Things To Know About The Mobile Advertising Market

So you want to reach customers in the mobile advertising market. Here are some of the things that you need to know in order to do so. Did you know that marketing departments of most businesses and advertising agencies are always in search of new and innovative ways of promoting their businesses in addition to attracting more customers?

Most mobile advertising market ad platforms are now open and this has given startups as well as other tech companies an opportunity to plug in and take advantage of the feature sets. With the ad technology currently being API driven, e-newsletter ad platform is one of the marketing tactics that has significantly gained momentum. The use of this platform involves sending targeted promo ad content to a targeted group consumer with an aim of increasing a business’s bottom line while at the same time creating awareness and loyalty.

The increase in momentum in the use of newsletter ad platform can be attributed to some advantages that it has over the other platforms. However, despite the increase in its popularity, its full potential is yet to be realized as most of the publishers have yet to take advantage of this platform. In fact, most of the publishers fail to appreciate the fact that subscribers to their newsletter ads have decided to receive the e-newsletters and read them.

Some of the advantages include:

Reduced Cost of Advertising

One of the biggest advantages of this platform is the low cost involved. As opposed to the traditional advertising platforms, newsletter ads costs are only associated with the services offered by the email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo. In most cases, a company never uses its emailing system for the ads; instead it pays an email provider to handle it at a cost which is comparatively cheaper than traditional methods like printing and mailing.

Offers Targeted Marketing Services

Newsletter ad platforms offer an opportunity to reach out to a target audience as the involved consumers have initially expressed interest in receiving product or service updates. Consumers usually sign up to receive the newsletters either through the company’s websites or via other means like social media. In fact, some of the customers usually have an established relationship with the company and usually find time to read the newsletter ads. Companies usually make sure that they never get backlisted for spamming, as this would otherwise render their whole campaign ineffective.

There Is Added Value With the Use of Newsletter Ads

In order for a newsletter ad to be consider effective it needs to engage the consumer and get them to pay attention to the content of the advertisement. Companies have realized the effectiveness of this platform and they are currently engaged in techniques of improving the level of their content engagement thus building loyalty.

To learn more about the mobile advertising market, visit LiveIntent.

Brazil’s Finest Web Hosting Services

Modern Day Business is highly dependence towards the existence of technology and its development. Using the advance technology of internet, a company could run and function smoothly in their daily activities. Not only online technology is highly useful for running the company, it could also be such a great means of business strategies such as sales and marketing. Sadly, searching for the best quality web hosting company that could also provide a reasonable and inexpensive cost range in Brazil is rather difficult. But, there is no need to worry now. For the best web hosting company that you can find in Brazil, Home Host is your only correct solution.

Brazil’s Finest Web Hosting Services

Home Host is one of the finest web hosting companies that which operates in Brazil. They could offer varieties of web hosting services on with such an inexpensive and reachable price range. For example, you may purchase their fundamental web hosting service for only R$ 9.90 per month. Additionally, you can also get 500 giga bytes worth of disk spaces under that price. They also provide a website domain registering services with different packages of prices. You will need to pay R$ 21.00 per year for a national Brazilian domain registering and R$ 19.00 per year for an international domain registering services.

This web host company could also offer you with other kinds of free web hosting services that that is available on their site. Some of the free web hosting services is including creating a website and also migrating your website. For those who already have a web host, you can move your web host to Home Host for free. Home host could also provide you with such a reliable and fast internet connectivity through their high quality dedicated server services. In doing so, your company could access internet and receive e-mails for business purposes.

Home Host is such a trustworthy internet connection service provider especially with the help of their two data centers. They locate their data center both in Brazil and also Munich Germany for their local and international clients respectively. Through their highly experienced and well qualified technicians and professionals, Home Host could always guarantee you with a 24/7 high quality web hosting services. Whether it is on a Christmas or any other holiday, their technician is ready to assist your entire web hosting needs. For those who are interested in hiring their web hosting services, they can visit for more info and details.

Finding The Right Web Hosting Service

When you first embark upon creating your small business website, the sheer number of choices you have to make can seem overwhelming. What should your domain name be? Who should design the site? What should your logo look like? And in fact, your worries aren’t unfounded: A 2011 British survey found that one third of respondents had taken their online business elsewhere due to a site’s poor design and inefficient Web hosting.

