Month: May 2012

How to Pick the Best Referral Program

You might wonder what a referral program is. A referral program is one that allows you to recruit members into the program under you. This method is called as downline building. Remember that downline comprises of referrals. All the referrals have to be active so that you can earn the maximum amount of money from them. If the referrals remain inactive for the most part of the day then you would not be in a position to earn a lot of money from the program. It is interesting to know that most GPT or get paid to programs are also called as referral programs. This is because of the fact that a GPT program works on the referral system. You might wonder who to pick the best referral program on the Internet. Since the Internet is laden with many referral programs you should be careful enough in choosing the best referral program.

There are indeed a few tips to choose the best referral program. Make sure that there are two levels of referrals in the program. It only means that you can earn from both the levels. The first level would pay you anywhere between 15% and 20% of money the members earn. The second level would pay you about 5% of the members earnings. This is how the earnings are calculated. You would do well to earn from both the levels. The advantages of joining a referral program are innumerable indeed.

Make sure that you sign up for a referral program that has no limit when it comes to recruiting new members. In other words you can recruit as many new members as possible. The more members you recruit the more money you would earn. Choose the referral program that pays you via two or three payment methods. There are some referral programs that pay you through checks only. There are some referral programs that pay you both by check and by Paypal. You would do well to sign up for the program that pays you through more than one payment method. Choose a referral program after thoroughly going through the reviews about the program written by its real users. This has to be done in order to join the best referral program. You would do well to view a few payment proofs too before signing up for the program. All these steps or tips would help you to choose the best referral program.

Tips on Selecting an Ideal Domain Name

The internet has brought numerous opportunities for business owners, institutions, corporate and everyone in general. The sad reality is that a good number of people are not familiar with the internet. Technology is taking the world by a storm and if people are not careful they will miss out hugely on the best things that technology promises to bring. A domain name is one of the most important factors to the success of a website. Many website owners have realized this secret and are now reaping the benefits associated with having the best domain names.

If an individual is all serious about being a successful online entity it is essential that they have a domain name. This will be of great help in directing customers or clients upon where they are supposed to find the business or whatever the website has to offer. First impressions really matter and having an ideal domain name instead of the free addresses that are cumbersome and long will go a long way in making sure that this is achieved.

The fact that domain name is a unique identity is a big plus in achieving the set goals. It enables individuals to often change hosts thus making easy for interested people to trace the particular website easily. This is a perfect way of promoting new URL’s and products in a website.

Having a domain name as said is crucial in promoting an individual’s website rather than other people’s website. When emails are sent as domain names, they help promote a website. This is how email and domain names works. It is very crucial that website owners know and actually understand this.

The other benefit that comes with being in possession of a domain name is that they help attract a substantial amount of traffic into the website at hand. Whenever individuals visit a website there is an assurance that they will return because they remember the web address. This is so also because most search directories like yahoo will only index those websites that use their domain names.
Errors can be customized easily by having domain names. Most passionate people who are used to visit websites are very sensitive and easily get pissed off by small errors and mistakes that occur knowingly and unknowingly in websites. Having this name ensures that this can be prevented or better still corrected if it has already happened.

Having looked at the benefits related to having a domain name it is equally important to look at what needs to be considered in order to come up with an ideal and the best name. The best thing is that they are very cheap these days thus there is no reason whatsoever of not being in possession of one. Below are some pointers which are quite useful.

Size is not of great importance. Size tends to be associated with how good or bad something is. In this case size is not that important in fact the smaller the size the better. It is rather difficult to find such but it is possible and if found the better.

Similarities ought to be avoided. Domain names that have same counterparts online must be avoided by all means. The problem is if similar domain names are chosen, there is a huge possibility that people will end up in the competitor’s website. This is the risk posed and should therefore be avoided.

All what has been looked at is very important in all aspects regarding domain names. They all ought to be put in mind by website owners. They will all be of great help.

Tips on Managing Blog Comments

The comments are some of the most exhilarating features of the tools of blogging. It is a very interactive feature that allows the users to remark on the article posts and links to ones posts and state their mind and recommend them. They are identified as trackbacks and pingbacks.

