unnaturally. Focus on satisfying your human audience and the search engines will eventually take note.

7.     Off-page SEO

Off page SEO is about what you do away from your website. Building backlinks is the main off-page SEO strategy. It all starts with having great content that people want to link  to and share in social media. You should also look for guest posting opportunities that allow you to link back to your site. Don’t buy links or participate in reciprocal programs as these are frowned upon by search engines.


As a WordPress beginner, you must understand that there are many factors that play a role in ranking. Once you get the basics right, move on the technical aspects to ensure search engine spiders are able to crawl your site. Next, ensure your on-page SEO is on point by making use of an SEO plugin. Finally, post great content that people want to read and share, and build your backlinks naturally.

Increase Your Profit Through SEO Company

All the business owners are looking for the effective way to advertise their products to the people. Nowadays the television advertisements are not valuable because people are moving in the internet world. There is no use in giving that type of advertisement we have to do it in unique way to attract the customers. All the business is having heavy competition and they are introducing many new things for the popularity of their product. If you are following other business people it will not be good. Everyone is learning some new things and apply it in their business.

One of the key roles for the development of business is the online marketing. Everyone is spending their full time in internet and the usage is very high among the people. If you start doing marketing in online then you will get more number of customers automatically. Without having a website it is not possible to get more customers. Try some different unique things for the customer’s attraction and the website should be user friendly to customers. One of the big mistakes done by all customers is that they are not giving more importance to the website. Some are creating the on website them themselves without doing any essential things. We are not having much knowledge in website creation so it will not be effective.

Choose Website Designer:

If you are hiring the website designer professional it will be perfect choice to create the professional website for your business. All the business owners are working with the same motive to attract the customers in some different ways. Nowadays choosing the best designer is quite difficult because hundreds of designers are highly available in the market. From that we need to choose the designer who is having good skills and knowledge. Hiring them through online is the right choice to get professional easily at the reasonable rate. There are lots of things we have to see in the website creation like color, design, and the content used in the website. All the customers will spend only few seconds to view your site if it is not attractive to them then they will move to other site. It is our duty to attract them in first look. If they are satisfied with your site then they will see all offers and other quality of your product. We have to give everything in a best manner for their satisfaction.

Search engine optimization plays a major role to positioning your site in internet. When the customer is searching your site it will be in first page. Through your detailed search it is very simple to pick the best one for you. You can choose Comrade Web Agency seo company to get best services easily. They are providing good customer care service and support all time. If you are in need of any help immediately they are ready to give at all time. Every month you can see a difference in your business profit.

6 Web Design Mistakes No Longer You Can Afford

You have created a visually stunning website but fail to engage users or users complain about navigation. There are likely to be a few web design mistakes. In the same manner, the website is pretty useful and easy to use but most users think that it looks drab and dull. In this case, too, the design requires a boost. Whether it is visual aesthetics, ease of use or optimized buttons, in every respect your web design needs to be perfect. But there are few mistakes that no web designer can afford at any cost. Let us have s look at them.

  1. Not taking your business objectives into account

There are many instances where the web designer just forgot about his main objective, that is to create a website that helps business conversion. The result is obviously a web design that is not equipped for the business. The design should focus on the business objectives you want to achieve through the website. When you forgot the goal and get diverted from your objectives, your website underperforming making loss of investment and business value. Keep the below-mentioned things in mind.

  • You need to have a design approach thoroughly based on the business objectives you want to achieve.
  • Ensure eye catchy and impressive design but not at the cost of usability and ease.
  • Focus at every step how a design element can help the website engaging users, generate leads and convert business.
  1. Not making the design enough responsive for contents

There are certain websites that still do not provide unperturbed access to the whole website contents when the users view them on a mobile device. In spite of claiming that the site has been designed responsively neither the contents of the pages properly fit the screen nor their accompanying images. This happens because the mobile viewport has not been properly maintained to display the contents. There are other websites in which contents lack readability when accessed from mobile. There are still others that do not provide buttons and on-page links friendly for finger taps. Keep the below-mentioned principles in mind when making your website responsive.

