Tips For Running Social Media Promotions

Social media is BIG and only getting bigger. It is an ideal way to tell the story of the brand and connect with fans. Most businesses are using it. But Some business owners are struggling to get it right. So it is important for companies to promote attractive posts for more engagement. It will maximize interaction with fans through clicks, likes, and share. So it’s time to understand why you need to measure the results of this strategy.

Different Posts Depending on the Distribution Channel

Each social media channel has specific posts that generate interaction and a unique way of presenting content. As a result, it is best to generate good posts,  fans will specifically appreciate the platform. For example, Facebook functions better for fun posts. So the posts must have an attractive title and the empathetic content to the audience.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has an exclusively professional audience, and therefore content must necessarily bring added value to the professional side. Twitter has spiritual, short, trending posts. Content that catches and shared will be interesting and inspirational. Instagram, Pinterest are visual platforms that conjure up successful pictures. That’s why it’s good to post here if you have quality visual content.

Ask the Audience to Share your Post

In other words, do organic promotion for you. A share is valuable because it means appreciating the content and bringing audiences. I have often heard the question: can I post this for me on the page? In addition, I reviewed the successful Facebook pages and came to the conclusion that there is nothing strange about ending the post with the phrase “feel free to share it”.

First, make sure you have a post that is worth distributing by an influential. If you have recalled or quoted another person online in your post, it’s a good idea to contact her and ask her to share. The more the person you are contacted is more known and has a significant audience, the more you increase your chances of promotion.

Engage your Audience, Customers

Social media is no longer a responsibility of the dedicated marketing department. It’s now engaging and affiliating with a brand and that’s why employees can help distribute the posts on the brand page if they identify with them.

Customers and fans can also write opinions about you on their personal, social media accounts and, implicitly, have organic promotions. Just as I can share your posts if they seem interesting. The personal networks of everyone who see your posts can become an important source of potential fans and customers.

Use Hashtags Specific to the Domain

For some time, hashtags have been working and have become a search method. That’s why it’s good to find and use the most relevant to you for effective promotion. In this way, you can find specific posts by location, topic, interest.

Formulate Titles as Questions

Posts become more intriguing, stirring curiosity and interaction. With a question you can generate conversation by encouraging readers to answer the question from your personal experience. The strategy is for the dialogue to be active, and the more readers participate, the more time it lasts in the social media news panel. It takes a clever and challenging question, generating different opinions and dialogue.

Content in social media has become richer and changing very quickly, so you need to be present with your posts for little time as possible. This goal is part of the online branding strategy of any brand and it’s important to find out which are the best methods that work for each one.

Here’s How You Can Make A Living As A Writer On The Internet

A lot of us writers have dreamt of getting published in magazines, books, and leading newspapers. Some of us have studied and trained to reach those opportunities. While those are still pretty much what we are still aiming for, there is no reason why we shouldn’t consider writing for the Internet.

Some hesitance from writers is understandable

Truthfully, writing for the Internet may feel like you’re not writing for yourself. Admittedly, if you do write for the Internet, you’re essentially writing for search engines – targeting search terms so that once people inquire on Google or Bing, your articles will be one of the first things that come up.

But think of this as an opportunity to build a writing portfolio online. Create a website, use your name as its domain name, and populate it with good quality articles. It doesn’t matter if you use search keywords for every other article on your website or on your homepage. The only thing you’ll have to make sure is that people can trust you to churn out really good content, whether they’re satirical, humorous, or informational.

Writing for other high authority websites

On the Internet, driving traffic to your own website may not be enough to solidify your reputation as a credible writer. Just like how writing for printed material requires you to submit articles for different publications, the same applies to guest posting on website who were able to build their standing in the Internet.

If this is your first time to submit to webmasters, the first thing you need to do is look at their content. Are their posts similar to yours? Do you share similar ideas? How about the writing style, is it the same or are you willing to change your style to fit theirs?

Remember that even if the webmasters have the last say if your content is allowed on their website, you do get a chance to choose whether you would like to work or collaborate with them or not. So be as picky as you want when choosing a partner.

You can decide whether you want to charge per word or per post

Lots of articles out there will tell you that you should be charging your clients, not by the quantity of your words, but the quality with which you have delivered their commissioned content. But here’s the thing: as a writer, why would you think the quality of your content is subpar?

You have a website that your clients have visited, and they have deemed your writing more than acceptable. And truthfully, clients do pay per word. You will notice in negotiations, they would always offer a price per word count range (e.g. $7 per 300 words or $50 per 1000 words), so why make it difficult to agree on an amount with them.

