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5 Sites Where You Can Find People That Will Pay You To Write

Here is the most exciting part of working as a freelance article writer: you are in charge of finding your own work.

I know that doesn’t sound like something that would be the best part. But, the work is so easy to find that you will soon realize that you can take on as much work as you want. There are tons of people just aching to find a good article writer. When I say tons, I mean thousands… tens of thousands of people are practically foaming at the mouth to get their hands on a good writer.

The Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is one of the oldest and longest standing Internet marketing forums around. It might sound like I am lying here, but literally millions of dollars in business goes through that forum every year, probably even every month! There are tons of marketers who buy and sell products and services at the warrior forum.

If you visit and open up a membership, I suggest that you use your real name instead of a phony user name. It will help you seem more professional and credible.

Visit the Warrior Forum ( and post an ad for your writing services in the Warriors For Hire section. You could also think about posting in the Warrior Special Offer section. Yes, this particular technique will cost you – after all, the owner of the Warrior Forum has to make money somehow.

Before you actually put your ad together, take some time to look at other ads that have been posted by successful writers and model your ad after theirs. If you find another writer that is advertising their services, look at the number of responses that the post has. If there are a lot of responses, that probably means that they sell a lot of writing. So, think about modelling your ad after theirs. Don’t copy, but use some of the same principles. What exactly do they talk about? What format do they use? What does the headline of their ad say?

Make sure that you check your grammar and spelling – if you can come up with an acceptable ad, I can almost guarantee that you’ll quickly start getting orders.

Stay active on this forum for a while and you’ll start to see people talking about their need for a good writer. It would be acceptable for you to send a private message to these people and offer them your services, just don’t send a bunch of private messages to random members or you’ll find your account suspended for SPAMMING.

Digital Point Forums

There is tons of work to be found in the Digital Point forums at – you just need to start looking. There is a board on these forums called ‘Buy, Sell, Trade’ and you can post your services there for free as long as you have 15 posts to your name.

Look around the entire forum and contact members who are talking about their need for a writer. Offer your services to these members through a private message.

Freelancing websites

These are absolutely essential to freelance writers. is a good example of a freelancing website.  Scan through the ‘Writing and Translation’ sections of these web sites to find people who want to hire you.


Many people don’t realize it, but people are almost always looking for writers on Craigslist ( This website is one of the most popular and widespread ‘classified ads’ sites on the net.

Yes, Craigslist is separated by city and people usually post their classified ads in the city in which they live. But, since you work on the Internet, you don’t actually have to be in the city where a writing job has been posted posted. You can apply to almost any writing job.

Just visit the Craigslist site of a few populated cities and find the section labeled ‘Jobs’. Underneath this main category, you can find the subcategory of ‘writing/editing’. This is almost an untapped resource because not too many people think about applying for writing jobs through Craigslist.

If you visit, you will see that it is a great way to post an ad for your writing service. All you need to do is post a free classified ad in the ‘Services’ section. As long as you don’t put any vulgarities in your ad, it should go live instantly.

Put some basic information and maybe even some links to samples of your writing that you have posted somewhere online. Then, give some contact information so someone can contact you if they are interested.

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How To Write Tweets That Bring Lots Of Traffic To Your Website

Twitter is simple. It will allow you to tweet in 140 words. Can you come with a tweet that interests people to check your website? Yes, you can. And most people do. So, why not learn to craft a good tweet that will bring lots of traffic to your website? It’s simple to do, and you don’t need to learn a lot of complicated formulas. Here are 5 tips to write tweets that bring lots of traffic to your website:

1. Tweet When You Like

You don’t need to set up a schedule just to tweet. You know, tweeting is as easy as sending SMS message to your friend. You have your smartphone in your hand. You don’t need to spend one hour just to open your Twitter account and start tweeting. You just need approximately 2-3 minutes just to open your Twitter app and start tweeting. So, you should tweet often and tweet when you feel like tweeting. Don’t force your tweeting ideas.

2. Give Short Comment About Anything

You can tweet about anything. You can tweet about current events. You can tweet about related information in your niche. You just need to give a short comment about anything that seems interesting to you. Share your comment in your tweet. In this way, your tweet will flow directly from your mind. And guess what? It will become interesting to read and follow. You don’t restrict your tweet to your website niche only. You can tweet about anything that you like. It’s your Twitter account, by the way. The exception would be if your Twitter account is a corporate account. In this case, you can just restrict your tweet related to your business.

