Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Status: Coming Soon

Many sources on the web have revealed information and rumours regarding the new flagship PHABLET Samsung Galaxy Note 5 moreover the mysterious mobile Project Zen, which had earlier been only concept device. Possibly the new gadgets will brace the position of Samsung, which is passing through hard times.

Just a month ago as information was out, that in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will come with with Super AMOLED screen with a size of 5.8 to 5.9 inches range and a high-end resolution 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels). However few sources confirm that there would be only, just one of the options as there is a probability that the new PHABLET may only receive 2K screen resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, and lately which will not reduce its price.

In all prospects, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will run on the company’s processor Samsung Exynos 7422; chip which intogrates the computing core and a permanent memory, graphics engine and a modem. However the rumored Samsung Galaxy S7 would be containing a much better processor. There are also few rumours and information that the giant is now testing the version of Exynos 7430 for the Galaxy Note 5 and it could be a break through, but the rumors about its possible launch or marketable use is not officially revealed.

Project Zen, which is revealed as a mobile device with a curved display, and as per the rumours it, may replace the Galaxy Note Edge. Probably, it would be powered with the all-new Super AMOLED-display with a measuring between 4.5 to 5.5 inches, which is bent on either side of the structure, for example as we see in the case of Galaxy S6 Edge. The core level of the system supported by 6-core processor, probably Snapdragon 808, in addition, the new phone might come up with the inbuilt memory of 16 GB non-volatile memory and two cameras: the main camera would have resolution of 16 megapixels and 8 megapixels in the front cam which is pretty good. In addition, the gadget will also have the Samsung’s signature the Samsung S Pen.

It is expected that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, may come at IFA 2015, which would held in the first fwek of September and most probably the place would remain the berlin. And regarding, Galaxy Note Edge 2 it might not be launched, as Samsung seems to have a different plan, but let’s see what will happen and there is no official information, so let it take because the possibility would be only in favor of end users. And that for sure, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is going to be more interesting then user’s expectations as this is the only most awaiting and high-end device from the Samsung for the year of 2015, and the story would go on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would be the serious turn for the Samsung in the market, because the things are favoring other manufactures.  The cheaper price is still playing a major role in the market and we can’t even think about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would be available at cheaper price, as Samsung has to maintain the premium tag too.

Open Source Development: The New Age Must Have Weapon In Web Developer’s Hand

Open source development is a very sought after method among businesses these days. There are several reasons behind this technology being readily embraced by most of the businesses. Have a close look to know why you should also rely on this kind of a technical process.

For The Purpose of Security:

The high rate of hacking attempts to the websites on server has a detrimental effect on the business websites and their profit. Trojans, viruses, malware have almost become quite common these days while the tools to help hackers go ahead with the process have become more accessible to people with unscrupulous intentions. Till date, there is no such software that can resist such attacks on business sites. Open Source development is one procedure that can fix any sort of identified threat to the website in just a few hours. A large number of software merchants take months before announcing the occurrence of an issue.

For Having Control:

A business using open source technology gets the license to have better control on software they use. Such a technology also saves the web development company from several issues that can lead to excessive price hike, upgrading of the website and several restrictions in licensing.

For Controling Quality: 

Most of the studies other the ones financed by different proprietary software merchants claim that these kinds of projects are of quite high quality and even better than a proprietary software. Constant reviewing process of codes is one of the main features of this kind of a development model. A completely perfect modular structure of it is instrumental in making the software easy to read and get fixed. Moreover, the proprietary products, released on different dates decided by their marketing departments’ releases the open source software only when it is the right time for application.

For The Cost Factor: 

In most of the cases, these tools are available for free. They are downloaded for free on internet. The license for open source is created for helping the users make the best use of a product as many times as possible without having to pay for any sort of per-seat or per-server charge. Moreover, the users get the chance of using upgraded versions of different products for free. It is entirely your own decision whether you would use the upgraded version or not.