You can also charge your clients depending on how difficult the topic or the research will be for their request. Especially if you have marketed yourself as both a content writer and a copywriter, you have free rein on the number of articles written for SEO purposes and those that are meant to be niche.

Know the difference between content writer and copywriter

The distinction between the two is very important to know.

  • Content writing’s purpose is to share valuable content, meant to inform readers about something you are an expert of.
  • Copywriting on the other hand is meant to push readers to a specific action. You don’t just want to attract them with your writing this time, you want them to do something about it.

If you’re doing it right, you can do both on your website. But if you’re also taking in clients, you must know the difference between the two. This will help you decide the kind of writing style you need to take once the client has laid out their plans for the article you’ll be writing.

It’s not easy money, for sure; but it’s a free avenue to get your writing out there. Not to mention, the need for good content and copywriters are in-demand – so grab that opportunity and make it work for you. Pretty soon, you’ll be working on a book or an article that will get you published on your dream publication.

3 Ways Google Apps For Business Boosts Success

Google is renowned for its user friendly features and effective search engine. What people may not have considered is what Google Apps for Business can do to streamline the way you work with unmatched functionality.


A major issue businesses encounter is losing emails and files transferred via the web. Gmail offers the best email solution with an automatic backup system and can restore data that was deleted up to twenty-five days prior. Considering the fact that large businesses make use of email folders, a folder being deleted when it shouldn’t have been isn’t the crisis it would usually be. You can even sync your Outlook account with your Google Apps.

Google has a highly advanced spam filtration system which keeps your inbox tidy. Your inbox will not only be tidy without the clutter of spam but you are much less likely to download a virus attached to a spam email. Viruses can have devastating results on important business data, so this protection is vital.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to save and share documents online. The benefit to businesses is the fact that you can store all of your company data in your Google Drive. If you have permissions to access data or it has been shared with you, you can virtually run your business from anywhere and from any device. You can set up a file structure in your company in a way that all relevant data is always available to those who need it.

You can use drive in a way that every file you save to a device is automatically backed up by Google Drive meaning your paper trail and all data is always easily accessible.

When you make use of the Basic Google Business Apps package you will receive 30GB of collective storage for your Gmail and Google Drive. The Business package offers a whole terabyte of storage for your Google Drive and Gmail. The Enterprise package offers unlimited storage which is perfect for institutions like schools or large businesses which need to collect and store large amounts of data.

Google Calendar

This is so much more than just an online almanac. This calendar features a sharing ability which allows you to see when your co-workers or even your clients are free for meetings. You will be sent an email inviting you to a meeting which once accepted will be automatically logged on your calendar. When used in conjunction with the Google Meet feature it will remind you of your meeting and, for video calls, automatically start the video conference on your device in the allotted time.

For a once off fee you can receive the full installation of Google Apps for Business with free support. Boost your business with Google Apps for Business and organise your way to a fruitful business future.

VOIP vs Traditional Landline

When you’re looking at a new phone line for either home, or business use, your two options are VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or a traditional landline. They both have their pros and cons, so deciding which to go with can be a tough call (pun intended), especially if you don’t know all that much about either. Here’s a basic breakdown of what each one is and how they stack up.


A traditional landline, otherwise known as a PSTN – public switched telephone network – is the analog standard that’s been around since the late 1800s. Signals run on twisted pair copper wiring, through physical switch boxes (exchanges) that connect calls from one phone to another.


Voice Over IP, rather than using physical wire connections, uses broadband internet connections to transmit calls. Rather than relying on the physical connections of landlines, VOIP phones convert sound into digital signals within the phone before transmitting it. The digital signals are sent to another phone over an internet connection, then converted back into sound.

How do they Compare?


For private home use, a landline may be more cost effective if you’re not making long calls or international calls – your bill will be limited by your use. After installation, maintenance fees are negligible and a landline is pay as you use. If you’re using a landline for business use, you’ll likely need multiple lines, which requires a PBX, which can be quite pricey. You’ll also pay higher rates for international calls.

A VOIP system, even a basic package, usually offers multiple lines without requiring a PBX. International calls are much cheaper and they often come at a fixed monthly rate relative to the number of lines.


Until recently, landlines have been more reliable, as traditional telephone lines don’t rely on normal power, so if your power goes out, you don’t lose your phone too. With VOIP, if your internet connection goes down for any reason, including a power outage, so does your phone. However, thanks to better ISPs and more stable internet connections, the reliability gap between landline and VOIP is rapidly closing. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, your phone should be ok too.