Track backs were developed originally by six apart who are the creators of the blog package that is of the movable type. Six apart has an excellent foreword to trackbacks. TrackBack was intended to make available a means of notification between different websites: it is a process of Ann saying to mike. To do so, Ann sends a TrackBack ping to Mike. A simpler explanation is;

• Ann writes something on her blog.
• Mike wants to leave a comment on Ann’s blog, but he wants the readers of his blog to see what he had to comment on the blog, and be capable of commenting on his own blog
• Mike posts on his own blog and then sends Ann a trackback to her blog
• Ann blog gets the trackback, and shows it as a comment of the post that was put originally. The comment usually contain a link to mikes’ post

The basic idea is that many people are enjoined to the ongoing conversation. This is so because both mike’s and Ann’s’ readers are able to follow the links to the other persons post. There is also a height of authenticity to the comments trackback for the reason that they were from another weblog.

It is unfortunate that there is no verification performed really on the trackbacks that are incoming and without a doubt they can be faked.
Most trackbacks usually send to ‘Ann’ only an ‘excerpt’ which is a small portion of what ‘Mike’ had to say. This is intended to tease ‘Ann’ and her readers see a little of what ‘Mike’ had to say, and thereby cheering them all to connect over to Mike’s site to read the details of the excerpt and maybe even comment.

Mike’s trackback to ‘Ann’s’ blog are usually posted alongside the rest of the comments. This therefore means that ‘Ann’ can be able to edit the posts in the trackback on her own server, which means then translates to the problem of authenticity. It is also good to note that ‘Ann’ is only able to edit contents of a certain trackback on her site only.

The reason why ping backs were designed was to help solve the troubles that people experienced with trackbacks
If for example, Ann writes an article that is interesting on her Web log. Mike reads Ann’s article and gives his comments concerning it, linking them back to Ann’s original post. Using pingback, Mike’s software is capable of automatically notifying Ann that Mike has linked her post, Ann’s software can subsequently include that information in her site. The major differences between trackbacks and pingbacks are.

1. Pingbacks use XML-RPC communication technology while trackbacks use HTTP POST, communication technology which is drastically different.
2. Pingbacks unlike trackbacks do not send content at all.

The pingback is usually displayed on Ann’s blog as only a link to Mike’s post. This way, all the power to edit the posts is exclusively the preserve of the individual authors this is different from the excerpt of the trackback, which may be edited by the recipient of the trackback. This brings forth a certain level of authenticity. It makes it somehow hard to forge a pingback. Trackbacks may seem superior to some readers because the readers of Ann’s blog can see little details of what Mike has to say and make a decision if they would like to read more.

Recycling Blog Posts A Good Idea

First, let me define “recycling blog posts”. It’s when you republish or change the publish date of one of your older posts in order to increase traffic to it or to simply give your readers “new” content for a day. Since your older blog posts are buried way down in your archives, there’s a high possibility that your new readers have not read them yet.

Another thing that makes this method great is that search engines will see your website as “newly updated”, and we all know that search engines love sites that are constantly updated. 😛

So those reasons make recycling blog posts a good idea, right?

Not so. If you repost your old articles, chances are you’ve got outdated information already. Now, people wouldn’t want that, unless you literally rewrite half of your post! I strongly believe that having no content at all for one day is way better than having outdated content. Plus, republishing old posts would only mean one thing, and that is you have no creative or innovative idea in mind on that day!

Another disadvantage is that if you have readers who were with you since day 1 (or week 1), then chances are they already read the article and would not want the same old article on their RSS readers. If they see that you’ve posted your previous article, then they might unsubscribe because thoughts like “Ah, this blogger can’t provide useful content anymore.” would occur in their minds. It’s better to have no increase in subscribers, than to lose 10 or 20 of them in just a single day.

Your Opinions?

What do you think? Short post, I know — it was intended to be short because I just wanted to know your thoughts. I’ll be back tomorrow (probably, if time will permit) to give you some advice on internet marketing, so stay subscribed! Is it a great idea to republish/recycle your blog posts, or do you think your readers would be pissed off if you do that? All thoughts are welcome!

