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Brazil’s Finest Web Hosting Services

Modern Day Business is highly dependence towards the existence of technology and its development. Using the advance technology of internet, a company could run and function smoothly in their daily activities. Not only online technology is highly useful for running the company, it could also be such a great means of business strategies such as sales and marketing. Sadly, searching for the best quality web hosting company that could also provide a reasonable and inexpensive cost range in Brazil is rather difficult. But, there is no need to worry now. For the best web hosting company that you can find in Brazil, Home Host is your only correct solution.

Brazil’s Finest Web Hosting Services

Home Host is one of the finest web hosting companies that which operates in Brazil. They could offer varieties of web hosting services on with such an inexpensive and reachable price range. For example, you may purchase their fundamental web hosting service for only R$ 9.90 per month. Additionally, you can also get 500 giga bytes worth of disk spaces under that price. They also provide a website domain registering services with different packages of prices. You will need to pay R$ 21.00 per year for a national Brazilian domain registering and R$ 19.00 per year for an international domain registering services.

This web host company could also offer you with other kinds of free web hosting services that that is available on their site. Some of the free web hosting services is including creating a website and also migrating your website. For those who already have a web host, you can move your web host to Home Host for free. Home host could also provide you with such a reliable and fast internet connectivity through their high quality dedicated server services. In doing so, your company could access internet and receive e-mails for business purposes.

Home Host is such a trustworthy internet connection service provider especially with the help of their two data centers. They locate their data center both in Brazil and also Munich Germany for their local and international clients respectively. Through their highly experienced and well qualified technicians and professionals, Home Host could always guarantee you with a 24/7 high quality web hosting services. Whether it is on a Christmas or any other holiday, their technician is ready to assist your entire web hosting needs. For those who are interested in hiring their web hosting services, they can visit for more info and details.

Finding The Right Web Hosting Service

When you first embark upon creating your small business website, the sheer number of choices you have to make can seem overwhelming. What should your domain name be? Who should design the site? What should your logo look like? And in fact, your worries aren’t unfounded: A 2011 British survey found that one third of respondents had taken their online business elsewhere due to a site’s poor design and inefficient Web hosting.

Taking that information to heart, you should give some real thought to what should be your first decision: choosing a Web hosting service. Following are some basic details and information on how to choose the right service for your fledgling website.


Your first question in this endeavor might be “How much is this going to cost?” But the fact is, money shouldn’t be your primary determining factor. The average monthly fee for Web hosting is only about $10-15; while many free Web hosting options exist, they often aren’t the best choices for any business—large or small. When you choose a free option, you run the risk of frequent downtimes as your site grows (more on uptime in just a moment)—and poor customer service should your site in fact go down.

Instead, do your homework to find a reputable Web hosting service within your price range. Doing so will be well worth the peace of mind of having your site up and running on a reliable server.

On the up and Up

Speaking of reliable servers: Before you sign on the dotted line, inquire about your potential hosting service’s average uptime—the amount of time the server spends up and running. You’re looking for a pretty high number—99 percent is ideal. And if the company isn’t up front about its uptime averages, that’s your cue to look elsewhere.

One Size doesn’t Fit All

Remember that not every option will fit your needs. Some Web hosting services cater to large businesses; others might be better for small start-ups or growing companies. Your job is to find out which service is which and to determine the one that best fits your needs.

Read and Reflect

Don’t discount the power of the almighty customer review: Do some reading on others’ experiences with the service you’re considering. You can check review sites like Epinions or try social media: Twitter users aren’t often shy about sharing their customer service issues with the world! If the reviews are mostly positive, move forward—but if there’s an overwhelmingly negative trend, you should head back to the drawing board.

These are just a few of the factors that go into finding the right Web hosting service for your business. Do a lot of research and consult with knowledgeable peers and friends before you commit. Putting in a bit of effort at the beginning can save you a lot of frustration and stress in the long term—and once you’ve made this decision, you can go back to choosing colors for your logo.

Fun Domain Registration Facts That May Surprise You

Thinking about scooping up a three-letter domain name? How about one named after Uncle Ben? That’s not going to happen for you. All three-letter combinations of domain names have been scooped up years ago. The same pretty much goes for male names … but, you can always try to get Aunt Meredith in on the action, since female names are still somewhat available. The domain registration process seems pretty straightforward, but there’s actually a lot of history and entertainment wrapped up between the “www” designation and top-level domains … otherwise known as TLDs.

