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Building a Free Website While Chewing Gum at the Same Time

If you can walk and chew gum at the same time, you can build a website free of charge while chewing your favorite flavor of Trident. In other words, this is an extremely easy process. Gone are the days where you need a computer science degree from a university to build a website. Innovative companies who cater to their client’s needs understand that consumers want to have the power behind their own websites, and through an easy process. This makes total sense. After all, if you hired a builder to create that 4 bed / 3 bath family home, would you let them keep the keys to your home (your life) after they complete the job? Certainly not. But when you hire an independent designer or a firm to build your website, not only are you paying thousands of dollars, they hold control of it. If you need a change made, you have to call them and rely on them to do this for you, at their leisure. When you learn how to create a free website from, not only are you gaining a free tool vital to your success, you are investing in your own education by learning the steps required in bringing the product to life, while ensuring your dominion over it. And this process is so easy that you can even chew gum while doing it.

But what about the Headache of Coding?

Good news: there is no coding on your part required. The experts have done this for you. Any good site that understands what their clients need will have already utilized the complicated science that plays into building the bones. The fun, creative stuff is left over for you.

What are the Steps?

Most likely, your first step will be to choose a design. Make sure you partner with a company that offers designs created by industry professionals, and not some cookie-cutter templates that were dug from the bottom of 1994’s trashcan. Pick something relevant to your field. For example, if you own a dog grooming business, don’t pick a website with a nautical theme. But this is a no-brainer.

Once you have worked through the basic construction steps in your website’s dashboard, the next step will be to add content. When you do this, you must be smart, and add clever, strategic content that will drive traffic to your website. In an article by Michigan Tech, the author states that one should focus on quality content created specifically for your intended users in order to increase site traffic, which overall, improves your site’s relevance and authority in the search engines. In other words, when this is done, you are more likely to rank higher in Google where people can find you. The author continues to state that one should focus on creating relevant links within the text. This will produce the same effect. Here is an example: going back to the idea your own a dog grooming business, let’s say you are writing an article about how you specialize in bathing dogs with sensitive skin issues. Mention the brand of unique dog shampoo you use, and create a link that takes readers to the shampoo company’s website. It doesn’t matter if they click on it or not. Just having enriched, active content will help your ranking in Google.  However, be aware that almost all free websites may ask you to upgrade to a paid version of the website that offers more bells and whistles, like allowing you to use SEO tactics in your text as discussed in this article. A good website should be able to offer this for very cheap, and it is definitely worth doing. But don’t rush it. Try the free version, and if you get a good feel for it, and the website company, make that call and upgrade then.

Have Fun with It

Embrace the awesome opportunity you have to put your passion into your business. When building your free website, get creative and have fun. It will show when your clients look at it.

The Best of POS

If you are looking for a software that can meet the demands of your wholesale or retail business, then Counterpoint software may be the answer. This is more than just basic POS software. It allows you to fully manage your business with efficiency and ease. If your business is looking for a new way to streamline things then this might be a good choice for you.


Customer Loyalty

This software allows you to keep detailed information on your customers. You will also be able to keep a detailed sales history so that you know which of your products they like best. This can aid you when you are trying to put together special promotions.


Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a tedious task and counting by hand can result in accidental human errors. This software can help you with controlling inventory costs, maintaining optimum inventory levels and tracking merchandise movement. All of the tools needed to do these things are all part of the software, as well as tools to minimize out-of-stock situations and inventory levels and to maximize profitability and valuable management information.


Gifts Cards

Gift cards are a great way to generate predictable and consistent revenue. It is also a good way to meet consumer expectations. This software has a feature that is easy to use dedicated to gift cards. Think about it, if someone buys a gift card for your business, the recipient has to spend it there. Plus, once a gift card is bought, you have the money whether the gift card is redeemed or not, so it really is a win-win situation.


Order Management

If you have mail order, website order or customer specials, this software can help you handle and organize all of this. You will be able to enjoy recorded shipping information for shipping manifest integration, order entry, batch order processing and order fulfillment of individual orders. You really cannot go wrong with this. Orders are some of the hardest things to keep track of, especially when you are doing it by hand. This software can do all of this for you removing the risk for accidental human error.

Child food TV ads for dropped because of the online advertisement

Television was once one of the most effective medium for the advertisement. However, the days are changing with the emerging of the internet. Now most of the renowned food companies are not using television for advertising of children food. They are increasing their marketing by the help of mobile devices and the internet.