The features available with a standard landline are better than they used to be – caller ID, domestic and international calls, call blocking, call forwarding voicemail and three-way calling. VOIP typically offers all the features of a landline, as well as several others. For business use, it can be advantageous to have access to recorded calls for liability purposes. Additionally, a VOIP line can be accessed from a computer, cellphone or tablet, rather than just the phone itself.

Different phone service providers will offer a range of options depending on your personal or business needs. Once they have an idea of how many lines you’ll need, or may need to add in future, how many local and international call you typically place, and how flexible you need your phone access to be, they’ll help you find the best option.

Copywriters: What Are You Writing For?

We have all been at a party or a get-together and met someone who cordially asks “So, what do you do for a living?” When you reply, “I’m a copywriter,” you are met with one of two reactions: a mildly confused yet impressed nod or a look of total confusion accompanied by a number of follow-up questions that you never seem able to answer simply.

The easiest way I have found to clarify this is to ask the inquirers who they think writes the articles, Flat Abs in Ten Days or Seven Ways to Impress your Man. Someone has to be producing all the content you are reading on a daily basis. So, the question you should ask yourself is, “What am I writing for?”

You may find that by determining this, you are better equipped to explain your role to others.

The Copywriter’s Voice

Copywriters are writers. We are writers but not in the traditional sense that suggests we produce novels and poetry. But we write every day. We also proofread and edit and then write some more. We write the following:

Blog posts
Social media content
Website copy

Your client comes first and their needs are your priority. You should strive to meet their standards and exceed their expectations. The best way to do this is to remember that you are working for a client but it is your own voice that makes your writing interesting. Successful content marketing depends on your ability to strike the right balance between inserting your personality and representing the client’s brand.

Copywriters perfect the art of channelling the client’s request into their own masterpiece. This is similar to the way in which an actor reads a script and produces his or her interpretation of the character they are playing. The scriptwriter is still represented as the same person with the same style, only the thespian makes the story something different by bringing the character to life.

Call to Action

When you have finessed your voice to correlate with your clients’, you should refine your call to action and let it ring through your writing. Write to entice and essentially engage the reader. Try to get readers to linger long enough to not only read everything but also to click on a Contact us or Subscribe button. If you can write in a way that gets flighty internet users to ignore the urge to move on, you have won. Write to engage, write to inform and write for you.

Key Factors To Consider When Running A Digital Marketing Campaign

At this time and age, there is no denying digital marketing has become an integral part of the marketing efforts of many brands.

And it’s understandable as people are now consuming digital content on a day-to-day basis—using their computers, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.

Undoubtedly, companies who integrate digital marketing in their marketing efforts often benefit big time.

In line with this, many brands are now considering getting the help of a seasoned and competent digital marketing agency if they want their online marketing campaign to succeed.

A digital marketing agency can help brands by providing bespoke strategies for their marketing efforts using relevant data they have gathered from research and analytics.

In other words, your brand will get a strategy tailored to boost your digital channels so you can get ahead of the pack.

When working with a digital marketing agency, below are some of the key factors you need to take into account:


Understandably, no digital campaign will work without any plan in place.

However, having a plan alone will not suffice.

To achieve the results you have in mind, your digital marketing plan should be purpose driven.

What objectives do you have in mind?

Do you want to increase the number of your followers or fan base?

Do you want to sell more products?

Ensure all the bases are covered so you and your digital marketing agency can come up with a robust plan that will produce the results you desire.


Nowadays, online users get access to the information they need utilizing diverse methods.

One of the common methods is utilizing search engines.

One way to get ahead would be to ensure your website shows up on the first page of the search engine results.

To achieve this objective, your website needs to be optimized.

An optimized website can help search engines determine what your site is about and how it is relevant to those who are searching for the products or services or information you are offering.

In addition, when you are able to implement a clear strategy that can improve your brand’s visibility, then you can expect a significant increase in organic visits to your site.


While having a website can help a lot, it is often not enough.

You also need to ensure your audience is engaged by using multiple and diverse outlets.

The challenge however is in choosing the right channels to use for your online marketing campaigns.

Fortunately, you have a lot of channels available at your disposal especially nowadays.

When picking the social media outlets / channels to have a presence in, choose ones where your target audience are likely to hang out.

Popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the best choices you have right now.

Taking into account the massive following and popularity of the abovementioned channels, there is a huge chance you can successfully engage customers on those outlets.