  • Ensure perfect and uncensored visibility of contents through the mobile viewport.
  • Optimize fonts for mobile reading and viewing.
  • Make the buttons and on-page links big enough and ensure enough space around them for easy finger tap.
  1. Lack of balance in layout

    What a website is primary meant to do? Well, the purpose of a website is to present information. But if the visitor does not find the information easily, it would lead to frustration and he would leave. So, to reduce bounce rate you have to present your contents in an organized, easy to find manner. This requires structuring the web page allowing the user to find every bit of information with least effort. In web design, a well-balanced layout can only achieve this. Thanks to a balanced layout users can find anything just by looking over the pages. Let us share some effective tips gif creating a balanced layout.

  • Using grids is always advisable since it allows splitting the entire layout into visually accessible sections.
  • Implementing 2/3 rule can also solve many problems. According to this rule, you can split an image equally into 9 parts and thereafter in each intersection place the important object. This will help in enhancing visibility.
  • Finally when dividing a page into two parts comprising bigger and smaller one just maintain the right proportion. The most prescribed rule of proportion between two parts goes like (a+b): a = a:b.
  1. Absence of a search box

Any website provides volumes of relevant information but the relevance varies as per the users. In the same website, hundred different users may look for hundred different things at the same time. But your contents are often presented with the latest content being displayed first. So, how can users can access the contents that they need? Well, this is precisely why a search function is inevitable.

  • If you want to offer an efficient search tool Google Custom Search will be an ideal one, to begin with.
  • The search box should be easily visible and accessible. The most tested and tried position of the search box is on the upper right corner.
  1. Navigation lacking ease of use

These days users are terribly frantic and inattentive. They just don’t bother giving the extra labor to find anything. So, if they cannot find anything they will readily decide that you do not have that section and will leave. Ease of navigation is the single most important thing to reduce bounce rate and you cannot just ignore this. Here are some tips for a user optimized, easy to use navigation.

  • Don’t use the drop down menu that quickly drops and with the movement of cursor vanishes. This adds to the frustration in clicking on a navigation menu button.
  • On mobile using hamburger menu is a great option if you can let users open a visually optimized small menu page by clicking on it. This easily makes the buttons prominent and usable.
  • When offering horizontal menu buttons follow the widely accepted convention of placing them on top and in the case of vertical menu place them on the left-hand side.
  • If you are a business website expecting your customers to call or contact provide the contact details in a visually prominent spot on top of the page.
  1. Optimize loading speed

Slow page speed is a punishable offense now in the view of Google and other search engines. Often too many JS libraries slow down a page and hinder fast loading. Actually, these libraries just because of making too many requests make loading the UI challenging. There are also other ways to boost the page speed.

  • Minimize the number of JavaScript libraries.
  • Utilize a CDN to speed up the website.
  • Optimize the image and visual file sizes for faster loading.
  • Lazy scrolling is a new and effective way to boost quicker page load on the basis of user priority.

Apart from all the important design mistakes and their remedies mentioned above, you should also ensure enough white or negative space surrounding contents and other clickable areas. White space relieves the clutter from the design and enhances readability as well as usability.

Author Bio

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO at Nimblechapps, a fast-growing android game development and iOS app development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.

Earn Cash by Internet Marketing

Making money in the internet marketing business is not as difficult as you may think. There are some good sites that have all the information you need to succeed. All you have to do is read.

The Internet and technology has made it very easy for anyone to succeed online. The problem is people do not know how to take advantage of all the technology tools that are available.

Let me give you an example. I read an article on how to publish articles to free article free. Then I did some research on Google to find articles on what are the best repositories. I also sought articles about the best article submission software automatic. As you can see, I use the tools I found on the internet to improve my internet marketing business. When you search for an item or if you use automated software to submit articles to hundreds of article directories, you are exploiting new technologies to promote your business online. For more information, log onto Flag Counter.

Keep in mind that the Internet search technology and all the different programs that are out there are relatively new. It has become common in our lives and there will be many improvements in the future. It would be a shame not to use this technology to find articles and free tools to enhance your internet marketing business, but people are already in this technology for granted.

My number one rule is all Google. You can learn anything read articles on the Internet. After reading an article and do a Google search from the information I read, I found the free software articles submission. It is a great free tool that I use to promote my business.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to promote your business. Enjoy all the free tools and free articles to promote your business. If you look hard enough, read every niche and enjoy free items by doing a search on everything, you will reap the financial rewards that I have. Read free articles and doing research on the information you read. You will be amazed at the results.