Well, with the problems like inflation, the food companies are trying their best to cut down the cost of the advertisement. They also want to make the advertisement effective. As per the statistics is concerned, 51% of the marketing for the food elements of the children are done through online. It clears that the use of the internet for the marketing the children food is increasing rapidly.

The problem of obesity among the children and the teenagers is increasing quite rapidly. Therefore, most of the food companies have extended their helping hands to advertise the perfect food elements for the children and teenage. They have taken the medium of mobile and internet to reach their customers through various advertisements.

The main reason behind online advertising is that it costs lesser than doing the same in the television. There is another reason behind it that the number of mobile devices with internet service is increasing day by day. Therefore, they are advertising about the improved and hygienic baby foods and nutrition foods for teenagers by the help of internet.

Nestle, one of the most reputed brand of food has successfully cut down the cost of advertisement through television. According to the report Nestle now do not advertise their products to the children who are younger than the age of 6. They now only advertise the nutritious food products for the age group of 6 to 11. The boys and girls of this age group are using mobile internet a lot. Therefore, choosing online advertising is an extremely intelligent way of advertising.

As the obesity is becoming quite a huge problem and at the same time the food companies are not in a position to spend huge amount of money for the advertisement, taking out a perfect way has become quite a necessary thing for these companies. The self regulation of the industry is undoubtedly required. Online marketing is becoming a cheaper way of advertisement of the nutritious food products.

It is true that there is the opportunity of increasing more awareness about obesity and taking nutritious foods for the children and teenagers. The food companies have to make more nutritious foods for the child so that they can get relief from the problem of obesity. However, with that, it is also important to advertise those products properly. If online marketing is the cheapest way the companies can surely take it.

According to most of the companies through online marketing they have successfully reached the targeted customer without spending that much of the money which they had to spend to advertise through television. However, at the time of inflation, online marketing has become a great weapon for the companies to advertise the nutritious food for the children and teenagers.

Web Traffic for iOS and Android – Not much different

A recent study revealed that the rate of web traffic for two competitive tablet and Smartphone software developers has been same for the last six months.  In last six months, none of the software developers has introduced something new or attractive in their products and that is considered as the reason of this same rating of web traffic.

The two developers that was the topic of that study were none other than the two technology-giant – Google and Apple. The report established the fact that both the companies are still standing in the same position where they were six months ago to get web traffic.

Web Traffic for iOS and AndroidThe news has been published by the analytics and advertising company Chitika. The company published a new report taking from the six-month study report developed by Canadian and U.S web traffic reporters. These reporters again collected the information from ad impressions by Android and iOS devices. The most important part of this report is that these two giant companies are standing in same position and no such development is noticed in their growth at least in last half of the year.

Surprisingly both the companies have introduced new set of products in this period still the rate of development is same. Perhaps, the new launches didn’t bring any new attractions for customers that could have changed the scenario.

According to Chitika report, on 27th of November, Apples’ web traffic rate closed on 67 only. It was also mentioned in the report that this rate is only 2% more than from Apple’s starting rate, calculated on May, which is not a big development for a company like Apple.

At the same time, Google’s web traffic rate was just 33 percent only, which is according to ad experts analysis is near about 2% less from where it started.

The experts of the analytics and advertising company concluded that Apple faced this web traffic issue due to releasing two latest models of tablets in short interval. Release of fourth and third generation of tablet though increased company’s share but it didn’t influence the web traffic rate anyhow.

When users get different models on same OSes they don’t think much to get new upgraded devices, which affect web traffic rate negatively, the experts explained.

The experts on the other hand came to this conclusion following other reports, published on share market condition of these two companies, a few weeks ago. It is being expected that Apple is going to face upheavals regarding share market issue in coming months as well.

Other report from ComScore suggests that Apple can get over its rivals, especially Samsung in terms of cell phone and there is a chance to show development in mobile phone share, especially in US.

ABI researchers suggested that the scenario would change a lot in case of tablet style products. The report says that the company has already noticed 14% decline in Tablet share, which is supposed to decline more in next halves. Apple noticed this downfall since introducing the first version of iPad two years back, in 2010.

Forensic Psychology: The Degree, Pros, Cons and Job Outlook

Thanks in part to film and television, the field of forensic psychology has exploded in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, the sensationalized portrayal of vigilant investigators has somewhat overshadowed the hard work and dedication that’s required to be successful in this challenging field. In reality, the field of forensic psychology is based on applying the principles of psychology to the legal system, but the real work begins in the classroom. If you have a passion for helping others, here are a few points to consider before seeking a career in this field, including why earning your master’s degree is the best option.