Here are some more fun facts:

  • Most Popular TLDs: The most frequently registered Top Level Domains are .com, followed by .cn, which denotes a site registered in China.
  • Least Popular Domain Names: According to a study done through Google, .gw, which refers to countries in Guinea-Bissau, has the least amount of sites associated with it. Other non-contenders are .mobi, denoting a mobile site; .um, referring to U.S. minor outlying islands; and .ax, which points to the Aland Islands, a group of islands off the coast of Finland.
  • Cheapest Domain Names: Until 1995, domain registration was actually free. Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago! Now, the process typically costs about $18 for a .com name.
  • Most expensive Domain Names: The Big Three are:, and sold for $16 million in 2009 to an aggregator site. sold for $14 million in 2010, and sold for $10 million in 2008. is, somewhat ironically, now under construction and in disuse.
  • The Longest Domain Names: A site named after a town in Wales has the distinction of being the longest domain registered for legitimate purposes, but the class clowns of the world have also registered nonsensical domains that are exactly the maximum of 63 characters. The Welsh town’s URL is, but it appears to have been bought from the original owners.
  • The shortest Domain Name: Google notoriously has had trouble advertising in China because the search engine’s name is hard to pronounce for native Chinese speakers. In an attempt to solve that issue, Google bought http:/// China and Google still aren’t BFFs because of censorship laws, but the domain name really is easy to remember.
  • The First Domain ever Registered: The distinction belongs to, which now serves as a somewhat prestigious digital billboard. It allows those who pay up a small circular ad on the first domain ever created. With the tagline “It all started here,” is pretty intent on cashing in on its Internet fame.

Looking to start your own website? You might not get to register, but you can still find a domain befitting your creativity.

Time For A Change? How To Approach A Logo Redesign

Some logos are so perfect, they remain unchanged for decades. Coca-Cola, for example, has made only minor tweaks to its logo in 127 years of existence. That may be because the logo is so instantly recognizable that the company doesn’t want to tamper with it.

Changing your logo is not a decision to make lightly, because consumers seem to care a great deal about their favorite brands’ logos. That’s a lesson clothing retailer Gap learned in 2010, when it rolled out a new logo that the public roundly rejected. Gap had changed its store design, product offerings and merchandising in an attempt to boost sales, but a spokesman for Gap said, “ … we recognize that changing the logo in this way was one change too many and executed too fast.” Gap returned to its old logo as a result of the backlash.

So how do you know when to change your logo – or why, and in what way? That answer will vary from business to business. Read on to find out what other companies have done and what you should consider as you revamp your logo.

Changes Spur Redesign

Companies often redesign logos when they’ve undergone a major change. In January 2013, American Airlines revealed its new logo – the first update since 1968 – that coincided with the company emerging from bankruptcy. And New York’s Whitney Museum changed its logo this year, when it moved to a new location in the city.

Tech companies often update their logos to appear current, or when they unveil new products or services. Microsoft, for example, updated its logo in 2012, to coincide with the release of Windows 8. But a good, timeless design – like IBM’s basic logo – will require very little, if any, modification over time.

Rethinking Your Marketing Strategy

Time For A Change? How To Approach A Logo RedesignIf your current logo was designed before Twitter and Facebook existed, it may be time for a redesign. Consumers spend a lot of time on social media these days, accessing business websites and social feeds from their mobile phones, so your logo should make an impact, even when viewed as a thumbnail.

Sports franchises are keenly aware of the power of logos in their overall marketing strategy. If you look at the evolution of the Miami Dolphins logo, you’ll see how it became simpler over time, with less detail. The move was part of an overall effort to increase fan attendance, and it’s easy to see how the new logo would work better on Twitter than the one the Dolphins used in the 1960s.

Your goal in redesigning a logo may be simply to increase awareness of your brand, or to modernize your image. Whatever your goals may be, you’ll be more successful in achieving them when you enlist the help of a logo design professional.

Sometimes, small business owners make the mistake of letting their own preferences guide their logo design, without regard to the right colors, fonts and images to best appeal to their target audience. If you don’t understand or don’t like some aspect of your logo design, you can usually suggest a change – but it’s wise to defer to the expertise of people who make a living designing logos.

