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Original Designing Bloopers that Tend to Continue Even Today

Since the past two decades, the art of designing Web pages has evolved so well that it may seem to become a flawless skill. Although the art in itself is unblemished, the way professionals deal with the designing aspect has given rise to some common mistakes that bring forward taxing and stressing results. Even more unfortunate is the fact that these mistakes are still being committed despite it is known that they are bloopers. Here are some original designing mistakes to look out for so that you put an immediate stop to it!

Unjustified Use of Still Developing Technology

Most Web designers try to pull visitors by showing off the use of latest Web technology that’s not even out of its Beta stage. This is exactly where they make a big mistake. By doing so, only a few geeks get interested in the site as the rest are more focused on content and customer service. A technology that is still in its beta stage simply dispirits the visitors. Who knows what critical issues can such a technology cause? Therefore, do not start using the latest product or service in beta stage unless you are into Internet business. At least, some experience with respect to the usage, pros, and cons needs to be gained.

Changing the Colors of Links

On the Internet, the colors of links are standardized. Links to pages that are not seen are blue, while those to already seen pages are either red or purple. However, designers deviate with this standard either by changing the colors or by failing to the keep the standard colors everywhere consistent. This is something to avoid because it confuses the visitors. Keep in mind that preserving the ability to understand the type of link is one of the essential navigational aids in a majority of Web browsers. Moreover, consistency is required to make the visitors learn about the link colors.

Keeping Obsolete Information

This is the worst mistake that any Web designer or developer can make! It is not only detrimental to SEO that bring in new visitors, but it also makes one lose the existing visitors by disappointing or irritating them. Therefore, it is the need of an hour for a Web designer to act as a Web gardener for cutting out all worn out pieces of information and plant new and latest details of your brand. Remember, any visitor would prefer to read only original, new, and useful information. Nobody would like to see copied or old details. Therefore, in your maintenance plan, include a strategy for improving your content on the site. You may also find it useful to link old pages to new ones on the basis of relevance. However, some pages are better for removal.

Homeless Pages

These are the pages that do not indicate the site to which they belong. As a fact, several users can access such pages directly, not via the home page. Therefore, you need to ensure that all pages clearly indicate the site to which they belong. So, every page needs to show a link to your home page or to an appropriate category within your site structure.

Long Time to Load

This is yet another irritating mistakes yet prevalent in many Web pages. As per the traditional guidelines, 10 seconds are enough for any page to load so that the visitors do not lose interest. However, this limit can be increased to 15 seconds nowadays, which is not that problematic for the users. If this limit is exceeded, your site will receive fewer visitors. Moreover, many visitors access B2B sites late night because of the too busy traffic during working hours, which consume long download times.
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Using Pinterest To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Pinterest is a service that allows you to pin images, video, and other media to your page and then share it with other people. It’s essential a visual social networking site. Since the Internet has been known to love its pictures, this site can be incredibly effective for generating traffic for your blog. Here are a few suggestions for you how you can do this.


Ride the Peak Wave

Currently the studies show that the best times for posting to Pinterest are between 2 and 4 PM EST in the afternoon, and then between 8 and 1 in the morning at night. This means that you can maximize exposure to your list by posting during these times. The key is to post a good number of pins, but not too many. Post between 5-10 at a time so that people can really digest them and so that it will draw them to your brand.

Pay Attention to Demographics

It’s been suggested that the core group of people that visit Pinterest are women between 25 and 44. This may be as high as 85 percent of those who view the site. So if you can market products that appeal to this demographic you’ll be way ahead of the crowd. For example, you can put “pin it” buttons for your products on your site so that people can share it on Pinterest more easily.

Don’t Neglect Descriptions

While there’s some technology out there that can search pictures, it’s  not nearly as advanced as the searches that have descriptions. This means that this is still how people are going to find you online so it pays to make sure that you add good descriptions that have keywords people will likely use to find your stuff. Don’t spam the keyword though. Just make the description as interesting as possible and keep it to a tight 300 characters if possible.

Add Prices

While there’s some debate about whether adding prices to your pins will put people off, it’s often found that customers are far less annoyed if your upfront about it. The Internet moves fast after all, especially in this day of high speed Internet where people can do several searches a minute. If they don’t find the products they want with the prices clearly listed, they are likely to move on to a page that does have the info they want. After all, the ability to do so is right at their fingertips. Good Pinterest marketing, just like any Internet marketing, is all about eliminating trivial inconveniences.

Get That Profile Up

People actually do click on them, believe it or not. And you can put some great info in there about who you are and what you do. The profile can turn up in search engines as well and it can serve as a good hook that will draw people into your offered content and products.

Those who use Pinterest the most effectively will be those who profit the most off of it, it’s as simple as that.

Find Out Why You Need A Media Monitoring Company To Be Competitive In Your Niche Market

Business has changed so rapidly in the last twenty years and even faster in the last five. This is because frankly it is run by online reputation and social media along with traditional media is what hangs you in the balance. There were always companies in the past that got some bad press and even great press and how it usually went was like this.

A company would do something big either positive or negative and a reporter would collect the data after the research was done and a journalist would then put it out in the paper. Now, if it was good news then everyone is happy, with the exception of the competition if course. But if it was negative you would see featured splash on the near front page and then the owner would have to clean it up. If it was a mistake then a retraction would be printed. Today a Media Monitoring Service in New York particularly is essential to keeping a business alive.

What Does A Media Monitoring Service Do?

What happens is the service will research any press you may have and report it back to you. This way you can make a decision about what to do about it.

