How to Make a Website Popular

A website is a very important asset for anyone, more so for those people who would like to use it to make money. It is also very true that the websites that earn the biggest amount of money are those that get the largest number of visitors. This is precisely why they must be made as popular as possible.

There are a number of things, which if done well by website owners can help them a lot by bringing in more people to their pages and thereby increasing the money that can be possible made.

One of the ways to attract people to your site is by breaking up the information that is there into smaller pieces that are more palatable. There is no need to have too much information on one page to an extent that that it becomes very difficult for visitors to find the small piece of information that they could be in need of. The information will still be the same, but the navigation will be much easier than before. This is because they will be divided into categories and under headings that are specific hence making finding information much faster. If the users of the internet find a website where they have to struggle too much to find information, they will leave and try to find better ones.

Secondly, it is important to help web page users quickly find what they want to read instead of having to read through masses of information that have no need for. This is to mean that the author of the blog or the website must offer choices, giving the visitors to the site the guidance that they will need to go directly to their points of focus. The choices should however not be too much. Narrowing the search topics for browsers of the internet will help them save a lot of time. Moreover, when they feel that they have received great assistance, visitors to the website will come again over and over. To do this right, articles must be saved under specified categories, summaries made and under a major headline.

The function of a website of any kind is to help browsers answer some form of questions. It is imperative therefore that the administrator of the web page answers the questions that are given to him or her by the people who visit the page. This is especially important if the web page belongs to a certain business unit. A proper website is where as many questions as possible that are asked by visitors are answered as accurately as possible. At times, text links can also be used to guide the readers in the site to other pages where their questions can be answered better. The needs of the customer must always be put ahead of anything else and their concerns dealt with adequately.

Another very important factor in websites that could make them popular is consistency. The main aim of this is to ensure that the website visitors and users do not get confused about the aim of the website. Consistencies must be maintained in terms of the keywords used, presentation of the work and even spelling. If users notice that there are too many changes every now and then, they will begin to wonder about the direction of the website. Consistency includes the fact that the site should also focus on a few major subjects, instead of combining too many of them to a level that readers lose taste with it.

Another way to improve the popularity of a web page is communicating with the web visitors. The administrator(s) of a website should at all times try to reach out to their readers and viewer. For instance, the website could be receiving plenty of emails from these people. It is important that the operators of this site at least set aside some fem moments every day to try and respond to some of the emails. This will go a long way to give the web users some confidence.

Are Typo Domains Worth It

If you have not heard anything about typo domains yet, let me explain what it is. It’s when you buy domains which are common typos of another known domain, so that you can either redirect it to your affiliate link or simply steal traffic from your competitor. 😈

I have tried this already, but I haven’t explored the whole of it yet. I only tried it to make some web hosting affiliate sales. A few months ago, I owned typos of the domain “”. I think I had three or four. Guess what? I managed to refer 7 people in one month (that’s $75 per person for a total of $525), and I spent less than $40 for the domains!

Instead of killing myself by writing persuasive sales letters and sending numerous e-mails to everyone I knew, I went the “effortless way”. I bought domains and… ta-da! Profits rolled in.

The use of typo domains is not limited to gaining affiliate sign-ups; you can also use it to steal visitors from your dreaded competitors, redirect typos of your own domains to your main sites, and so on. Actually, the only limit is your creativity on how you’re going to use them!

So, I think some of you are already going to buy dozens of domains right now. But wait! Let’s weigh out the pros and cons of this method before you do so. I’ll let you decide later whether it’s worth implementing or not.

Why They’re Worth It

First, typo domains have the potential to reel in BIG profits. As I had mentioned a while ago, I owned some typo domains of Sure, I could have just marketed my way into getting sign-ups, but I chose to sit back, relax, and wait for people to bring themselves to my domains.