What To Look For In A Website Designer

Your website is the face of your company. It’s only natural that you would want to have a trusted professional in the front seat, steering your website. When you start to look for a web designer, you’ll quickly see that there are companies and individuals from all different price points and skill levels. How do you find the right professional to trust with your site?


This might seem like an obvious first step – but it is an important one. Browse through many portfolios and determine whether or not you like particular designs or designers. See how many websites in a designer’s portfolio are still using the design. If they’re not but it’s been a few years, there are a variety of reasons why that might be the case. If they’re not and it’s only been months – the designer may not be great with communication. The designer should have a link to the live site, but it may be a red flag for you if they don’t. Once you’ve narrowed down to a few professionals, you can start looking for more specific information within portfolios.

Similar Sites

Start looking to see if the designers you’ve chosen have designed sites similar to yours. While you may love the extra creative touches one designer uses, they may not work well for your business website. For example, if you’re looking for a retail website, look at designers that have experience with those instead of designers who have built artist portfolios.


Again, this goes into looking at the portfolio. Are the navigation menus user-friendly? Some designers like to be creative with navigation menus because they’re a part of the site that nearly everyone looks at. However, if the navigation menu isn’t easy to use, you might be losing out on customers. It is important that your website looks great, but if no one can use it, it won’t help you.


You may have to talk to the designers you’re deciding between about your business goals, because it may not be obvious in her portfolio. You may want your website to generate leads or help build brand awareness. Are the designers you’re looking at familiar with designing for conversion? Do they know how to create strong, effective branding within a beautiful design? You may not be able to see this within a portfolio because some designers may not want, or have permission, to build and display these kinds of sites.


Once you’ve selected two or three designers, you can look in-depth at what services they provide. While you may only need a web design, some need help registering for a domain name, hosting the site and marketing it. Others may need content to put on their website such as written copy or graphics. Depending on what your goals are for the website, your designer may need to be able to do some coding and programming. Do the designers in question offer those services? If you’re not sure what services you need, talking to the professionals can help you make an informed decision.


Your budget and the services you need will determine how much you can afford to pay for your web design. Though cost is something to keep in mind during the process of selecting a designer, it may be difficult for you to get pricing information without talking with a designer about your wants and needs.


Throughout the process, from selection to designing, your designer must be open to communication. But you also have to be ready to communicate with your designer. Know what your goals are with your website and what kind of look and feel you want it to have. Your designer will make suggestions, but the final decisions are ultimately up to you.

Because your website is so important for your business, don’t leave it up to just anyone. Make sure you take the time to study the portfolios of candidates. Know your goals and website vision upfront so that you can select a professional with experience and abilities in those areas.

9 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site – And Keep It Coming Back

The best site in the world is worthless if no one visits it. Getting traffic and keeping it coming is therefore the top priority for any business that depends on site visitors to make sales and get leads. Fortunately, there are many things businesses can do to accomplish this goal.

9 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site - And Keep It Coming Back

  1. Use SEO to bring in visitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the first key, no matter what current “conventional wisdom” says. Great content and a great UX only matter when people can find it. In the absence of a multi-million dollar TV advertising budget, you’re going to need to show up high in the search engines for people to do that finding.
  2. Have useful content. Once the visitors arrive, there needs to be something for them to see. When your site exists to sell things, though, you don’t want to distract vistors with reams’ worth of articles and remotely related talk. Instead, make your content directly relevant to the product on the page. Add demonstration videos, reviews, usage instructions and other material. Content should be a part of your sales process—not in the way of it.
  3. Keep it fresh. In most cases, it’s not a good idea to put in a totally new web design just for the sake of freshness. Instead, make changes that are also improvements. The exception is if your site looks like it was coded in 1999. In that case, throwing out the old design just to look fresher is a great idea. If you don’t have anyone in your organization who’s proficient, look to outsource your web design.
  4. Add new content regularly. A common conundrum for retailers is the fact that information about stable products simply doesn’t change. If this problem affects your site, try adding a blog. Keep putting new posts on the blog to keep the search engines’ interests. Make sure to add plenty of links to the business end of your site so the blog visitors can find what’s important to you: the products.
  5. Don’t mess with what works! If you have a site design or sales pitch that highly converts, leave it alone. Change minor things instead.
  6. Never use your personal tastes to dictate your web design. You’re trying to sell things or get leads, not win Web design awards. Test several designs and use what accomplishes your real objectives.
  7. Make sure your site is easy to navigate. Visitors won’t return to a site that takes effort to figure out. A popular suggestion for this is to sit your grandmother in front of the computer and see if she can use your site. If she can’t, simplify it.
  8. Add “trust” seals to your site. People are more prone to return to sites that look legitimate. Your payment processor, your secure certificate provider and the trade organizations you belong to are great sources for the types of seals you need.
  9. Use social media to inform people of updates. Whenever you run a sale on your site, add an article to your blog and then update social media sites. Facebook posts and tweets are great for giving a little snippet about the sale and the URL you want people to see. The bonus is that your customers will appreciate knowing about your discounted products.

