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What is the Single Best Investment for your Online Business?

A lot of us are in different niche markets and market to these different niche markets in a vast array of different ways. It could be one, just one investment that really gives you that breakthrough and takes your income to the next level.

It might be that investment in a professional copywriter that really give you a great conversion rate and really gets you rolling.  Or maybe it’s that investment in hiring a virtual assistant that frees up your precious time and you can use that extra time to really make a killing.

It might be that $40 that you slap down to launch a Warrior Special Offer at  There are still plenty of people making thousands of dollars from just one special offer on the Warrior Forum – you just need to do your research and find out what people really want, create a great product and market it well. With the right WSO you can have a massive ROI.

What about pay-per click advertising with Google Adwords or on Facebook?  Some pay-per click campaigns can make you a fortune online, if they’re done correctly.

What about that brilliant ghostwriter that you hired that wrote you that great eBook that really took you to the next level? What about that PLR membership site that you joined that got you all this wonderful content that you can use to build and maintain your online business?

One of the best investments you can make is the $20 a month that you spend on your Aweber autoresponder service.  This is probably the most popular autoresponder today, and if you build a responsive list you can literally make thousands of dollars a month. It’s just a matter of creating a squeeze page, giving away a valuable freebie (a short report or maybe a video) and driving traffic to your squeeze page.

Many people would say your single best investment is in a hosting plan. You can get hosting for unlimited websites from a hosting company (Hostgator for example) for as little as $9.95 per month. After that you just need to purchase a domain and you can get a profitable website up and running – be it a squeeze page, a blog, an affiliate website, or even an online store.

Some people will tell you that education is your best investment online. Many newbies go overboard however and end up buying thousands of dollars worth of eBooks, video courses and more, to find out the ‘secrets’ to making money online. It really isn’t necessary to spend that much – in fact if you join a reputable Internet Marketing forum such as the Warrior Forum you can find all the information you need for free.

Realistically there is no one ‘best’ investment in your online business. Chances are you will have to invest in a number of different things to get up and running – hosting, an autoresponder, domains etc. being the most popular. The good thing is that it is very cheap to get started, you can start online for less than $50, and once you have some money coming in you can easily reinvest in other things that will boost your business.

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Kurt Mathias, is working as a programmer in a Software company. For 5 years, he has focused on programming and analyzing systems software. One of the project he has work on was on Mysearchresults – which is a new developed Search Engine.

Tips To Use List Building Software And Other Resources To Build A List

Using list building software, and other such list building techniques, you can build your email marketing list. It does not matter the type of product or service you are selling. Email marketing is inexpensive compared to traditional advertising methods.

Using the power of emails lists, you can build a stable email subscriber base. Given that this is a permission based mechanism, subscribers to your emails are happy to receive and read them. This is as opposed to advertisements that interrupt consumers between newspapers, TV programmes, and while watching movies.

The following are some list building ideas to help you get started in this process.

Provide Relevant Information

You cannot expect users to give you their email ID, no matter how sophisticated your list building software is. You have to provide useful, relevant, and consumable content. This aspect entices email readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

Get The User To Subscribe To Every Webpage On Your Website

Your website should be a collection of information-centric web pages. Each webpage should have a subscribe link. Meaning, visitors of your website should be able to subscribe to each webpage on your website. Accessibility of your web pages is important. You cannot use list building software to achieve this. You ought to use good website architecture techniques and layout schemes.

The Signup Process Should Not Be Cumbersome

When a user is trying to sign up for your newsletter, don’t keep them waiting. Make the process of signing up for your newsletter easy. Research has indicated that making the signing up process cumbersome disinterests the user.

When your visitors sign up, assure them that their email address will not be circulated to spammers. Most visitors are concerned about their email addresses being circulated to spammers.

Provide Newsletter Example Content

Again, you may not be able to use list building software to create newsletter examples. Your visitors would be interested in how your newsletter looks. Therefore, provide these samples on your website. You can also provide the facility of downloading the newsletter.

Maintain an archive. Stack all previous iterations of editions of your mailed newsletters year by year and month by month. This tactic is appealing to all types of users. It also makes you website more creditable.

Try To Collaborate With Other Newsletter Publishers

Call out to other newsletter publishers. Let them know that you are publishing your newsletter. Request them to have a backlink to your newsletter subscription on their site. Invite them to place their backlinks on your website too.

Give Free Ebooks

Don’t shy away from being generous. When visitors subscribe to your newsletter, give them a free eBook that is otherwise paid. This tactic builds interest in the visitor about your website. Request visitors to let others know about your website. Often, a referral mechanism is the best way to promote a website.

You can also let other newsletter publishers print your newsletter on their website. This applies to visitors too. They can be allowed to print your newsletter condition to the fact that the newsletter content should not be modified.

Jake is a passionate blogger with great interest in SEO and Internet marketing  he has written this article for Dynamic Search ™ a SEO agency located in Phoenix, Arizona offering Seo packages for Local and International Clients.