For starters, have a presence in at least 3 to 4 social media channels and once you have gotten some results, focus more on the outlet that provides the best outcome.

With more and more people going online nowadays, having a digital marketing campaign in place is considered a must for a brand to get ahead.

Just like any aspect of your business, the more thought and effort you put into your online marketing efforts, the better results you are likely to get.

Fortunately, you do not have to do all the thinking or come up with all the strategies.

Teaming up and investing in the services of a seasoned digital marketing agency can help guarantee you have a potent online marketing strategy in place and it would only be a matter of time until you get the results you desire.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

Social Media Marketing is a process of increasing brand awareness through the use of various social media channels. This is the best way to build awareness about your products or services. It is a way for people to communicate and interact online. A social media marketing campaign has the ultimate goal of generating traffic to the brand’s website, increasing product visibility, increasing the number of media followers or the number of customers. Careful! Social Media is not limited to the  Facebook. The most popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, and Tumblr. For starters, here are some quick clues that can guide your way to success in Social Media Marketing.

Be Genuine

One of the main goals of using Social media that is another great tool for humanizing your brand, to reduce the distance between the brand and its audience. It is important to convey to the target audience, they can talk to the brand like a friend. Here’s another valuable tip: Stop Selling, Start Talking: do not waste all your energy by selling on social networks because you’re likely to get stuck.

It may be tempting to count on all existing social media platforms, but presence and monitoring may be more important than visibility. Moreover, not every social media platform fits your brand.

You need to know your Target Audience

This can determine the social media networks that are right for your business, because in order to reach the right people. you need to know where they spend their time, especially when talking online.

Use a Real Photo

Showing your face – avoid using animals, You need to realize that the image on social networks is the branding itself. That’s why the content you’re displaying must be in line with the reputation, activity.

Share “quality” Content

The content of “quality” is relative, we can ensure that shared information is vital, relevant and useful. How can we get interesting content? It can be a mix of articles, stories or pages relevant to your field of activity, interesting statistics, research studies, images, and videos. Also motivational or various funny quotes. In terms of the business page on Facebook.

Consistency Is The Key To Success

Non-stability marketing does not have any effect on social media. Usually on the Internet, if you fail to supply them with the latest content, it will not have any problem with the next thing. New generations do not experience a similar “loyalty bug”, even though older generations continue to provide support for various brands. In social media, constantly posting and people will follow you, and your social media marketing power will fall into the flames.

Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Here Are 4 Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right Path To Take

Choosing the right career to embark upon isn’t as easy as you may have hoped. Finding that perfect job can seem out of reach, especially if you’re not sure what you want to do with your life.

A lot of people behind some of the worlds greatest start-ups have been where you are now, and often asked themselves “What should I do with my life?”, before setting up their own business.

If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, or you have an idea but you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, the 4 tips that you’ll find below could help you:

Think About What You’re Good At

What are you good at, and what do you enjoy doing? If you’re good at drawing, but you don’t really enjoy it, perhaps you need to think about your other talents.

If you’re good at designing websites for example, and you enjoy doing it, why not consider being a web designer?

One of the most important things you need to understand is that job enjoyment should come before the salary.

Yes, it helps if the salary pays the bills, and leaves you with a lot to play with at the end of the month, but if you’re happy and you can still pay the bills, everything else should fall into place.

Consider Taking Some Evening Classes

If you have more of an idea about what you would like to do with your life, you may want to think about taking some evening classes.

For example, if you need a few more qualifications on your resume, consider getting them by going back to school if you need to. Some entrepreneurs and freelancers need specific skills and qualifications before they are taken seriously by potential clients.

Write A List Of The Jobs That Appeal To You

A good way to work out what path you should choose involves writing a list of the jobs that appeal to you. Once you have written the list, it’s time to research the occupations you have noted down.

You never know, you may find that some of the jobs you’ve dreamed of are not what you thought they would be. This may mean you end up removing a few jobs from your list, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means the job wasn’t right for you.

Choose The Right Career For You

Once you’ve thought about what you’re good at, made a note of the careers that appeal to you, and have considered going back to school, you could find yourself that little bit closer to choosing the right career.

Make a choice based on what you want to do, and how much work you’re likely to get. Making the right choice could potentially mean you’re never out of work, and you have a skilled job for the rest of your life.

If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, use the above tips to help you make the right career decision, so you have a job you can be proud of, and a career that you enjoy.

Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Local Business Online

Starting an online business can be very risky. Small business owners tend to follow the Google and Bing search engines. The online market continues to grow at a healthy rate. It is one of the easiest and the cheapest ways to promote your business.

