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Oops, You Just Killed Your Reputation

As an internet marketer myself, I firmly believe that the amount of clients/sales we’re generating and our profits highly depend on our reputation. I can say this with confidence because I’ve met reputable people online, and not-so-reputable ones. Comparing the amount of sales that they generate, I can attest that the latter do not produce as much as the former!

I am writing this post because I want to help you — I want you to avoid ruining your reputation, while it is still possible. You see, once you “kill” your reputation, it’s dead. I doubt that you can ever get back what you lost. Well… maybe some can, but it would prove to be very difficult!

Just How Important Is Reputation?

I know, some people don’t see reputation as an important factor in internet marketing success. They take it for granted. Hence, I am going to give a situation which will serve as a concrete example that reputation is a determining factor to achieve success in IM.

Let’s have “Person A” and “Person B”. Both of them run competing web design companies. Person A is highly respected, and a lot of people recommend his service. Person B, on the other hand, has a habit of bad-mouthing his clients. As a result, his ex-clients warn others that Person B’s company is not recommendable.

Supposing that they both have the same skills and pricing structure, who would get more client work, and, in the end, more profit? Surely, it’s Person A!

Now you see how important reputation is. I want to delve deeper into this topic by talking about my experiences on people who (seemingly) are murdering their reputation unconsciously.

Unconscious Murder of Our Own Reputation?

What Things Usually Happen…

There are times when people do things just for fun, not knowing that those things could possibly hurt their “perfect” reputation! Fake bids. Swearing at clients. Not honoring bids/not sending payments promptly. Do those phrases sound familiar? Well, unfortunately, a lot of people do those acts. What’s more unfortunate about this is, they’re killing their reputation by doing so.

A Brief Yet Interesting Experience

Allow me to share an anecdote. 🙂 Last week, I was on the Digital Point Forums and I recently sold a small website there. The bid was $165 and it was a private bid. I was told that I would be receiving the payment last Tuesday, but then up until now I see no signs of any payments made. I am not whining or whatever. Besides, it’s not the money, it’s the principle of keeping your word. It’s the principle of speaking with honor!

So, what does this experience tell me about the bidder? He’s a liar, he doesn’t honor his bids, and he’s not worth my time. To be honest, I gave him an allowance of four days already. He had been reading my private messages (I know this because I was asking for read receipts through vBulletin’s system.), yet he didn’t even have the courage to tell me ANYTHING at all! At least now I know that I MUST avoid him/not accept his bids, should I sell any more sites on Digital Point.

Well, I pity him because he’s not getting any more business from me, nor from my entire network.

How to Prevent This from Happening

Always think before you act! This is a very important rule that everyone should follow. Don’t be tactless; always use your head before doing anything! Before promising a client something, make sure that it’s possible for you to do it. For example, don’t tell your client that you can come up with a marketing plan in an hour after he pays you if you really can’t.

Speak with honor… all the time. I hate it when people say something with full confidence, and then take it back in the end when they know they’ve said something unfavorable to them. If you say something, then be sure that you can back it up, and defend it until the end!

Act professionally. Shame that there are a lot of bad-mouthed, morally impaired, and ethically challenged people who call themselves professionals. In this world of business, we should all act professionally so as to avoid pointless arguments and loss of heaps of revenue. Don’t resort to using cuss words just to get your point across. Don’t disrespect anyone you’re dealing with. Just be polite and remember that having a great reputation depends on how well you know your values.


People tend to kill their reputation unconsciously. Whether it’s through scamming, not honoring their words, or even cussing at clients, it’s still a riotous act that could ruin your reputation for your entire life. To prevent this from happening, always see to it that you’re acting professionally, and you hold true to your word. A great rule to remember is, “ALWAYS think before you act.”

How to Verify Pingbacks, Trackbacks and Comments

People criticize comments made on blogs because they often seen as lack of authority, this is so because anyone can post whatever thing they like on the blog by use of a fake name since there’s no process to verify to make sure that the individual is who they assert to be.

Both trackbacks and Pingbacks aim to give some verification to commenting on blogs. While some may feel that trackbacks are superior to pingbacks, because one can see some excerpts of what a person has written others favor pingbacks because pingbacks creates a connection that is verifiable between the different posts.

Moderation of Comments
This is a feature that allows the owner of the website, the author of specific article to be able to scrutinize and also control different comments on the various posts, and can also help to tackle spam comment. It lets one moderate the incoming comments, delete the comments that are unwanted, approve the good comments and make decisions concerning other comments.

