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Advantages of Responsive Websites for Your Business

One reality that you must know is that being online with your business is not just good enough to develop these days. Every website is designed keeping this thing in mind that it should bring a good name and visibility to your website. Be it any kind of website, it should be so good that people love to view and visit it frequently. It increases the visibility of the website. Website design services India is getting popular day by day and it’s gaining its importance.

The internet is far more saturated with several kinds of pages; the thing which gets the major attention is only the good looking feature of the website which is far more functional and useful. A same kind of design for longer period of time will definitely bore the viewer. Having a unique design will get you page noticed and will help your business reach to a new level. There is numerous web development services company in India. Each one of it comes up with unique ideas. Designing of the website is very important for the well functioning of the business. One should be very careful while making the choice when it comes to the designing.

There are many people who think that that designing of the web page may turn out to be very expensive but this is for sure just a onetime expense. Once you have invested good amount of money in this it will turn out to be really fruitful for the business. There are many people who spend unnecessarily on some other form of advertising. Website design services India comes up with lots of scope. The advantages of responsive websites for your business are many but you should be wise enough when you are opting for services providers.

Some advantages of responsive websites for your business:

  • It will help your business grow
  • You will learn a lot from it
  • It will give a better future to your business
  • It will come up with many new features and ideas that will enlighten your knowledge

The online business provides an opportunity to present your startup business globally. If your ideas get a chance to develop successfully then there is no factor which could stop you from succeeding in business. It completely helps establishing your presence in the web. Website design services India is an important tool for promoting your business online. It is the main foundation of your online marketing campaign as it drives people to their business and it plays an important role in advertising and marketing your business. Only possible way of getting your own identity is by having your own website. A good quality of website attracts more visitors to your website. The ultimate aim of the website is to attract unique visitors.

The basic thing you need to have so as to start your business is a good website. Web development services company come up with many varieties of website presentations. You need to be wise enough when it comes to choosing the best out of it.

What Is Magento?

If you’re looking at launching an e-commerce website, you have probably heard of Magento. This program is one option for those looking to create a website from which to sell their products. It provides many different built-in features, including inventory management databases, shopping carts, and other methods of customising your online store. There are a number of different features built-in to Magento that make it very user-friendly and very flexible.

Extreme Customisation

Magento makes use of Object-Oriented Programming to allow you to design your own websites that fit your specific needs. You can take various Magento extensions and applications and modify them to provide the solutions to your needs. All of the coding of the Community Edition of the e-commerce platform is open source, so experts can modify any part of the source code. If the feature you want doesn’t exist, a professional web design company can create it for you.

A Community of Help

Because Magento is open source, you don’t have to go to one company for support. Instead, you have an entire community standing by to help with issues or to provide solutions. This helps to ensure that the Magento platform is always protected from viruses and other security issues.

It Scales

Unlike some e-commerce options, Magento is ready to grow with your business. You can begin using it as a platform for your small business, but as you grow, it can expand to handle all of your needs. If you’re working with a good business that specialises in Magento web design in Melbourne, you’ll never have to worry about migrating to a new system. Your partner web design team can continue to expand your e-commerce site in Magento as needed.

It Was Designed Especially for e-Commerce

Some businesses try to use other content management systems for their e-commerce sites, because they are already using those systems for their websites and blogs. However, these other systems weren’t necessarily built from the ground up for e-commerce. Many had e-commerce functionality added to them later. That’s not the case with Magento. It was designed as an e-commerce platform, so it includes everything needed to function as one. There’s no need for any additional features or extensions.

Part of this design includes integration with various payment gateways, banks, and other third-party services that you may need to use to operate your e-commerce business smoothly. Magento is designed to seamlessly integrate with a number of these other platforms with no issues.


No e-commerce site is complete without being optimised for search engines. Your web design team will be able to implement a strong SEO marketing campaign using Magento, because it’s already prepared for SEO. The platform include a number of SEO features designed to make it easy to make your e-commerce site visible to search engines. Meta tags, friendly URLS, layered navigation, sitemaps, and more are all included in the basic Magento package. If you don’t find an SEO feature you need, your web design partners can simply create it thanks to the open source code.

The New WordPress Version 4.6 “Pepper” Has Just Been Unveiled

New WordPress Version 4.6 referred as “Pepper” after the famous jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III has just been launched is already available for the users to update from their WordPress dashboard. As per the company, the new update is enriched with features to focus on the important things while always offering an easy feeling.

How to Update to WordPress 4.6?

Updating the new WordPress version is as easy as updating to other WordPress versions. A notification would appear just under the update showing that this latest version of WordPress is available. All you need to do is to navigate to Updates and then click on Update Now allowing the update process to start. As soon as the update process is complete a welcome screen would appear.