Enjoy. 🙂

Blogging 101

A “Blog” is a shortened description of a “weblog.” A weblog is a term that describes web sites that sustain an ongoing account of information. A blog has features of diary-type remarks and usually connects articles to other Web sites. They are usually presented like a list of entries which are in a reverse sequential order. The blogs may range from personal subjects to political subjects. They may focus on a particular narrowed subject or may have a whole variety of subjects.

Many blogs however focus on a certain particular topic. Topics such as web design, home staging and mobile technology are very common. Though some blogs are more eclectic such that they present links that connect many types of different sites, others are less similar to personal journals, they present the thoughts of the author and their daily life. In general, blogs have very many things in common such as;

• Most have an area of main content which has articles that are listed in a chronological order from the newest to the oldest. The newest appears on top. Most of the time, the articles are grouped into categories.
• There is an archive that contains articles that are old.
• In most blogs, there is always a way that people can leave their comments on the articles they have read.
• There is always a list of links which help one connect to other sites that are related this links are often called a ‘blog roll’.
• There is also one of many ‘feeds’ such as RSS, RDF or Atom.
• Quite a number of blogs have other features such as videos where one can watch to understand more on the blog

The blog content is the main reason for creating a website. Retail sites usually have a catalog of products. Sites such as university sites have information concerning their campuses, their curriculum, and faculties. The latest stories on the news are displayed on news sites. A personal blog might encompass many observations, thoughts and reviews. A blog should always be updated otherwise; one will find very little reason to visit the site.

The main content of a blog is many articles which are at times called ‘entries’ or ‘posts’ which are usually written by one author or by many authors. Some blogs have many authors in which every author writes their own article. In general, most blogs have an interface that is web-based and is in the system of blogging which the authors compose the articles. Other blog systems are able to support stand-alone software ‘weblog’. This is software that enables the authors to write the articles when they are offline and then upload the articles later. If anyone is interested in a website that is interactive where people can read ones articles and tell you what they think then one might just go for a blog. Posting comments is possibly the most exciting part of a blog this is because it helps one think in a broad way. This is because when people read the articles, their thinking is provoked and they can make the authors thoughts be more diversified. This improves the quality of the articles as well as that of the blog.

There also exist ingenious ways in which authors who write for other blogs can leave their comments without visiting the blog! This is referred to as ‘trackbacks’ or ‘pingbacks’, they are able to notify other bloggers every time one sites an article that are from other sites in their personal articles. This is to ensure that the conversations online are maintained painlessly between the different site users and the different websites.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing a PTC Program

A PTC program is one that allows you to earn money by clicking ads. Since the Internet is laden with enormous number of PTC programs you should be careful enough to choose the best PTC program. As a matter of fact most PTC programs turn out be mere scams. Many a work from home enthusiast gets duped by the so called illegitimate and scam PTC programs. All his time gets wasted. It is therefore extremely important to choose the best PTC program that is not a scam and that is legitimate.

The mistake you should avoid when choosing a PTC program is signing up for a PTC program without going through the review about it. It is extremely important to thoroughly go through the reviews about the PTC program you have chosen. This has to be done in a bid to join the best PTC program that would allow you to earn a decent income every month. It is extremely important to know about what people think about the program and it is equally important to know about their personal experience with the program. mYou might wonder what the advantage of reading reviews about PTC program is. The answer is simple. You would be in a position to know more about the various ways by which you can earn through the program.

A good PTC program allows you to earn by more than one way. Don’t commit the mistake of choosing a program that does not allow you to build a downline. Make sure that there is at least one level of downline that you can build. The advantage of building a downline in PTC program is that you can earn even from the members of the downline in the sense that you would earn a few cents every time your members click the ads from the program. Don’t commit the mistake of choosing a PTC program that does not have a good support or ticket system. This is because of the fact that a PTC program that has an effective ticket system or support system can be very promising too.

Don’t sign up for a PTC program that does not have a forum. You would do well to join the forum of the PTC program to interact with the other members of the program in order to know about the various ways by which you can earn in the program. All these mistakes should be avoided when choosing a PTC program.