Taking that information to heart, you should give some real thought to what should be your first decision: choosing a Web hosting service. Following are some basic details and information on how to choose the right service for your fledgling website.


Your first question in this endeavor might be “How much is this going to cost?” But the fact is, money shouldn’t be your primary determining factor. The average monthly fee for Web hosting is only about $10-15; while many free Web hosting options exist, they often aren’t the best choices for any business—large or small. When you choose a free option, you run the risk of frequent downtimes as your site grows (more on uptime in just a moment)—and poor customer service should your site in fact go down.

Instead, do your homework to find a reputable Web hosting service within your price range. Doing so will be well worth the peace of mind of having your site up and running on a reliable server.

On the up and Up

Speaking of reliable servers: Before you sign on the dotted line, inquire about your potential hosting service’s average uptime—the amount of time the server spends up and running. You’re looking for a pretty high number—99 percent is ideal. And if the company isn’t up front about its uptime averages, that’s your cue to look elsewhere.

One Size doesn’t Fit All

Remember that not every option will fit your needs. Some Web hosting services cater to large businesses; others might be better for small start-ups or growing companies. Your job is to find out which service is which and to determine the one that best fits your needs.

Read and Reflect

Don’t discount the power of the almighty customer review: Do some reading on others’ experiences with the service you’re considering. You can check review sites like Epinions or try social media: Twitter users aren’t often shy about sharing their customer service issues with the world! If the reviews are mostly positive, move forward—but if there’s an overwhelmingly negative trend, you should head back to the drawing board.

These are just a few of the factors that go into finding the right Web hosting service for your business. Do a lot of research and consult with knowledgeable peers and friends before you commit. Putting in a bit of effort at the beginning can save you a lot of frustration and stress in the long term—and once you’ve made this decision, you can go back to choosing colors for your logo.

How To Connect To A VPN

Many of us are turning to VPN’s for protection when connecting to data centres or our clouds to backup our data. We use this if we are on cyber cafe computers or other public computers, this stops anyone else being able to see or intercept our data and steal it.

1. Step One

Okay first of all we need to have our login details at the ready, this will be the IP address, username and of course the password. When buying your VPN you will have these emailed to the email address you gave when purchasing, this is usually instant meaning we won’t have to wait around.

2. Search For The VPN Connect Wizard

Do a search for this in the start menu using the search feature like so:

Search For The VPN Connect Wizard

Click on the “Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection” this will open up the wizard we need for connecting to our VPN.

3. Let’s Begin…

Okay once we have that open we will need to put in our IP address for our VPN provider and then the name we would like to call it, this is so you can access it easily for next time.

4. Username & Password

Make sure you have the username and password handy for this step as we need to put that in here:

Type in your information for the username and password but LEAVE “remember this password” unticked as you do not want to save it into the computer, this defeats the whole object of using a VPN, ticking that box will give anyone else access to it that uses that particular computer.

5. And Connect…

If you typed in all of the information correctly all should go off without a hitch and you will be connected to your VPN. You can now surf safely and connect to your data centre or other places you need to connect to.

Bio: I use a VPN on a daily basis to connect to my data centre to backup or retrieve the files I need to audit for my business. Using VPN’s to connect to data centres gives that extra layer of security even though ShareFile provide great security already.

Redesigning Your Blog, How To Go About It?

Blogs, who doesn’t have one? It is a certainty that most people have tried their hand at blogging at one point in their lives. Blogging in itself has become such a progressive form of communication that there are actual seminars on how to make a very productive blog and make money from one’s blog. And there have been people who have earned quite a lot from their blogs. There is now a new wave of bloggers who are not merely content with just sharing their ideas and get instant recognition for it. They are a marketing vehicle for whatever cause or ideal they believe in. And they use their blogs as their number one weapon.