What Exactly is Forensic Psychology?

In a nutshell, a forensic psychologist studies the actions, motives and behaviors of criminals, and applies this knowledge to the justice system. The definition of this profession might be simple, but the job description is more complicated. Depending on their employer, a forensic psychologist might work to profile criminals, perform court-ordered psychological evaluations, advocate for a prison inmate, oversee group therapy sessions or provide a number of other healthcare services for inmates. As a forensic psychologist, you might determine an individual’s competency to stand trial, study a crime scene to determine a motive or work with inmates at a state’s correctional facility.

Potential Career Paths

A forensic psychologist’s duties and job description is vast, and so are the number of potential employers. Here is a short list of the many employers and fields that require the services of forensic psychologists:

  • Police departments
  • Law firms
  • Rehabilitation center
  • Correctional facilities
  • Government agencies
  • Universities

Many forensic psychologists also work as family therapists, criminal psychologists, medical evaluators, counseling psychologists, developmental psychologists and even lawyers.

How Much Will I Earn as a Forensic Psychologist?

The average or starting salary for a forensic psychologist will vary depending on the employer, industry or the individual’s educational background. Many employers require candidates possess a doctoral degree for entry-level positions. In those instances, the average annual starting salary is $60,000 to $70,000. For individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, the average starting salary is around $35,000 to $40,000 per year. Many positions in governmental agencies don’t require a doctoral degree and there are opportunities for individuals with a master’s degree to start a private practice.

The Ups and Downs of the Profession

The potential to earn an impressive salary and the opportunity to make a real difference are just two of the benefits of working in forensic psychology, but there are many more, including:

  • Diversity – No other profession allows individuals to work for such a diverse number of employers. You might find yourself working in the court system one year, and then as a victim’s advocate or criminal profiler the next.
  • The Challenge – Forensic psychology is a fascinating as well as challenging field of study.
  • Competition – Because forensic psychology is so mentally demanding and requires extensive study and education, there is little competition in the field.
  • Growth – The demand for well-educated forensic psychologists is on the rise and is expected to grow in the future.

For all the benefits, there are a few more points to consider before seeking employment in this challenging field:

  • Educational Requirements – Once again, many employers require potential candidates possess a doctoral degree, which can take several years to complete.
  • Stress – Although it’s endlessly fascinating, forensic psychology is also an extremely stressful career path. Long work hours and challenging cases can often lead to burnout.
  • Earning Potential – It’s possible to earn a healthy salary working in this field, but that’s only after years of schooling and paying your dues.

Is Forensic Psychology the Best Career Path for Me?

Before entering this challenging, exciting and sometimes exhausting field, it’s important to ask yourself if you have what it takes to succeed. Beyond the love of working with others and a passion for the law, there are three attributes that every successful forensic psychologist should possess: creativity, persistence and a keen ability to think quickly.

The field of forensic psychology has been glamorized, misrepresented and generally taken out of context. If you’re not sure that this career path is your best option, don’t hesitate to pick the brain of an experienced and successful professional to help you in making your decision.

About the Author: Carrie Hamilton is a guest blogger and graduate student. She’s currently earning her industrial organizational psychology degree and hopes to find a career with a large corporation after graduation.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Hybrid Tablet

There’s a common dilemma that faces almost every techno-literate person – whether to get a tablet or a laptop. While most of us would like to have both gadgets, there are certain advantages to making do with just one device:

  1. Cheaper!
  2. Easy to manage data
  3. No need to duplicate apps
  4. Easy to carry – whether to your office or on holiday

But then, laptops and tablets both have certain drawbacks – there are certain tasks a laptop is better suited to, while there are times a laptop can seem unwieldy and bulky and you’d be better off with a tablet.

Look no further as Sony’s new Vaio Duo 11 Hybrid Tablet seems to be what you need! This hybrid tablet-laptop device packs the best of both worlds – allowing you to use it either as a tablet or as a notebook PC.