Internet Marketing – Great Benefits In Maximizing Profits

Web Impact Entices Customer

Internet marketing helps businesses to grow manifolds by advertising through internet. Internet is the first option for any requirement be it information, goods or services, place. Therefore successful businesses need to have their internet appearance to maximize their profits. The biggest and the most important benefit of internet marketing are to get maximum number of customers despite of different geographies. Web provides loads of opportunities to businesses like offering discounts and schemes to attract online customers. Customers in turn are short of time and in need. Amazing offers on every purchase holds the customer’s interest intact and keep him buying from the internet. Online marketing or internet marketing helps businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Satisfied customers stay happy with charismatic web appearance. At the same time dissatisfied customers could be tracked instantly and converted in to positive and prospective happy customers.

Competitive Edge

Internet marketing supports businesses in staying updated with their competitor’s strategies and statistics. Internet marketing provides numbers where in businesses could assess their position in the market and work to make it better. Change is the only constant and internet marketing helps businesses to keep changing as and when the competitor tweaks their policy to divert customers. Online marketing helps in collecting, accumulating and analyzing the business data to maximize the profits. Competitor’s data, customer’s data and even data pertaining to the competitor’s customers could be easily tracked by internet marketing. Their big internet marketing companies available in the market which provide number of customers looking at the website, getting converting and even doing window shopping. Successful businesses can easily optimize and utilize these numbers to plan strategies for future. Online data helps understanding the customer’s behavior to strategies the product and product life cycle.

One Time Cost

Internet marketing would certainly incur some cost. However this is just a onetime cost which would keep churning benefits in long run for businesses. It’s important to plan properly before designing the website. Some of the features allow changes every now and then. It’s important to create a strong presence which should entice a big customer base. Internet marketing would minimize on the staffing cost and would need a lesser number of employees to manage the show. Rest of the work would be done automatically over the internet by the technology and its developments. This means it would also reduce the cost of land as lesser people indicate lesser space. Internet marketing saves cost by spending once.

Zee Generation Technique

Internet marketing belongs to a modern school of thoughts. Unlike any traditional marketing strategies it provides instant results. Similarly instant incorrect measure could be detected and altered to maximize on the online strategy. Customers across the globe provide more profits then restricting to one particular location or geography. Modern generation needs quicker results and quicker measures to grow. It’s important to implement the best marketing strategy and maximize on the profits. Data driven approach helps in growing the business more than any traditional approach. Internet marketing is completely data driven which helps the businesses to grow day on day.

Benefits of Blogging !

There are a hundred million blogs on the internet that discuss a wide range of issues everyday and more are coming up each day. The number of people who receive information from blogs all over the world is simply humongous and way above the number of people that used to receive information via traditional media forms.

There are many benefits for operating, owning or accessing a blog. However, the truth of the matter is that different people have different needs for blogs; some set them up to share stories about their personal lives, while others use them to pass information on political events. Yet others use blogs as avenues for sharing with others their opinions on social issues or even developmental issues. Some of the benefits of running a blog include:

a.) Advertising and marketing: Though blogs are majorly meant for personal use, there are many other people who use blogs to make their businesses prosper through internal communications or even by using them to advertise their services and goods and reach more potential clients. As a marketing tool, it provides a point of contact between clients and business owners and goes a long way to increase the visibility of the business, which will translate to increased sales. This is especially important, considering that as the 21st century progresses, more and more businesses are taking their advertisements online as opposed to having them being placed on the traditional media forms.

b.) Reputation Management: For a business owner or provider of a service, a blog can be very instrumental in developing one’s standing and expertise. This is because blogs help them show off the knowledge, experience and skills that they have on the various categories of industry. It also gives them numerous chances to show why they are better than their competition. As a Public Relations (PR) tool, the blog will also make it much easier for the business owners to directly explain any outstanding or critical issues to their clients/customers.

c.) Making money: People who own or operate blogs can make money through placement of advertising or by endorsing some services or products. This can be explained this way: When a blog becomes very popular, it can attract hundreds of thousands of people every day. This creates a very huge potential client base for any company wishing to market itself. Once the advertisers show up, the blogger asks for some money to place their ads on his or her site. The rates that advertisers will be asked to pay will often be different on many sites, depending on the number of people who visit it.