For Flexibility:

Extreme level of flexibility is among the most valued attributes available in this kind of a Open Source development. At the time of use an user can be allowed only to modify it keeping in mind your business requirements. The modification procedure can simply be carried out by all users or by any paid professional. Any user can contribute effective information about such modifications done to several relevant communities simply for the purpose of helping the tool to improve. Such a procedure is not mandatory. In some cases, the user requires to act in this method if he plans to re-distribute that modified tool to all.

Author’s Bio: XYZ is an expert web developer who has more than 20 years of experience in the relevant field. Presently, he is associated with Zoom Web Media, the web development company that offers all sorts of modern technologies often involved in the present day website development processes.

Blogs Are An Effective Marketing Strategy Tool

People now do not go to review sites when they want to learn about things like the latest products, instead they go to a blog that is written by someone that has knowledge and experience with many different topics. Blogs are becoming a tool that marketing strategy services are offering to clients because of how effective blogs are becoming. People subscribe to blogs, and they trust both the content and the person that writes it, and some blogs have thousands of subscribers, which can help companies with marketing.

Blogs Are Becoming More Popular

People are turning more to an individual person for their opinion, and some people can be an effective marketing tool, and marketing strategy services companies know just how effective they can be. Big corporations can have all the commercials in the world made by the best people, but people tend not to trust the word of some big impersonal company. Blogs are more personal, and people are more likely to trust of the one single person.

Here is more information on why blogs are so popular, and why the number of blogs that exist is growing every day:

 > Blogs are Simple WebPages:

Blogs are part of marketing strategy services because they are simple, and the fact that these pages are not complicated is one thing that people find very appealing because regular websites can be full of so much stuff that people cannot stand to be on that page for too long before they end up with a headache. Blogs are effective marketing tools because they are simple, get right to the point, and people are not distracted by other things like images and fonts that are the wrong color.

 > Blogs are Ideal for Search Engine Optimization:

The way that blogs are set up make them good for search engine optimization because the wording and text is going to allow for natural keywords instead of too many being stuffed into a single webpage. These days, the search engine have tools that make sure that websites that have too many keywords, which is also known as keyword stuffing, do not get an unfair advantage and ranking over websites that do not resort to such tactics.

 > Blogs are not Full of Spam:

When people go on a blog, they are not expected to end up with a bunch of spam being sent to their email. Some people have preventative measures on their computer, but others are not that technologically informed and end up getting spam in their email or even a virus on their computer.

Blogs are used by marketing strategy services because these days people are more trusting of what a single person has to say on their website than a big corporation. Blogs are simple WebPages where people express their opinions about products and services, and people subscribe to many different blogs. Blogs are becoming popular ways for companies to market products, and every day more blogs are being created just for the purposes of marketing and product introduction.

Binary Option Trading – Trading At Night

It is a well known fact that binary option trading is a much sought after investment avenue. As such, not only the traders staying in United States actively participate in trading but traders from outside the US engage themselves in this too. If you are the kind of trader that is always on the move exploring newer opportunities in this field, you can start trading binary options at night.

Why Opt for Binary Option Trading at Night?

It has been generally observed that the newcomers in the field that are engaged in 9 to 5 jobs hesitate to give up their jobs for a new profession, which is as uncertain as binary option trading. By uncertain here, we mean that the outcome is either profit or loss, so you cannot possibly depend entirely on this trade for making ends meet, at least till the time you don’t become an experienced trader in this profession. As such, these traders first try out their luck with minimum investment and only if they find that they are being able to trade well, they most likely switch over to trading as profession. So, these very individuals start trading binary options at night. There are many trading platforms that offer provision of trading at night. You can also find out from, which binary brokers offer this facility to their clients.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, there are other reasons too which lures traders to trade at night. It has been observed that stronger currencies like the Australian Dollar are higher in volume during the night time in the United States in comparison to the volume that occurs during the daytime in US. So, the chances of earning profits are higher in this case.