Tech Patents Straining US Economy

When most people think of patents, they think of geniuses pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and protecting their inventions. But in the technology industry, many patents are granted for ideas that are completely obvious, and this is having a profound effect on the economy. Small businesses, city governments and tech giants are all affected.

Most people don’t think twice about scanning a document, and then emailing a PDF copy, but this could come at a hefty price. A company called Project Paperless has patented this process, and they want companies to pay $1,000 per employee in order to access the technology.

An article in Ars Technica discusses the journey of one man, Steven Vicinanza, who received a legal letter from Project Paperless. Enraged by the letter, Steven fought back and the company ended up dropping the case. But for every person like Steven, there will be a business that decides that it’s easier to settle the case out of court and pay up.

“Many companies would rather settle for small six figures and avoid a prolonged court battle,” explained James Cupero. “And patent owners are often wary about going to court, because their patents could be struck down.”

It’s not just companies that are being targeted by patent owners. American cities have mostly avoided patent troubles, but recently a string of cities have reached settlements with a company that is enforcing a patent on bus tracking systems. The patent has never been tested in court, but some of the patents have been reexamined by the patent office. Some of the patents have been struck down, but at least one of the patents survived, according to another article in Ars Technica.

Patents are not just affecting everyday use of technology, but also the way companies make products. Eileen Yu wrote about the recent litigation between Apple and Samsung, and the difficulties Apple competitors could face in light of the judgment:

Over dinner this week, my friends and I were discussing the Apple-Samsung patent lawsuit when I joked that the next-generation of non-iOS phones would have us licking the device to scroll and tapping it on our foreheads to zoom.

Lest you haven’t heard, in one of the most hotly watched patent trials, the U.S. court on Aug. 25 ruled in Apple’s favor and agreed Samsung had infringed several of Cupertino’s patents including double-tap to zoom and one-finger to scroll.

Many of the biggest technology companies reach agreements where they cross-license patents to each other. This type of arrangement is possible for larger businesses that have amassed a large number of patents, but it’s not an option for smaller businesses that have few patents on their books.

It is widely believed that Google bought Motorola only to acquire its vast portfolio of patents, and to protect the Android ecosystem. This idea was given more credence when Google quickly started dismantling Motorola and selling off large parts of its business shortly after the purchase. While Google has a large number of patents, many of its competitors had much more developed portfolios, and so Google had to make a defensive purchase. When Google had to make a move like this, it’s hard to imagine how a smaller player could ever enter the smartphone OS business.

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Essential Education for Full-Time Bloggers

Are you considering blogging full-time? Are you already a full-time blogger? Having a good educational background can help you not only become a better blogger, but also make more money.

Why is an Education Helpful for Bloggers?

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First things first. If you are a blogger, you need to understand grammar, spelling, and basic English (or the language you are blogging in). If you don’t have a basic foundation in the language you write in, you aren’t going to get very far as a blogger.

However, having further education is also helpful. It is important for a blogger to have a good knowledge of what they are writing about. Do you specialize in writing about the newest gadgets? Understanding how those gadgets work can help you sound more professional. It also gives you a better insight into what you are writing about.

How Much Education is Required?

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Technically, you don’t need any formal education to be a full time blogger. However, the more knowledge you have, the better your blog is going to be. Many bloggers have either an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in their chosen field.

How to get a Degree

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There are many options when you are considering going back to school for higher education. You can get a degree at a traditional school. This will require you to go into classes on a regular basis. You will be limited to the degree options available through the school.

There are also online degree options. At you can compare degrees and select what you think would work best for your situation. One of the great things about getting your degree online is that you can attend class when it is convenient for you.

Education Beyond a Degree

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What field are you writing about? Are there certifications you can get that will help you prove that you know your field? Getting these certifications can help you prove your knowledge. When you are certified, more people are likely to see you as an expert in your field. A professional certification can help you in blogging, as well as other careers if you choose to do something other than blogging.

Proper Education can get you Sponsorships, Guest Post Opportunities, and More

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If you are trying to make a career out of blogging, it is important to get your name out there. On top of that, it is important to get some money coming in. Having a good background, education, and certifications can all help with this. When you can prove yourself as an expert, you will be more likely to get sponsorships, which will bring in money. Guest blogging on other people’s blogs can help you gain exposure with their readership. The more notoriety you get, you may find yourself getting sample products, interviews with big names, and more.

Getting a good education is essential, no matter what your career path. Bloggers may not need a formal education to write great blog posts, but it will certainly help you feel more confident in your field, as well as help you make a name for yourself.


How to Treat Your Customers Properly on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to connect your company with your customers. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t care about building good customer relationship through Facebook. But, I’ll tell you what. If you can build good customer relationship through Facebook, your product or company will have good popularity growth very quickly. Why? That’s because Facebook holds the most important power in online marketing–people power or the power of viral marketing. If you can get good words out about your product or company on Facebook, then chances are you’ll get more and more people interested in having a business relationship with you. So, here are some tips to treat your customers properly on Facebook:

1. Communicate with them properly

If you want to make a good impression about your company on social media platform, then you have to have proper communication with your customers. What does it mean? It means that you have to understand what your customers are trying to say to you, and you have to provide the right answer for their questions. Avoid misunderstanding between you and your customers. You can’t afford to lose your credibility when this happens. Remember that anyone can see your Facebook page, and they’ll judge your service based on how you communicate with your customers.