Top Tips To Buy An Appropriate Laptop Computer

In the present scenario of smartphones and tablets, laptop computers still enjoy their usefulness. This is because most of the people find tablets or smartphones inconvenient because of their small size. People who are willing to buy a laptop in the near future will surely come across a whole lot of options. The overwhelming number of options may confuse them and they may end up making a wrong decision. People prefer to buy laptops online because they get the widest range of products there with low price. It is also good to check for genuine reviews of laptop computers.

Why Do You Need A Laptop?

Your desktop PC is convenient because you have a larger keyboard and a wider screen, but you cannot carry it everywhere you go. If you want to purchase a laptop for an office job, then it is imperative to buy a laptop with a good keyboard and a high resolution screen. In case you need it for checking personal emails or surfing the World Wide Web once in a while, then it is not necessary to opt for a costly machine. Game lovers must buy a machine which has a high end processor, motherboard and graphics card specially designed for gaming. Similarly, there are laptops which are used for photo and video editing. The selection of a laptop depends on the type of job are doing.

Set Your Budget

It is imperative on your part to decide your budget before you start searching for an appropriate laptop computer for your requirements. Setting a limit is essential because there is a wide range of laptops available in the market and by setting a limit you will enjoy the laptop which you can afford.

Size of Your Laptop

Large screen laptops will certainly give you excellent image quality, but they are heavy to carry everywhere. On the other hand, small screen laptops are light and cheap, but at some point of time you will not find them convenient, whereas 13 or 14 inches laptops are the most sought after because along with optimum size and weight they have all the features of a large laptop.

Battery Life

If you have a field job, then you need a laptop which has at least four hours of battery backup. In this situation, it is also good to opt for a laptop which has 10 hours of battery life; this will help you deal with recharging options while moving in the field.

Always Keep Negatives in Mind

No doubt a laptop computer will facilitate your business endeavors, but there are a couple of drawbacks also.

  • Laptops are easy targets for stealing so you always need to keep an eye on them especially while travelling.
  • Laptops don’t have extraordinary battery life and sometimes it can be frustrating. Imagine you have to finish an important business task while sitting near your vacation cottage, but don’t have battery backup. People who are travelling a lot must opt for a laptop which provides longer battery backup.
  • This is obvious that you need to upgrade it after a couple of years, but laptop computers cannot be upgraded like a desktop. This means within a few years you have to buy a laptop again.

Advantages Of Infrastructure As A Service

Outsourcing Infrastructure services permits companies to lessen InfoTech expenses, provide enhanced network capabilities and boosts network resources. However, before outsourcing IT infrastructure service you need to consider which services actually profitable to move out. As per the current scenario, businesses prefer to outsource IT services to gain scalability, lessen the overall ownership costs and optimize communication utilization. There are numerous Top IT solutions provider in Saudi Arabia available that campaign, design and execute organizational IT strategies and infrastructural requirements to their esteemed clients contentedly.

However, before assigning your business requirements to them you need to assess their technical expertise, knowledge and reliability. Plus, you also need to evaluate that whom you are considering is capable enough to provide cost-effective, dependable and advanced services to your business. Once you satisfied then only confirm your contract with Top IT solutions service provider in Saudi Arabia.

When you choose reliable and genuine service provider you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

Cost-effective:  When you choose IaaS model then lesser infrastructure costs is guaranteed. Even, organizations enjoy liberal working approach as not liable for certain uptime, retaining & replacing hardware and networking equipments.  Plus, presence of IaaS model keep your businesses safe against unexpected business thorn and cover everything related to IT which eradicate the need of IT staff as well. Thus, proves to be quite cost-effective deal. Plus, businesses need to only pay as per the capacity utilized, means no fixed monthly charges need to pay.

Market services more rapidly: Competition exists everywhere and to beat the competition you need to perform tasks more rapidly and genuinely. As IaaS offers flexibility and scalability, businesses can perform their job more rapidly which make them reliable and responsible.

Best prop up for disaster recovery: All enterprises need specific kind of disaster recovery plan which proves to be pretty expensive and clumsy. But, presence of IaaS keep you stress free as offers a secure disaster recuperation infrastructure, falling costs and boosts manageability. With this model employees can access the similar infrastructure from anywhere but presence of internet is crucial. Under this facility enterprise get everything to get functional like web server, important applications and email. That means you’ll experience fast recovery with secure data.