Selecting the Right Asset for Night Trading

If you intend to trade binary options at night, the underlying asset that you are trading on must be active during the night. For the assets the expiration date/day of which is less than an hour or of duration lesser than that will definitely not be up for trading at night. These trades are usually NASDAQ and Standard & Poor 500 based.

However, you can always opt for the Asian markets that operate night long in US. Also, if you have a knack for forex trading or trading currency pairs, you can trade round the clock (24 hours) as these trades are global. So, you can also trade forex during the working days. So, you can start trading binary options at night with the help of an experienced binary broker.

Regardless of whether you are planning to approach or any other broker (information website), it is best to check their track record first prior to signing up with them. In this way, you will know that you have entrusted the responsibility of your investment to a reliable trading platform. Remember, you cannot expect amazing results when you trade just once (unless you are extremely lucky), nevertheless, that should not deter you from giving up trading of binary options altogether. Patience and perseverance are two essential aspects that traders must possess.

Details You Must Know Before Purchasing E-liquids

Are you addicted to smoking? Keeping a packet of cigarettes in hand is a kind of requirements for you, then. Since, it is not always possible to go to shop to buy packets of cigarettes from your busy schedule; you can go for buying e-liquids. Yes, the best possible way to quench your thirst of smoking is to order e-cigarettes online and get the delivery just by sitting at your own place.

If you have no idea about what these e-liquids on earth are, then here is what you can look up for.

E liquid contains the following components, like –


Nicotine is the basic part of a cigarette. It is the component, which is known to be addictive and forms a thirst in people to smoke all the time. A simple alkaloid called pyridine is known as Nicotine. The tobacco leaves grow containing nicotine and it is released along with all kinds of toxic products related to combustion, when a cigarette is burned. However, when it comes to e liquids, the nicotine used in it is a natural nicotine product which is produced directly from the tobacco leaves. The production method used to strip the nicotine from the tobacco leaves is the mechanical and chemical stripping method. Under the most stringent control the solution is distilled out and using the distillation techniques it is produced by the highest possible levels of purity.


The nicotine is produced from tobacco leaves and the distillation process is used to process extremely pure nicotine. This has no residual flavour of tobacco. To make the e liquid not only tastes good but also resembles a normal cigarette to bring the ultimate level of satisfaction, flavours are reintroduced to the solution of nicotine. There are an infinite numbers of flavours that can be used to make the e liquids flavour the best and help in giving it a flavour you desire. If you want to enhance your experience, then you can go for adding a personal touch by adding the flavours you like.


The last but the most important ingredient used in e-liquid is known as a diluent. It helps in proper flavouring. The common ingredients used in it are- VG or Vegetable Glycerine and PG or Propylene Glycol.

Now, you know what these e-liquids are. Then, why don’t you go for ordering them online and enjoy feeling the best of smoking just by sitting at your own place and escaping all kinds of efforts.

3 Things You Can’t Afford Ignore While Conveyancing

Congratulations, you’ve decided to move house! Now that that decision has been made, it’s time to get into some not so easy details. No, I’m not talking about moving furniture, I’m talking about conveyancing. If you’re moving, especially for the first time, you need to follow the points outlined below if you want don’t want to be driven up the wall thanks to the stress that’s coming your way.

1. Authenticate Licenses

Before signing an agreement with your solicitor, make sure that he or she has the necessary licenses. Yes, unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people who won’t think twice about taking your money and then taking off. Find out whether they are recognised by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers or if they are certified by the Quality Conveyancing Scheme of the Law Society. You do not want to be halfway through the whole conveyancing process and then realise that your solicitor is not allowed to conduct the necessary transactions on your behalf.

2. Compare Conveyancing Quotes

What is one of the most important things you must do as a part of this whole conveyancing process? You must compare the conveyancing quotes. Moving is a process that is expensive enough without having to shell out an exorbitant amount on legal expenses. And if you’re looking to save yourself some time, then you can compare cheap conveyancing quotes online. Thanks to the internet, you can choose to do all your research at your own sweet time. You can even get a free conveyancing quote if you conduct your research online.