You can easily convert big sites’ traffic into your own traffic. Imagine if YouTube didn’t have a policy about typo domains (I’m not sure if they have.), you owned,,, and, and then you redirected them to your own video site. I reckon hundreds of thousands of people would be flocking over your site in a day!

You can STEAL your competitors’ traffic. I know this is an evil thing to do, but usually marketers are evil so… you get the point. If your competitor’s domain is and he’s getting 10,000 visitors a day, maybe you should get or something similar to steal around least 10% of his visitors. 😉

You may be able to sell them for more than 100% profit. I strongly believe that there are people who want to own all typo domains of their sites — and they pay a fortune just to get them! If this is the case, then more typo domains equals more money for you.

Why They’re Not Worth It

You never know, a lawsuit can be filed against you! There are people who can file lawsuits if you buy certain typos of their domains, so I guess it’s better to not get the $100 you can earn from the domain than to shell our $x,xxx for a lawyer.

Some typo domains just don’t bring in conversions. Even if you buy all the typo domains of a certain site, you might be unlucky and not get even a single conversion. I’m sorry to say this but sometimes, this just happens. So if you bought 10 domains (that’s around $80), and you get nothing in return, then you would lose almost a hundred bucks. That’s not something to be happy about!

Net surfers tend to stay away from sites on typo domains. Let’s say you bought, a typo domain of your competitor’s I don’t know why, but some people get angry when they see people trying to steal visitors from other sites. Maybe they’re so loyal to “” that they will curse your typo domain and your site forever.

What Do YOU Think?

Now that we’ve taken down some advantages and disadvantages, I’m throwing the question to you: Are typo domains worth it? Share your insights with me through the comment form, and I’d be glad to concur… or maybe have an interesting debate with you!

Tips to Ensure Successful Blogging

It is every persons dream that his blog will be successful. However this is not always the case due to the stiff competition and the only ways to do this is by ensuring that it stands out from the rest. However there are some tips that you can use to increase the chances of success.

One good way of doing this is by ensuring that you connect with other readers in places such as Facebook, Linkedin or even twitter. These are some of the good resources that you can use to drive traffic to your blog. This is because you can create a ripple effect by promoting your blog in the other social media. You can use these sites to make your blog stronger when you seek the feedback of the readers and also nurture new relationships. By setting up say, a twitter account r even Facebook page to your blog, you will be able to update your followers on the latest posts in your blog.

It is also important for you to come up with interesting headings to your post. This is because the readers usually use it to make a decision on whether to continue reading the post or not. Therefore you can use the headline to arouse the interest of the people which will cause them to read more. If you come up with a headline that does not generate interest to your readers, you miss a great platform to market you blog. Also there is a possibility that the blog will go viral due to a great headline and this even makes the readers to share it other social media.

Other readers who have subscribed to your blog by RSS feed or even through email will also make a decision depending on the headline first. You can research on how to come up with a good headline by looking at other blogs in the same niche. Ensure that you are keen on those ones which seem to be the most popular and study carefully their headlines. Also remember that it takes time to be able come up with captivating headlines but it’s possible to master it.

It is also important for you to find some inspirational topics to write on. There are many ideas on which you can write on but the best place and easiest way to get some is from your readers. It is important for you to think of the most urgent needs of your readers and try to address them. You can also come up with a main topic for the blog and also some sub topics. You can also try and serialize some of your most popular blogs. You should also try and use some useful headline formulas such as ‘how to..’ or even ‘why…’ It is also important for you to ensure that you read widely whether online or even offline. While reading you should also remember that inspiration does not necessarily come from your niche. You should also take your time to think of an appropriate idea. Any idea that comes to mind should be noted down either in a place such as an email. Also ensure that you take your time to go through the comments by your readers.

Learn to read and leave comments on other blogs. You can use this to improve your search engine ranking by not only leaving the comment but also your blog address. You may even get inspired to turn the comment into a blog itself. You can also take the time to appreciate and even recognize people who comment on your blog.

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