These are just a few ways to get traffic to your site and keep it coming back. Be creative and you’re sure to think of several more. Start today, and you may be amazed at how many return visitors you get!

How To Connect To A VPN

Many of us are turning to VPN’s for protection when connecting to data centres or our clouds to backup our data. We use this if we are on cyber cafe computers or other public computers, this stops anyone else being able to see or intercept our data and steal it.

1. Step One

Okay first of all we need to have our login details at the ready, this will be the IP address, username and of course the password. When buying your VPN you will have these emailed to the email address you gave when purchasing, this is usually instant meaning we won’t have to wait around.

2. Search For The VPN Connect Wizard

Do a search for this in the start menu using the search feature like so:

Search For The VPN Connect Wizard

Click on the “Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection” this will open up the wizard we need for connecting to our VPN.

3. Let’s Begin…

Okay once we have that open we will need to put in our IP address for our VPN provider and then the name we would like to call it, this is so you can access it easily for next time.

4. Username & Password

Make sure you have the username and password handy for this step as we need to put that in here:

Type in your information for the username and password but LEAVE “remember this password” unticked as you do not want to save it into the computer, this defeats the whole object of using a VPN, ticking that box will give anyone else access to it that uses that particular computer.

5. And Connect…

If you typed in all of the information correctly all should go off without a hitch and you will be connected to your VPN. You can now surf safely and connect to your data centre or other places you need to connect to.

Bio: I use a VPN on a daily basis to connect to my data centre to backup or retrieve the files I need to audit for my business. Using VPN’s to connect to data centres gives that extra layer of security even though ShareFile provide great security already.

The 2 Step Process To Prevent Negative SEO

Webmasters have been debating the issue of negative SEO for many years and there has always been a small portion who have argued that it is possible to harm another site’s rankings by taking part in the practice.

However, it’s only recent updates that have put negative SEO back in the spotlight. It’s understood that Google has started to take external links even more seriously and if your backlink profile happens to look unnatural, there’s a chance your site is going to get slapped down. Subsequently, it’s becoming a little more common to see nasty tricks, with competitors sending all sorts of unnatural links to their rivals in a bid to bring them down.

Fortunately, there are methods to prevent such damage. If you happen to be working for a client that has experienced a significant drop in rankings, it might be advisable to take a look through several SEO reseller plans that are able to combat negative SEO. Alternatively, if you perform all such work yourself, take a look at the following two steps to try and rid your site of negative SEO problems.

The 2 Step Process To Prevent Negative SEO

First Step: Is Negative SEO Even Affecting You?

First and foremost, you need to research whether or not negative SEO is the reason behind the decrease in your rankings. Funnily enough, a lot of webmasters hope that it is the reason, instead of something else that may indicate that their site simply isn’t worthy of one of the top positions.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to see if your site has been hit by the problem. If you are being targeted, the competition will usually unleash a ridiculous number of spammy’ links to your site with your primary keyword as the anchor text. On a side note, it’s quite alarming how easy such a practice is, with sites such as Fiverr selling huge quantities of presumably poor quality backlinks for dirt cheap prices. If you are not sure how such a backlink is defined; anything that looks remotely dubious from sites in completely irrelevant industries, foreign links or links from pages which are clearly black-hat generally meet the description.