3. Realise That Conveyancing Is Not A DIY Project

The last but definitely not the least bit of advice is especially for those who are in the habit of doing everything themselves. Don’t take up the conveyancing hassle on your own shoulders. Unless you happen to be a licensed conveyancing solicitor yourself, it isn’t worth the stress. Moving house will throw up enough snafus in your way without you having to create an unnecessary problem yourself. When it comes to legalese, leave it to the experts.

If you follow the pointers laid out above, hopefully you’ll have a moving experience that is enjoyable instead of stressful. If you have any conveyancing advice to share, or would like to ask any questions related to conveyancing and moving house, don’t forget to put it down in the comments section, or to send in an e-mail.

Freelancer Vs. Employee – Why Should I Study Graphic Design?

Freelancing represents an intriguing perspective for the professionals who desire to be their own bosses. That is because many people want to work but at the same time feel free. In graphic design it is very important to know what to choose in order to get well paid. So the freelancer versus employee question has to be answered from the very first start. You may  consider the following advantages as well as downsides of these working methods.


Freelancers create their own schedule while as an employee you have a program you need to respect. This fact can influence more your graphic design career. For instance if you are a beginner or you are still studying, you can search for a freelance option where you can work when you have time for it. After you have graduated with some graphic design courses in Melbourne, you can turn into an employee and work in a business at a fixed schedule that can also be flexible at times if you have luck.


It is a statement that as an employee a person always works with fixed notions and schedules. That is why even the salary is an established one. As a freelancer you will get paid on how much you work. As a graphic designer you can choose the way is more convenient to yourself. In time if you are a good employee you can advance and earn more so freelancing is not such a great option when it comes about salary. Unless you work hard, you can choose to work as an employee and understand why it is so important to study more the graphic designer theory.


There are people who like to have something new and to learn more about the work they are doing. Freelancing includes this plus too, as you can work constantly with new people and meet new ways of working. In graphic design this is a very important aspect in developing your knowledge and become more and more experienced. As an employee you will have to work with the same people and create the designs for a certain company that will not bring as much variety as freelancing.


When it comes to insurances like the medical ones, an employer can guarantee them too in the contract you are signing. But the freelancing does not include any of the insurances that an employer can give. Therefore if you are a person who wants to stay safe, you can choose to work as an employee. But if you want to earn money and work in a more flexible environment you can forget about insurances and search for freelancing work.

So studying graphic design is very important if you want to become an employee in time. Companies always search for competent people who have some experience. So get prepared and start working from now if you want to earn money and work on the field you like most. As an employer you will also look professional and you will be able to work in the same circle as people around you.

Author Bio

Suzanne Middleton is guidance counselor who blogs about education and it’s importance in society. On top of her Diploma in Psychology, she has a Diploma of Management and has worked in the HR department of various institutions.

Fun Domain Registration Facts That May Surprise You

Thinking about scooping up a three-letter domain name? How about one named after Uncle Ben? That’s not going to happen for you. All three-letter combinations of domain names have been scooped up years ago. The same pretty much goes for male names … but, you can always try to get Aunt Meredith in on the action, since female names are still somewhat available. The domain registration process seems pretty straightforward, but there’s actually a lot of history and entertainment wrapped up between the “www” designation and top-level domains … otherwise known as TLDs.

Here are some more fun facts:

