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It is necessary to use updated software for plugins to keep your system secure?

It is a general view that, if the web browsers are up to date, your computer is safe while surfing the web but now you cannot be assured about it. Even if you have an updated web browser, you may surf the web with software which is extremely vulnerable.

CTO of Qualys Mr. Wolfgang Kandek says that they have examined the updated web browsers of many a man but they have seen that in most of the cases the web browsers are vulnerable. It will provide chance to the attackers to control your system. They can get all the private information quite easily. The data which are vulnerable in the disk can be found easily and all the keystrokes can be easily monitored by them. Therefore, you will be completely insecure with your system.

updated software for pluginsAccording to the security experts the web browsers should be updated all the time. If any kind of new patch arrives the web browser should be immediately updated. However, the attackers are targeting those vulnerabilities which had to be patched some years ago. They are not targeting the current patches at all. Black Hole one of the exploit kits has already attached the vulnerabilities which should have been closed earlier. One of the patches of Oracle which has flaw in Java is affected by Black Hole.

Kandek said, “Most of the users who use popular browsers are facing the same kind of problem. As they are utilizing the software which has vulnerabilities, they are facing insecurity problems with their system.”

It is true that the extent of insecurity can differ from one web browser to other. However, it is true that all the web browsers are insecure. According to Kandek Apple Safari which is the best web browser has this problem too. 35 percent of their users can face the risk.

According to Kandek browsers are not the reason behind the attacks. According to him, most f the browser maker is trying their best to navigate the flaw. They have improved the situation a lot. Now, the users don’t have to remember by him about updating the software. According to him, the attackers are finding vulnerabilities in the plugins as those are not always updated by the users.

By using plugins the browsers get additional capabilities to run a video or music. You can also play various games and can run various applications by the help of the plugins. These plugins are often attacked now by the attackers.

Qualys have analyzed the fact that most of the users of Java are using out of date version. Adobe flash player is another plugin, for which they have found that 67 percent people are using out of date versions. There are other plugins also the versions used of which are out of date. This is why the attackers are targeting the plugins now to control the systems and get data.

If the software of both the plugins and the browsers is updated with the newest software, the problem of vulnerabilities can be resolved easily.

Technology: Helpful or Harmful for Students?

New advancements in technology seem to roll out every week. Tablets and smartphones have taken the education world by storm, and laptops have become permanent paperweights in universities everywhere. Along with the gadgets themselves, the technology that provides wireless Internet access has dramatically improved, too. Now, students can be constantly connected to their studies, their professors and each other. While the use of personal technology has become second nature to most students, it’s still a relatively new addition to the field of academia. This has led many professors, deans and educators to question if it is truly helpful or harmful to the education process.

How Technology Helps Students 
There are undeniable ways in which technology helps students. For example, students are able to be more flexible in their studies, easily access and share required information and communicate with their educators.

  • Online Classes – One of the most noticeable effects of technology on education is the prevalence of online classes. Some classes are entirely online, while others are a mix of online study and traditional classroom time. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly rare to encounter a course that doesn’t have some aspect of the class online. For example, students can now pursue a health administration degree online without ever stepping foot in a classroom. This allows them to study at their own pace and on their own time. While there are still homework assignments and required exams, students are in greater control over when they are completed.
  • Ability to Research – According to, the prevalence of technology and interconnectedness allows students to spend more time studying and researching. They are no longer limited to libraries and classroom hours. Instead, they can spend time reading through essays while they relax on the couch or stay up all night at their computer preparing for their thesis. Additionally, educators can track and assess the progress of students with the help of special programs that facilitate student-instructor communication.
  • Instant Communication – Between smartphones, laptops and tablets, students can instantly communicate with almost anyone. This enables them to ask professors urgent questions about assignments or coordinate responsibilities when working with others on projects.