Expanding and flexibility: The best feature of IaaS model as Top IT solutions service provider in Saudi Arabia possess the advanced, most prevailing storage space,  networking technologies and servers through which can easily fulfill the needs of their clients. So, clients can alter their requirements anytime as per their changing working needs and prospects. For more information please visit here  :

Content Marketing vs Link Building

There are many blogs and SEO companies that all say different things to get ranked on the first page of Google. Over the past 12 months we put all these theories to the test. We’re going to put all these SEO theories to bed once and for all and deliver you the facts from over 12 months of research. We collaborated with SixtyMarketing who shared a lot of their data and research through their WordPress website design and website maintenance client they have built up over the past few years.

Over the past 12 months, myself and the guys at SixtyMarketing have worked on 15 websites to generate this research. 10 websites have equal national keyword and competition difficulties and 5 websites were for local search terms only, again with the same difficulty. Below is the strategy and results for each site:

Site 1 (national) – 100% blogging and content marketing + 0% link building.

Site 2 (national) – 90% blogging and content marketing + 10% link building.

Site 3 (national) – 80% blogging and content marketing + 20% link building.

Site 4 (national) – 70% blogging and content marketing + 30% link building.

Site 5 (national) – 60% blogging and content marketing + 40% link building.

Site 6 (national) – 50% blogging and content marketing + 50% link building.

Site 7 (national) – 40% blogging and content marketing + 60% link building.

Site 8 (national) – 30% blogging and content marketing + 70% link building.

Site 9 (national) – 20% blogging and content marketing + 80% link building.

Site 10 (national) – 10% blogging and content marketing + 90% link building.

Site 11 (local) – 100% blogging and content marketing + 0% link building.

Site 12 (local) – 80% blogging and content marketing + 20% link building.

Site 13 (local) – 60% blogging and content marketing + 40% link building.

Site 14 (local) – 40% blogging and content marketing + 60% link building.

Site 15 (local) – 20% blogging and content marketing + 80% link building.

Please note that all websites have been fully optimised onsite with roughly 15-20 main landing pages for services/products. Each web page was optimised for different keywords.

The Ranking Theories

It is an SEO minefield out there, one blog tells you something and another tells you something completely different! If you are trying to optimise your website yourself without any experience or knowledge and just relying on information you read then you’re doomed! Here are the most common factors that blogs and tutorials tell you to focus on Some are right, and some are not as important as you may think and you shouldn’t waste too much time on them, at least not to begin with.

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Blogging
  • Content Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Infographics

Your Top Priority – Link Building

Building quality backlinks in the right places at the right times is the best way to spend your efforts. There is a lot of talk online that link building is either dead or it shouldn’t be your main focal point for Google rankings. From the 12 months of research we have done, they are wrong! Inbound marketing is key for successful search engine rankings.


We applied the same inbound marketing strategies to all 15 websites to give us accurate results. The link building techniques we applied to all sites were as follows:

  • Social Media accounts x 5.
  • Local citations.
  • Quality, niche directories.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Small amount of relevant blog commenting.
  • Small amount of forum contributions.

We applied these techniques to all the above websites, the only variation was the amount of time we were allowed to work on each site as stated above. This means some websites got more inbound links quicker than others.

We also stuck with a 3:1 ratio where for every 3 links we built, 2 would be a keyword/long tail keyword variation anchor link and 1 would be a brand anchor link (either Brand Name or

We researched every website for quality by looking at DA (domain authority), PA (page authority) and content quality. We checked the DA and PA using this free tool. Each website must have a minimum score of 30 DA for us to contribute to.

Secondary Priority – Blogging & Content Marketing

Creating excellent content on your blog on a regular basis has been deemed the top technique to get ranked on many SEO blogs. This isn’t as important as you may think for reach the top spots on the search engines. What we have been told to do is come up with expert advice, reviews, tutorials, and latest news, this is usually followed with the usual quote of ‘content is king’. Well unfortunately, this is not the case, it’s just not as simple as that!


It doesn’t matter if your content is the most useful piece of information ever written, if you can’t get it in front of the masses and the influencers, it’s pretty worthless. What you are basically doing is talking to an empty room where nobody can hear you. Fair enough you might say it passes traffic and even link juice through to your main landing pages or ‘I can get the traffic through content marketing’, but it’s a lot of time and effort for very little reward.