What is New in WordPress 4.6?

Let us begin with the major WordPress features first followed by the background improvements. The new cute gray avatar in place of the boring gray box is a good way to welcome users with new look and feel. The second and most obvious eye catcher is obviously the new WordPress font. Well, let us explain the features now one by one.

New Native Fonts

The Open Sans font has been the commonest thing one can call to mind when thinking of WordPress admin area, right? Well, WordPress 4.6 is all set to make a difference to this. In the new version, you have native system fonts. Naturally, as per the system in use WordPress dashboard experience, at least look-wise may vary now.

Do you have any clue, why WordPress decided to switch to native fonts? Obviously, performance is a big reason since through system-specific the dependence on third party font like Open Sans can be avoided completely. Secondly, using System-UI fonts became now a convention across the platforms and WordPress with this update was looking to deliver a new feel, at least font-wise.

Two Major Improvements in WordPress Editor

Except introducing the system font UI WordPress 4.6 has come up with two major improvements in the WordPress editor, namely, auto-save enhancement and detector of broken links. Let us have a look at these improvements.

Enhanced auto-save: WordPress editor offers an autosave feature that automatically saves unsaved elements approximately in every 15 seconds. WordPress 4.6 took this feature one step forward by refurbishing the recovery feature as more user-friendly. Even when you refresh a page without saving, the notice that would appear offering you to restore the page will be more user-friendly. Moreover, this feature will work even in times when revisions are disabled. So, the end result is even accidentally you cannot lose any unsaved data, even after the revision of a document.

A broken link detector feature: The new WordPress version has come loaded with a new broken link detector. If while using WordPress if you are editing or writing a document through Visual Editor, WordPress will let you know if the document includes a broken link. By detecting broken links WordPress will mark them in red. For detecting the link quality, WordPress will send HTTP request and if the response from the link come as 403/404, it will be flagged by WordPress as a bad link and consequently will be highlighted in red.

Updating and Installing Plugins and Themes Became Better

In the new version, the experience of updating and installing plugins and themes became better. Instead of loading and refreshing the page, the new version allows updating and installing without needing to leave the page. Moreover, a new animation is added to show that the theme installation from WordPress.org directory is in progress. Referred as Shiny Updates v2, this new update methodology will make updating faster and intuitive.

An Enhanced Look in Import Screen

We all know about the exceptional ease WordPress provides in importing contents from other platforms just by using the importer plugins at Tools » Import section. Well, the new version makes this importing further easier. Moreover, while installing importer plugins the Shiny Update feature will facilitate it in the background without needing any install pop-up.

Improved Localization and Translation

The new update will have useful aspects in regard to translating a page. WordPress.org community hosted translations will be more preferred than the common translations of the plugin. This will eliminate the chances of bad user experience because of faulty translations in the plugin page.

Other upgrades

WordPress 4.6 is not only about offering an improved look and feel but is equally about enhanced performance. To ensure optimum performance and speed for the millions of websites and blogs running on this platform, the new update has come up with a host of upgraded elements. Let us have a look at them.

  • WordPress 4.6version allowed standardizing metadata registration with the introduction of a function called register_meta() function.
  • New WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query classes have also been added. This will help WordPress developers to offer lazy loading feature when building query sites and networks. As lazy loading helps faster page loading speed, this would be a significant improvement for such sites.
  • The new version will be better equipped to handle parallel HTTP requests with a new library for this.

Other Improvements Behind the Scene

WordPress 4.6 besides the so-called visible features has come loaded with a lot of refurbished and enhanced elements for the developers. Let us have a look at the various developer-friendly enhancements offered by this new version.

  • Resource Hints: Resource hints refer to a new W3C specification that helps web browser connecting and fetching resources in advance leading to enhanced performance and speed.
  • Improved Meta Registration: WordPress 4.6 offersregister_meta() function which helps to work with metadata in a standardized way through the registration of meta keys.
  • Persistent Comment Cache: WordPress 4.6 is all equipped to cache comments as the persistent types of objects. This allows simultaneous and almost concurrent changes in comments as and when validated, updated or changed.
  • WP_Post_Type Class: WordPress 4.6 offering newWP_Post_Type class allows handling a variety of post types with different methods, rewrite rules, meta boxes, etc.
  • WP_Term_Query Class: The new version comes loaded with WP_Term_Query class allowing an enhanced structure to produce term queries.

The new update in spite of having too many handy enhancements seems to have nothing as mind blowing. But it has been a long time since we had any major WordPress update with so many enhancements.

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