How Technology Harms Students

Pew Research Center recently conducted a survey that found that while technology can greatly help a student in her studies, it can also be harmful to her overall development in these following ways:

  • Endless Distraction – It’s no secret that instantaneous Internet access has opened up students to distraction. Between news, social networking and video sites, the average connected student is always being pulled in different directions. According to a study performed by the College Board and the National Writing Project, 87 percent of university educators state that technology is creating a generation that is easily distracted and possesses short attention spans. The study stated that modern technology essentially conditions students to be distracted.
  • Instant Communication – While this can be helpful to students, it can also be harmful. Students can discuss anything they wish, with anyone who wants to talk to them. This leads to interrupted studies.
  • Affects Quality of Research – The Pew study found that the abundance of information has significantly altered the way students process material. Students have become unable to distinguish between content from reliable sources and sources that provide inaccurate information. During the course of the study, 47 percent of educators agreed that there should be a course on digital literacy to help correct this trend.

Final Ruling: Helpful or Harmful?

Many educators believe the use of modern technology is ultimately harmful to students. However, many are more optimistic, stating that by incorporating programs aimed at teaching students the true benefits of technology, it can be a great asset. Presently, it depends on the student’s self-discipline.

Brandon Edwardson is a contributing writer and master’s student in a health care administration program. He has found technology particularly helpful when it comes to looking for healthcare administration and management jobs.

Online reputation management tips – A need of the hour

We live in a digital age where a single personality in the form of a unhappy customer, a greedy competitor, an agitated old employee or even a cranky blogger with no intention can destroy your good business that has been built by a great level of customer service over many long years.

Online reputation managementIn the recent time even the most popular CNN had a taste of some negative reputation with few gossips and rumors that the reputed TV channel have gone viral on the internet and later found the same untrue. Now just imagine when such a renowned channel like CNN is fooled, what can happen to your business customers.

How to handle such situations when your online reputation takes a beating from a single entity? Without getting angry use your wisdom in such hard times.

Manage online reputation with your eyes on the reviews. It has been estimated that a bad review about your product or services needs to be compensated at least by a dozen positive reviews. Even if such a bad referral is least significant for your business growth, still it can alone ruin your business.

At times more than the number of bad reviews, it is the contents or remarks in the review that make a real difference. The internet is a tool in the hands of every user around the world and still considered to be more powerful than the individual voice in the aspect of propagation. Not every review viewer has the best imaginations at the heart.

Tips for maintaining your reputation

  • Check the reviews periodically: Being a professional you should cultivate a habit of checking your website reviews. It is just like checking your emails every morning. A real time review will help in identifying small gaps which can be rectified before it become like a viral impact. This surely will go a long way in preventing major damages that may cause turbulence to your online reputation.
  • Do not offer resistance: Perseverance is mandatory while handling negative reviews. Agree to the fact that everyone has a voice in the World Wide Web. Do not dismiss such negative remarks. Reach the source wherever possible and correct the situations one by one. Many people write reviews by instinct. A correction your end may solve the whole issue and some may even revert to you with appreciation. If noting works better while handling the situation, at least an apology can alter the situation smooth.
  • On social networking platforms: You have the option to reach people who damage your reputation through the social networking platforms. In such situations you can access to them and seek with a request to remove the things that damage your reputation.

As an online business owner you should take control over your public image of you and your business. By just using a keyboard and a mouse, one can destroy your reputation which you have taken decades to build. Do not allow anyone to create a ‘digital tatto’ which in all probability will never be erased.

Key areas of Search Engine Optimization business

The word SEO is widely used by all computer professionals across the globe. It is abbreviated for the term Search Engine Optimization, a process involved in the website rankings. This unique process allows the websites in the internet to enhance their rankings in the popular Google, Yahoo and other SEO sites.


By ranking we mean the appearance of websites in the top rankings while doing a search and make the websites to appear higher during the search results for its relevant customer demographics. In a common sense the SEO looks more complex. Though complicated the SEO process benefits even the smallest business without understanding the process completely.


For the benefit of the online marketers and other SEO enthusiasts, the well known SEO Company Hit Search Limited has briefed few simple steps for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to enhance their online presence in a very cost effective manner.