So if we go into content marketing to get this superb post in-front of people. Content marketing usually means submitting your post to multiple social media accounts, niche blog networks and also contacting other bloggers notifying them about your post. All this can lead to more traffic (to your blog post only), social shares and hopefully backlinks (again, to your blog post only).

Now here is the best case scenario for getting you amazing blog post in front of loads of people, getting tons of backlinks and social shares… zero ranking improvements for you targeted keywords.

That’s it! From our research and also Moz released a post very similar to our results. Blog posts are great for answering users questions but they are not great for selling your services or products. A huge amount of time is required to write 1500-2000 word piece of content that’s exceptional, to get it in front of 1000’s of people, then keep it up to date with new information. This shouldn’t be your focal point to increase your targeted keywords and to increase sales. Blogging and content marketing is a long term game.

The Results

We found the below results and timescales for the below websites. Remember, all websites were focused on the same difficulty search terms in roughly the same sort on competition level. Results are based on any of the keywords, or keyword variations in the top 5 positions of Google UK’s search results over a 12 month period.

Site 1 (national) – 1 keyword.

Site 2 (national) – 4 keywords.

Site 3 (national) – 9 keywords.

Site 4 (national) – 9 keywords.

Site 5 (national) – 23 keywords.

Site 6 (national) – 26 keywords.

Site 7 (national) – 35 keywords.

Site 8 (national) – 42 keywords.

Site 9 (national) – 38 keywords.

Site 10 (national) – 33 keywords.

Site 11 (local) – 5 keywords.

Site 12 (local) – 11 keywords.

Site 13 (local) – 19 keywords.

Site 14 (local) – 19 keywords.

Site 15 (local) – 14 keywords.

As you can see from the results, the websites that have a good ratio of link building slightly higher than blogging return better results.

Websites that have high blogging ratio over link building returned low top 5 results. The same applies to a high ratio of link building to blogging.

Until you are established on Google you should focus 70% of your efforts on link building and 30% on blogging & content marketing. This will give you the best return for your time, cost and efforts. Once you have established your brand, business and website on Google with strong positioning you can then start branching out on other forms of internet marketing.

Possibly with a higher budget from your returns you can invest more into an equal share of all internet marketing techniques to truly establish your brand, business and website online. If you are just starting out with minimal resources, time and budget then a 70 (link building) – 30 (blogging content marketing) ratio delivers the best results to begin with.

Tips For Making A Deal In Challenging Situations

Negotiating and the art of deal making are essential in the business world, and they’re a necessary skill for any entrepreneur. You’ll spend much of your career negotiating in most professions, and that’s particularly true for entrepreneurs across all industries.

Some people really excel when it comes to the art of negotiation, but what if you’re in a difficult situation?

The difficulty could arise at the macro-level, for example involving the economy. Firmex mentions in their Mid-Market M&A Report that deals have been on the decline in many industries over the past year or so.

There may also be micro situations that impact the difficulty of getting a deal done, such as a challenging person or particular situation.

Even if the situation isn’t ideal, the following are some tips you can follow to get the deal done regardless.

Practice Self-Control

No matter the scale of the negotiation or deal you’re participating in, if you can maintain self-control you’re more likely to come out on top.

One of the reasons people often lose in their negotiations with difficult people is because they can’t control their own emotions and behavior. If you can stay in complete control, even in the face of adversity, you’re going to be in charge of negotiations, and you’ll be giving yourself an advantage.

Limit Presence of Other People

At the micro level, if you’re negotiating in a tough environment or with a difficult person, it’s best to limit the number of individuals who are around.

People that are difficult tend to be less flexible and more willing to jump into a disagreement when there are others around to see them doing that.

If you can keep negotiations small and private, it’s going to be more effective.

Anticipate Objections

If you’re negotiating something like the sale of your business or a merger and the economy is less than ideal, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re anticipating the potential objections and concerns the other person might have.

You don’t want to go into negotiations during a down economy ill-prepared because that’s going to do nothing to alleviate the existing anxiety of a potential buyer. The more prepared you are going into negotiations, the more you’ll be able to assuage any possible anxiety and the closer you’re likely to get to the deal.

Create Open-Ended Dialogue

When you’re negotiating in a tough situation, whether that means the economy is down and you’re trying to convince reluctant buyers, or you’re simply sitting across the table from someone who’s difficult to deal with, a good strategy is to foster open-ended dialogue.