To find links such as those mentioned above, get your hands on a backlink tool which will highlight most of the links flowing into your site. If you are serious about overturning the penalty, it’s advisable to get hold of a paid tool as this will allow you to easily track new links to your site through filters, while it is also likely to include a larger quantity of your backlinks.

Final Step: Take Action

Fortunately, gone are the days where you had to wade through all of the links and contact the website owners to kindly ask if they would remove the link from their page. Instead, Google has its own method which can be found in its Webmaster Tools section.

It’s named the Disavow Links tool and while Google claim that only “advanced webmasters” should attempt to use it, don’t read too much into such warnings if you are confident that you have been hit with a bout of negative SEO.

The process of submitting such links is incredibly simple. Google simply require you to upload a text file, detailing all of the URLs that you believe are hindering your site. From then on, it’s just a case of allowing them to hopefully resolve the issue using the data you have provided.

SEO: Has This Technique Been Fruitful For The Website To Get Desired Result?

Search engine optimization is considered to be an invincible part of the online success of your website. By this time, most of you must be aware of the concept of employing seo technique for the development of the website. If you come under the category of a beginner in the internet marketing, then you need to know some of the important benefits of SEO for your website.

SEO: Has This Technique Been Fruitful For The Website To Get Desired Result?

Here are of the benefits of SEO that you can’t ignore when you plan to develop your website:

Increase Traffic:

If you’re planning to draw traffic to your website, then using the right SEO is the right trick for this purpose.With the help of the analytic as well as reporting tool, it may not be difficult to draw traffic to your website. It is considered as one of the fruitful ways to maximize traffic to your website. If you use right SEO technique, then you can see a steady flow of traffic. This helps to generate sales as the traffic increases in your website.

Higher Brand Credibility:

People usually opt for first listing on the search engine as they consider it to be a reputable company. Therefore, with the help of SEO technique, you can manage to create a brand name. If your website has low ranking, then the online visitors can be skeptical about these websites.

Keep Tab on the Competitors:

A large number of people realize the benefits of SEO for their website. Therefore, the popularity of SEO is gaining momentum. Most of your competitors are employing SEO techniques to promote their business online to attract more visitors. You can understand whether the SEO technique used by your competitor can be beneficial for your website. If you find it to be effective, then you can follow the strategy of your competitor.

Get Access to Customer Data:

Using right SEO tools can help you get access to customer data that can be beneficial for your business. You can check the keyword data in order to launch new product in the market that may have demand among the customers. If you launch the new product that has high demand, then you can manage to increase the sale of the company.

Therefore, above mentioned points are some of the benefits of SEO that you can consider when you employ techniques to promote your website online.

Online Marketing – What Are Its Different Advantages?

Online Marketing - What Are Its Different Advantages?

In the present world, the Internet is considered to be the most suitable way that enables you to earn good bucks online. The online marketing business are provided a wide opportunity for almost everyone to earn some money and thus, increase their income. Just like SEO plays an important role in enabling your website to get high rank in the major search engines, similarly online marketing has made it all possible to earn huge amount of dollars even at the comfort of your home. Make sure you choose a suitable online option that enables you to boost your income very soon.

Some Advantages of Online Marketing

With the help of online marketing, you can earn quite a good amount of money in no time. Check out some advantages associated with online marketing.

  • Viral Marketing

You may choose viral marketing for the promotion of your products as well as services to several customers. Thus, when your clients may get immense satisfaction by using your products, it is obvious that he will speak about your products to various people. As such, you will be able to increase your number of potential customers. You’ll also be able to earn good amount of profit with online marketing.

  • Introduce New Communities

With the help of different social networking communities, you can interact with innumerable people and as such, you may share your views and thoughts with them. Also, listen to what they want to say. Thus, by taking active participation in these social networking websites, you can promote your products and services to several people. This in turn, will give you a suitable chance to increase your sales with time.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly a great way to earn some valuable dollars online without putting much hard-work. In affiliate marketing, it is the website owner who puts an advertisement of the products and services of the merchant in his/her website. Thus, when any products/services of the merchant gets sold or if even a lead gets generated, the website owner gets the chance to earn a small percentage of commission. Affiliate marketing helps you boost your income and in turn, improve your financial condition.