Redesigning Your Blog, How To Go About It

But, what if your blog is not really getting the results you want? What if, you are the few who have tried blogging, didn’t get the recognition that you were seeking and have stopped blogging? Maybe it’s time to rethink your blog’s web design,  enrol yourself to a diploma of graphic design so you could understand what kind of graphics you need for your blog, or read more about content marketing and content strategy to post fresh and unique articles on your blog, discover and never stop trying. Maybe you just need to adjust your blogging to get the results that others have been enjoying.

Here are some Tips on how to Redesign your Blog:

1. Develop a Voice

It is really important that a writer, blogger or not, develop one’s voice. Why else does he or she write if not to put out one’s opinion and perspective? It is true that there is nothing new under the sun. But what makes writing exciting is how the writer, with his or her unique perspective, will tackle that topic and make it new again. Take for example Love. Everyone has heard and experienced Love. But a writer, a really good one, will put a whole new spin or angle to Love based on that writer’s experience and point of view. So write, and discover your unique voice.

2. Think of your Audience

Part of developing one’s voice is thinking of a specific audience that one writes for. What is your audience’s age, gender, social-economic status, religion, educational attainment; what is their profile? Basically answer the question, “who are you writing for?” This will allow you to focus your topics, language usage, and the entire look and feel of your blog.

3. Write on a Schedule

A lot of bloggers really write on the fly. They write whenever they feel like writing and whenever something interesting has come up. One should really be purposeful and write on  a schedule. This develops discipline and the necessary writing skills that is needed for serious blogging. Also, if one writes according to a schedule, it is definite that a new article will be up to generate reader interest.

4. Think of a Design

The design of one’s blog is really important as can make or break a blog and it can be the reason why your blog is read or not. So don’t just put whatever design you like. Research on what particular designs are garnering so much attention. And incorporate this into the image that you want.

5. Make it Promotable

It is really important that a blog will have the appropriate buttons for sharing. Nowadays, copy pasting is a thing of the past, and people, if they like what they see, will share a song, an image, a tweet, a quote, and a blog. They will even make an announcement of it, and this spells success for whatever gets posted. So make sure that you have the most popular social media plugins. This will encourage people to re-post your work, which more people will see, and will increase the possibility that it will be reposted again.

Redesigning one’s blog is not as hard and as painful as one would think. With the proper time and thought put into the actual design of the blog, you can have thousands of followers through these simple steps.

Author Bio:

+Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, a holder of a Marketing Diploma and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.

Early Childhood Education – How Is This Beneficial For The Proper Growth Of Your Child?

Do you know that early childhood education is becoming very popular these days? This is because there are several benefits of this program that will make your child a smart and intelligent person. Early childhood education enables your child to improve in the areas where he is not perfect. Besides this, the program also educates the children so that that they can achieve a bright and successful career in their life.

Early Childhood Education – How Is This Beneficial For The Proper Growth Of Your Child?

4 Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Check out the 4 benefits of early childhood education.

  1. Approach Towards Learning in a Better Way

  2. Early childhood education enables most of the children to take up learning in a better way. This is the reason why kindergarten and the elementary years are so very important in the life of your child’s career. Thus, the children who go to preschool are surely going to perform much better in mathematics and possess good reading skills than the ones who didn’t go at all. Besides this, a child who takes up early childhood education has better recognition skills even at the starting of his kindergarten days.

  3. Possess the Capability

  4.  to Learn Better One of the qualities that a child will develop in early childhood education is he’ll possess the capability to learn in a better way. This is considered to be an important step towards education and successful life. Every child is impertinent by nature and as such, they’ll react to whatever they may see, touch and hear. The capacity to learn as well as adapt must be managed early so as make the child successful in life.

  5. Vital need of Proper Communication

  6. Your child must learn how to communicate with other people. It’s important that you hear the voice of your child properly when he is just being admitted in the school. With preschool education, the child will improve his/her communication skills in a much better way. Thus, the children will learn to express their views and understand what they are told. The ability of proper communication will help them in their daily routine life and also give a better understanding of the entire world.

  7. Put more Attention to Work as a Team

  8. Early childhood education teaches your child to educate, share and how to work as a team. Since the classrooms in preschools have several children of your age, you are going to learn how to share with each other. Besides this, preschool education will let your child know the importance of teamwork and how everyone in the group will have to put a lot of effort if they’re doing something to make it successful.