d.) Internal Communication channel: In a company or organization, a blog will often provide a platform in which people from various departments can discuss the issues that affect them in the work that they do. With a place that these staff members can meet virtually, relationships in the office could become better.

e.) Fun: There are people who set up blogs simply so that they can have spread the cheer to others. Blogs are a great fun for so many people, especially when reading the comments that have been put there by various readers. There are blogs for comedy and others that deal with sports only.

f.) Speak your mind: This is another very useful aspect of blogs. They allow operators to discuss what they have to say what they have to say to the people who visit their blogs without fear. This helps in developing talents like storytelling and poetry among other forms of art.

g.) Social Networking: Blogs bring people from various backgrounds together. For a moment, people can forget who they are and be put on the same level as everyone else when they are on the blog. Blog users meet new friends and strengthen already existing relationships. This is one of the biggest benefits of a blog.

Stop Whining, Start Working

Just to clear something up, I’m not being a hypocrite here and “whining” about this issue. I want to share my thoughts with you regarding people who complain non-stop, and at the same time make some of you realize that excessive complaining about your bad experiences will not get you anywhere!

I have met some people online who were sending their complaints to me via MSN OR e-mail almost everyday about their unfortunate internet marketing experiences. Ladies and gentlemen, they did continually send me messages without fail — even though I wasn’t replying to them! I have no idea why they were doing that to me, it’s not like I’m their counselor or something.

The thing is, they don’t realize that what they’re doing is just hindering them from attaining success. Sure, they can complain all they want, they have the right — I give them that. Nevertheless, if they’re complaining that their online businesses are not improving, then I guess I would say that they MUST stop whining AND start working in order for them to get what they want!

Whiners Are Losers

Why do internet marketers whine? It’s most probably because they fail(ed) at what they wanted to accomplish. To add some spice to this post, let me tell a story about a Thomas Alva Edison, a famous scientist that you should have heard of already.

Thomas Edison is credited for the invention of the light bulb. I reckon a lot of you know that he had failed more than 500 times in creating the light bulb, but did you know that he did not think of those as failures?

He once said, “I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.” [source]

Did he complain? No. Did he stop working on it? No. Instead, he continued on until he reached his goal, that is to create a light bulb! Now, he is known for what he did and humanity has thanked him for it. He is a winner.

Think about it this way: when you whine (instead of work), you are accomplishing nothing. Well, maybe you’re getting your thoughts heard, but then again that’s it. Nothing productive, just your feelings released to the public. What do we call people who use up a lot of their time doing something, and in the end not coming up with something good? Losers! I’m not saying that it’s bad to share your thoughts, or in some cases complaints, with others. I’m just saying that doing it excessively could result into unproductive use of your time.

If you’re still not convinced that whining makes you a loser, then here’s a little something I want to share with you.

“You only reduce your distance to success when you start working, not when you start whining.”

– Me 😛

I hope I inspired you today. Wait! This post is not over yet. I, too, tend to complain sometimes. I have a counteraction to defeat my “complaining side” though, and that is focus.

Focus, Focus, Focus

If I were to give a one-word tip to internet marketers, it would be “Focus, focus, focus.” But that’s three words, right? No, there’s only one word there: focus, with a multiplicity of 3. 🙂 I probably can not stress on this more, but in order to finish whatever you’re doing, you have to concentrate on it and do all that you can to achieve your goals.

Instead of whining your heart out, why not (whine not? :mrgreen: sort of a good pun, huh?) put yourself in a state of total focus until you totally forget about complaining? Then, you WILL attain whatever success you desire.


Whining will not get you anywhere near success. Just think of Thomas Alva Edison whenever you’re about to whine because of your failures. He “failed” nearly a thousand times, but did he complain? No. He just worked on what he’s doing and eventually, he succeeded. Also, to further eliminate the thought of whining, try to focus heavily on your goal and what you’re currently doing. By doing so, the mere idea of uttering a complaint would soon diminish.

Have a great day everyone, I’m looking forward to your comments on this one. 😉

How I Make a Fortune with WordPress Themes

Nowadays, WordPress themes are hot as there are literally tens of thousands of blogs out there changing themes frequently. I had this idea (and probably some others too) way back, but only had the chance to share it with people now. Now this isn’t anything revolutionary or what — it’s something that people have been doing already but you may not have realized it yet.