2. Answer their queries, no matter how small

When your customers want some answers about your product or service, they’ll ask for it on your Facebook page just for the convenience of it. And the worst thing that you can do is to ignore their queries. No matter how small, you have to answer every single question that your customers are asking you through your Facebook page. If the questions are too many, you just need to hire some people to help you with this. Your attention to their concerns will become a valuable asset for your business, especially in your customer service area.

3. Address your customers regularly

Many people only care about raising the number of likes in their Facebook page. Yes, of course, it’s important to have a good number of likes on your page. But, it’s not the only thing that you can do. You can’t abandon your customers and then focus only on raising your likes. It’s just a number, and what matters is about how you treat your customers. It is about how you make them feel important. You have to update your Facebook page often with useful content and tips, and don’t forget to address your customers regularly. Address them in a friendly manner in your updates, like this: “Hi [Your Product] lovers, today we’re going to give you a very valuable tip to use [Your Product]…”

4. Give them special offers

Special offers will keep the enthusiasm of your customers toward using your product or service. If you give them special offers every now and then, you can potentially increase your customer base significantly. Why? Due to its viral traffic potential, your Facebook page followers will inform their Facebook friends about your special offers, and some of them will respond to it. So, it is a good way to treat your customers properly as well as give your business a significant boost over time. Be sure to give them special offers that they can’t resist.

5. Offer help to your customers

Finally, you should always offer help to your customers. Why? This is a part of your business to keep them satisfied with your product or service. Always be willing to help them solve their problem related to your product or service. Be ready when they need your help. Building a successful business is a matter of helping your customers to solve their problem with your product or service.

Those are some tips you can follow to treat your customers properly on Facebook. Use this largest social media platform to your advantage, and you’ll be able to get more and more customers coming your way, as well as building stronger relationship with your existing customers.

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Jake is a passionate blogger with great interest in SEO and Internet marketing, he has written this article for Dynamic Search ™ a Mobile Marketing company located in Phoenix, Arizona. Their competitive analysis report alone offers great insight into any Website and its current ranking

5 Good Pay Per Click Management Tactics That Will Ensure Maximum ROI

Without proper management plan, your pay per click advertising campaign will fail. If you don’t calculate correctly your spending and your potential profit, every click will be wasted for bad leads or you will spend more money than you earn. Here are 5 good pay per click management tactics that will ensure maximum ROI for you:

1.Avoid Investing On “Stupid” Keywords

It is unwise for you to invest your money on keywords that likely won’t convert well such as keywords with spelling mistakes and broad keywords. Most of the time, those keywords will only make you lose money. Yet, most “experts” Will recommend you to bid on those keywords “just in case”. It is better for you to find targeted keywords that have the highest relevancy to your landing page. In this way, you will have better results and better quality clicks.

2.Split Test Your Landing Page

Split testing is very important if you want to increase your conversion rate. Remember, in any marketing scheme, higher conversion rate is what you aim for. You have to split test your landing page so that you can improve your conversion rate. This is a long-term process, but if you constantly test your landing page and improve it, you’ll have better and better return of investment from your PPC advertising campaign.

3.Stay Away From The Stiff Competition

Competitive keywords only mean two things for you: they will cost more per click, and they will have lower click through rate.So, always seek for the alternative. You have to find keywords that have low competition and low CPC. To find these keywords, you will need to use some handy keyword research tools that will help you to determine exactly what keywords have low competition and what keywords have high competition.

4.Analyze Your Campaign Performance

You have to look for your campaign performance each day. If you find that some keywords are bringing you good sales, expand your promotion on those keywords. If you find that some keywords are making you to lose money, discard them quickly. Your aim is to achieve high return of investment from your campaign, so you need to be aware of your campaign performance. Always install tracking codes in each of your campaign and landing page.

5.Improve The Quality Of Your Ad

If you see that your campaign has 1000 impressions but only 10 clicks, then it means that your ad copy is not good enough. Your click through rate will affect your conversion, so you have to ensure that you have high click through rate in your advertising campaign. When people are excited with your ad, they will likely become excited with your offer a well. So, be sure to refine your ad copy whenever you see any bad CTR in your campaign. Once you improve your ad copy, you will improve your CTR, which will lead you to higher conversion.

Those are some tactics that you can apply in your pay per click advertising campaign in order to achieve maximum return of investment. PPC is a quick way to earn money, but it is also a quick way to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Those tactics will help you to make your PPC campaign a quick money earner instead of a quick money waster.

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Jake is a freelance SEO consultant and a part time blogger who loves to write on latest in the SEO and Internet Marketing. He has written this article for Dynamic Buzz a social media marketing agency.


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