  • Most Popular TLDs: The most frequently registered Top Level Domains are .com, followed by .cn, which denotes a site registered in China.
  • Least Popular Domain Names: According to a study done through Google, .gw, which refers to countries in Guinea-Bissau, has the least amount of sites associated with it. Other non-contenders are .mobi, denoting a mobile site; .um, referring to U.S. minor outlying islands; and .ax, which points to the Aland Islands, a group of islands off the coast of Finland.
  • Cheapest Domain Names: Until 1995, domain registration was actually free. Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago! Now, the process typically costs about $18 for a .com name.
  • Most expensive Domain Names: The Big Three are:, and sold for $16 million in 2009 to an aggregator site. sold for $14 million in 2010, and sold for $10 million in 2008. is, somewhat ironically, now under construction and in disuse.
  • The Longest Domain Names: A site named after a town in Wales has the distinction of being the longest domain registered for legitimate purposes, but the class clowns of the world have also registered nonsensical domains that are exactly the maximum of 63 characters. The Welsh town’s URL is, but it appears to have been bought from the original owners.
  • The shortest Domain Name: Google notoriously has had trouble advertising in China because the search engine’s name is hard to pronounce for native Chinese speakers. In an attempt to solve that issue, Google bought http:/// China and Google still aren’t BFFs because of censorship laws, but the domain name really is easy to remember.
  • The First Domain ever Registered: The distinction belongs to, which now serves as a somewhat prestigious digital billboard. It allows those who pay up a small circular ad on the first domain ever created. With the tagline “It all started here,” is pretty intent on cashing in on its Internet fame.

Looking to start your own website? You might not get to register, but you can still find a domain befitting your creativity.

What To Look For In A Website Designer

Your website is the face of your company. It’s only natural that you would want to have a trusted professional in the front seat, steering your website. When you start to look for a web designer, you’ll quickly see that there are companies and individuals from all different price points and skill levels. How do you find the right professional to trust with your site?


This might seem like an obvious first step – but it is an important one. Browse through many portfolios and determine whether or not you like particular designs or designers. See how many websites in a designer’s portfolio are still using the design. If they’re not but it’s been a few years, there are a variety of reasons why that might be the case. If they’re not and it’s only been months – the designer may not be great with communication. The designer should have a link to the live site, but it may be a red flag for you if they don’t. Once you’ve narrowed down to a few professionals, you can start looking for more specific information within portfolios.

Similar Sites

Start looking to see if the designers you’ve chosen have designed sites similar to yours. While you may love the extra creative touches one designer uses, they may not work well for your business website. For example, if you’re looking for a retail website, look at designers that have experience with those instead of designers who have built artist portfolios.


Again, this goes into looking at the portfolio. Are the navigation menus user-friendly? Some designers like to be creative with navigation menus because they’re a part of the site that nearly everyone looks at. However, if the navigation menu isn’t easy to use, you might be losing out on customers. It is important that your website looks great, but if no one can use it, it won’t help you.


You may have to talk to the designers you’re deciding between about your business goals, because it may not be obvious in her portfolio. You may want your website to generate leads or help build brand awareness. Are the designers you’re looking at familiar with designing for conversion? Do they know how to create strong, effective branding within a beautiful design? You may not be able to see this within a portfolio because some designers may not want, or have permission, to build and display these kinds of sites.


Once you’ve selected two or three designers, you can look in-depth at what services they provide. While you may only need a web design, some need help registering for a domain name, hosting the site and marketing it. Others may need content to put on their website such as written copy or graphics. Depending on what your goals are for the website, your designer may need to be able to do some coding and programming. Do the designers in question offer those services? If you’re not sure what services you need, talking to the professionals can help you make an informed decision.


Your budget and the services you need will determine how much you can afford to pay for your web design. Though cost is something to keep in mind during the process of selecting a designer, it may be difficult for you to get pricing information without talking with a designer about your wants and needs.


Throughout the process, from selection to designing, your designer must be open to communication. But you also have to be ready to communicate with your designer. Know what your goals are with your website and what kind of look and feel you want it to have. Your designer will make suggestions, but the final decisions are ultimately up to you.

Because your website is so important for your business, don’t leave it up to just anyone. Make sure you take the time to study the portfolios of candidates. Know your goals and website vision upfront so that you can select a professional with experience and abilities in those areas.

Fantastic Collection of Print Designs

Designers are probably among the most creative of individuals, but there comes a point in every designers life (maybe more than one point) when they find themselves stuck for ideas – lacking inspiration, and suffering a complete creative block, unable to think of anything fresh, original, and unique.