Thus, these are some of the benefits of early childhood education that will enable you to understand how advantageous it is for your child to get their early education.

Techniques To Regain Control Of A Hacked Joomla Site

Hackers are by far one of the biggest webmasters nightmares. Since it is almost impossible to make your website 100% hacker proof, administrators will have to deal with hackers every now and then. All the hackers need is just a small hole in the coding process and they immediately gain entry through the backend of your site.  The best a web master can have to mitigate any loss through hacking is a backup which he can use to restore the site. This however does not still answer the question of whether there is a guarantee that the site will not be hacked again.

Joomla templates

Image credit: Themexpert

Information forms the centermost part of our lives. Our operations are dependent how well we manipulate and generally process information within our systems. Since hacking is inevitable, below are some of the tips that you can employ to regain control of your site once it has been broken into.

Website Backup

This should be the first step you should undertake in light of any hacking indent. The necessity of the backup process lies in the recovery process to follow thereafter.  For a successful website recovery process to take place, a clean-up must be done which could easily lead to the loss of some critical information hence a back-up.  Joomla templates sites require that you back-up the database and files in HTML directory structure since it operates on a database driven platform.

Searching and Recording Of Evidence

Just like in real physical break-ins, hacking leaves foot prints which acts as clues indicating where the hacker came from. Such evidence is to be documented as it can help you achieve a couple of things amongst them an analysis of how the hacker entered the site. Through screenshots and notes, hacking evidence can be aptly captured.

Contact Your Web hosting Service Provider

The technicalities involving hacking may sound strange if you do not have information technology foreknowledge. Your writing to the web hosting service provider should be as detailed as possible while at the same time taking care of any evidence that has been collected in screenshots and notes. The information you provide him will go a long way in helping him clear the hacks while at the same time attempting to analyze the likely routes and channels used by the hacker.

Maintenance Mode Notification

When your site is going through the cleanup process, it is vital that you put it in a maintenance mode. This will serve as an automatic and polite reminder to your users. It will also reduce the chances of you affecting others within your network.

Clean Up Other External Computer Devices

The chances of viruses and malware left behind after hacking is very high. The technicality of hacking lies in the fact that hackers use malware and viruses to gain access to a system and take as much information as they need. Peripheral devices such as mobiles, flash disks and CD’s must be cleaned before they can be re-inserted into the PCs. This is in order to prevent the chances of re-infection. In cleaning the malware and the viruses, it is recommended that the appropriate anti-malware and antivirus software is used.

Changing Passwords to Restrict Entry

The information that hackers carry along with them comprises many things amongst them passwords. In severe hacking cases, even bank passwords could be compromised making it an urgent measure to change the passwords to restrict entry for repeat hackers. The password also should be a mixture of characters and letters making it difficult for the hacker to reconfigure.

Bolstering Online Security

Just like heart attacks, if you survive the first one you may live to see the old age. This is because you will take necessary precautions never to suffer another one again. Similarly in cyber attacks, knowing the potential threat hacking can have on your business or company it is vital that you watch out. You may find it useful to purchase additional security features to bolster the existing ones such as firewalls. It is also recommended that you carry out site-wide surveillance coupled with periodic reviews just to ensure that your security is in check.

It is important to protect your data at every stance because hacking can be very devastating and damaging to you business. Ethical hacking has been developed as a discipline where professionals engage in hacking in ways that are non-malicious to test how tight a site’s online security is.

Author bio:
Has your Joomla site been hacked and you want to know how to regain its control. This article is written by Rose, a professional Information Technology who gives useful ideas on regaining control of websites from hackers. In additional, she writes reviews for an array of websites in IT.

Windows 8 Mobile App Development: Bringing Your Business to Your Customer’s Fingertips

It’s no secret that Windows 8 is set to be the future of mobile computing for Microsoft, especially with the fun and easy to navigate new interface on these tablets and smartphones. So, why not make the most of this new technology and use a Windows 8 mobile app to bring your business straight to your customer’s fingertips.

Why Develop an App for Windows 8?