Increased Customer Retention with Notifications

If you use a smartphone or web browser, so you will receive updates about the latest discounts and coupon codes from your downloaded apps and website about products, By the help of online stores, you can easily send coupon codes to your customers. This method is proven to increase customer retention and sales. Push notifications are considered as a high advertising tool that will increase sales for online advertising.

Increased sales with Social Media Marketing

If you run an online business, you can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for customer interaction and use social media ads to promote your brand name locally by Google or advertising through Facebook. You do not have the technical knowledge to set up great ads that will increase your sales. The Twiz Web helps you easily set up your online ads, in just a few minutes and comes with an artificially intelligent chatbot. The artificially ingenious ChatBot Jenny helps store management and business advice to boost your sales.

One of the best things to keep your business online is that your potential customers are just one click away from your shop. So you can able to instruct your customers. And it is one of the easiest ways to accept payments.

Introduce New Products

In traditional trade, the introduction of a new brands or services. That It takes time and money to introduce a new product and analyze customer response and it is the better thing to conduct some customer feedback surveys, it will also cost you tons.

It is one of the cheapest and easy ways to introduce your business to the website and get feedback from consumers. Your e-commerce system can provide you based on reports from time to time, about redesign the products.

Maximize Profit

eCommerce helps increase your company’s sales. It will make more profitable by increasing sales, reducing investment cost. Limited sales limit the company’s profit.

Friction: A Digital Writer’s Greatest Enemy

If you have been dabbling in digital marketing for quite some time, content friction is something you have probably experienced but have only noticed now.  Just like words such as website builder, domain lookup, and hosting, “friction” has become a buzzword in the content marketing industry, and it has the potential to kill your digital strategies if certain measures have not been set up for it.

What is friction anyway? Friction is anything that impedes the conversion process, whether that conversion is for building an email list or for selling products. Anything is involved in friction, from how fast the website loads, the colour scheme, the content, to the call-to-action you used. MarketingExperiments has a good definition for it, they said that it is “a psychological resistance to a given element in the sales or sign-up process.” Which basically means anything on your website can affect a visitor’s decision-making process.

It seems anything can influence them and most of it are subjective, how can you win? Well, the good news is that there is a way to reduce friction, and you can do this through A/B testing. You can focus on the following elements for your testing:

Page length

There are website where you have to scroll all the way down to be able to find what you are looking for, and there are those who just put links on the first fold so that guests can just click on the link of the page they want to go. Any of those are fine to adapt; however, there will always be people who do not want to scroll long pages and those who do.

So what you can do is check which page length does your audience prefer, a shorter one or a longer one? Additionally, test whether the number of images included in the content has an effect on the length that they prefer. In this way, you can see whether your audience can tolerate scrolling down longer pages if it is populated by well-placed images.


Make sure that you are churning out good quality content. There is nothing more disappointing than a perfect website with low quality, objectionable content. Take the time to think of a catchy headline – one that does not border on being click-bait-y, but would still urge visitors to click. Your content should be relevant, informative, and even entertaining. And most importantly, do not forget about your call-to-action, whether you are asking them to subscribe to your newsletter or to buy a product.

Colour scheme

This is completely subjective because colour preferences are different for each person. However, there are colours that people can tolerate and there are those that they associate with other things. For instance, if you see the colour red, to which do you associate it with? How about blue? Purple? So you do have to test which colour scheme works.

But what if you have company colours, you might ask? Well, there is a way to edit them in a way that would be pleasing to the eyes. You cannot do anything about the logo, true, but you can still amend how the colours are used on the website.


Different CTAs work for different people, and sometimes it depends on the industry. Pick which ones are the most common in your industry first. Choose one from that pile and come up with your own. Test both CTAs and see which one converts better.

These are simple ways you can reduce the friction on your website. Remember that there will always be people who will be critical of what is on your website, all we need to do is to reduce that number.

What Every Professional Should Know About The FCPA

If you are like many business professionals, you prefer to believe that companies and their employees are ethical. Unfortunately, often that is not the case. Since many foreign governments and business entities are full of corruption, congress passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Essentially, the FCPA affects every American company that does business outside the U.S. Broadly, the FCPA controls two areas of business: bribery and accounting. The accounting part, of course, requires adequate FCPA software. The bribery side, on the other hand, requires adheres to strict ethical policies. Here are some things every professional should know about the FCPA.