3. In Twitter, Mix Your Business With Your Personal Preference

It is a good idea for you to mix your business with your personal preference. In this way, your business will have a kind of personal touch that people can relate to. This becomes more preferable if you are the only one who maintains your website. You don’t need to make your website sounds corporate if you are the only want to maintain it. Tell people that it’s a personal business. In fact, it can add more uniqueness to your tweets. People won’t know exactly what you’ll tweet later since you tweet about anything that fascinates you. In this way, you’ll stir their curiosity toward you.

4. Tweet Your Website Update Personally

Don’t use any Twitter-related software just to tell your Twitter followers about your latest website update. Don’t update your content automatically on Twitter. Make your content more valuable by telling your followers about it personally. Write the tweet manually and tell your followers that there is a new content update in your website. In this way, you will be able to make your tweet more interesting. Your audience will have more interest to check your website.

5. Interact With Your Followers

Don’t forget to create a discussion with your followers. Don’t be selfish. You should build good communication with your followers in order to increase your website image and reputation. Why is it important for you to interact with your followers? That’s because it will help you to gain more attention in Twitter. When people know that you’re constantly interacting with your followers, people will become more curious about you, and they will want to follow you. Of course, it will give you more chance to bring lots of traffic to your website.

Those are 5 tips you can use to write tweets that bring lots of traffic to your website. Follow the tips above and you’ll be able to make your tweets more appealing for your audience.

Jake is a technology blogger passionate about SEO and IM Technologies. He occassionally contributes informative resource to Assisted Reputation, a SEO Services Company in London

DSL, Fiber Optics And Satellite – The Contemporary Faces Of Internet

Remember the old days when connecting to the Internet used to be a momentous task requiring proper planning! Those were the days of the dull and dreary dial up. Characterized by the harsh connection noises, dial up connections were very slow and unreliable. However, those days are long gone; broadband is synonymous with Internet these days, and is a much faster and reliable alternative to accessing Internet. Also, users have a good basket of options in the form of DSL, fiber optic and satellite based Internet services. Here, we try to introduce you to these different forms of Internet connection methods. Not only will you be able to appreciate the fine boundaries that separate these techniques, you’ll also be able to identify the ideal method while purchasing Internet services in the future.

DSL Internet   

DSL was a remarkable improvement over the standard dial up Internet. Although DSL requires the use of a phone line, but using the Internet in the DSL connection does not mean that the phone line goes engaged. Also, irrespective of the Internet being consumed by your neighbors, the speed you have with DSL remains fairly stable. However, there is a slight problem with DSL Internet, and that is the fact that the speed of Internet tends to go down as you begin to move away from the base of the Internet service provider. Also, the DSL Internet connection is generally slower as compared to the cable. So, the distance between the office of the provider and the place where you intend to use your Internet connection is a major consideration if you are planning to go for a DSL internet connection. DSL is not as readily available for connection as the cable Internet.

Fiber Optics

Although available in limited markets, fiber optic Internet is a huge advancement over conventional cable based internet methods. Companies of the likes of AT&T, Verizon and Qwest provide such services. The speed of data transfer is large, and so is the distance over which transmission takes place. Also, since the diameter and weight of these cables is less, they make for perfect alternatives to several cabling applications. Being made from glass, there is little interference in the cables, so the connections established are more stable. The price of fiber optics based Internet is comparable to DSL connections, and less than that for cable. Expect superior performance from fiber optics based Internet solutions as compared to any other. However, because of the fact these are only available in limited markets, fiber optics services in Internet have not become overly popular.

Satellite Internet

Ever wondered how people residing in rural areas get access to Internet? Since they do not have access to broadband channels, they are only left with the satellite enabled Internet connections, as far as high speed internet is concerned. Downloading in satellite based internet connections is almost equivalent to DSL in terms of speed. However, the speed if uploading is a trouble, and other than basic surfing, heavy file uploaders tend to be dissatisfied with such services.

Serverpronto offers total control to users through its customized hosting solutions. Fiber optic connections, Multitier 1 10GBPS internet backbones, 24/7/365 customer support and money back guarantee make it one of the most reliable choices in the hosting market. To get cheap deals on its products, redeem Serverpronto coupons.

This article is brought to you by Brandon, who has extensive knowledge about Broadband DSL internet and occasionally searches for great DSL deals at

5 Reasons Your Travel Blog Is Not Getting Traffic

A great way to catalog your travels around the world is to blog about it. Your blog should build a following if you promote it, but with so many other travel blogs you’ll have stiff competition.