When this happens, the best way to get yourself fired up and inspired again is to take a look at some of the modern trending and creative print designs currently circulating, I often find that this quickly gets me inspired, and by the time I’m through browsing a page or two of inspiration, I’m always filled with new ideas ready to take to Photoshop for my designs.

With that in mind, I’ve put together my most recent round of “inspiration hunting” designs and listed them below, in the hope that they will help other designs through creative block. Enjoy 🙂

There are lots of great samples above, and covering all different types of media – postcards, flyers, business cards, and even catalogs – it’s not often you see creative catalogs, but the examples above surely impress! If you need a catalog printing, or anything else for that matter, then check out Next Day Flyers. They are the printing company of choice for thousands of individuals and business around the United States who depend on NDF for their high quality, speedy delivery and guaranteed error free prints!

If you have your own printing company in mind already, then make sure that they offer a manual quality check on your order. This basically eliminates the possibility of your designs being printed “off-margin” leading to bits of your design being cut out of the print. Although most companies will replace any misprints caused by an error on their behalf, it’s still a lot of headache and wasted time that everybody can do without. It’s also important to do a little research and make sure the printing company that you’re considering has some great feedback, particularly regarding the quality of your prints – remember, your materials are going to be acting as a representation of your business, and if they are not high quality, anyone who sees your materials will assume the same for your business. So don’t cut corners when it comes to choosing a print company, this step is just as important as the design stage, and can make the difference between a great campaign and a tragic campaign.

Blog Basics: Attracting Followers Like Flies

Blogging – it’s not dead, but it feels that way. A lot of bloggers make the mistake of thinking that they can just set up a blog, create great content, and sit back and watch people flock to their site. It just doesn’t work that way. Sure, great content is the foundation for building a massive following, but you need a lot more than content. You also may have to redefine your concept of “great content.” Follow these basic rules, and you’ll attract followers like flies.

Create Useful Content

“Unique” content isn’t enough. You have to create useful content. More than that, you need to create epic, useful, content. Epic content is content that is interesting, unique, useful, and touches on a subject that hasn’t been discussed yet. At the very least, it should tackle a popular topic in an entirely new way. Ideally, you would blog about something that no one else is blogging about – 100 percent unique content.

That’s incredibly hard to do, and that’s the point. The easy wins aren’t going to yield a lot of visitors. If you want to score a big win, you’re going to probably have to source material offline, hit up research sites like PubMed or the SSRN or some research-based website that is tied to your industry, and write about some aspect of an interesting study. If you can put a personal spin on it, all the better.

Blog Basics Attracting Followers Like Flies

For example, let’s say you have a blog about health and fitness. What are the popular topics in your  niche? Fat loss? Some new miracle vitamin? There’s no shortage of blogs out there with basically useless and generic information on acacia berries and weight loss pills, so writing “just another post” on weight loss isn’t going to work.

Dig deep. Here’s how to do that – think about small, untouched, areas in the health and nutrition space. Take vitamin K2-MK4 as an example. How many blog posts are there about that? Now, how many blogs out there are telling a personal story about K2? Not very many. K2 is a vitamin instrumental in pulling calcium out of soft tissues and depositing it into bones where it belongs. In fact, it’s often prescribed in Japan as a treatment option for osteoporosis, but it’s not very popular in other parts of the world.

How could you make a Story Out of This?

Here’s one idea: search PubMed for articles on K2-MK4 and plaque. Plaque is made up of calcium deposits on your teeth. There are some interesting studies that suggest that plaque can be removed by increasing vitamin K2. Do a little self-experiment. Photograph your teeth (yeah, it might be gross). Then, start supplementing with vitamin K2 – a liquid suspension of the MK4 version of K2. Expose it to your teeth.

Track your progress. If you notice improved oral health, get “after” photos of your teeth and show how the plaque was stripped off of them. Now you have two things: a cool scientific study to blog about and a personal story to back it up.

Yes, it’s a lot of work – a lot. In fact, it’s so much work that most people won’t go through the trouble of doing it – and that’s your advantage and the “secret” to getting massive traffic.