What this means is that instead of negotiating from the perspective of your own interests or taking a hardline stance on anything, move the negotiations forward by asking questions that require critical thinking and problem-solving.

In a difficult situation, this can be more appealing than simply hearing a list of why you want things to be a certain way.

Even the savviest of negotiators can face situations that are tough, whether it’s because of external forces or they’re working with someone who’s less than cooperative, but with some patience and planning, you can make a deal in even less-than-optimal scenarios.

2017 Digital Marketing Trends For Real Estate Professionals and Entrepreneurs

2016 is winding down, which means most professionals and entrepreneurs are already full-steam ahead when it comes to planning digital marketing for the coming year.

It is shaping up to be an interesting year across many industries as we head into 2017, and perhaps one of the areas of the economy that may see the most activity is in real estate.

Real estate professionals and entrepreneurs have been busy over recent years, with the prices of homes in many markets soaring, and the industry becoming larger and more competitive than ever before.

According to the site Rentseeker in a piece of content republished by media outlets like The Huffington Post, the annual salary needed to afford a home across the U.S., and Canada is on the rise, but that means there will be more large transactions likely to take place in 2017.

Real estate pros and entrepreneurs should start planning their digital marketing accordingly now before the new year begins. Below are some ways to get started.

Implement Virtual Tours

Most homebuyers are no longer traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood trying to find their perfect home. Instead, they’re using online portals to do their initial home shopping, and this trend makes it a necessity that real estate professionals and entrepreneurs provide them with virtual tours.

The better you can make your virtual tours, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers.

Also, incorporate these virtual tours not just one your website, but in your social media advertising and marketing as well.

Mobile Optimization

Your site may already be optimized for mobile use in some sense, but make sure it’s fully optimized.

People rely on their smartphones and their tablet as their primary source of information, so make 2017 the year you perfect your mobile optimization and make sure not just your site but all of your digital marketing content is accessible to mobile users.

Build Your Online Reviews

Another thing consumers are dependent on in their daily lives? Reviews.

People read reviews before they go to a new restaurant, visit a store or hire a professional, and that includes real estate agents.

Focus your attention on building an excellent online reputation, and ask your happy clients to leave reviews for you on sites like Yelp and Facebook.

You can also have your clients review you on the major real estate sites such as Zillow.

Managing your online reputation is incredibly important in a customer service-driven industry like real estate.

Boost Your Content Marketing

Digital marketing is nothing without great content marketing, and that certainly holds true for real estate professionals.

This is a business where people feel like images and videos will do all the work for them, but it’s content marketing that will ultimately drive people to your site, so make sure you’re investing in getting it right.

2017 is likely to continue being an exciting year for real estate professionals and entrepreneurs, making it essential they stay on top of industry-specific digital marketing trends to stay competitive.

Social Collaboration In The Cloud

Collaboration with like-minded experts is the key to innovation these days. Cloud technology is offering cheaper, effective as well as relevant platform to the developers for getting more ideas as well as a validation to their thinking process. Affordability is the finest factor that makes social collaboration a big hit among the developers. They can refer to the xendesktop pricing to get the platform-as-a-service and make social collaboration a tool in the development process. Apart from the affordability, the developers now have the advantage of more sharing and learning and bring attention to their product and services in return. Social collaboration does all this and is making the whole process of research and development a bit of promotional activity too.

Social Collaboration does Make Research and Development Interesting

Knowledge multiplies when shared – this thought seems to be the idea behind social collaboration. Now, brainstorming is not about whispering to one another’s ears; it has gone beyond the cubicles. The added security cover provided by the cloud technology makes the collaborative aspect of research and development relevant as well as sensible. Now, the development stuff can be taken to Sharepoint in the cloud where the exchange of information becomes faster, wider as well as leak-proof. You can ask any member of your team anywhere across the globe to join you in the discussion or share drafts with you. It is just cutting down the travelling time, communication cost as well as response time to bare minimum. This is what you can say about how social collaboration is spicing up the research and development.