As touched on in a blog published by BlogTest, entitled Effective Use of Digital Advertising for Product Promotion, advertising for your business through digital means is increasingly popular and is helping businesses to thrive in even a tough economy. Even though Apple and Android seem to be the more popular choice of platform for mobile app development, the integration of the Windows 8 tile system is already catching the eye of tablet users. The tile interface makes apps accessible and appealing to tablet users, not to mention the ease of use of a Windows 8 OS can appeal to classic Microsoft users who aren’t quite comfortable with other operating systems.

According to AB Mobile Apps, tablet users are 6 ½ times more likely to use an application over the web, to get the information that they seek, so mobile apps are certainly in demand. But, because there are some businesses, perhaps in your same market, which choose to focus their mobile apps on Apple, rather than Windows, your app is actually much more likely to stand out on this platform. So, developing a Windows app sooner, rather than later, can actually mean that more attention will be drawn to your application by potential consumers. That’s certainly great news for any business owner and reason enough to start planning your app immediately!

Finding a Windows 8 App Developer

It’s no secret that there is a shortage of quality developers that have extensive knowledge of Windows 8 app development. Most seemed content with limiting their services to Apple and Android development without presuming that Windows 8 would be as successful as it is. But, there are some mobile app development companies that offer Windows 8 application services to help you bring new customers to your business. You want to be sure to work with a developer that has experience in Windows app creation and can demonstrate success with applications created specifically for Windows businesses similar to your own. Remember that not all app development companies are created the same, so you want to be sure to do your homework on a business before entrusting them with yours.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to go beyond Apple and Android to attract new eyes to your business and meet the needs of your current clients. Expanding to another horizon of digital marketing can help to build your business and gain new followers. Windows 8 app development is certainly a direction that smart business owners should look into, and sooner rather than later!

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Common Solutions to a Common Android Problem

One of the most frustrating things that Android owners experience is a lack of battery life. As is for all smart phones, it seems the advertised battery life doesn’t seem to be anywhere near what battery life you actually get. This could be for a number of reasons, and some might be avoidable while others aren’t.

If you feel like you’ve had serious problems with your Android’s battery lately, you might be searching the web for a solution. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these solutions to one of the most obnoxious problems that Android owners face: insufficient battery life.

The Snapdragon BatteryGuru App

One solution to many common battery issues lies in the form of an app available to download for your Android. This new Android battery app actually works in the background of your phone to increase your battery life. After you download the app, all you need to do is use your phone, and after a few days the app will let you know it’s learned your phone habits and will kick into use.

The app has a great rating on the Google Play store, mainly because it requires no interaction to help increase your battery life. It’s a great app to just download and forget about, and get better battery life for as long as you have your phone.

Keep Your Phone on the Windowsill

Something as simple as where you keep your phone when you’re at home or work can severely affect your battery life, and if you make adjustments it should improve. By keeping your phone on a windowsill, it will be able to connect to the cell towers much more easily, meaning it won’t waste extra battery life trying to get a signal.

Obviously you shouldn’t go out of your way to keep your phone at a windowsill (if you have a desk in the middle of an office, it’ll be awkward to run to the window every time your phone rings), but if you’re able to then you should. When you’re at your desk, keep your phone on your desk and not in your pocket, so it has an easier path to pick up the signal. Something so simple could solve some of your battery issues.

Deactivate Automatic Wi-Fi Connect

Every time you leave your work office and head home, your phone disconnects from your office Wi-Fi and then connects to your home Wi-Fi when you get home. Every time you connect or disconnect from a network, your battery is drained. What makes things worse is that your phone will try to connect to Wi-Fi networks on your way from work to home.

Your phone will attempt to connect to the Starbucks Wi-Fi network, the network on the subway, and any other network in between. Obviously finding wireless networks is helpful, but if you’re simply commuting between two places it’s not necessary. Disconnecting the automatic connect will mean your device only connects to wireless networks that it’s been authorized to connect to. It won’t waste battery searching for Wi-Fi networks, which means a better battery life in the long run.

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Essential Education for Full-Time Bloggers

Are you considering blogging full-time? Are you already a full-time blogger? Having a good educational background can help you not only become a better blogger, but also make more money.

Why is an Education Helpful for Bloggers?