Comment Spam
Comment spam is a term that refers to comments that are useless or trackbacks and pingbacks that are posted on a certain blog. The spam comments are often inappropriate to the situation value of the blog post. They may contain one or many links to other domains or websites. Spammers usually use comment Spam like a means to get a higher rank in page rank for their various domains in Google. It is so that they may be able to sell their domains at higher prices sometimes in prospect or in order to obtain a rank that is high in search results in an existing website .most spammers are persistent; this is for the simple reason that there can be a substantial amount of money involved, they labor hard. They may even build tools that are automated to quickly present their spam to the very weblog or other multiple weblogs. Many bloggers on the web, especially those beginning may sometimes feel weighed down by Comment Spam. In spite of this there are ways of avoiding comment spam. WordPress for example includes tools to combat comment spam. In due time, they are able to manage comment spam and do not give up on blogging.

Pretty Permalinks
Permalinks are URLS which are permanent to one’s individual posts on the weblog, categories and also postings which are on other weblogs. Another weblog will use a permalink to denote your article or how one sends an article to their email addresses .The URL of a certain article should not change because some people could link ones individual postings. URLS are therefore supposed to be permanent.

“Pretty” Permalinks is an impression that the URLs are regularly detectable to those who click on them, they should thus be created in a way such that they are sensible. They should not be filled with parameters that incomprehensible. The finest Permalinks can be hacked which means that the link text can be modified by the user to circumnavigate to other sections of the weblog or other listings.

It is easy for one to guess that a certain permalink contains the day the article was posted , its title by just looking One can easily guess that the Permalink includes the date of the posting, and the title just by a look on the URL. One can also predict that by altering the URL to be archives/ 2004/05 it is possible to get a whole list of the postings that have been made since the month of May 2004. This could just be wonderful not?

Simple Ways to Get Some Good Blog Ideas

Coming up with a good blog idea that will generate interest to your readers can be challenging. However with careful planning it can become easier. One important way of ensuring that is by trying to categorize different ideas under different topics. You will be able to find out the most popular topics and therefore be able to focus on it. Where you find that you are not writing much on any given topic, you can always consider reviewing it or even deleting it. You can always limit your ideas to around eight to help your readers to be able to scan them easily and also stay focused.

You can also use the Google adword keyword resource to find out what people are looking for before coming up with an appropriate topic for your blog. Where you use the keyword in your blog, it will assist you to rank better within the search engine. But what is important is for you to ensure that the content is not only useful but also keep your readers engaged. The keyword should only be there to help you come up with related ideas.

It is also important for you to ensure that you create a blogging niche that is narrow. Where the focus on a particular topic is tight, you will not only get more readers but you will also have more ideas to write on. You should also choose some blog topics that are both short and meaningful. You should not discount any of the ideas that come to mind but you should write them down. You can also discuss with some one who has an interest in the topic or even a fellow blogger.

To be effective it is always important for you to read other blogs and also leave a comment that is meaningful. You can use the comments to create your own ideas. Therefore you should first note down all the thoughtful comments you have made and try and see what really tick so that you can make it an idea for future posts. Also you should ensure that you read the comments of the people who post in your blog. This is important as it will help you see what interests your readers and write more on the topic. Also read the posts by readers in other blogs to get an idea of what the readers in your niche want.

If you get to a point where you feel as if you have burnt out, it is important for you take a break until you feel ideas begin to come into your mind. Any idea that comes around should not be discarded. Note it down even if it comes at 3 am in the morning. Always ensure you have a pen and a paper to note down any idea that pops up before it is forgotten.

You can also ask your readers for ideas to write about. You can ask your followers on twitter or even Facebook to send any queries on a certain topic that you write on. If you try and follow these tips, you will be able to come up with more ideas than you can write on. Ensure that you take any question from readers seriously. Where a reader leaves a comment, it is important for you to appreciate it by posting a reply to the comment. This helps you to have a relationship with your readers. Also ensure that the idea you choose for your blog brings fun to the reader since it would do any good to you if you choose a topic that makes your readers sleep.

Tips on How to Keep Your Blog Secure

The maintenance of WordPress blog is one of the most effective and exciting ways of connecting to the people. You can use it for communication with   the existing customers as well as attracting others in to the business.  This notwithstanding, the hosting of blog  in  the website presents some  security issues  that you have to address  if you want to protect  your site  and privacy of the readers as well.

The following are some vital tips of how to keep your blog safe from any potential harm

Create unique password: you should create pas word that is easy for you to remember but very difficult for others to guess.  You should avoid using the names of popular places, people or things as passwords. Also avoid the popularly used passwords such as yourname, password, letmein, 12345, abcde, ABCDE, etc. Your password should be made up of both letters and words in lower and uppercase.  It should also be made up at least 8 characters or more. A good password should for example be r0T#y7Xn or something like 8pOb3r9A

Change the password regularly: you should change your password after some period of time and create another unique one which is easy for you to remember but very difficult for the hackers to guess.  How often to change the password depends on the security risks that your blog is exposed to.