As suggested by Andrew Redfern the key five areas of SEO firms are listed below:


  1. Key words: Usage of relevant and appropriate keywords for your websites seems to be the most important SEO tool available for your easy disposal. Your research on the keywords will enable you to guess exactly what your clients or customers are looking for; otherwise your website will not produce tangible results in the SEO process.
  2. Web Content:  For any successful SEO campaign a keyword-rich content is considered to be the most important aspect of the Search Engine Optimization process. Your keyword density has to be carefully chosen and should be well integrated with relevant contents. Otherwise too much keyword without relevant context will make the Google search to label your website as spam. SEO firms to ensure the web content need to be a super hit with a clear relevancy that makes your targeted audience to respond through telephones and enquiry forms. Such actions cause a good traffic to your website.
  3. Local Listing: All search engines like Google, Yahoo and others generally favor the most detailed profiles. Hence a most comprehensive description of your business products and services need to be furnished for getting your claim in Google Places listing. Mostly local businesses have a high conversion rate that leads into sales in a shorter period of time. The Google Places will surely improve your rankings.
  4. Back Linking: National search rankings are achieved by the back linking processes. This process includes social bookmarking and presenting content to the high ranking websites. This provides a good link back to your own business website as well adds a noticeable value and relevance that will enhance your website’s ranking automatically.
  5. WordPress: As WordPress being more SEO-friendly platform it is preferred to manage your content that will give your business website an edge over other competitors. It assists you to optimize your website using more archaic platforms. One should use the content delivery system to gain authority in the field and offer relevant information to your business.


Andrew Redfern reconfirms that these five key areas given above should be focused by all the SEO firms in order to taste a success. For further details one can log on to and find more tips for SEO processes

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Building an Online Brand

Building an online brand is fairly as tedious as for an offline business well, atleast until few years ago. It is very important to follow some methods to have a good brand reputation. You must try to stay in touch with your customers and always stay helpful aswell. The following infographic explains the important of building an online brand and many other stats that will be helpful for online businesses.

Via: FreeWebsite.

Why an IT Degree Is Worth Every Penny

Why an IT Degree Is Worth Every PennyIf you’re tired of your current job and considering a career change, you may find that a career in information technology could be a great fit for you. Careers in IT require you to be a creative problem solver, and you’ll find that you rarely have a dull day at work. Not only is a career in IT something to get excited about, but the demand for IT professionals is at an all time high. If you choose to get a degree in information technology, you can almost be assured you’ll be employed by the time you’re done with school, and the pay isn’t bad either. Find a school like WIU to get started on your exciting new career.

Every company has some sort of need for an information technology specialist. Whether you join a large company with an entire IT department, or are simply the IT professional at a small business, your skills are guaranteed to be in high demand. That’s because a solid information technology system is the backbone of any successful company. Without technology that runs smooth and efficient, a company’s productivity isn’t nearly as efficient as it could be.

If you love learning, a career in information technology is perfect for you. A key tip to being successful in the information technology field is to never stop learning. New technologies are being invented every day, and if you want to be in high demand, you should learn as many as you can. With the advent of cloud computing and other new technologies, IT professionals who choose not to learn are often passed over for driven, hardworking individuals who have an ever changing skill set. If this describes you, you’ve probably found your perfect career.

And the pay is certain to not disappoint. The average pay for a project manager in information technology is $80,532. Once you develop a strong skill set, you can even make a lot more money for a lot less of your time by doing independent consulting. While the pay for each job in IT varies considerably, you can look at it like this: the more you know, the more you’ll earn. If you are able to offer valuable skills that your company sees as crucial to its information technology department, you’ll be riding easy.

One huge plus to a degree in information technology is that it’s relatively easy to attain. There are tons of IT distance education courses available that allow you to work towards your degree at your own pace. While a bachelor’s degree in IT will surely get you a job, earning a master’s degree will guarantee that companies are lining up at your door to hire you when you graduate.

Earning a degree in IT is a win-win situation on all fronts. You’ll make a lot of money, and have a great time doing it. Perhaps best of all, a career in information technology allows you a different challenge every day you come to work. It’s never boring, and you’ll know that you’re one of the reasons that your company is running so smoothly.

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