The Vaio Duo 11 Tablet is a hybrid-style ultra-portable (ultrabook) laptop that can be used in either form factor – as a regular laptop with a keyboard, or with the keyboard folded away, as a tablet. The Surf Slider design that sees the keyboard sliding out when required, and hidden when used as a tablet, is perhaps a best features of this tablet/laptop hybrid

Weighing 1.3 kg and just 17.85mm thick, the Vai Duo 11 Hybrid Tablet packs an impressive 11.6” capacitive touchscreen 1080p High Definition LCD.  Other features include:

  1. Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 CPUs
  2. Intel HD 4000 graphics
  3. RAM: 4GB or 8GB DDR3L 1600
  4. Near Field Communications – enabled
  5. Operating System: Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro
  6. Cameras: HD-capable front and rear cameras
  7. Solid State Disk (SSD) – 128 GB or 256 GB
  8. USB 3.0 ports that allow fast data transfer
  9. Location Services: Assisted GPS
  10. VGA and HDMI out
  11. Digitiser Stylus with handwriting recognition
  12. Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports
  13. Bluetooth

Looking at the above specs and features of the Vaio Duo 11 Hybrid Tablet, it seems power-packed enough to work as your primary office laptop. Creating presentations or emails will be easy enough and for the times when you need to relax and read your favourite online magazine, the tablet form factor should be just right.

The most interesting part about the Vaio Hybrid is the design. The ease of use the split/sliding case offers is remarkable. The overall design – with a modern, sharp effect, also seems very attractive. The tablet is finished in black, adding to the lifestyle-device aura. This does not look at all like a cheap, economy laptop. On the other hand, the Vaio Duo 11 Hybrid offers a lot of class and sleek elegance.

This Sony hybrid laptop/tablet also uses Windows 8 – In fact, it is one of the first devices to be made keeping Windows 8 in mind. The fancy new interface will really look good on the Vaio Duo, and as this new Operating System is meant to be used by both tablets and PCs, the Duo Hybrid Tablet seems the perfect device for it!

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Important SEO features an Ecommerce site must have in order to become Successful

In an E-commerce website one would find the details of product pages individually and thousands of pages for the various categories and this site have a fantastic prospect for SEO. Though it is a bit difficult to select the proper e-commerce platform, which will allow checking many factors important for developing SEO.

ecommerceVerification Done by the Webmaster Tools:

For building a successful website there are many major points which need to be properly utilized. So just by finishing the Audit of SEO or completing an e-commerce website won’t help to gain popularity. The Important step is to make the website popular through well known search engines such as Google webmaster tool and Bing. With the proper utilization of these webmaster tools, it helps to mark the errors generated due to crawl and the webmaster tool also automatically updates the settings of SEO for the particular Websites.

Google makes the computational analysis for e-commerce:

The website related to Ecommerce should have a very important feature, that is, the capability to operate the Google Analytics service. But if you cannot setup the Google Analytics, in that situation you must be able to use other analytic service. The e-commerce support provided by Google analytics is very useful as it provides vast information regarding the behavior of the customer who depends on online shopping. In order to setup the tracking system of e-commerce, there is a specific parameter and That is, the shopping cart of the site must be capable of passing particular data to Google Analytics and also through the order page too.

The guide to XML sitemap:

The moment the site completes the setup of Google Analytic successfully then it’s time to arrange the XML sitemap. It will be very helpful if the e-commerce program can automatically and instantly update the XML sitemap then the maintenance and setup of the sitemap will be easier to handle.

Updates must be done regularly in the e-commerce Sitemaps and the reason is, many products are replaced and new products are added constantly to the website. As soon as the sitemap is properly arranged according to the setup instruction, then it can be presented to Google webmaster tools and Bing along with other major search engine tools such as Baidu and Ask. And if the site is linked with major search engines then there is more chance of getting maximum exposure.

Modified Page for the Product Details:

The Product details page should be modified constantly in order to reduce the possibility of duplicate items. And it is important to know that duplicity of contents are the greatest rival of an Effective E-commerce CEO strategy.

Valuable tips regarding Product page:

The New products as well as the products present in the website require a description of the pages which helps for gaining wider SEO opportunities. And this opportunity leads to increase in the online sales of the products and the internet traffic increases of the website. Some of the helpful tips are- Alt tag along with proper image will help the viewer to view the products with great interest. For making the online shopping more effective, the use of video links are helpful for a better marketing of the product among the online buyers. The related products should also be mentioned while a buyer is searching about any particular product, the related product option would suggest the user to buy it in case if it requires.

The discussion regarding the benefit of the SEO in the E-commerce site ends here. Few Important tips are mentioned about making your e-commerce site more useful with the use of SEO and Google analytics.

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