Update your software regularly:  for those who use WordPress and other blogging software, they should download and regularly apply the updates. If you do not know how to do this, you can hire a professional to do it for you. Outdated software cannot counter the latest security risks and thus makes your blog more vulnerable to attacks by hackers, worms and viruses.  You also need to insist on using the latest version of blog software.

Install plug-ins:  the plug-ins help the bloggers in maintaining the better control of blogs and thereby making it less cumbersome doing the necessary changes.  There are special plug-ins for the management of the placing of ads, optimization of blogs for search engines ranking, eradicating spam and the management of comments.

You need to note that plug-ins are quite useful but they can also pose some security threats.  You especially need to be very careful in downloading plug-ins. The plug-ins from untrusted sources may infect your blog with malicious programs, viruses or worms in your blog.

Separate the users:  some bloggers tend to care a common name and password for their writers. If you plan to hire others persons to write and post content in to your blog, you need to separate them by ensuring that each has his own username and password.  Unless you fully trust the writer should not give them all the privileges of an administrator.  This is important in avoiding changes (even if they are not malicious) that you may not want in your blog.

Be wary of free widgets or templates:  in every blogging platform you will find many colorful templates that you can use.  You can use these templates to customize your blog outlook and distinguish it from the many others over the internet.  There are some people that insert malicious codes in to the free templates that template files that they have created.

When you are downloading templates, you should be very careful and wary.  You need to take careful look at template code.  Before implementing any template code, you should check to confirm that it does not have pop-ups or ads that are embedded in its text.  Ensure that you use only the trusted sources of codes when you are downloading widgets or templates.

What’s the Difference Between a CMS and a Blog?

A content management system or CMS is software that provides one with a method of running ones website. Most of the software programs used for blogging are considered a particular type of CMS. The CMS provide the type of features that are necessary to make and sustain a blog. A CMS software program makes it very simple to publish on the internet. Publishing using the CMS software can be compared to writing an article, naming it, and also organizing in the different categories. Whereas a few CMS programs offer immeasurable and very sophisticated features, a blogging tool that is basic gives one an edge where one can work in a straightforward and, to a certain degree, discerning manner while it takes care of the logistics that are involved in creating your composition acceptable and available to the public. In simple terms, one gets to focus on exactly what they want to write while the blogging tool will cater for the rest of the management of the site.

An example of a blogging tool that is advanced is WordPress. It provides a vast range of features that help in the presentation of a blog. One can set options by using the administration panels one can set different setups and presentation of their weblog. Through the administration panels one can without difficulty create a blog post, press on a button and instantly, it gets published directly to the internet. Word press goes an extra mile to make sure the blog posts look excellent and that the text is gorgeous, and also that the code of HTML that is generated abides to the standards of the web.

If one has just started creating their blog and wants to use WordPress one could read the manual ‘getting started with WordPress’, the manual contains basic information on the procedure of setting up WordPress promptly and effectively. It also has explanations about basic tasks that WordPress can perform for example creating new blog posts and editing the already posted blogs.
There are certain things that a blogger needs to be aware of other than how the blogging software’s work. Some concepts and terms such as archives, feeds, syndication, blogrolls are a must know for a blogger.

One can keep a record and monitor all the articles that are on a site. Most blogs contain archives that are arranged according to dates. They could be monthly or yearly. A blogs front page may have a calendar containing dates that link to the archives daily.

That is not all; one can also arrange their archives in a chronological order for example by author or in an alphabetical order. There are so many possibilities. The ability to arrange and present articles in a collected style is what makes blogging popular as a personal publishing tool.

A Feed is a utility of special software that enables “Feedreaders” to automatically access a site as they look for new blog articles and are able to post updates on the new content to a different site. The feed provides a method for blog users to be updated on the latest and most up-to-date information that is posted on blogging sites that are diverse. Some Feeds also include RSS which is an abbreviation for “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication”.

A blogroll is a record; it is every so often categorized, of links to other webpages that the author of a certain blog finds sensible and or interesting. The links found in a blogroll are generally to other blogs which have similar content. The blogroll is regularly on the “sidebar” of the page or on a separate page of the web.

Blogging Sites – What is the Importance?

Over the decades that have passed, blogging sites have just been used as instruments of writing personalized journals in regards to oneself in the internet. Presently, things have drastically changed and the role and use of blogging has changed, expanded and grown in heaps and bounds. Blogging has now become an extremely powerful tool of expressing opinions of all sorts of topics that affect the modern day society. These opinions range from relationships, political, religious, economic, commerce among many others. It also plays a crucial role in the establishment of online business’s presence that are most efficient in terms of costs as compared to the conventional ways.

