Month: March 2015

How Much You Should Pay For SEO Services?

Digital marketing is fastest growing service in the world. Because of globalization any one can promote their business anywhere in the world that is what we called as business out sourcing. Many people are buying or searching products or services from online portal instead of going to market and purchasing it manually. In order get your product or services at first page in search engine results. Your website has to be optimized and it can be done only with the SEO process. Now question raises what amount you should invest in SEO process to get high return of interest. Every business men have this query before paying for SEO Services Company.

These are some of the facts which help you how much you should pay for SEO services for what you’re paying for. Providing SEO services is not an easy task which can do by any one. Anyone can do but they will not provide you the desired results. To do SEO we need a

  • Skilled professional SEO service providers not merely the computers and they doesn’t work for free
  • For any technology SEO plays a very important role
  • It’s required a complete study of website and the product or services providing by them
  • Should be updated with latest technology
  • Should have knowledge about Google update
  • It’s a time consuming process that involves communication between clients, keyword researchers, code implementation and many more.

When you go for SEO service provider you should first consult them by seeing their performance then first understand them about your product or services then they will start working on keyword search, Competitive research, Website research, Auditing content and Meta data alteration. Then they will start writing content for your website and do in bound linking and grab the audience for your website if they provide an informative content and select a good keyword for your search then your visitors to your website became promoters to your website.

SEO Follows Some Payment Models

Monthly Renter

In this model Client has to pay monthly base. Its cost higher because every month client will check the optimization of their website this will be done by the highly qualified SEO engineers they will focus on each every aspect of the website to bring it at the top position. They will focus on each page of the website for their optimization.

Contract Services at Fixed Prices

In this Digital marketing service provides a list of services with their fixed price based on their investment. It is provided after monthly renter service.

Project Based Pricing

In this service SEO service provider first estimates the cost of the service which will be specific to the client and its cost according to the client project.

Hourly Consulting

This service provided hourly based in exchange of service or information they shared with the client.

Before trusting SEO service provider you should check their previous experience in this field and how they made ROI (Return on Investment) for their services. Don’t pay before seeing their work.

It’s your choice how their work worth you and pay according to that.

Facts Which Damage Your Personal Brand

Many Business men are giving their best efforts to to protect their brand from damaging. As building a brand is a very sensitive job a little mistake can damage the entire business. Brand plays a very important role in the development of your business and the income associates  with it. You have to be focused on your goal and interest a little deviation will damage entire brand. There are some facts which you have to be taken care so that you can protect your brand from damage.

1. Use of Images or Profile Pic

The first thing everyone noticed in any brand is its image and its also plays a very important role in building brand. You must choose your image to be catchy to make most visitors to your brand.there are some of ways to be considered before selecting your profile picture or any images.

  • It should not be a blurred image
  • Avoid using side images(right view or left view)
  • Don’t crop your image from hangouts or any functions
  • Justify to your goal
  • Your image shows your goal
  • Use a professional headshot
  • Don’t add any text on your picture

2. Quality Content Issue

Don’t bother on the quantity of your content it should be precise what it was written and content must be informative because content is a king in SEO and it’s a the most focusing point where every professional  SEO company are focusing on. It is the content only which attracts the audience and makes your audience to customers. From the update of Google it was noticed that SEO will be replaced by content marketing. The quality of the content is very important then quantity of the content.

3. Keyword Density

Use of too many keywords in the content makes the quality of the content poor, its better not to use more than two keywords in the content. Keyword density can be know by no of keyword used by no of words in the content. Google update has introduced some tool which automatically catch the keyword if you are keyword density is more.

4. Website Design

The first thing any visitors will see is a website if your website is not properly designed and if doesn’t have any catchy images or quality content, then it’s no use of it for you to maintain a site as you are not doing any justification with that  website. You must design your website in a catchy way it should be noticeable among other websites.if your website is poorly designed even though your brand is good then it will be no use for your brand. As we know first impression is the best impression.

That’s the reason why SEO services companies are mostly focusing on website design

5. Be Professional

Always act in a professional way either online or offline, you never know when people will notice you so be professional everywhere. Posting personal images on social media or doing any nonsense activity which makes a bad impression on people about you and brand too. Wear professional dress and your manners must also be in a professional way  as you’re representing your brand.

These are some of the facts where you have to focus to protect your brand from damaging.

Professional Landscape Photography Courses – Avoiding Amateurs

As far as professional photographers are concerned, technological advancements in DSLR equipment and the growing affordability of such hardware represent both a blessing and a curse for the industry. On one hand, there’s the plus point that comes with being able to afford stupendous-quality equipment on a comparatively low budget, opening the profession to serious and focused newcomers like never before.

On the other side of the fence, however, there are those that simply buy a quality camera, build a cheap website and masquerade as professional photographers when they are in fact nothing of the sort. Worse still, there are those that not only have insufficient experience to call themselves true professionals, but go one step further by claiming to deliver high-quality landscape photography courses when they aren’t even remotely qualified to do so.

Of course, this shouldn’t put any fledgling photographers off the idea of taking such courses entirely, as the benefits to be taken from learning from true professionals are both abundant and priceless. As such, the key lies in knowing how to spot a genuinely beneficial photography workshop and provider thereof, in order to give those on the other end of the scale a wide berth.

Remote Classes Only

For example, it’s important to exercise caution when and where the workshops and classes on offer are delivered by way of remote learning only. Not that remote learning opportunities cannot in many cases be fantastic, but there will always be those who charge the Earth for little more than the mailing out of a bunch of literature that can be accessed online by anyone, 100% free of charge. If, therefore it’s a case of only remote workshops on offer, you’ll need to exercise caution – any provider offering in-person workshops and excursions is generally a much safer bet.


Speaking of excursions, there isn’t a photographer alive that would happily lead a group of like-minded individuals on a trip of exploration and education into and given natural environment if they didn’t know what they were doing and what they were talking about. As such, the most beneficial and often reputable workshops to choose from are those that see participants taken out ‘into the field’, where theory can be put to practical use under the careful watch of a seasoned professional.

Inspiring Portfolios

Something else to keep a close eye on if considering a learning experience with a professional provider is the quality and depth of the portfolio they offer access to on their website. This is in every way the be all and end all of what they do and represents the ideal resource with which to get a better idea of whether or not what they do is in line with what you want to do and learn more about. You shouldn’t have to beg and plead for evidence of their greatness – it should be right there in front of you.

Clear Knowledge

What should also be clear after going over their website in detail is exactly how knowledgeable they are about the subject of landscape photography in general. It’s one thing to have a bunch of pretty pictures in place and the basic details of a few courses, but it’s another thing entirely to demonstrate knowledge and passion with rich, varied and inspiring site content. Establishing professionalism is often as simple as taking the time to explore the website in a little more detail and seeing whether or not the image conveyed is one that breeds confidence or otherwise.


While there’s nothing to say that newcomers to the professional photography industry cannot offer fantastic teachings and guidance, there’s much to be said for siding with those that have plenty of experience and a track-record to be proud of. The longer they’ve been in the game, the more time they’ve had to learn lessons of their own and to hone their craft into a fine art. Experience doesn’t necessarily guarantee outstanding abilities, but it’s an important contributory factor nonetheless.


Last but not least, the only thing you have to go on that can be considered 100% impartial is the feedback offered by those that have tried and tested the courses out for themselves. In the case of any course or workshop provider that’s chaired even one single course at any time in the past, feedback should and probably will be available for inspection. If all such reviews paint a wholly positive picture, chances are it’s a safe bet to side with.

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