Can’t I Do That For Myself?

This sounds like an easy task at first blush but it is actually a very time-consuming task. The reason is this; when we say clipping we don’t just mean newspapers and periodicals anymore, we mean audio and social media clips as well. This is because the media arena has changes so much. If you did this constant research yourself you wouldn’t have time to run your business much less anything else. You have to have constant and timely vigilance between over 300 plus social media accounts, regular radio, blogs and blog talk radio shows etc…

Will I Get To Be Involved In How I Handle A Dispute Or Will The Media Monitoring Service?

At the end of the day it is your business. You are the decision maker as to handle any press that comes out about you and your business. Depending on how large your company is, you will need to figure out who will be the person that handles the reports. The general rule of thumb is that if your company is big enough to have a CEO then it needs to have a public relations team or officer in charge. This is then the person that would be speaking to the Media Monitoring Service.

In conclusion, the world of business is changing rapidly and we all have to get used to a lot of changes in the way in which we get our information and deal with the public and the fact that everything changes in a moment. A Media Monitoring Service New York can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

How to Convert QuickTime to DVD on Mac

QuickTime is considered to be one of the best movie player software available for Mac. Ant type of high definition movies can be played using the QuickTime software. But let us consider that you have a huge storage of QuickTime movies in your personal Mac computer. Now all that you need to do is to burn your QuickTime movies using the Mac QuickTime to DVD converter. This QuickTime to DVD converter manufactured by iSkysoft can work in different Mac software like Snow Leopard, Mac OS X etc. Running any popular videos using QuickTime is a complete easy work to perform, but burning the QuickTime videos to your personal DVD is not so easy task. Obviously you need to use the dedicated burning software for this task and DVD creator for Mac is considered to be the best possible which can be used. Professional but still easy to use is the best feature for this QuickTime to DVD converter software compatible in Mac machines.

If you are using Mac in your personal computer you need to have a QuickTime to DVD converter for Mac which is able to convert and burn your QuickTime video to your Mac. iSkysoft DVD creator for Mac is considered to be the best DVD burner for Mac lion which can help you to burn your favorite QuickTime videos to the DVDs through your Mac computer.  This software is able to work in different Mac versions like Snow Leopard, Mac OS X etc. The iSkysoft DVD creator for Mac also has the ability of editing QuickTime videos and setting DVD menus before converting & burning those to the DVDs.

For the burning process, you need to follow a few steps to convert & burn YouTube videos into DVDs using the QuickTime to DVD converter. In the first step you need to drag the YouTube videos downloaded to the Mac DVD creator directly. The mentioned YouTube to DVD converter configured for Mac has the dedicated ‘+’ button in order to add YouTube videos to this video converter. After adding the YouTube videos, you can use the iSkysoft DVD creator for Mac to perform different editing works on your YouTube video. Trimming, cropping, watermarks, color & contrast enhancement etc lots of editing features can be performed on the YouTube videos using this Mac software. Editing option is considered to be the best added feature incorporated within this DVD creator for Mac manufactured by iSkysoft. Also the personalized menus for the DVD can be created using this software. Lastly all you need to hit the ‘burn’ button on your video converter software and it will complete the burning work of your QuickTime video into the DVD.

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Email Marketing 2.0

As a small business owner, you do everything you can to get great marketing results with a small budget and individual attention. Email marketing is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to communicate to your customers, giving them information about upcoming sales, specials and other items you want to share. A creatively designed and properly executed email campaign is what separates the dregs of email marketing from the all-stars.

The List

The most important thing you can do before launching an email marketing campaign is to create a client list. Tag members of the list so you can segment your marketing emails, reducing the chances of sending someone an email that doesn’t interest them. Moreover, if you blindly send out emails you run the risk of being marked as Spam and eventually deleted.

Don’t treat every email on your list the same way. Different emails need to go to different types of customers. For example, create a “Welcome back” email for those who haven’t made a purchase from you in a while but have recently returned to your business. Write a “We miss you” email for those who haven’t purchased from you in a few months. Both of these remind the customer of your business and encourage them to return and make a purchase.


Before writing the email, sit down and determine what your email marketing goals

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are. Determine whether you plan to educate consumers, promote a product or drive a specific action from the reader. These goals will help you plan the content for your email. Determine if your emails are for seasonal events or just generic email greetings that encourage consumers to buy from you. With all of these goals and your list, write your emails geared toward your desired clientele.


In your email, encourage recipients to engage with your email marketing campaign. Ask them for feedback and encourage them to share the email by forwarding it to others. Also, encourage recipients to share your information via social media networking. This, along with the call to action, will help spread the word about your business, grow your client base and increase your sales.


Create a format that will draw the email recipient in and encourage them to continue reading. Don’t clutter your email with too many graphics. Yes, you can add a cute picture or use a bright font, but make sure they’re easy to read and don’t distract from the message you want to send. Keep your call to action and any important details above the fold, because many people don’t scroll down unless they have to.

Call to Action

The call to action in an email is what you ask your readers to do. For example, if you’re having a great sale this weekend, write something like, “Come to our location and shop before noon to receive the best deals of this sale,” or ask your readers to promote your business for you and share the email with friends and family. The call to action will encourage your consumers to do what you want, as long as you clearly state it. Place the call to action above the fold and then reiterate it toward the end of the email. This increases their exposure and makes it more difficult to miss.

If you haven’t already started an email marketing campaign for your small business, it’s not too late. Make the decisions to start one, then sit down, and plan it out. The better the plan, the better the results.

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