There is a must need of owning blogging sites due to the countless benefits that accrue. This is much more beneficial an applicable to the individuals involved in marketing and sales. The best thing about this art is that it can be both a social and business tool. Perhaps the main reason why most people find it appealing is the fact that it is more than easy and simple to use.
What prospective bloggers need is a computer and internet connectivity either wired or wireless. A browser that will assist in the search for the particular blogging platform is also a must have. These are available either in premium or free depending on the personal preferences of an individual. Some of the compelling reasons as to why there is need of owning a blog site are pointed out in the discussion below.

There is a free and rare opportunity to express opinions and thoughts about any topic or subject matter. Everyone craves for freedom of speech and opinion there is no doubt about that. Well this is the ideal place and opportunity to be granted all the freedom to express whatever is in the mind without having to be put down. Whether the reason is to connect with people who are like minded, talk about certain interests, help others in whatever way, to promote a particular product business or service, to journal specific experiences or better still make money online, for whatever reason this is the ideal and most cost efficient method of having a remarkable presence online.

Blogging sites also provide the golden opportunity to promote anything that the blogger has in mind. Whether it is their business, themselves as individuals, service name it all this is an excellent medium for engaging in the promotion of anything. As earlier indicated, it is most appropriate for marketers or salesmen or women as they get to make their products available for the prospective buyers to have a look at them. This is such a cost effective way.

Blogging is a perfect chance to help people across the nations of the world. Blogging has the main intention of establishing a community or family of people. Basically what a blogger is supposed to do is choose a topic or subject they are passionate about and they are all set to start their own blog. There is a range of topics to choose from such as health, finance, relationships etc.
It is also a chance to establish oneself as an authoritative person. Owning a blog is simply letting the entire blogosphere know the extent by which an individual is serious about a particular topic. This is in other words creating a brand for the blog owner. Readers are provided with valuable information they are desperately in need of.

Blogging is indeed a creative way of putting one’s mind into use. There is much more to it than what has been discussed here. The advantages of owning a blog are simply countless just to say the least.

How to Make a Website Popular

A website is a very important asset for anyone, more so for those people who would like to use it to make money. It is also very true that the websites that earn the biggest amount of money are those that get the largest number of visitors. This is precisely why they must be made as popular as possible.

There are a number of things, which if done well by website owners can help them a lot by bringing in more people to their pages and thereby increasing the money that can be possible made.

One of the ways to attract people to your site is by breaking up the information that is there into smaller pieces that are more palatable. There is no need to have too much information on one page to an extent that that it becomes very difficult for visitors to find the small piece of information that they could be in need of. The information will still be the same, but the navigation will be much easier than before. This is because they will be divided into categories and under headings that are specific hence making finding information much faster. If the users of the internet find a website where they have to struggle too much to find information, they will leave and try to find better ones.

Secondly, it is important to help web page users quickly find what they want to read instead of having to read through masses of information that have no need for. This is to mean that the author of the blog or the website must offer choices, giving the visitors to the site the guidance that they will need to go directly to their points of focus. The choices should however not be too much. Narrowing the search topics for browsers of the internet will help them save a lot of time. Moreover, when they feel that they have received great assistance, visitors to the website will come again over and over. To do this right, articles must be saved under specified categories, summaries made and under a major headline.

The function of a website of any kind is to help browsers answer some form of questions. It is imperative therefore that the administrator of the web page answers the questions that are given to him or her by the people who visit the page. This is especially important if the web page belongs to a certain business unit. A proper website is where as many questions as possible that are asked by visitors are answered as accurately as possible. At times, text links can also be used to guide the readers in the site to other pages where their questions can be answered better. The needs of the customer must always be put ahead of anything else and their concerns dealt with adequately.

Another very important factor in websites that could make them popular is consistency. The main aim of this is to ensure that the website visitors and users do not get confused about the aim of the website. Consistencies must be maintained in terms of the keywords used, presentation of the work and even spelling. If users notice that there are too many changes every now and then, they will begin to wonder about the direction of the website. Consistency includes the fact that the site should also focus on a few major subjects, instead of combining too many of them to a level that readers lose taste with it.

Another way to improve the popularity of a web page is communicating with the web visitors. The administrator(s) of a website should at all times try to reach out to their readers and viewer. For instance, the website could be receiving plenty of emails from these people. It is important that the operators of this site at least set aside some fem moments every day to try and respond to some of the emails. This will go a long way to give the web users some confidence.

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