Image via Flickr by romana klee

First things first. If you are a blogger, you need to understand grammar, spelling, and basic English (or the language you are blogging in). If you don’t have a basic foundation in the language you write in, you aren’t going to get very far as a blogger.

However, having further education is also helpful. It is important for a blogger to have a good knowledge of what they are writing about. Do you specialize in writing about the newest gadgets? Understanding how those gadgets work can help you sound more professional. It also gives you a better insight into what you are writing about.

How Much Education is Required?

Image via Flickr by steakpinball

Technically, you don’t need any formal education to be a full time blogger. However, the more knowledge you have, the better your blog is going to be. Many bloggers have either an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in their chosen field.

How to get a Degree

Image via Flickr by James Almond

There are many options when you are considering going back to school for higher education. You can get a degree at a traditional school. This will require you to go into classes on a regular basis. You will be limited to the degree options available through the school.

There are also online degree options. At you can compare degrees and select what you think would work best for your situation. One of the great things about getting your degree online is that you can attend class when it is convenient for you.

Education Beyond a Degree

Image via Flickr by yuhui

What field are you writing about? Are there certifications you can get that will help you prove that you know your field? Getting these certifications can help you prove your knowledge. When you are certified, more people are likely to see you as an expert in your field. A professional certification can help you in blogging, as well as other careers if you choose to do something other than blogging.

Proper Education can get you Sponsorships, Guest Post Opportunities, and More

Image via Flickr by Rooster306

If you are trying to make a career out of blogging, it is important to get your name out there. On top of that, it is important to get some money coming in. Having a good background, education, and certifications can all help with this. When you can prove yourself as an expert, you will be more likely to get sponsorships, which will bring in money. Guest blogging on other people’s blogs can help you gain exposure with their readership. The more notoriety you get, you may find yourself getting sample products, interviews with big names, and more.

Getting a good education is essential, no matter what your career path. Bloggers may not need a formal education to write great blog posts, but it will certainly help you feel more confident in your field, as well as help you make a name for yourself.


Three Different Internet Solutions for Your Growing Business

The different types of Internet connections can be difficult to understand. There are many different types of Internet connections, and they vary in things like speed and cost. Choosing the right Internet type for your business is important, not only because you don’t want to spend unnecessary money, but because you need to make sure you’re getting enough bandwidth to get everything accomplished.

Upgrading your Internet isn’t hard, but it if you aren’t sure what kind of Internet you need it can be confusing. Thankfully, all it takes is some quick research to understand the differences between Internet connections, so you can find out which one is right for your business. Check out below for the basics on the different kinds of Internet.


In most cases, an Ethernet Internet connection is the most affordable Internet solution. Ethernet speeds typically range from 2 Mbps up to 45 Mbps, and it tends to be much cheaper than the other Internet types that are mentioned in this article. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it won’t perform. If you require any sort of business VoIP solutions, Ethernet should do the trick.

Ethernet is definitely the best value for your business if it’s available in your location. If you get Ethernet from a reliable company, it can have up to a 99.99% SLA guarantee, meaning you’ll practically never have to worry about the Internet being down. It’s great for metropolitan areas, as Ethernet is typically widely available in those types of areas.


If you work out of a home office or run a small business, a DSL Internet subscription might be a great choice for you. Affordable and reliable, DSL is widely available and comes in many different packages. For small or medium sized businesses that use the Internet frequently to download things, DSL is a great choice.

DSL is also very affordable, and service providers can get you speeds of up to 20 Mbps over a secure, private network. There are a few different types of DSL services, including standard DSL and dedicated ADSL; each has its own benefits and price points. Do some research into the DSL world and see if which type of DSL could be right for you if DSL is the Internet that you think will work for your business.


For a large or growing business, a T1 Internet service might be the right choice. T1 Internet is incredibly fast and offers tremendous amounts of bandwidth, both things that a large or growing business needs. While T1 is much more expensive than the before mentioned Internet types, it also is much more efficient.

Whether your business needs a full T1 line or a bonded T1 line, upgrading your Internet to T1 will no doubt increase productivity and efficiency because the Internet will be so lightning fast. T1 is also incredibly secure, and you won’t have to worry about getting viruses or breached firewalls.

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