 Prosecutions Happen

The FCPA is not merely a forgotten law. On the contrary, U.S. authorities prosecute business professionals frequently for violations of the law. Similarly, companies pay millions of dollars in fines every year for both bribery and accounting violations. Because of the seriousness of the law, many diligent business professionals choose to contract for FCPA compliance services to limit their legal exposure.

 Businesses Must Have a Policy

The FCPA requires that affected companies create and implement a stand-alone compliance policy. Instead of burying the policy in a stack of other company documents, businesses should make sure it is visible and accessible to employees. The policy also should name a senior member of the management team as a responsible party under the Act. Similarly, it should state what accounting procedures the company will undertake to comply. A brief explanation of the FCPA compliance software is probably appropriate in the policy as well.

 Everyone Must Receive Training

Companies often get into trouble with the FCPA because they utilize third-party distributors to move their products abroad. As you might expect, U.S. companies are generally responsible for the actions of their contractors when it comes to the FCPA. As such, if your distributor pays a bribe, your company could be subject to civil and criminal liability in the U.S. By designing and conducting a comprehensive training program, businesses show they take the FCPA seriously. Simply put, promoting a corporate culture of compliance is an effective way to demonstrate a good faith effort to follow the law.

 Audit Foreign Personnel

While making a good faith effort to comply is important, government authorities want to know that U.S. companies exercise due diligence when it comes to the FCPA. Because of this, your company should know every foreign person, entity, business, and group with which it does business. Then, your firm should conduct periodic due diligence reviews to ensure every person and organization is complying with the law. Of course, because some geographic areas are more prone to corruption than others, you might have to focus your due diligence reviews on places where a FCPA violation might be more likely.

 Establish Controls

While controls over finances are always important, they are especially critical when it comes to paying foreign sums. Before any expenditure is made outside the U.S. smart business leaders will guarantee that they follow financial controls and comply with the FCPA.

Violations of the FCPA are more common that one would generally like to believe. As such, prosecutions are frequent. For U.S. companies that do business abroad, complying is essential. By implement a policy and developing FCPA compliance software, businesses can begin the process of complying with the FCPA.

6 Reasons Why Companies Are Not Looking Forward To Using AngularJS

AngularJS – as the name suggests, is a framework based on Javascript. It made its debut in the year 2010 managing to gain attention and praise for all its unique and convenient features. It was accepted with much anticipation and expectation. It has managed to gain the attention of the developers with its great features, but there are certain limitations where a company thinks twice before it implements angularJS. An expert angularJS developer though familiar with the features and advantages of AngularJS sometimes finds it difficult to dodge the limitations and move ahead with zest. This makes it difficult to gain the trust of all those development companies who are thinking to hire an angularJS developer to make extensive use of the angularJS services.

Reasons why companies do not encourage the use of AngularJS framework

Today let me take you through some of the reasons as to why some companies are not fascinated by angularJS.

1. AngularJS has different methods when it comes to arriving at a single solution. This proves to be quite difficult for all those who are new to the field to select the best method. This sometimes confuses the person who is not familiar with each and every method making it complicated.

2. User Interface is one of the important criteria that holds on the user’s attention. AngularJS sometimes limits the complexity of the Angular forms once the number of watchers crosses 2000. This negates the use of angularJS.

3. With time and expansion, one would find the need to jump to newer and more advanced versions in creating web solutions. When you have a bigger and more time-consuming project you cannot blindly rely on this javascript framework.

4. AngularJs generously helps with the structuring of your app. An app that demands a heavy DOM customization, canvas or WebGL stuff, then you need to put in extra efforts to arrive at the desired results.

5. Have you tried debugging in Angular? It is quite a complicated process. You need to put in your blood and sweat when it comes to debugging the angularJs codes. Moreover, the errors that are derived from the digest cycle do not some with the place where the error is.

6. Due to its complexity, there are only a handful of developers who the know the in and out of this Javascript framework. The server developer finds it difficult to understand the front-end codes making him the sole person who handles the server codes who cannot be replaced. It would create a problem if the server developer leaves in the mid-way, making it difficult to restore the server side codes.

Final Note:

We have often heard the saying that no human being is absolutely perfect, so are the things. It all depends on the things that we wish to consider on a large scale. If we ponder over all the bad things we tend to avoid the person irrespective of the good qualities that he might be carrying and vice versa. The world of technology too follows the same theory. AngularJs has its own set of good and bad, it entirely depends on the company what part it would like to emphasize. When we talk about disadvantages, we should also remember that it has some advantages also. Accordingly, a decision should be taken whether to make use of AngularJS or not.

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