After you’ve composed your epic blog post, it’s time to network. Reach out to other bloggers in your niche and tell them about your post. Tell them your personal story. Guess what? Most bloggers, especially big-name bloggers, love personal stories with epic and useful information.

It won’t be very difficult to grab their attention with your content.

Reply To Comments

When you start getting comments on posts, respond to them. The worst thing you can do is ignore people who take the time to read your posts and comment on them. You’re trying to build a community, and that requires that you establish a “two-way street” – a dialog. When readers comment, but you don’t respond, you don’t have a dialog. You have a lecture. Lectures are a great way to drive people away.

Invite Real Friends To Read Your Blog

Yet another great way to get the ball rolling is to invite your personal friends to read your blog – your real life friends. Invite them to check it out, tweet, “like,” and share your posts. This works incredibly well if you make the effort to get 10 to 12 friends to simultaneously share and tweet everything you put out. If you can coordinate the retweeting and sharing, you’ll discover something amazing – suddenly,  you’re “everywhere.” People who are “everywhere” get noticed.

Larry Stevenson is a retired tv repairman. He now enjoys reading and blogging on the web. To learn more about Internet access, go to

4 Inventions That Help the Environment

As humans race further into the 21st century, the marriage of science and technology is only getting stronger. Indeed, it seems like there is a new gadget or toy every week, and some 2013 inventions are just plain head-turning.

But with more and more people vying for electronics, personal gadgets, and tech toys, environmental concerns are called into question: such as pollution, landfills, and even interaction with the air and radio waves.

Luckily, there’s a huge push for environment-saving technology and products with reduced energy consumption. Sometimes, a technology helps the environment in such subtle ways, consumers don’t even realize it.

Here are four inventions, some new and some already popular, that help the environment:

1. The Cloud

With the invention of wireless data storage, people can store documents, photos, and other files in the endless plane of cyberspace for anywhere-anytime access. You can back up with iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive, or even create your own cloud. Work groups and students can collaborate on projects entirely online, travelers can access important documents and reservation itineraries anywhere there is an Internet connection, and writers can store their lengthy manuscripts away from prying eyes. In short, the cloud has helped reduce paper consumption in favor of a digital trail; thus, it has also reduced waste, pollution, and tree-killing.

2. Cardboard Bike

Israeli engineer Izhar Gafni has developed a sustainable bicycle made entirely from recycled material: a single-speed bike complete with with spokes and rims. The frame is made from strongly folded cardboard and sealed with a varnish, the wheels come from old car tires, and plastic bottles are molded into pedals. The current prototype weighs 28 pounds, with the strength to carry 20 times its weight, but Gafni intends to build additional, lighter models. And because of the low production and materials cost, he hopes to sell the bike for a mere $30 – even less in developing countries – making it cost-effective and extremely attainable.

3. Thermal Insulated Curtains

During the extreme temperature seasons of summer and winter, energy costs skyrocket thanks to humans trying to keep themselves (and their homes) are comfortable temperatures. When the sun bakes the side of a house, the heat blares through mercilessly; when temperatures reach subzero outside, the frigid air snakes inside despite a standard home’s best attempts at insulation. But while cranking the air-conditioner or heater will combat the unpleasant effects inside, it also eats up electricity – especially since a considerable amount of the air or heat is lost through windows and door edges. Cue thermal insulated curtains, which block up to 99.99% of light and 100% of UV rays. And they’re reversible, so you can tailor them to either keep heat out or keep it in, reducing the thermostat level – and your electricity bill.

4. Wind-Powered Car

The model isn’t in production yet, but the car that made headlines for traveling at three times the speed of wind was recently auctioned on eBay. Known as the Blackbird, the structure utilizes wind through its wheels, and a massive propeller to create thrust, in order to propel the vehicle forward. It succeeded in traveling downwind at three times the speed of wind, and a secondary test succeeded in it traveling upwind (by replacing the propeller with a turbine) at 2.1 times the speed.

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