Online marketing enables you to earn extra money apart from your fixed income. You do not need to allot any fixed time to earn dollars with online marketing programs. As such, you can make the most use of your leisure time and earn some precious dollars.

Penguin 2013: The Basics Of Real SEO For Better Search Performance

The advent of the Penguin 2.0 update has unleashed a reign of terror amongst many small businesses. This is because these small business entrepreneurs are completely dependent on search engine optimization (SEO) for revenue and therefore, for their survival.

 Penguin 2013: The Basics Of Real SEO For Better Search Performance

However, if a business owner abides by the rule of real SEO, then he/she may survive more such updates that are slated to come in 2014, 2015 and beyond.

Basics Nuances of Real SEO

If you are confused and jittery about the effects of the Penguin 2.0 update, then here are some prudent ideas to help with your web-marketing efforts and shine with a better search performance:

  • Content Marketing

According to some of the Internet marketing experts, content marketing is gradually turning out to be a novel way to build links. So, webmaster must work on to gain more online popularity, spread their social reach and get backlinks in exchange of highly useful information that must be given out for free.

Websites with top notch content get a lot of organic traffic naturally that helps in re-directing their visitors to other useful websites through referrals. In this case, one of the most under-utilized forms of content marketing is video optimization. Small businesses need to take advantage of that right now. This will help Internet users to find out relevant content from various search engines as well as any other meta search engine.

  • Niche Audience

Only useful websites can ever think of making it to the top of the search engine results page. However, it is the job of the webmasters to find out the demand of their consumers and serve them accordingly. Here, at this point of time, keyword research is still a crucial part of any successful, effective online promotional campaign. It must be noted that while studying for keywords, webmaster shouldn’t place excessive importance on commercial keywords or head terms.

Now, after the entire recent algorithm updates, it has been found that long-tail keywords are proving to be much more effective than commercial ones. This is because long-tail keywords provide instant results and improves the relevancy of the website (referring to Panda update) and creates better authorship value, thereby boosting the performance of the chosen head term.

  • Association

When there are more than 500 million active domains doing the rounds on the Internet, then just creating an attractive website and hoping to receive loads of organic traffic will be a big waste of time as well as resources. Right now, even best contents require wider promotion and this can be done via social media platforms, guest posts, email marketing, online community engagement, etc.

These are some of the proven mechanisms of content marketing and must be used very seriously. Additionally, local event sponsorships, interviews, PPC advertisements and so on too will help in to popularize the content of a website and increase traffic.

So, any kind of activity that highlights or promotes the theme of a website or brand will definitely work towards building actual online discussion and assist in employing the real SEO.

Fantastic Collection of Print Designs

Designers are probably among the most creative of individuals, but there comes a point in every designers life (maybe more than one point) when they find themselves stuck for ideas – lacking inspiration, and suffering a complete creative block, unable to think of anything fresh, original, and unique.

When this happens, the best way to get yourself fired up and inspired again is to take a look at some of the modern trending and creative print designs currently circulating, I often find that this quickly gets me inspired, and by the time I’m through browsing a page or two of inspiration, I’m always filled with new ideas ready to take to Photoshop for my designs.

With that in mind, I’ve put together my most recent round of “inspiration hunting” designs and listed them below, in the hope that they will help other designs through creative block. Enjoy 🙂

There are lots of great samples above, and covering all different types of media – postcards, flyers, business cards, and even catalogs – it’s not often you see creative catalogs, but the examples above surely impress! If you need a catalog printing, or anything else for that matter, then check out Next Day Flyers. They are the printing company of choice for thousands of individuals and business around the United States who depend on NDF for their high quality, speedy delivery and guaranteed error free prints!

If you have your own printing company in mind already, then make sure that they offer a manual quality check on your order. This basically eliminates the possibility of your designs being printed “off-margin” leading to bits of your design being cut out of the print. Although most companies will replace any misprints caused by an error on their behalf, it’s still a lot of headache and wasted time that everybody can do without. It’s also important to do a little research and make sure the printing company that you’re considering has some great feedback, particularly regarding the quality of your prints – remember, your materials are going to be acting as a representation of your business, and if they are not high quality, anyone who sees your materials will assume the same for your business. So don’t cut corners when it comes to choosing a print company, this step is just as important as the design stage, and can make the difference between a great campaign and a tragic campaign.

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