Hundreds of people around the world write travel blogs and get the benefits of meeting fantastic people and documenting their travels. They also build an excited audience of people who visit the blog as an opportunity to escape from the mundane.

As you catalog your travels, you’ll want to know that people are reading, viewing your photos and sharing with friends. This is a rewarding aspect of writing a blog after all. But what if you’re not getting the traffic and shares on social network that you expected?

Keep in mind that your blog won’t be an overnight success, but there are some things that might keep your blog from getting the traffic you need. Five of those reasons are discussed below.

You Post Too Often

Yes, this is one niche where posting too often could affect your traffic. The same is true if you’re not posting enough. You need to find the right balance for posting. Your current readers will possibly leave your blog if you publish posts every day because most readers will probably follow other travel blogs as well, and it’s a lot to keep up with. On the other hand, posting often will increase your likelihood of getting more traffic from the search engines. The quality of the posts will determine if those readers come back for more.

Your Posts Are Too Long

Writing a travel blog is more complicated than it looks. You’ll have to find the time to update your blog in the midst of your travels. Then there’s the management of the blog itself; responding to email and comments could take up a chunk of time. Make it easy on yourself and your readers. Stick to short but informative posts with lot of pictures so readers could experience your travels.

You’re Not Using Photos

A travel blog must be visual. You’ll need to include photos to communicate the things that words can’t. If your readers were to travel to the places you visited, they’ll want to experience the place visually before they do. Your travel blog must provide the visuals they need.

You Talk Too Much

Well, that statement should be you write too much. And you’re writing about the wrong things. Keep in mind that readers visit your blog to get details on the places you visit – places that they might one day visit. Sure they might be interested in your personal experiences but don’t overdo it. Share your stories if it in some way highlights the place you visited.

You Don’t Read Other Travel Blogs

Reading and commenting on other travel blogs will ensure that the publisher and other readers visit your blog as well. It is one of the best and fastest ways to increase the traffic coming in to your blog.

Loren has written this article for Louis Habash who is a Professor Of Philosophy At King’s College in NYC.

Common Solutions to a Common Android Problem

One of the most frustrating things that Android owners experience is a lack of battery life. As is for all smart phones, it seems the advertised battery life doesn’t seem to be anywhere near what battery life you actually get. This could be for a number of reasons, and some might be avoidable while others aren’t.

If you feel like you’ve had serious problems with your Android’s battery lately, you might be searching the web for a solution. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these solutions to one of the most obnoxious problems that Android owners face: insufficient battery life.

The Snapdragon BatteryGuru App

One solution to many common battery issues lies in the form of an app available to download for your Android. This new Android battery app actually works in the background of your phone to increase your battery life. After you download the app, all you need to do is use your phone, and after a few days the app will let you know it’s learned your phone habits and will kick into use.

The app has a great rating on the Google Play store, mainly because it requires no interaction to help increase your battery life. It’s a great app to just download and forget about, and get better battery life for as long as you have your phone.

Keep Your Phone on the Windowsill

Something as simple as where you keep your phone when you’re at home or work can severely affect your battery life, and if you make adjustments it should improve. By keeping your phone on a windowsill, it will be able to connect to the cell towers much more easily, meaning it won’t waste extra battery life trying to get a signal.

Obviously you shouldn’t go out of your way to keep your phone at a windowsill (if you have a desk in the middle of an office, it’ll be awkward to run to the window every time your phone rings), but if you’re able to then you should. When you’re at your desk, keep your phone on your desk and not in your pocket, so it has an easier path to pick up the signal. Something so simple could solve some of your battery issues.

Deactivate Automatic Wi-Fi Connect

Every time you leave your work office and head home, your phone disconnects from your office Wi-Fi and then connects to your home Wi-Fi when you get home. Every time you connect or disconnect from a network, your battery is drained. What makes things worse is that your phone will try to connect to Wi-Fi networks on your way from work to home.

Your phone will attempt to connect to the Starbucks Wi-Fi network, the network on the subway, and any other network in between. Obviously finding wireless networks is helpful, but if you’re simply commuting between two places it’s not necessary. Disconnecting the automatic connect will mean your device only connects to wireless networks that it’s been authorized to connect to. It won’t waste battery searching for Wi-Fi networks, which means a better battery life in the long run.

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