Now this method of mine needs a decent amount of capital — somewhere around $150 to $500 would suffice. If you’ve got less than that, then you might not be ready for this yet.

What I Do

What I usually do is ask my friends is to check webmaster freelance forums for some designers and give their contacts/instant messenger IDs to me. I couldn’t do it myself because I’m either busy or lazy. You couldn’t blame me for the former, and the more you couldn’t blame me for the latter. It’s just me okay? You have to accept it. I’m not that fond of posting on forums. 😉 Now, you could do this yourself especially if you’ve got time on your hands.

Once I get the designer’s contact details (normally I get to collect everything within 3 hours), I add them all up to (usually) MSN. I interview them — nothing too personal, just things like how long they’ve been doing themes and such, ask for their portfolio, prices, and related stuff. I screen them and choose the best in terms of price and work experience/quality.

After I get to “know” the people I want to work with, I ask them to create 1-2 themes each, depending on their availability and willingness to work. I always make sure that the themes will be usable and fully functional, so if you want to do that too (I bet you wanna), then see this checklist for things that you should look for in WP themes. Usually, I pay around $50-$100 for the themes, and I order 3 to 5 themes at a time. Let’s say you do the same.

Total money spent (assuming each theme is $50 each): $150 to $250

*Note that these themes are not too unique as those cost much more. They’re nice-looking themes which are similar to those themes on that get thousands or at least half a thousand downloads. Sometimes, they’re even better!

After I place my orders, I start getting excited. Kidding. 😛 I wait for them to finish their jobs. Most of the time the themes are finished within three days maximum. I ask for changes which take them less than 24 hours to do. Once all themes are finalized, it’s time to make money!

From here, you can opt to do one of these three things:

Sell the theme with full exclusive rights for a higher price
Decide to make the theme premium and sell licenses
Sell sponsored links and distribute the theme for free
I rarely do #2 as that takes a lot of hard work (promotion, getting a site up for the theme, etc.). What I usually do is sell sponsored links. Now, I don’t sell them myself because I told you that I’m not fond of posting on forums. I commission my friends to sell them for me (if you do it yourself you will make more than I do)!

If your theme is appealing, then sell three sponsor links with a starting bid of $20 and a buy-it-now (BIN) of $50 to $60. More often than not, you’ll be able to get bids in less than 24 hours! I often sell links on themes that cost me $50 for $40 each. Three links = $120, that’s a $70 profit. Not too shabby, huh?

Let me simulate a situation just for you. Say you bought 5 themes for $50 each. You’ve got $250 of expenses. Then you sell three links on each of them, and each link cost $30. Now you have a total revenue of $450. Subtract your expenses and you’ve got a hefty $200 profit. Not bad at all for literally a few not-stressing hours of “work”! I wouldn’t even call it working because all you had to do was talk to the designers and tell them what you want. It’s just like expressing your opinion — with money involved. 😉

Tips on Hiring Designers

Now this might be the hardest part of this moneymaking method. Finding (and eventually hiring) decent designers take time — which is why I just ask my friends to do it for me. 😉 Here are some of my tips on hiring designers.

Check their past design sales (if available). Did their designs sell like pancakes? Or did it take weeks for them to sell? Get a designer whose work can be described by the former.

Ask yourself: If you were a potential sponsor/theme buyer, would you buy the designs that the guy has? If yes, then you’ve found the right person. If no, better look somewhere else…

Don’t hire people who would lessen the quality of work if you pay less. Weird and nasty as it may sound, it happens. Some designers don’t put too much effort if they don’t get paid that much.

One bonus tip: Haggle, but don’t go overboard! Some designers will be willing take a few bucks off their rate if you just ask. Don’t be afraid to ask — there’s nothing to lose and lots to gain!


To succeed in this business, you must be able to determine which design is good and which is not. That way, you’d be able to hire the most suitable designers. Another thing is you have to have a decent capital. Remember that to make a good amount of money, you also have to shell out a good amount of money! If you have nothing to spend/don’t want to spend, then this business is not for you… yet. 😉

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