Share and Collaborate while on the go

Ideas need not wait for the clock to strike 10 am to come to form with social collaboration in the cloud. Developers can now log on to to talk to the teammates and have quality brainstorming and discussion. Office timings are eaten up mostly by meetings and update sharing; whether you accept it or not – it is a cruel reality of office life. So, when you want to discuss at leisure and after mutual discussion find a suitable time for collaboration and discussions, you can find SharePoint kind of stuff handy enough for the job. After all, mighty creations take time and time well spent in meaty discussion is the time best used. So, cloud based desktops, email exchange tools and document sharing stuffs have brought the convenience into the process of development. Projects are seeing the light of the day in record number of time – a major thanks to cloud based infrastructure!

An Office Away from the Office

Creativity, as mentioned earlier, cannot be restricted to 8 hours of the day. You need to travel for business meetings, meet loved ones to fulfill social obligations and sometimes, just unwind at a place away from the office. But, all these things cannot come in the way of project delivery on time. Simply, install an office 365 kiosk and get a permanent office at your disposal whenever you want. There are always your ‘me’ times available to you no matter how hard you want to party. And, if that ‘me’ time you want to invest in evolving yourself as a developer, the cloud can help you. Essentially speaking, there are creative teams, start-ups and program managers who find solace in the cloud and bring extra-ordinary to the audience with the help of online social collaborations.

Make Communication Tools More Meaningful

If you have email accounts, you are privileged to have online communication. And, if you have email accounts, you are easy target for the spammers too. Can an email account flooded with irrelevant mails help you in keeping your mind productive? A big NO. Cloud services can help you filter the spams and become more focused on the content that you need for getting your job done. You can streamline your communications and make the team available in real sense without getting asphyxiated from the loads of unnecessary mails.

Social collaboration in the cloud can now be seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. You are saving on the resource pool, saving on the time as well as saving on the energy and invest them in something meaningful with the help of clouds.

Take Charge Of Your Online Business Once and For All With These 4 Survival Tips

As the end of the year approaches, it’s natural to wonder “what could have been” in regard to your business.

The fact that so many businesses fail within the first year or so should be a testament to your own efforts if you’re managing to stay afloat.  That being said, you can’t afford not take to take control of the ailing aspects of your business and marketing before it becomes insurmountable.


You need to stop wasting time and get down to business.

You need to stop wasting money and get your budget under control.

You need to stop wasting your blood, sweat and tears and instead take control of your business once and for all.

The question remains: how do you realistically make it happen? What actionable steps can you take to streamline your efforts and resources that aren’t just marketing fluff?

Take Control of Your Team

In short, many of your business’ inefficiencies and wasted resources sit below the surface. While you may feel that you have the best team working under you, how much do you truly understand in regard to how their tasks are delegated? Are they working as quickly and efficiently as possible, or do you feel that something is getting lost in translation?

Understanding the in’s and out’s of PMP may very well be a step in the right direction when it comes to getting tasks completed in a timely mannger. Whether you’re running the show in regard to your team or you’re juggling multiple project managers, you simply can’t afford to waste time on late projects anymore.

Project management isn’t just a business buzzword, but rather a crucial process that ensures your business’ survival for the long haul.

Slash What Isn’t Working

Take a look at your numbers in regard to sales, analytics and time spent to determine what isn’t working for your business. For example, if you’ve delegated endless hours to projects that have seen little or nothing in regard to profits, it’s time to rethink what you’re selling and scrap it. Don’t obsess over the “why” and your gut reaction, but instead focus on hard numbers. After all, your sales strategy should never be treated as a guessing game.

Consider Downsizing

Likewise, business is a game of survival of the fittest. Those who have bloated budgets will inevitably flounder versus those who can run their day-to-day operations as swiftly as possible.

It may be time for you to start investing in freelancers versus full-timers for the aspects of your business with a less than concrete ROI. For example. tasks such as content writing and social media are the bread and butter of freelancers but may not represent full-time gigs within your company. Thankfully, there are tons of trustworthy freelancers out there through platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr that don’t require full-time salaries to be incredibly effective.

Focus on What Matters Most

When you take the aforementioned steps, you may be shocked at how quickly you find the time to truly get down to business. From networking to finding opportunities for potential partnerships and joint ventures, downsizing the “small stuff” gives you time to focus on growth. After all, you can’t uncover opportunities to grow when you’re racked with tons of seemingly minute tasks.

There’s no better time than now to take control of your business. Heading into next year with the right mindset can help you ensure that you get down to business and run the swiftest company possible.

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